Mystery Email

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Revisiting a contest from a couple of years ago !

Table of Contents

An Anonymous Message

It was a normal day at work !
Read Chapter

The Plot Thickens !

  Whoever was sending the mystery emails then decided to leave me sweating for a day. An unsettled day, which I spent ... Read Chapter

Overnight in the office

It was ten thirty when I pulled into the underground car park to the offices. I was immediately confronted by the sight of Karen's car in... Read Chapter

Naked Tour

My next thought was what now ? But the phone pinged with a text immediately. 'Good boy. Now make a tour of inspecton of all three floors ... Read Chapter

Wild Goose Chase

What did they mean, 'if I could find the key ?' With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I rushed over to Karen's office and clambered up on... Read Chapter

Karen's Arrival

The car had to be Karen's. There would not normally have been any need for her to be woken about this problem with the overnight run but ... Read Chapter

Hiding In Plain Sight

"Come on, show her your willie and then we can get on with fixing this problem" ordered Karen. Was I reluctant ? Hell, was I reluctant ! ... Read Chapter

Karen's 'Solution' Bombshell

I hastily grabbed the key and rushed back to my desk. Karen followed at a much more leisurely pace and stood smirking as I hurriedly got ... Read Chapter

Some Things Aren't So Bad, Others Are !

Sometimes when the very worst that is threatened happens, the reality turns out to be not quite so bad. Oddly, Karen's strategy for work ... Read Chapter

Enter Michael

  Denise bounded up to me just as I finished parking the car outside this girl Saffron's large detached house. "Uncle Rob, great... Read Chapter

Trying To explain

Well I guess the only way to explain it, as Michael continued to press me, was with the truth. Or a lightly modified version of the truth... Read Chapter

Mystery Solved - Then a Turn for the Worse

"Donald" repeated Michael. "I don't know any Donald" I responded. "No, I guess important office workers such as yourself don't take any n... Read Chapter

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