Car Window Cassie

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Cassie had always wanted to be a " working girl".She loved thinking about sex with strangers.She often felt ashamed.
Cassie did NOT want any " strings attached"
Cassie got into her Jeep car and just drove around looking for some "likely" lads and lassie's.

Cassie just wore a pink unbuttoned blouse and red panties.She had a loose fitting yellow suit top,just in case she got pulled over by the cops for some reason.

Cassie was playing it "smart" and only went " hunting" late afternoon" for two hours.This was to avoid other organised chicks with "pimps" who did IT for a living.Cassie knew that her timeslot did not suit pimps.

Cassie parked her dark green Jeep around the corner from clubs and pubs and waited.

Cassie did not have to wait long on any given day.Today was a Thursday and most folks had just been paid by their employer.

Cassie laid eyes on a young slightly drunk chick who was about to wander past her open car window.Cassie took a deep breath as usual and casually said in a slightly sexy tone.

" Honey care for a quick passionate kiss for just five dollars.I love plenty of tongue and for another five I will lick your cunt dry.Just stand up against my open window and I will slowly pull your panties down around your thighs and pleasure you.

Also if you like I will open my car door and you can eat my wet scented girlie hole out.I will shut my legs on you as you eat me out if this pleasures you.

I am the cheapest hot sex tart in town."

The young chick looked embarrassed but as was often the case  just said "YES" and let it all happen,paid up and hurried away.

Cassie on a good day went through more than a dozen customers.Both male and female.

Cassie was shrewd and knew that a five dollar head job was unatainable anywhere else.She also made sure she changed her location each and every day she went out.


Cassie remembered the drama of her first head job with a middle aged fat man.He was jovial and even " tipped" her an extra twenty dollars.

He said to her my name is Kenny but I have a really small cock,only four inches long when fully stiff.Cassie put  him at ease and opened her car door so she could deep throat him.

Cassie's nostrils were right up against Kenny's hairy smelly groin.She became really excited and licked and sucked Kenny's nicely smelly ballsack.When Kenny "cum" it was a torrent of warm thick cum that Cassie gobbled up and swallowed.

"Fuck" Kenny panted.He added " girlie can you rim my browneye for an extra fifty dollars."

Cassie was turned on now.

" OK Kenny just turn around and pull your anus open with your fingers.I will taste your man hole and slip my wet tongue inside your anal opening and eat it out.


Cassie kept a diary as a sexual turn on.

By the time that she quit she had performed sixty messy hand jobs.A lot of cum all over her breasts and erect large red nipples as well.

Fifty four head jobs and been eaten out thirty seven of the best.



Cassie soon made a name for herself and had to QUIT.

Cassie went back to her full time job as a dental nurse in a busy shopping centre location.There was plenty of free parking out the back.Wink!!










Submitted: September 18, 2022

© Copyright 2023 sweet lemon. All rights reserved.

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Dick Wood

That was a fucked up hot story. Cassie should think about returning to her old habits.

Sun, September 18th, 2022 10:58am

sweet lemon

Quickie cash in!
Thanks for replying Dick


Mon, September 19th, 2022 2:15am

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