"I'm 18! You Can't Spank Me!"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

As Amy storms out of the kitchen after another of many arguments with her stepmom, her stepmother, Tanya is right behind her 

Grabbing Amy's arm, she twirls her around.

"I've been married to you father for over a year now, and you will show me some respect!"

Amy breaks free.

"Your not my real mom! You broke up my parents marriage you bitch!"

Tanya grew red in the face after hearing her stepdaughter called her a bitch. But calmed down before saying, "Your parents marriage was over long before I came on the scene. They were sleeping in separate bedrooms for Christ sakes!"

Putting her hands over her ears, "I don't want to hear that! They would have worked it out if you didn't slither your way like a snake into my dad's life!"

"Look, your dad was divorced and lonely. So was I after my breakup. We met, and fell in love."

I don't care. You will never be my mother!"

"I'm not trying to replace your mom! But as long as you live here, you will show me some respect! Why do you think you dad takes long business trips? Because he can't stand to see us fighting like cats, ready to tear into each other!"

"I don't care! I will never respect a snake like you!"

"Your nothing but a selfish little brat! And there's one way to get that out of you!"

With that, Tanya grabs Amy by her arm and dragged her over to the sofa 

Sitting down, Tanya puts Amy over her lap. Her tight fitting skinny jeans looked as if they were painted on her tight 18 year old woman's ass and firm thighs.

"I'm 18! You can't spank me!"

"Wanna bet! If this what it takes for your respect...!"

Tanya begins to spank her stepdaughters ass through the jeans.

"AHH...stop it you crazy bitch!'

Tanya kept spanking that firm young woman's ass.


Amy tried to get up.

The two women struggled. Amy brushed a hand against her stepmoms right breast.

As they continued to struggled, they both grabbed each other's hair. Their faces were so close, a piece of paper would have trouble fitting through.

They could both feel their breath on each other as they panted through partially open mouths.

A slight pause.

Tanya threw Amy back over her lap.

Putting her left arm across Amy's back, Tanya used her left hand to pull down the skinny jeans to reveal a firm ass in pink panties.

Tanya went back to spanking Amy. Without the jeans for protection, it will hurt more.

"AHHH...UUHHH...OOOHHH...mommy...stop..!!!" wailed Amy.

"Not until we have an understanding about my position in this family!   


"Now...will you show me some respect that I deserve!?"


Tanya told Amy to stay in the living room as she got up.

Amy rubbed her tender ass that was given a good sound spanking.

Tanya came back with a bottle of baby oil that she keeps when her sister and baby come by for a visit.

Tanya sits back down on the sofa and motion to Amy to lay on her lap.

"Your not going to spank me anymore, are you?" saying with a wimper.

"Just lay across my lap."

Amy did what she was asked.

Tanya pulled down the panties to reveal a nice but tender 18 year old woman's ass.

Tanya poured a little of the baby oil on her ass cheeks and began to gently rub it on Amy.

Slow circular motions Tanya's hands worked on Amy's raw ass.

"How does that feel?"

"Ohhh...it feels good,"

Amy was getting a warm feeling in her as her stepmoms hands worked their way over her luscious ass.

Amy was also getting a little wet between her thighs as Tanya ran some fingers over her ass crack and down to an inner thigh.

With the massage down, Tanya had Amy put on her panties and jeans.

Tanya motion to Amy to come sit on her lap.

Amy gently sat on her stepmoms lap and place her head on her shoulder noticing her stepmoms nipples were erect through her blouse.

"I just want some simple respect from you. And I will do the same for you. We must get together, become closer for the good of the family. You understand Amy?"

"Yes, I guess I was acting childess. But my mom..."

"You will always have your mom. But you can have me in a different way than from your mom."

Amy looked up and gave Tanya a smile. 

Tanya smiled back at Amy. Thrn gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Amy placed her head back on Tanya. But this time resting more on her breasts than her shoulder.

Tanya, with her arms around Amy, gave her a slight squeeze as they both closed their eyes and rested on the sofa not knowing that this event made both of their pussies wet.

Or maybe they did...?:0




Submitted: September 18, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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sweet lemon

I smiled all the way thru' it.
Clever concept Dick

Tue, September 20th, 2022 11:03pm


Glad you enjoyed it.

Wed, September 21st, 2022 12:32am

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