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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Spontaneous night out; At a strip club,

Being danced on; By sexy females,

So aroused and worked up; Having been teased like that,

Electrified and stirred; Him watching with enjoyment,

Can't wait to get home; Dance and strip for him,

But this drenching rain; Is slowing them down,

Pulls into the driveway; She says "Keep the car on"

"The headlights as well"; "Play the music loud",

Watches as she walks to the front; Doing a little dance,

Taking off her clothes; Has him in a trance,

Rain soaking her body; In her panties and bra,

He exits the car; Tearing off his shirt,

She bends over the hood; Asks if he likes what he sees,

He unbuckles his belt; Drops down his jeans,

His carnal instincts; Craving that sexy body,

Pulls his hard dick out; Enters her from behind,

Gripping her hips; Grinding deep and slow,

Rain coming down harder; But still hearing her moans,

She's reaching down low; Rubbing on her pussy,

Cumming so hard; It's beyond ever before,

Places her on the hood; Legs locking his waist,

Leaning back just a bit; Going at his pace,

One hand supporting her; At the arch of her back,

He's sucking her breast; This moment powerful and heightened,

Being fuck hard; Outside in the elements,

On the hood a his car; Not caring whose watching,

Everything extremely shocking; Even surprising herself,

To do something like this; Is not of her style,

Opposite of her quality; But tonight was offhand,

Elated by these women; But giving it all to her man...

Submitted: September 17, 2022

© Copyright 2023 rawt. All rights reserved.

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