Story #2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I should've been some married guy's side chic. Nothing lost or gained from it because I could only receive but small morsels of their time, so they weren't  demanding of me and when I get bored, I could up and leave. 

 I wouldn't even consider dating because at some point the guy would want to get serious and want a relationship, or worse ..marriage.

Yes I have some serious commitment issues. 

 I shouldn't have gotten involved and left well enough alone. But I didn't, and that's when I knew I fucked up...

My friends were always trying to hook me up with someone, but it never got anywhere past the first night. Either it was a boring meet up or it would end up as a quickie in the men's restroom at some pool hall or wherever we'd meet at. I liked my fun on the run.

My friend Diana was recently made single following a divorce. Lucky they didn't have kids or else it would've gotten complicated.

So there she was at her computer making herself a profile for some dating site. Our other friend Naomi hovered behind Diana's chair guiding her through the process. Once complete they both turned their eyes to me.

"Shall I make you a profile too?" Naomi asked.

"Fuck no! I don't need that shit. Besides I already know once princess over here gets a few hits she's gonna wanna double date with one of us who ends up being me " I grumbled without finishing my sentence. "Hey Naomi why don't u ever take your damned friend turn and go with her one night? Give me a break?" I added as an after thought.

"Because Michael don't like to double date", she replied.

I walked out of Diana's den grumbling to myself "That's some bullshit there" as I made my way to the kitchen for a drink.

It didn't take too long for Diana to get some hits on her profile and after Naomi weeded out the weirdos and losers they finally had 3 possibilities.

They came out of the den to share the news with me while I sat upon a barstool enjoying a frozen Pina Colada and mindlessly flipping thru a good housekeeping magazine Diana had laying around.

Naomi ordered drinks for her and Diana. Guess I'm playing the bartender, so I pushed the magazine away, jumped off my stool and got to work in the kitchen making them their own drinks. For Naomi it was rum and coke and for Diana it was a shot of bourbon. 

I sat back down and picked up my drink taking a sip. 

Naomi went to fetch Diana's laptop and brought it to the kitchen so we could check out her top 3 choices.

"Choose one Diana, and choose carefully cause I ain't doing this meet and greet shit 3 nights in a row" I warned her.

She finally chose this guy named Rene. He seemed ok so they chatted on the site together for a little while and chose tonight of all nights to meet up.

Naomi raided Diana's closet to help her find something to wear and when it was settled, they shifted their eyes onto me again.

"NO Naomi ! Quit fucking looking at me like you're crazy. I ain't your fucking kewpie doll to dress up. I got my own clothes, I'll dress my own damned self".

A word about Naomi, she could be motherly and pushy about certain things, which brought out the grouch in me. I was the rebel of us 3. I never listened. 

But neither of them took me serious anyway. They thought I was afraid of love. Bullshit to that too. I was selfish when it came to my freedom, I'd have it no other way.

I chugged the lil bit I had left of my drink and bailed out of there. But not before promising Diana I would meet her in front of some club called Culture Shock that had just opened up the previous weekend.

I went thru my clothes over and over. While I really wanted to wear my skin tight leather pants and top, I had to rule against it because what if I get laid later? I didn't want to be fumbling with clothes. I decided on something light and simple and easy to hike up and yank down if need be. This lacy white top with a decent v-cut of a neckline would do nicely along with a matching short thin flowy skirt.

I found the club easy enough and spotted Diana looking around for me.  She told me Rene had already arrived and was holding a table for us with his friend Diego.

"Diego?" I repeated and blanched at the sound of this guy's name.

"Be nice to him Illeana, Diego seems like he could be your type".

"Hey shut your piehole with that talk, girl. You don't know my type" I warned. She grinned at me and nudged my shoulder as we walked in the club together.

Diana was right about Diego and he was good company.  So I decided to play my lil flirt game and see if he'd catch on. But before I could start anything, he announced that we would get more drinks for our table. He offered his hand to me to assist me up and out of my chair and guided me straight to the stairs leading to the 2nd floor of the club.

I was curious what he was up to till he found a dark corner where there was a pool table not in use. He set me on top and spread my legs so he could stand between them and get closer to me.

Yep I let him.

He signaled a guy walking with a tray in hand and pulled up 2 fingers. The guy knodded and disappeared into a crowd of people.

Diego made small talk with me stating he wanted to give the couple time alone. Apparently Rene had a tendency of dragging him around on dates much the same way Diana lugged me around. He also said that Diana had told him that I was the female version of himself. He wanted to find out for himself if that was true and was determined to put me to the test.

Well damn, I thought. Ok, well at least I didn't have to waste my time playing games.

"You smell so damn good" he murmured as he sniffed around my neck.

"Wanna sniff something else that smells just as good?" I teased. But he didn't  wait for any invitation. He hiked up one of my legs onto the pool table and knelt down between my thighs. He pulled my panties to the side with one hand and let his fingers go exploring with the other. Then he blew cool air at my cunt.

Hot damn this guy knew what to do. I leaned back resting on my elbows to relax and let him have his way, while I enjoyed.

I soon felt his tongue sliding around like a snake.
For the lust of me I'm thinking Fuck Diego, fuck me already!

His tongue was going deeper in and I was getting turned on and began to gyrate my hips more into his face. A low moan escaped my lips. His tongue was having its slithery fun rolling around my clit then back inside my pussy he'd slide it. I was panting and licking my lips by this time. Trying to keep my enjoyment on the down low, but he was making it hard for me to keep my cool. Just cause we were sort of in the dark and our backs to the public (well mine anyway) didn't mean they couldn't see what we were up to.

Then the guy came with our drinks and sat them next to me and tapped Diegos shoulder. " Dude, if your that thirsty I brought your drinks. Come on up for air and go do that shit somewhere else".

The guy glanced at me real quick and made a gesture at Diego for me to get him to stop. I shrugged my shoulders then closed my eyes. He walked off a bit pissed off, but only a bit.

But I didn't have to tell him a thing. He came up from under my skirt and stood up helped me down and grabbed our beers. Straight to the girls restroom we went and locked ourselves in one of the stalls. We both took swigs from our bottles then kissed. Then he pulled up my blouse. I wasn't wearing a bra which pleasantly surprised him. He poured beer over one of my nipples then took it into his mouth and began to suck hard. Then changed tits and ravaged the other one. I knew my tits would be hella sore in the morning but I didn't care. I was having fun for a change.

While he was sucking my tits and occasionally stopping to pour more beer, his fingers found their place again under my skirt. His mouth went back up to my neck as he sucked on my skin then plying my left shoulder with small kisses then changed to the right side.

He pushed two of his fingers slowly in my honeypot and out for a few minutes then pulled out and licked them. He poured beer on his fingers then pushed them back inside me.

I was going weak at the knees by this point. We were both sweating. I was full on panting and gripping onto his arms. I don't know at what point he'd managed to undo his pants and let them drop cause next thing I know he picked me up from my ass, so I could wrap my legs around his waist. He pushed me back up against the door, I feared it would collapse under us.  Then he pushed his cock into me slowly, then began pumping in and out picking up his pace.

My hands went to grip the door behind me as he fucked me close and hard. One hand on my ass and squeezing while the other was running all over my chest, neck then up to my hair down my face then down my chest again to one of my thighs. I heard him murmur "So soft".

I was getting to the point I'm wailing and moaning and crying out in ecstasy while he's grunting and moaning.

Oh fuck yes, I've made it to Utopia!! Yes, God damnit, yes!! I thought loudly in my head.

"Can I cum in you? It's too fucking good to stop now" he implored.
I nodded.

I couldn't speak, I was about to explode and he was there with me. He stopped pumping and held me tight while I felt his hot lava shoot up in me. I swear I thought it would come out thru my ears.

We stayed holding onto each other, waiting for our breaths to slow as well as our racing heart beats. He smiled at me and kissed my nose while he set me down carefully to my feet. He reached over to the toilet paper roll and gathered a wad, tore it off and began cleaning me up.

"Hey that was fun, we should do this again, soon" he chuckled.

Yeah sure buddy, I thought to myself.

I honestly didn't think I'd see him again after tonight. So I didn't take him seriously.


Diana and Rene had left the club by the time Diego and I came out of hiding. But they went their separate ways.

I found out later that she really liked him but he didn't feel the same. He promised to call but never did but for one time.

"My buddy Diego has been asking for Illeana, he wants to see her again. Can u have her call him?" He left Diego's phone number to pass to me, then he ghosted Diana.

The ball was now in my court. How was I gonna play this out? I wondered. Aaah!! I got it!!

I waited another month to go by before I chose to finally call him. I dialed his number and it rang 3 times before he answered.

"Hey chic, wassup?". He sounded very happy to hear from me.

"What up? I heard you were asking for me like a lil bitch?".

Diego roared in laughter.


The end.

Submitted: September 25, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Nite-Owl. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Doesn't sound like she all that grumpy any more. Seems that all it takes is a little D in the life and bam! Sunshine and rainbows. And the irony of this story is you find connection when you least expect it. You're supposed to be the third wheel and you find what you're friend doesn't. Fate can be cruel. :D

Sun, September 25th, 2022 9:37am


Sometimes that's the only attitude adjustment needed, lol : )
Love your comments, lady. Thanks for reading me.

Tue, December 6th, 2022 11:32pm


Sweet as creamy chocolate to my mental palette! You can sure write up an exciting recipe for ecstasy! 69 by design!!!

Mon, September 26th, 2022 1:31pm


Thank you Spy

Tue, December 6th, 2022 11:29pm

sweet lemon

Fucking hot.
It appears that toilet cubicles are the "new car back seat".

Tue, September 27th, 2022 1:18am


Yes for stand up sex it is : )
Thanks for reading

Tue, December 6th, 2022 11:28pm


Ah, yes, hot sex, pure and simple. Public sex is even better, right? We all know the next time she met Diego it would be even hotter. Great story.

Tue, September 27th, 2022 2:10pm


yes its a recipe for some steamy questionable stuff to take place ; )

Tue, December 6th, 2022 11:27pm


I don’t like this.. no not the story… this is great… I just don’t like Diego… he seems fishy to me.

Tue, September 27th, 2022 7:22pm


Do you wanna start screening all the guys this free bird could possibly date?

Tue, December 6th, 2022 11:25pm

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