The shower and the silhouette

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Hi all, it's been quite a while since I've popped in and I can see I've missed out on some cool things, so I thought I would drop a short story in contribution to recent competitions, enjoy.


I have never told anyone about this.

Not that it's something you can yell from the rooftops — unless you want to end in a padded cell wearing a pure white ensemble.


As my pen scratches down the page, my fingers fight it, they shake in disbelief of my own doing.

Even now revisiting the memory of it all wraps me up in a warmth I never knew, like your favourite blanket as a child — a closeness I may never know again. 


I won’t bore you with my life before all this happened, after all this is all you will remember, this is all you will want to remember. July seventh, a sudden cold snap had hit our coastal town freezing anything foolish enough to be caught outside. Pulling a throw rug around me tighter, I huddled in front of my second hand heater. It whirred before me, its constant droning lulled me into a semiconscious state. A loud bang broke into my empty mind. Looking up, I gazed into the kitchen, nothing. My eyes scanned around completing the surveillance of the rest of my small apartment. Some sleep driven noise I imagined at first thought —until it happened again.


It had echoed out from the bedroom, the bathroom to be more accurate. It carried a dull echo across the pale stained tiles to my ears. Twenty three and fresh to the world of living alone in a shitty part of the neighborhood flushed through me at that point. Without a sound, I crept inches from the front door, chained and locked, bought some comfort, and then that bang. Again, almost like water marching up an old pipe. Now with a little confidence in my stride I entered the bathroom flicking on the light. Nothing there, apart from the light illuminating my chaotic life in a pile of clothes on the floor, nothing there. My chest fell in a sigh of relief and security. Just the pipes, I smiled to myself, just the pipes.


With the icy tiles working their frost into my bones, I figured a shower to warm my aching body before bed sounded like perfection. Adding to the pile on the floor, my clothes dropped one after another exposing my body more and more to the cold air around me. Sporting a new found perkiness I struggled to stop shaking, the water rushed out of the nozzle splashing the floor almost freezing it before it gurgled down the drain. My almost blue fingers fumbled with the hot tap spinning it to the left. A very long and very cold twenty seconds later, relief came in a boundless steam mist that ran up my body.


More banging followed through the pipes as more hot water chugged towards me and my mind was beginning to find peace and security.

Storytellers and bards of a time so long ago would hang on every word I’m about to tell you. Hear me out for what I say is true, every word. Scarred in a way that runs deep like a trench but it’s not tainted with fear or pain, it only brings joy and a world not yet known to anyone until this is read.


The now frothy soap tickled my nose with its coconut and sandalwood scent. It ran down my body, over every aching muscle, every curve and bump fell apart to its unrelenting softness. Beneath the steam that now engulfed me I didn’t notice at first, merely a muscle spasm or a tingle or tickle that ran over me. Perhaps a shiver still not driven out by the warm waters running down my body.


A tiny gasp escaped my mouth and an excitement drew inside me. Again, a touch, a feeling drove through me. It circled my breasts, it hardened my nipples, it brought a thrill that pushed out of my lips into another gasp. The shower nozzle vibrated with a loud splutter forcing more hot water out of the banging pipes.


Excitement gripped me again. It was more than a feeling this time, it was a touch. Soft, attentive and focused around my now full breasts. I could feel a tantalizing warmth between my legs. My muscles tightened. My breath quickened. This invisible force knew every part of me that begged to be touched. It knew my weaknesses, where to linger and how to bring forth squeals of delight. Confused and excited I pushed myself into the corner of the shower. The cold tiles chilled me while warmth continued to grow in my pelvis.

A tingle ran over my thighs almost like being peppered with small kisses up and down. Something brushed my centre. Something gripped my ass off the wall. Pressure squeezed my butt cheeks causing me to throw my head back. A warm and smooth feeling now pushed itself against my lips. It ran up to where I throbbed, it ran around the slick walls I had produced. It dove where I ached. It bent my knees forcing my arms to the walls for fear I was going to collapse in pleasure and agony.


Even with the water rushing over me, I felt my wetness grow and drip down my thighs. A squeal leapt from my mouth as a pinch found both nipples. Everything it did brought lust to my body. My stomach felt like it dropped in excitement. The most intense urge to be full chained me to the wall. An ache I needed, I had to have. With shaking fingers I began to run them down my neck to my breasts then I stopped. I hit something, strong, I felt lines and grooves of muscles above my stomach. Shoulders, round and firm, full of strength. My eyes blurred from the steam. I wiped away the warm water from my face. A soft silhouette shimmered in the light. Water ran down and over the almost invisible figure. Shocked, I gasped. I didn’t feel fear though, just his warmth, his touch, he met my eyes stealing my soul with a look. His eyes never left mine as his fingers fell deeper inside me. I needed to feel his fullness drive into me. Pushing him back, my eyes drove a stir through him. He throbbed against me. I needed to be stretched, to feel full, to wrap and capture what he hid under an almost invisible shroud. 


Moans filled the shower, a grunt, a low gravely grunt brought a chill through me. I remember thinking, ram me! God, do it now!

I felt like I was flying, he lifted me up, my legs locking around him like a vipers fangs preventing his escape. His powerful legs sprang him up with force and I felt his hardness tunnel deep inside me. Grunts quickened. My eyes saw nothing but the roof. My mouth could not and would not contain any words. I screamed beyond my control.

Give it to me!

It built to a devastating high to my body. Spent, he crumpled to the floor. My legs trembled as I sank beside him in warm pools dancing around the drain.


His gaze fixed on me but he said nothing. I was lost for words. Heavy breathing filled my shower and as fast as he arrived he faded into nothing. The water that flowed down his muscular body, now just fell through dispersing as it slammed into the tiles. It’s been almost a year since the incident I guess I should call it. One I’ll never forget and one hopefully the world will come to know as I feel it should be told. Love, lust, it comes in many forms. Mine came from water and into water it fled. I’m still unsure what he was although I have my theories. I still ache for his return, whether it will come to pass is another story. As I scratch down the last of the page, I know after this reaches you, my door will become swamped with attention I’m in need of, company, anything to fill the void he left me with.



Jenny Harits

To whom it may concern,

Please place this letter on the desk of the editor,

New York Times.


Submitted: September 17, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Hobby. All rights reserved.

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Good to see you pop in Hobby. It's been a good while. This was a killer story, loved it!!

Sun, September 18th, 2022 1:23am


Thanks nite,
Glad you liked it
Quite annoyed how it formatted it when I copied it from google docs, it makes the read very distracting but it is what it is.

Sun, September 18th, 2022 5:34am


Yep I getcha. It can be frustrating but apart from all that. It was an enjoyable read. Hope to read more from you. Take care : )

Sun, September 18th, 2022 2:10pm

Amy F. Turner

This was quite the interesting telling, my friend! Sexy, mysterious, and had me from the first word until the end. So sorry about the formatting issues but I kept right on reading and boy am I glad I did. Well written as always my friend! Bravo!

Thu, September 29th, 2022 6:13am


Wow, you transformed into a woman in the shower?
Oh, you've signed this 'Jenny'. You turned into Jenny.

You can go back under edit and tidy up your graphics, Hobby. No big deal. I really enjoyed this. Glad you made mention that you wrote it. Very imaginative and a little supernatural. Awesome!

Sat, January 14th, 2023 2:44am


Thanks for reading

Fri, January 13th, 2023 7:02pm

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