Hildegard's Bite

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Frank Poireau is invited by his boss, Thérèse de Clippeleire, to meet a German friend of hers, Hildegard von Tettekörff. They meet at a rendez-vous hotel in a Brussels suburb. The meeting doesn't turn out as expected for Frank...

Hildegard’s Bite


On a Thursday evening, Thérèse de Clippeleire, Frank Poireau's chef, came to visit him unexpectedly in the archive cellar. It wasn't to let him fuck her. That only happened on Monday afternoon. That's how she wanted it, and at Matrix Life Insurance her will was law.

"You could do me and the business a favor, Frank," she said. “It shouldn't be, but still…”

Poireau already suspected what was to follow. She had once again boasted to an important client or a friend of hers about his exceptional penis.

Does someone want a favor? And who is it this time?” Frank asked, in a rather unfriendly tone. He didn't want to encourage his boss to keep showing up with curious ladies who wanted to see his big cock up close. Look at it, alright, but most of those women who were about Thérèse’s age wanted to feel his heavy cock go up and down in their cunts "live".

Thérèse de Clippeleire had noticed that Poireau was far from enthusiastic:

Calm down,” she said. “Hildegard von Tettekörff is a woman who is a bit special, yes, but she has class and a lot of money. Here you already have two hundred euros that she gave me as an advance on your services. After you have met, there may be something more to add. That will depend on how well she fares with you.”

Thérèse de Clippeleire put the two green notes on Frank's desk. He looked at the money, sighed, and asked:

"All right then. Just tell me when and where?”

Tomorrow evening preferably, but Saturday is also alright for her. At eight o'clock in the evening, or later, if you think that is too early. The Auberge La Coulisse in Strombeek-Bever, do you know it? Hildegard would like you to come there. Unless you may have another suggestion?”

No, I don't know La Coulisse, but anywhere in Brussels or the surrounding area suits me. I’ll find that hotel. Just give your friend a call that I'll show up for the appointment tomorrow night around eight."

That evening and part of the night Frank Poireau had several new experiences in Strombeek-Bever. For the first time in his life, he had ended up in a dating hotel where unmarried couples and cheating lovers could rent a room for a few hours to fuck at their leisure. The receptionist, a young woman who seemed a few years younger than him, greeted Frank with a big smile on her face. Frank told her he had an appointment with Hildegard von Tettekörff. The girl apologized: Mrs. von Tettekörff hadn't arrived yet, but she had called that she had been delayed. Now she could arrive at the hotel at any time.

Ten minutes later Hildegard von Tettekörff arrived. She gave the receptionist a friendly kiss and shook Frank's hand very formally. The woman was older than his boss, but elegant, with bleached hair, rather heavily made up and meticulously groomed. She also looked rich. She spoke perfect French, but with a heavy German accent. Poireau couldn't help but think it wasn't the first time Hildegard von Tettekörff had come to this hotel. Maybe she had already been there with her husband, maybe with someone else? Anyway, Frank didn't really care. Cozy was different, and he wasn't really out to give Hildegard what she wanted, and maybe get more money from her. That's why all that mattered to Frank was to show his dick to Hildegard von Tettekörff in one of the rooms, and if she wanted to, take off her underpants as quickly as possible and stick his cock into her puss.

While Frank was thinking about it, von Tettekörff gladly paid the receptionist a hundred euros for two hours' rent of the room. Frank Poireau couldn't even imagine in his wildest dreams what was going to happen there in the next few hours…

The room of which the receptionist opened the door to him and Hildegard in La Coulisse was very stylish, luxurious, but still rather uninviting. The walls and part of the ceiling were painted faded ocher. The satin bedspread on the bed was red and there were red candles everywhere, on the mantelpiece above the electric fireplace, on the table in the center of the room, and on the nightstands on each side of the bed. At first, Poireau stood somewhat indecisively in that room. He was willing to do something for his two hundred euros, and he came toward Hildegard to undress her. She didn't give him that chance. She did it herself in no time. After she took off her sexy underwear and casually threw it on the floor, Hildegard was exposed naked in front of him. She didn't look bad for her age. Her skin was still quite tight, just her breasts… They weren't really big or sexy, and they were already sagging a bit. They reminded Frank a bit of slightly wrinkled oranges… Frank then followed von Tettekörff's example. While he was still undressing, he got his second surprise of the evening. Hildegard picked up the phone and called the front desk. Moments later, the receptionist knocked on their room door. Without shame, Hildegard went to open the door stark naked. She took the small tray with two glasses of Jägermeister that the young woman handed her. She waited in the doorway. Frank realized she wanted someone to pay for the drinks. Hildegard made no move. So, he rummaged through his wallet and gave the girl the thirty euros she asked for. She didn't even look at Hildegard's nakedness. Frank was still wearing his pants, so he couldn't see his dick. For that receptionist, seeing naked people in this hotel was apparently the most natural thing in the world.

The surprises didn't stop there. Hildegard absolutely wanted to see Frank's dick. When she saw it she started laughing hysterically. She didn't touch it. She did, however, take reading glasses from her handbag and take a close look at his cock. She sniffed it too, perhaps to inhale its scent? But no matter how close her nose got, she still didn't touch it. It seemed as if she had lost all interest in his dick. They drank their Jägermeister and then Hildegard lay on her back on the bed with her legs apart. It seemed to Frank as if she was beginning to feel up her pussy. This gave him an erection and a desire to crawl on top of her.


But, Frank Poireau was wrong. He couldn't believe his eyes when von Tettekörff pulled two round balls out of her pubic slit. They were purple and tied together with a woven plastic string, also purple in color. He was stunned and his erection collapsed in an instant like a pudding. Hildegard saw it, and she seemed upset.


What is suddenly wrong with you?” she asked in surprise. “Have you never seen such sex stimulators before?”


Frank told her he didn't even know such a thing existed. She then explained to him that she always used those vaginal stimulators when speaking in front of an audience. As the commercial director of Lötze-Nihange, an important German company that was internationally active and traded in luxury lingerie, von Tettekörff had to conduct meetings more than once a week. The purple balls in her snatch made her more alert, more to-the-point, and they made her nervousness disappear. She even felt that her ideas came across as more powerful and convincing to her audience, but maybe that was just an impression. And since she had led such a meeting that evening and was already late for her appointment with Poireau, she hadn't taken the time to get the purple balls out of her slit before...

Hildegard made Frank lie down next to her on the red bedspread. She had a silver lamé purse that she had placed on the bedside table. From that purse, she took a black silk scarf. She gave it to Frank and asked that he blindfold her with it. She explained to Frank that she enjoyed seeing nothing more and thus fully concentrate on how she felt while fucking. Poireau thought that was strange, but he did as von Tettekörff asked him. She found his scrotum by feeling. She started to revive his cock by petting it and playing with his testicles. Then, she lay down on top of him and put her head between his legs. She couldn't see through her blindfold and tried to put his balls in her mouth while holding his swollen cock with her hand as if it were a club. After a moment, even blindfolded, she managed to find Frank’s testicles with her lips. Apparently, her mouth wasn't big enough because she could only put one testicle in it. She started sucking on that ball. It was the first time in Poireau's life that a woman had done that to him. It was bizarre, not only because it was a strange feeling to feel part of his scrotum in the mouth of a woman masked with a black scarf. Frank didn't really find it pleasant, and certainly not sexually arousing.

While Hildegard sucked on his testicle, Poireau looked around. There were mirrors everywhere in the room, even on the ceiling. In it, their bare bodies were reflected on all sides. From different angles, Frank saw his swollen cock between Hildegard's fingers and how she enjoyed licking and sucking his ball.

Only that black mask embarrassed Poireau. It even inspired him some fear because he didn't know how to explain it rationally. Without asking her, he removed the blindfold from Hildegard's eyes and placed the black silk scarf on the bedside table. She let him do it. He pulled her toward him and began to kiss and caress her. She apparently loved that, because it wasn't long before she started moaning and sighing. Because he wanted to please her by fucking her with his massive cock, and maybe because the drink had turned him on, he didn't want to wait any longer. Frank lay down on Hildegard to try to penetrate her cunt with his dick. She didn't like that, because it didn't work, and he hurt her. She pushed him away and said:


"I'm sorry, Frank, this isn't the right time yet. You'll have to stimulate me more first."


That's what Frank tried, stroking her tits and kissing her even more. It had little impact on Hildegard, less than on other women Poireau had had sex with in the past. Could it have something to do with her age? He felt her cunt with his hand and found out that she had barely gotten wet. Hildegard took a feather from her purse and handed it to him. Frank thought, but he wasn't sure, that it was a pheasant feather. She wanted him to stroke her clit with the plume while holding her legs apart, which Frank did. It lasted several minutes and Hildegard became more and more excited. Frank tried again to crawl on her and get his stiff cock inside her pussy, but she still wouldn't. Frank didn't quite understand why she didn't want to.


"Let me make love to you," he told her. "I promise you I'll be careful. I'll pull back if I feel I can't get inside you."


"No, I don't want that, I really don't," Hildegard replied. "Your dick is way too big. It's far too risky. Who knows, maybe you won't tear my pussy open? No Russian roulette for me. Sorry, Frank."


She stroked his face and told him not to worry. He would get what he wanted, but not the way he wanted it. A flamboyant red lipstick came out of her purse. She gave it to him and told him to color her labia with it. Why Hildegard wanted this became clear a few minutes later. She didn't want sex the way Poireau had envisioned it. Soixante-neuf, licking and sucking, oral sex, other positions, that was what she had in mind. The lipstick would make her labia look more like her real mouth and make it more attractive.

Hildegard crawled to the foot of the bed, put her head between Frank's legs, and started licking his swollen penis. She twisted her legs around his head, making sure her cunt came within reach of his mouth. She wanted him to lick her clit, and he started it. He brought his mouth to her bright red labia. She took his cock head in her mouth and started to suck on it. Hildegard's puss didn't smell very good. Frank didn't feel comfortable with the whole situation. The German woman had quite a lot of reddish pubic hair that tickled and prickled his face. As a result, Frank had trouble breathing.

At one point it seemed to him that he was going to suffocate. He had to gasp for air to catch his breath. Besides, Hildegard's cunt had become very wet by now. The smell and taste of her lust juices, mixed with the cosmetic smell of her lipstick, that combination repelled Poireau a bit. Yet, he continued to do his best to give her two hundred euros worth and do what she wanted. He licked her labia and pushed his tongue against her clit until he had almost no feeling anymore in the tip of his tongue. Hildegard, for her part, was apparently an expert in oral sex. The way her mouth and tongue spoiled Frank's glans made him feel like I was going to cum in no time. Hildegard must have noticed because suddenly she stopped. She got on top of Frank with her face toward him, and she wanted him to put his cock in her mouth again. Again, Frank did what Hildegard wanted, but it didn't last long. Frank couldn't hold it anymore, and Hildegard felt it. She pushed Frank's cock out of her mouth with her tongue, but that didn't stop Frank's orgasm. He sprayed his cum into her neck and onto her breasts. Then, Hildegard did something totally unexpected. She put Frank's cock back into her mouth to lick off the last drops of semen. When that was done, she bit hard in the shaft of his dick, just behind his glans. Was she frustrated that Frank didn't know how to hold back his orgasm any longer? Anyway, her strong bite caused him excruciating pain. Poireau moaned with misery. Hildegard may have regretted biting him so mercilessly. She let his dick slip out of her mouth, took it in her hand, and stroked her cheek with his glans. She crawled up and lay on top of him. His semen dripped from her breasts. She wiped it off with two fingers and grinned at his puzzled look as she smeared his own cum all over his face. What she did, Frank Poireau thought it was a bridge too far. To him, it seemed as if Hildegard von Tettekörff had no respect for him at all. Did she think she could afford anything for the two hundred euros she had given him?

Hildegard understood that he wasn't in the mood for the way she'd treated him by biting his cock so viciously and then smearing his cum on his face. She got off the bed, patted him lightly on the shoulder, and said:


Well, boy, that's it. It wasn't a success, but it is what it is. Sometimes you have to take things as they come.”


Then she went straight to the bathroom to wash. Frank waited on the bed until she was ready. That didn't last long. Hildegard dressed again without another word to Poireau and left…


Frank Poireau never heard from Hildegard von Tettekörff after that. He didn’t know what she told his chef Thérèse de Clippeleire about their remarkable evening at the Auberge La Coulisse. Only, he thought it was strange that Thérèse had put another two hundred euros behind his back on his desk in the archives the following Wednesday.


© Robur Quercus 2022


Submitted: September 23, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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Strange woman and we would have thought that the size and girth of his penis was what she wanted from him.

Fri, September 23rd, 2022 11:44pm


Your reaction is normal. However, women are unpredictable.

Sat, September 24th, 2022 7:14am

sweet lemon

Lol! RQ if you had never written about this poor quality meeting it would have been a "plus"
I bet a lot of " one off" sexual liaisons are just " on the nose".

Sun, September 25th, 2022 6:19am


Sorry, but "poor quality meetings" are happening all the time if they are "one-offs".

Sun, September 25th, 2022 2:35am

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