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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The bully Jake finally gets intimate with poor Matthew, and only one of them enjoys the session.


(All characters in this fantasy are 18 or older. We do not condone such behavior.)


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Have you ever been fucked in the ass? Well, if you’re gay, and I have nothing against that, maybe you have. Maybe it does something sexual for you, a man’s pecker rubbing against your prostate and slamming up into your bowels. I am a straight boy. Well, at least I was. I no longer honestly know what I am since I fell into the hands of Jake and his bully friends. My whole life has been ruined, and it only gets worse day by day. I have been humiliated and degraded beyond belief. Because I buckled to their sick, sadistic, perverted demands, I have no self-esteem left. But I have never been strong against bully types. Maybe Jake is right. I guess I am a bit naturally submissive. A bit? Shit, I am becoming totally submissive against my will to the most filthy, twisted commands you could ever imagine. Was it always in my nature, as Jake says? He says I am a natural submissive as he and his buddies are dick slapping me, trailing their pre-fuck all over my face. Oh yeah, they make me wear their dick leak and cum on my face as a kind of badge of my belonging to them. Some days, my whole face is a mask of dried cum, and I am forced to go to class that way, or even to visit my grandma in her room that way. She smiles and thinks it’s skin cream. I am so ashamed I want to die.


There is absolutely no end to the sick ideas they come up with.  If they find an old piece of chewing gum in a piss filled urinal in a toilet on campus, they make me take it out and chew it. The other day, they ordered me to eat lunch with them in the union cafeteria. My lunch was two pieces of cheap bread coated with cum, and a plastic bottle filled with piss. It was only after I ate and drank, struggling to keep from puking, that Jake told me the piss did not come from one of them but was taken from a clogged urinal at the bus station. They loved to watch my face and my reactions when they told me things like that. Half of their fun was watching my reactions. They loved how beaten down and abused I was. The more pathetic I became, the happier they seemed.


There has got to be a limit, I kept telling myself. There has got to be a point at which I cannot be taken any lower…when the horror would have to stop. But a devilishly handsome sadistic Jake assure me they were just getting started! “Oh, we have just scratched the surface of what we are going to do to you, baby,” He laughed lightly slapping my cheek and then sticking three fingers into my mouth.


Whenever he stuck his fingers in my mouth, I had been instructed to suck them like they were a cock. He did this at school, in front of lots and lots of laughing students. But that was nothing. He made me drop my pants in the student union and show everyone my “pathetic faggot dick.” He did the same thing at the mall and on the public street. How would you feel if some nasty dude ordered you to take down your pants and show everyone in sight your penis and balls?


And now, I was being fucked up the ass like a cunt or a hustler. Before he fucked me, he turned on the camera to record it all. Then he made me kiss and lick his big, fat, beautiful dick. It was a thing of beauty, even I, a straight guy, can’t deny that. No wonder my girlfriend, now my ex-girlfriend let him fuck her. He was the kind of guy who just lived for fucking and sex and filthy pornography. Have you ever met anyone like that? It was like all he ever thought about was things having to do with fucking and degeneracy and torture and abuse and molestation and humiliation of every kind.


He bragged to me about how he had recently seduced and fucked this one high school girl, and her mother and her brother! How sick! And he laughed like it was some kind of victory and he should get a medal. He so humiliated them that he would make all three of them get together naked in front of him. He would tell them that the one who sucked his dick the best would get fucked by it. And they would take turns trying to outdo each other. I am telling you…they wanted, no, they needed his dick that badly. He had that kind of hold over them. What kind of satanic monster was Jake? He made the boy fuck his own mother, while he fucked

The boy’s sister. He fucked like some of us exercise every day. He was obsessed by it. He sat at the mall and rubbed himself off watching teens in the food court. He had a need to conquer and abuse and degrade. And he had me in his clutches.


Thank God, my bedridden grandma was not home. Twice a month, a local care center transported the elderly and infirm to a concert or a show.


Jake told me he would not use any lube except for my spit, so I had better lick and kiss his dick really good, and cover it with saliva. It was so big that I started to cry just looking at it. How could my girlfriend have taken a dick that big? She was a small girl, slender and young looking for her age. It was one of the things I loved about her. I kept getting images of his massive swollen fucker splitting her tender tiny cunt. And now, he was going to ram that fucker in me… up my ass. The head of his dick was almost the size of a plumb, and I coated it with spit. He stood there in front of me, hands on his hips, his prick bouncing and throbbing, and his big balls dancing.


“That’s a good girl. Do a good job. Get it all nice and wet for your pussy!” he laughed.


“I’m a guy,” I screamed in my head, not daring to object out loud, “and I am going to be ass-fucked by another guy! God help me.”


I licked up and down the stalk of the prick, feeling the throbbing veins in the shaft. This was one hundred percent animalistic male meat.


“Did you know that my Ma, used to try to watch me shower and change, just so the bitch could get a look at my fuckmeat? Of course, I obliged her and when Dad wasn’t home, I’d sometimes walk around the house bare-assed, just to drive the cunt crazy. I’d make my dick swing as I walked down to the kitchen for a snack or some other excuse. I used to watch her, hand to her belly, as her cunt spasmed and dripped for her own son. She never talked about it. I knew she sucked on my dirty underpants and rubbed herself to orgasm, shit I caught her at it. There she was, legs spread, fingers in her cunt, sucking on the filthy piss stained pouch of my briefs. I just laughed. After that, I made sure my underpants and jock straps were really raunchy for her. Christ, imagine wanting your son’s dick that much!


I had this one fucked up teacher was the same way. I never did a fucking bit of work in her class and got an A. She was a first-year bitch just out of college. I’d  make her crawl naked around the classroom for me, swinging her tits, with a map-pointer shoved up her ass. She would do any fucking thing for me. I told her she could not wear a bra or panties to school any more, and the fucking cunt obeyed. Then I ordered her to wear very thin blouses, and we jocks would sit in class with hard dicks and stare at her big brown nipples through her thin top. I’d sit in the front row and spread my legs and rub my dick until I saw the cunt juice running down her legs from beneath her skit. She was so ashamed, but she couldn’t help herself. That’s what I’m gonna’ do to your ex-girlfriend, turn her into a fucked-up public slut. When I finish with her, she’ll be begging for homeless cock! Speaking of the homeless, you and I gotta pay them a visit under the bridge downtown one day soon. You can perform a public service for them!”


His dick was really wet now, my saliva dripping from his large ball sack. The smell was so heady, it made me dizzy. The smells of cocks and balls and ass never left me now. I smelled it in my sleep. Jake ordered me to crawl up on the bed on my hands and knees.  He had put a fresh sheet over the crap soaked bed that he and his friends made me sleep in. He slapped my ass to get me to move a bit, and then he stood next to the bed and finished stripping. He was so fucking beautiful. So graceful, and yet so masculine. He was not overly muscular but his muscles ripped beneath his smooth flesh.  He was lean and sinewy. He had big, beautifully arched feet. It was like he came from some Master Race. He climbed up behind me and slapped my ass hard, several times. Then he pushed my face down onto the mattress and told me to reach back and spread my ass cheeks wide.


Oh my God, I can’t tell you how scared I was. I had been forced to shove the dildo up my ass, so I knew something of how it would feel, but Jake’s dick was larger than the dildo. Besides, it was the humiliation of having a real cock from living man using me for a fuck hole that destroyed me. He was using me to dump his ball seed. How degrading is that? I was nothing but a hole to him, and when he finished with me, he would go on to other things.


“Now this is going to hurt a bit…” he said, rubbing his dick head across my trembling puckered asshole. “You have a nice twitching asshole, Matthew, almost like it is puckering because it is hungry for my dick!”  He pushed forward, and the cockhead butted my hole and my asslips resisted.


“It is only going to be harder and more painful for you if you resist. The best thing for you to do is to relax, open up your hole and welcome your man’s prick!”

“YOUR MAN?”  He was talking to me like I was some girl date of his. “Just take it easy, honey. Eventually you will learn to love and need this cuntbuster! Mark m y word, the day will come when you will beg me for it! You will crawl and drool for it. You never met a fucking stud like me. I am a FUCK GOD!” On those last words, he rammed his dickhead into my asshole. I felt the ass slips stretch almost to tearing, and I felt a piercing pain in the asshole as the cockknob popped in. He was now wedged in my asshole… just the dickhead, sure, but already it was too much for me.


“Please, Jake, don’t do it. I can’t take it. I’ll suck you. I’ll suck you real good anytime you want it. But I can’t take your dick. It’s too thick. Please, you’re killing me.”  I was chewing on the bed sheet and sobbing.


“Easy bitch. You’ll take it, and you’ll learn to love it. Who knows, I might fucking make you pregnant. The first faggot to deliver a baby out of his asshole!” He laughed and grabbed my hips and yanked, sending two more inches of dick into my rectum. “I am turning you into a cunt!” he grunted.


“NO, NO, PLEASE, I DON’T WANT THIS. I DON’T WANT TO BE A CUNT…” The stupid things we say when we are in agony and distress. He was strong and he literally pulled, lifted and yanked my body into his, sending more and more dick into my throbbing asshole. I honestly thought I would die from the fuck. I felt his sweat dripping on me as he leaned over me. He reached around and took one of my nipples in the fingers of each hand and began to twist and pull. I was no longer human. I was just a fucking pathetic fuck toy. My nose ran and spit ran from my mouth as I sobbed and sobbed into the sheets. The more I cried, the more he seemed to enjoy it.


“That a girl. That’s a good girl. Take my dick. I got almost half of it in you already.” I was a rag doll. I was a fucking girl I was a cunt! He pushed more into me, and I thought I would black out. Everything went dark for a few seconds. He pulled my nipples extra hard to bring me back. I screamed bloody murder.


“That’s it, Baby, scream your lungs out. That’s going to be so fucking great on the video. Wait until this gets posted all over the internet. Turn your face toward the camera, Cunt!” I didn’t respond fast enough. I was in such pain. “I SAID TURN YOUR FUCKING FACECUNT TOWARD THE CAMERA!”


I turned my face so everyone would be able to see who was getting ass fucked.

“That’s right, Matthew. Now say you whole name and your address and your phone number nice and loud and clear while I am fucking you.”


I said my name and gave the other information, while he shoved more inches of cock up my rectum, into my bowels. I was sobbing so hard it was almost impossible to understand, so he slapped my balls hard and made me repeat it.

Everyone would see and know. Strange guys would begin to call me. Perverts might actually show up, here at my grandma’s house. It was as if Jake could read my mind “You are going to have lots of nice visitors and make lots of new friends, and you better be God damned good to every one of them. I don’t want to hear any complaints. You give them whatever they want!” He rammed more dick in. He was in to the balls now, and I felt as if his dick was coming up through my body. I swear I could feel it deep inside of me.


Now he began to fuck…like a fucking animal. Rough and fast and hard. Jackhammer fucks, out to the cockhead and then down to the balls, thinking only of his own need. When, several times, I began to pass out, he would slap my body or head to make me alert again. He wanted me to feel the pain.


It was fucking impossible. He fucked me that way for more than ten minutes. He moved his hips from side to side to stretch my asshole even more. I could not even sob any more, only grunt.


“You love that, don’t you bitch? I know you do. You wanna’ be my faggot girlfriend. Well, you’re gonna’ have to really work for it. I’m gonna’ do things to you you wouldn’t believe! Little Alan couldn’t take it anymore and he lost his fucking mind. But who knows, maybe you’re made of stronger stuff. We’ll see.” He suddenly pulled his dick out of me, and I felt empty... like I had a huge gaping hole down there, which I probably did.  He flipped me over onto my back, hauled my flaying legs up and apart, and now leaning over me, rammed his monster prick deep into my asshole once more, to the balls in a single stroke. I was sure he had burst something inside of me. He fucked me that way, on top of me. He looked down into my moaning, grimacing, agonized face, and he spit into it. He gobbed into my face, over and over, while he ass fucked me. He gobbed until my face was covered in his thick saliva and it ran from it in rivers onto the mattress.


“Open y our fucking mouth, Fuckhole!” I did, and he gobbed into my mouth. He gobbed into my mouth and fucked my asshole. I was no longer human! “You’re gonna’ have trouble walking for the next few days, but don’t worry, you can always crawl to suck dick!” he laughed. MY GOD, HE WAS MASCULINE. FUCK, HE WAS EVERYTHING I WAS NOT. HE WAS A MIGHTY, YOUNG MAN, AND I WAS A FUCKHOLE!


He had set up a hard, quick fuck rhythm, as he kept spitting into my face. I was hysterical and more than half out of my mind. He reached down and slapped my face, hard! “Maybe, we’ll keep you in a dog cage and only let you out to suck dick and be ass fucked! Wouldn’t that be cool? But we have lots more games to play first. Really nasty, sick games. Oh, yeah, Asslick, the fun is just starting!”


He arched his back, grunted and show his thick manly load of fuck into my guts!

Submitted: September 22, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Came twice and haven't even finished the story yet. Top notch installment Dale

Thu, September 29th, 2022 12:31am

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