Red Zone

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Has everything together; Ready to enjoy the games,

Friends start to arrive; Plans to be there all day,

Gets a text from her; "Come up to the room",

When he enters in; She's awaiting him along with the game,

Dressed as a cheerleader; Hair in pig tails,

Short mini skirt; With some knee high sock,

Two pom-poms covering; Her big sexy breast;

Asking if he chill; Take a time out with her,

Locks the door; So there's no interrupts,

Looks under her skirt; She's wearing nothing,

Just her pretty pussy; Warm and ready,

For his mouth to taste; Hard dick to fuck,

She helps him out his clothes; As they passionately kiss,

He's massaging her pussy; She's stroking his dick,

Climbs on top; She puts him in,

Just like kick off; The games about start,

It's like the commenter; Is exciting the mood,

Telling what's happening; Play by play,

Running through her, Going for yards,

She's trying to stop him; Tightly holding on,

But he keeps trucking; Going for the zone;

Like the hometown crowd; Is cheering him on,

One after the other; Shaking his defender,

In her territory; Way across the line,

Now in the red; Feels himself getting close,

To the end zone; As she is so moist,

She's his wide receiver; Always wanting the ball,

But turns around and says; "Let me be the tight end",

Stay up behind her; As she leads the way,

"Put it in the end zone" He hears her say,

When he releases into her; It's like a celebration,

Can't catch her breath; From all the excitement,

They separate slow; He smacks her ass,

As if to say; Great fucking job,

Gets dressed again; To go back with his friends,

She says before he leaves; "See you at halftime"...

Submitted: September 18, 2022

© Copyright 2023 rawt. All rights reserved.

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