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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Finally to an end; Of cleaning up the yard,

Sweat drenching his bod, From the sun beaming,

Through the window she's scheming; Drooling admiring it all,

Him being a little dirty; With her eyes fucking him,

As he makes his way; To the shed in the back,

She instantly reacts; Sprinting through the house,

While putting things away; She meets him with lemonade,

Watching him guzzle it; Wishes she was in his mouth,

Walks in close; Starts kissing his chest,

The saltiness of his flesh; Turning her on,

Groping his with passion; Feeling his dick getting bigger,

Wanting to drain him; Of what's left of his energy,

Lifted in the air; Being whisked away,

Placed on his work bench; Ready to be slayed,

He hikes up her dress; Brushes her panties to the slide,

Let's out a shocked moan; When he enters inside,

The rolling of her eyes; Obvious she's not grounded,

Being pounded by him; Struggling to hold on,

To his soaking wet muscles; Wide thick back,

Never overreacting; It's just that good,

Pouring down on his hardness; He's giving all she can take,

Looking out the shed door; But her only escape,

Comes when he grips tightly; Fills her with his warmness,

Leave her felling dormant; Ready for some sleep,

Stroking into her fiercely; Like he has something to prove,

With the right tool; Getting the job done,

She locks onto his neck; Clinching on with her nails,

Grinding with his movement; While he's getting it in,

Begging for him to cum; Erection tickling her spot,

He's pumping faster; She's screaming "Don't stop!!",

As she releases with force; He too blows his load,

Thrusting with aggression; Her toes curling,

Biting his shoulder; Difficult to stop shaking,

Panting trying to catch his breath; What was left is now gone,

They begin to kiss; She's says "Let's go back inside",

He responds "Give me 30 minutes"; "Then its shower time!"...

Submitted: September 13, 2022

© Copyright 2023 rawt. All rights reserved.

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