Let's Bathe

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Bathroom steaming; As the hot water sprays,

Down onto to her sexy frame; While she lathers up,

She hears the door close; Music start to play,

The lights turned off; Sees a candle lite,

Watches as he enters in; Her pussy starts to tingle,

Staring into her eyes; Pushing her against the wall,

Feeling like she's being mauled; As he kisses her lips;

Down her neck and her tits; Stopping at her clit,

Raised up on his shoulders; She holds to the shower rod,

The thrill of his tongue; Circling in her pussy,

The shower and music; Drowning out her screams,

Seems as if; He's gained his strength,

To be forward and frank; He's ready to fuck,

Puts her down; Spins her around,

Now facing the wall; As he's eating her ass,

Reaches behind; To grab onto to his head,

Talking loudly to him; Yelling "Eat that ass daddy!",

His tongue so far in; She's banging on the wall,

Cumming so hard; It's flowing down her inner thighs,

Gets up and finds; Himself fulling hard,

The thickness of his erection; Throwing her off guard,

Gripping to her hips; She's arching her back,

Thrusting into her body; You can hear their bodies clap,

The mixture of the water; And her dripping wet pussy,

Making a gushing sound; The soundtrack to her thrashing,

Pulling her back; Cuffing her arms,

She lifts one leg up; To feel him deeper,

Don't know if he can tell; Just how wet it is;

Squirting all over him; As it's too much,

Can't take it no more; So she drops to her knees,

To the back of her throat; She puts that big dick,

Sucking on stroking; Wanting to be feed,

His tasty milkshake; That always satisfies her craving,

He's holding to her head; Fucking that mouth,

She's holding his ass; As it all shoots out,

She's licking the tip; Getting it all,

With her finger picking up; Any drop that may have fell,

Looking at him; With those big brown eyes,

By his stamina and endurance; She's more than satisfied...

Submitted: September 13, 2022

© Copyright 2023 rawt. All rights reserved.

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