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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Danny takes Cari on a little trip into the city to prove her love. It involves a humiliating experience with a street thug drug dealer. Cari's devotion if further tested.


(All characters in this erotic fantasy are 18 or older. )


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Poor, sweet, young, innocent, naïve Cari found herself in a most humiliating and degrading predicament. Here the poor, dear, young thing was totally naked, on her knees in an alley, with her tongue thrust deeply up inside the asshole of a strange man! Her wonderfully handsome but demanding boyfriend, Danny kept tapping the back of her head, urging her to push her face and tongue deeper into the sweaty black asshole of the drug dealer. The drug dealer was a stunningly handsome dude with lots of gold jewelry and even a gold cap over one of his teeth. He was as tall as a basketball all-star and lanky. His expensive jeans lay crumpled around his signature athletic shoes, as he leaned against the alley building wall with his hands and thrust out his sweaty ass to be licked and sucked by the naked young teenage girl with the delightfully still budding udders. The tongue was good, licking and sapping and scooping at his inner rectum, but he had to agree it could go deeper into that really dark, musky place in the bowels. He would have to agree with Danny that young girls today don’t know shit about cleaning out assholes with their tongues. It should be taught in sex-ed in school.


But how did Cari find herself in this awkward position? It was once again because of Danny, her beloved boyfriend, asking her to prove that she really loved him. Danny had sensed when he met the cunt that she was naturally submissive and dependent upon others. He could feel how much she needed love and comfort, and he promised to give her that. She latched on to him like a barnacle to a boat bottom, and although he had not fucked her yet, he had humiliated her in insanely disgusting ways. He was into that. He loved nothing more than to see how low he could drag a young cunt or a faggot for that matter. He was so fuck9ing good looking and charming and dominant, that weaker types just fell for him. He had ruined dozens of girls in the same way he was now doing to poor Cari. and when I say ruined them, I am being kind. He had fucking destroyed them in the most disgusting, filthy, degrading ways possible. The more he forced a young girl to wallow in sexual filth the harder his big, fat, juicy dick became, and the more his huge cum filled balls throbbed.

He had not fucked Cari’s petite virginal cunt yet, as I said. He was saving that for a special occasion. When he fucked her for the first time, he would do it in front of a room filled with his buddies. He was an exhibitionist at heart and loved to show off. He was proud of his humongously thick, long fucker, and of how even fuck seasoned cunts screamed and cried that they could not take it. Little Cari would be fucking split open! He had already displayed her tender pussy to his buddies in two humiliating shows he had forced her to do, but things were just getting started. How had he gotten her to crawl naked like an animal? To actually lick the balls and penises of his buddies? To display her cunt in the most obscene way, legs spread wide seated in a chair, so they could see up into her pink inner cunt? Why had she allowed his friends to finger her cunt lips and clit, to rub their fingers over her cuntal mound and insert their finger tips into her pussy to feel her tight thin cherry skin? She had done all of this to prove her love for her boyfriend.

Danny told her early on that he had been terribly hurt by several girls when he had allowed himself to love them in the past. He no longer trusted love, and Cari had to prove her love to him. That was how it started. With her masturbating him and eventually sucking his fat juicy dick on a daily basis. He was most patient teaching her how to lick his balls and ass. He would call her a “good girl” and since he was her very first boyfriend and she had had a very sheltered Catholic school girl life, she trusted him to teach her how a girlfriend was supposed to show her love. He told her most girls are fucked by the third date, but that he would go slow with her because she was “special” and he really did love her. My god, how she appreciated that. Which was why she complied when he politely asked her to undress and allow his best buddies to finger her virginal cunt and budding tits.

It was not easy at first, to have to stand or sit naked and allow eight boys in their late teens to rub her nipples and clit and toy with her cunt lips and asshole, to their sheer delight. Eight horny boys laughing and chatting about what a good cunt she had, and how nice and puffy her cunt lips were.

“Good Girl” Danny would whisper, gently smoothing her long beautiful hair out of her face, so they could all see her cry in humiliation. These boys loved to see a girl cry. They loved to see a girl cry in pain, but they loved even more to see a girl cry in humiliation and degradation, cheerfully stripping away all of her self-esteem. Jesus, but that excited them. It was actually better than fucking in some ways.  Stripping away a girl’s innocence, and knowing that she would never be able to regain it. She would slowly be dragged into the gutter by these sadistic boys. Eventually, all eight of Danny’s best friends, and several more of his acquaintances as well would fuck Cari over and over non-stop until she was nothing but a cum clotted fuck rag. They had endless amounts of fuck sauce to feed her, and she would gargle and swallow gallons of cum, her face a glazed mask of sperm. But not yet. Not for a while. They had other games to play with her first.

“Danny, I can’t do this…” she would cry, seated in a chair, her legs up and spread, while two teenage boys tried to poke their fingertips into her cuntal slit at the same time.

“Sure you can, baby. If you love me, you can do this. It’s not so bad. Just enjoy yourself. Relax. I just want to prove to my buddies that my girlfriend is a one hundred percent pure virgin. You are so beautiful, and I am so proud of you. He would stand behind her chair and rub his hard, wet dick against the back of her neck. He dick was becoming her best friend. When he drove her home at night after a date, and after she had sucked him off several times, after he allowed her to kiss him goodnight on the cheek, as her mouth was clotted with his cum and he didn’t want to kiss her on the mouth that way, he always had her, just before she got out of the car, give his fuckmeat a nice long romantic kiss. He wanted his cock to be the center of her whole world.  

EVENTUALLY, he wanted her to be able to think about nothing except cock. He wanted her mouth and cunt and ass filled with cock night and day. He wanted her to become nothing except a teenage dick ditch. And he was fairly certain he could get her there, it would just take time and patience and lots and lots of humiliation. The day would come when she would think nothing of being double dicked by two large cocks up her cunt at the same time.

He had just recently begun a program of “self-fingering” in which he told her that if she really loved him, she would be wet for him all the time, so he would make spot checks, even at her school to see if her cunt was wet. “I just want to check…” He would say and reach down under her short skirt to feel her pussy. Because she never knew when such checks would happen, she was forced to play with herself and keep her pussy wet all day. This almost drove her nuts. She had to finger herself in class and between classes. She was not allowed to wear panties under her short skirts, so pussy leak often ran down her sweet pale legs. He had his buddies also do spot checks to make sure she was wet, so she was forced to be on the brink of orgasm all day long. He also wanted her nipples hard all the time, so she had to sit in class and pinch her titty-tips. She was sure the teachers noticed. Because it was a Catholic girl’s school, Danny and his buddies had to sneak in of course for these pussy checks. Of course, Danny and his buddies took advantage of their visits to the girls’ school to flirt, kiss, finger and fondle some of the other girls as well.  Nothing like deflowering an innocent cunt! Most of these girls had never seen or touched a real live cock, they’d only seen pictures on the computer. So, Danny was only too happy to display himself for the sweet, young, tiny, virginal beauties. They could even touch if they wanted to. How fascinated they were by the shape and feel of a large male fucker. He even offered to let a few of them kiss it. After all, Cari would soon be a heap of fuck trash, and he would have to find a new “true love.”  After fucking the brains out of a cunt and leaving her a dick hungry cock hound, before he dumped a bitch, Danny loved to make sure she was pregnant. Their religious, Catholic parents would not allow the poor suffering girls to get an abortion, so the sweet things became moms! What a way to ruin a young life, and the new abortion laws really made Danny happy.

He fondly recalled one young bitch named Suzy, whom he had dated and sworn eternal devotion to. Well, he got her pregnant and then dumped her. The poor dumb thing had had a sweet baby boy. It was difficult for her to finish school being a new mother, and her strict, condemning parents were not much help. They called her a sinful slut. Considering the things Danny had forced her to do to prove her love, I guess she was. Anyway, a few months after she had had the baby, which she named Danny Jr., her ex-boyfriend reappeared in her life. He told her he was ashamed that he had dumped her and that he really loved her and wanted to marry her. She was so happy. Suddenly, her bleak life had hope. Well, he fucked her pregnant again and then dumped her again. It was all a game for him. His buddies thought it was hysterically funny. They still were not finished with Suzy. Danny planned to send a buddy of his whom Suzy did not know into her life. He would charm the fuck out of her and tell her he didn’t care if at her young, tender age, she had two kids, he really loved her. He would be the man of her dreams. He would then fuck her pregnant a third time and then dump her. My God, how they would laugh at the stupid naïve cunt who wanted love.

But for now, Danny had to concentrate on his current cunt case, Cari! He had not yet had his fuckmeat up her pussy, although he had rubbed the dickead on her cuntal lips and nudged the fat head just a bit between them. Sometimes that would bring Cari to orgasm. She was a fire cracker all right, and he loved to keep her clit right on edge. The more he made her play with herself, the more on edge she was all day. When he dropped her off at night, after she had kissed her parents good night, he would have her face time him on her phone and lie in bed fingering her clit and cunt. He made her do it for hours, until she was mentally and physically exhausted. Sometimes it was a one-way call, so he could see her but she could not see him. That way, he could have another young bitch sucking on his dick while he talked to Cari. When you were as good looking as Danny, cock hungry cunts were easy to pick up. Believe it or not, Danny had recently been toying with the sick idea of fucking Cari’s mother, who was still a decent enough looking twat. He’d enjoy rucking the Catholic right out of that dry-cunted woman and turn her into a dick slut. Imagine her at middle age, prowling the high schools and college campuses looking for thick young dick.  He’d met soccer moms like that when he was in high school. They would hang around outside the boy’s locker room, drooling from the mouth and pussy, so hot for young cock since their husbands were mostly ignoring them, that they even crave the cocks of their own sons. Many a soccer mom, when she did her son’s laundry, sucked on his dirty jock strap and underpants. It is amazing how filthy people’s sex needs can become.

But back to the present. How did sweet, young Cari get on her knees naked with her tongue up the asshole of a hunky drug dealer”

“You gotta’ help me Cari. I’m in bad trouble. I owe this drug dealer, Maurice a shit load of money. If I don’t pay him, he’s gonna break my fucking legs,” Danny lied. He was actually getting a shit load of drugs free for this exchange. ‘He told me he would forget the debt and we’d be even if you would suck his dick!” 

Cari was shocked beyond belief. “You can’t really ask me to do this Danny. I can’t!”

“Don’t you love me, Baby?  Do you want to see me dead or crippled?” 

‘Oh, Danny, no, of course not. I love you more than life. But I can’t just have oral sex with some street thug.” 

“Is it because he is black? Are you a racist, Cari? I don’t think I can love a racist.” God, he knew how to manipulate her.

“Of course I’m not a racist. How can you even say that,” she was crying now. That was a good sign. “But he is a street thug. He’s probably filthy and maybe even diseased. And you want me to put his thing in my mouth?” 

“You just got to suck him off Cari, and it will save my life. He swears to me he is not diseased or nothing. Jesus, do you think I’d let my girl touch him if he was? He had some venereal disease a few weeks ago, but it’s all cleared up. Cari, if you love me, you just got to do this for me!”  He had tears in his eyes. He could do that. He was quite an actor.

And so he blocked the dead end alley with his car, told Cari Maurice wanted her totally naked, and sent her out to do her duty!

“Holy mother-fucking momma, but you are a sweet little thing aren’t you?” Maurice smiled, showing off his gold cap. His ten-and-a-half-inch dick was already painfully pushing out the front of his pants. He was really tall and Cari stood there looking up at him, her hands shyly covering her pussy.

“Now, come on, Chile, don’t be shy, show me that pretty little cunt!”  Cari, crying pretty heavily now, which suited both young men, moved her hands away. “Oweee…not a cuntal hair in sight! Fresh as a baby’s pussy.” It was true, Danny shaved her almost daily. “Hey, baby, you gonna suck Maurice? You gonna suck his big dick real good?”

“I…I guess,” she stammered.

“Try saying ‘yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir.” She stuttered, tears trailing down her sweet face.

“Try saying, ‘Yes, sir, I want to suck your beautiful big black dick.” 

She hesitated and Danny, who had left the car and was rubbing his own hardon through his pants, urged, “Go on, say it Cari.”

“Yes, Sir, I want to suck your beautiful big black dick.”

Maurice was a magnificent proud young man who demanded respect, especially from pretty,  young cunts. He had a whole stable of them. He considered for a moment putting this teen bitch out on the street for him after Danny finished with her, but he knew that when Danny did finished, she’d be pretty damaged goods. He’d seen some of the degraded pussy Danny and his buddies had dumped. Not pretty!

Maurice was so tall and Cari so petite, he had to lean down to take her nipples in his finger tips and pinch and twist them. They erected just fine, like a young cunt should, and Maurice’s big dick squirted some pre-fuck in his pants. Shit, he’d better drop trou fast, before he ruined his jeans.  He unbuckled his Gucci belt and unzipped and his pants puddled around his feet. The gigantic beer can thick dick was unleashed.  Strings of pre-fuck hung from the wide pisshole.

“Oh my God!”  Cari croaked, not believing the size of the meat. Marice gently pushed Cari down to her naked knees, and in the process, the meaty cockhead brushed against her face, leaving a trail of dick leak across her cheek and nose.

To be honest, both Danny and Maurice thought a girl never looked lovelier than when she had fuck on her face. If Danny had his way, high school cheerleaders would have their faces covered in fuck before each game. He already knew they did after the game. He recalled his high school days, Varsity football players sitting around some dude’s rec-room after the game, drinking beer and talking while the cheerleaders knelt between their legs licking and sucking on their dicks and balls. Some of the athletes didn’t shower after a game, so the flavor would be nice and strong for the hungry cunts. They would rub their leaking dicks all over the girls’ faces.

Maurice now did that with Cari. He held her head and rubbed the plum-sized head of his dick all over her pretty face. ”OH FUCK…SHIT…” moaned Danny. It was so fucking beautiful. Cari’s pale white skin looked like porcelain next to the black satin of Maurice.

But Maurice stepped back, until he was leaning against the building wall. “Yeah, bitch, but before I give you what you want, you gotta do something special for me. You gotta earn my pecker! Cunts gotta earn their treats, right?”

‘I…I guess.” Cari was so confused. So dazed by the whole experience. She was so humiliated to be kneeling naked in an alley in the middle of town staring at a huge male cock, she could barely function.

“Then before you get to taste my delicious cuntbuster, I want you to lick my balls real good. Give my big sweaty balls a good tongue bath. And then, I want you to eat my ass. I want to feel your tongue deep up my shithole!”

DEAR GOD, WHY DO GUYS WANT THIS STUFF? IT ISN’T ROMANTIC AT ALL. Cari looked at Danny and shook her head no. She just couldn’t. Danny shrugged and nodded his head yes. Is there anything more classically beautiful than the sight of a beautiful young girl eating a man’s ass? TALK ABOUT FUCKING ROMANTIC! WHEN A STUD SITS AND BOUNCES ON A GIRL’S FACE, FEELING HER TONGUE UP HIS RECTUM, ISN’T THAT FUCKING ROMANCE?

Cari hesitated too long. She trembled, kneeling naked in the dirty alley. Maurice looked frustrated, and it did not do to frustrate Maurice.

  Danny was scared for a moment that the dumb bitch would not go through with it. He made an angry face and shouted, “DO YOU LOVE ME, CARI OR NOT?  DO YOU LOVE ME?” 

Cari extended her pretty pink tongue, leaned her face in under the throbbing, leaking monster prick, and began to lap at the egg sized nuts in the leathery, wrinkled ball sack.

“I guess the cunt loves me,” Danny laughed, releasing his own fat wet dick from his pants and pumping it.

Submitted: September 17, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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