My step-sister has huge boobs

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by sweet lemon

A slight ajar bathroom door, a mirror, a hard-on, huge boobs, a stunning booty and delicate girly lower lips and the forbidden invitation into the bathroom

I was back from jogging. I thought I was home alone in the early afternoon. I had a free line at college and was getting my fitness up for next month’s local riverside fun run. I had worked up a sweat and needed a shower.

I was at the top of the landing when I nearly tripped over my undone jogger’s lace. I bent down to do it up, and that was when I saw my step sister Faun, checking out her boobs in the bathroom mirror, the door slightly ajar, well the eye can look through a goddam keyhole, so this was the equivalent of front row seating.

Man, did Faun have big boobs.

When I first met her last year at a restaurant dinner, where my dad announced he was re-marrying, all Faun and I had given each other was dirty looks. No, not sexual looks, the eugh, do I have a step-sibling look- and the same frickin age; but opposite sexes. As that first evening wore on, it was clear that while our new parents had heaps in common, we had nothing at all.

She knew I was hooter transfixed; talk about a buck caught in the headlights; her tits were considerable and, even with a bra, had a soft, jiggle bounce at the restaurant table whenever she energetically used her knife and fork to cut her steak.

Oh, she did have adorable light brown doe eyes. I was thinking of Bambi in the sauna.

It got worse once she moved in. I mean our staircase. Girls and big boobs and stairs. Her tits, in defiance of gravity, swayed, flounced and flaunted their way down. It was no better meeting her coming up the stairs. They looked like enormous twin peaks, needing massaging and fondling immediately.

Then there was the one delectable instance when in a rush to the bathroom, as Faun was exiting, we squeezed next to each other through the doorway. I mean, under normal circumstances, we shouldn’t have brushed or touched, but God, her jugs, were so bra busting, I couldn’t avoid them. Not that I tried; she sort of did.

Our eyes met at the point of the sensual sweeping accidental erogenous touch.  I knew my eyes betrayed senior college boy filth and delight. But I was equally happy to see a slutty smile across Faun’s face. Like all tremendous accidental bodily touches, it only happened once, and despite my best scheming, I couldn’t set up a repeat occurrence.

Here though, was Faun, cupping and examining and fondling her big fleshly mounds with her gorgeous aroused erect pink nipples right in my view; well, if I craned my neck a bit on an angle, to see her reflection in the bathroom mirror, through the slightly open door.

I was privy to a young girl my age enjoying her breasts unselfconsciously. Faun must have wagged her last class and been getting ready to party tonight, the tart. Oh, I knew her rep at college, she liked the guys, serviced them, and played no favourites, and she was a free agent when it came to pecker.

My cock was stiff and straining in tight underwear under my running shorts. You know, tight briefs to avoid chafing, dangling balls, or a wayward cock while running. However, my throbber needed space, or it would burst the goddamn stitching of my underwear and shorts, or I would cream the inside of my pants. So, I leisurely released my cock down the leg of my shorts; ah, it felt good, both the release and my hand sliding back and forth along my shaft as Faun tweaked her nipples playfully.

Then I saw her face get that pleasure-contorted look as one of her hands disappeared from her breasts. I couldn’t see her other hand, but I knew what she was doing with her rapid moans, expressive brow, and glazing eyes in the mirror.

How I wished the door was further ajar. I was fixated now on seeing my step-sister masturbate. Then like all cunning bastards with a filthy intent, my mind, my eye or my cock pointed to the solution. The crack in the door, at its hinges. I sidled up to see if it offered a view of what the reflected image in the mirror, through the door chink was denying me.

Hallelujah, there is a god of lust and perverted stepbrother need. But wow, I had to control my stroking as I got the view of her booty and girly shaved lips between her legs, where her fingers had spread her shaved crinkled flaps and were smearing through her copious girly internal wetness. So intimate. So real.  Total cock stiff shaping. Thankfully she had one leg up on the edge of the bathtub. It was as if she was giving me the perfect entertainment, like scoring a backstage pass.

It was like her booty was a balance to her huge, now unseen hooters. So spherical, so smooth, with a slight wobble that had me licking my lips. I was imagining rimming my own step-sister’s arsehole. The one hole I couldn’t see. Geez, the smut a mind generates even with delicate frondy pink labia getting petted by long elegant fingers.  I was male, though, and I wanted it all.

Her moans intensified. So erotically charged. So sensually fluid, echoing the deft touch on her clithood. My cock was so hard and straining, I thought it would poke through the door hinge chink, my sister’s bubble butt and roused stunning slit, so close; yet so far away; less than half a metre: but still in the bathroom and I was on the landing.

She hit the pitched moans. Rubbing her pussy with a frenzy on the cusp of orgasm. I was tugging harder, too and released the inevitable deep male groan. Well, I’ll be honest; it was at least three orrgh’s. I couldn’t stifle them. Neither could you have; the sex show was hyper-stimulating.

Faun knew someone was there, but not whom. I think in the actual heady, aching near, climax state she was in, she didn’t care. I think she would have gotten it off with her mum or my dad, but thank the fates, it was me, even sweaty and hotter still with penis wanking exertion. I boldly went in at her invitation:

“Oh, you filthy perv; whoever you are, get in here.”

I had a split second when I doubted myself. That moment of possible sexual rejection was made worse by a huge stiff cock throbbing in my hand as I pushed open the bathroom door.

Faun was standing there; in her beautiful birthday suit, my step sister in the nuddy, starkers: her hooters so big, inviting my hands, tongue, and face. Her belly was so curvy and soft, and the V of her shaved girly space, with her dangly, delicate, pink petal labia: was stunning.

“I thought it was you; mmm nice cock Johnny; but it’s no use over there; get it over here,” she insisted.

Her arousal was over-ignited, mine the same. Touch was underway too quickly.

My tongue and mouth hit her nipples first. Pure lust. No kissy, lovely foreplay. Just raunch and ribald youthful sharing of body bits.

Her hand grabbed my throbbing stiff pecker. Boy, it felt good.

My arousal was dominated through my tongue, and my mind demanded I feast, and I nibbled on her pleasurable copious in my face, mountains of titty flesh.

Faun had that bit of my body that most loves friendship and never denies any interest in itself; my cock. Oh, she was a tuggy, puller, jerking tramp. My dick was so happy.

My fingers went exploring her girly private bits, so wet under my spreading fingers; fully fleshy and her slit so naturally inviting. It had an inner warmness that was mentally captivating. I knew where my dick had to get quickly.

Faun pushed my head south, past her belly button, over her girly mound, right down between her spread legs. My tongue invited me to lick in and around her sweet hole, then up into her pink slash and around her cute clit. I paused for a peek, so close up, of the sopping wetness of her whole gash before losing myself and my face chasing my tongue in a sexual frenzy deep into her tube of pretty pink pleasure.

No secrets left unexposed to my tongue. Her intricate little pleasure bead, trapped in a flicking frenzy, with its own no longer hidden agenda: was mine to play with and hers to enjoy; the magnetic pulses of sexual joy.

I couldn’t think of anywhere else a tongue should be or anything it could be designed for but to lick, slurp, sweep and eat pussy, eat it out deep and swift, rapidly delving and probing and paying dedicated attention to a girl’s clit.

Faun was a slut and urged my face and tongue farther back.

Her arse, her arse, I was enjoying her pussy so much; I needed prodding to include her arse.

She moaned and moaned as I rimmed her. Plaintive, pleading and gratified.

“Finger my arse; finger my arse,” she near demanded.

The perfect whorish step-sister.

One finger twisting around to the knuckle had her ecstatic. Two spit-covered digits crooking, hooking and gaping had her bodily overjoyed. Three fingers gawping her sensitive pink starfish had Faun blissful.

“Oh, fuck my arse, you bugger; fuck my arse deep and good.”

Holy Hell: my step-sister gave the undreamt forbidden command, and I didn’t hesitate. My cock had to release its load somewhere: her tits, mouth, pussy; but my volatile load was destined to pleasure her butt.

I had no idea how attractive a wet little arsehole could look before it’s fucked.

Oh man, her butthole was tight. Giving but tight. Superlative constriction. Cock clutching and cock holding. Only the room to burrow more profound, so goddamn tight I couldn’t have backed out. She was yelping till I got in deep and found her inner space. My cock ringed at her rim but explored her anal depths. Bloody amazing.

Faun was panting in her bent-over state, her huge tits swaying, her booty wobbling, my cock locked in her bum.

Her peachy booty cheeks were caressing my thighs and pubic bone, my pecker buried in the pit of her bowels. Our bodies found an indecent buggerising rhythm that gave us more pleasure; the more profound I pressed; the more Faun squashed back with her butt. My cock compressed in her arse furrow.

Two bodies locked, rocking and rolling and swaying.

We both hit the apex of rising bliss, the limit of our young bodies’ capabilities. It came as a shudder and quivering for both of us. There were heightened moans and groans combined in an orgasmic release assured; times two.

My step-sister’s butt was creamed in the bathroom.

And if perving through a crack is good; filling the crack is even better; but there was a near best, her after-sex glow as she wiped down and over her body, with a lingering stay at her boobs. God, they defined tits for me. Jugs of heavenly flesh, as Faun, wiped between, under, over and mesmerisingly around and around her mammies. My cock was coming back around too.

Faun then pushed her fantastic boobs together; we were both in sex’s wonderland, where words aren’t needed.

It was titty fuck time, and my cock was getting a boob bang.

Submitted: September 19, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Dick Wood

That was a fucking hot story. That slutty step sister needed to have that warm cum splatter over her tits and face.

Mon, September 19th, 2022 11:38am

sweet lemon

What the boy was out after the girl was out after too.
You " stepped it out" in a nicely erotic way.

Mon, September 19th, 2022 12:18pm


An erotic trip to heaven you enjoyed here!

Tue, November 22nd, 2022 6:53am

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