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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

As Matthew's deflowering approaches, he has a horrible day at the hands of his bullies.



(This is a fantasy work of fiction. the author does not condone real life acts of bullying and hazing that occur on campuses all over the world.

All characters are 18 or older. )






I was standing at attention, naked in front of Jake and masturbating my penis for him. We were alone and having a heart to heart talk. That’s what he called it. It really meant more impossibly degrading g and humiliating bullying, I knew that.  I had grown numb to some of the bullying, it was so awful that all I could do was close my mind to it. I understood now for the first time, what books meant when they said that victims of abuse shut down at a certain point. For me, it just became easier to do the filthy, perverted, foul acts than to protest and get hurt. And then, of course, there was my grandma and my worries about her. I was trapped.


When we had our little talks, Jake liked me to masturbate to show him my hard dick in respect for how hot he was. I am, or at least I was, straight. I had a girlfriend. But recently I had sucked so much dick and had dildo’s up my ass so much that I no longer knew what I was. I was fucked up… that was all I knew. I was not the first boy Jake had fucked up. I had heard about Alan and others, and apparently, Alan was not in a mental asylum or something. I could believe it. Sometimes I felt like my mind was cracking.


So, there I was in my bedroom, standing naked in front of Jake and masturbating my dick and making sure that it leaked strings of pre-fuck, to show how much I respected Jake and how sexy and hot he was. The irony was that he was very fucking good looking. He had everything going for him. When you are that handsome, why do you have to be so sadistic on top of it?


I had to stand with my legs a bit apart so that my balls jiggled when I jerked off. Jake liked that. He kept talking about starting ball stretching exercises, so that my nut sack would hang lower. That scared the fuck out of me, because I knew whatever games they played… it would hurt!


Jake sat in a chair in front of me. He would not sit on the bed because they would not allow me to change the bed sheets and they were stiff with cum and piss and even a little puke. I had to sleep in that fucked up mess. Jake and all his buddies had jerked off and blown their noses into my pillowcase.

So, Jake sat in a chair, legs spread, his obscenely big dick pushing out the crotch of his jeans. “I have good news for you, faggot,” he said with that dazzling smile of his. “last night, I fucked your girlfriend.”


I was so shocked, I stopped masturbating for a few moments. He kicked me in the leg to get me going again. I had really had strong feelings for my girlfriend. I don’t know if it was love exactly, but we were really close.


“I don’t believe you,” I blurted out. That was a mistake. I was not allowed to ever speak back to Jake or question him ok doubt him. I would be punished for that. And Jake’s punishments were hell.


He brought the toe of his shoe up and snapped it into my nut sack. I crumpled onto the floor in extreme agony. He hauled out his phone and held it up to me.

“Here’s a picture of her sucking my dick!”It was true! I started to cry. “She says she never had a dick as beautiful or big or thick as mine,” he grinned. I had not yet sucked Jake’s dick. I had sucked his buddies over and over, but not Jake. They had turned me into a professional cocksucker in the last week, but Jake had withheld his treasure from me. But my girlfriend, now my ex-girlfriend looked really respectful and happy in the pictures of her licking his huge sweaty fucker and lapping at his big loose hanging balls.


“She’d never sucked dick on a first date before, she said. So, to be polite, I waited until the second date to fuck her. She was really upset when I refused to wear a condom, but by then she needed my pecker so bad, she didn’t stop me.” My fucking God what a monster he was.


“I had this great idea,” he went on. “the next time I fuck her, I want you there. She hates you now of course because she says she is the laughing stock among all the girls and guys ‘cause she dated a cocksucking faggot. Especially after we sent those photos of you sucking dick and ass fucking yourself with that dildo all over campus and put it up all over the internet. Anyway, I want you there on our next date, so while I am fucking the cunt, I can pull out and shove my pussy slick dick into your mouth. That way, you get to taste your ex-girlfriend’s cuntslop. See how considerate I am?  I call it cunt to mouth fucking. Remember poor Alan, that high school boy we fucked with last year?  Well, I would shove my dick from his father’s asshole into Alan’s mouth, so he could taste his own daddy’s ass sauce on my fuckmeat. You can imagine how humiliating that was for both Alan and his poor dad. They got used to it though. I have discovered that with enough pressure, people can get used to almost anything.  You are going to learn that too.

But I have more good news for you, Matthew. It is time for me to fuck you in the asshole. Maybe, then when we get together, I can go from your fucked asshole into your ex-girlfriend’s mouth. She won’t like that, but who gives a fuck what she likes, right? Her only purpose in life is to be a fuckhole! That’s what these bitches got to learn. And you faggots too. Your only purpose on this earth is to pleasure my big fucking dick!”  He rubbed the huge lump in his pants and it grew even larger. “So it’s time to fuck your little faggot asshole, Matthew. Of course, we are going to film it.  I wanted some privacy for our first fuck, it’s more romantic that way, so I asked Rafe to set up the cameras beforehand. I know you have been wondering what my dick tastes like. Well, let me tell you, it is much more juicy and delicious that Rafe’s or Punkboy’s or Nates.” He got up and spread a new sheet on the bed over the cum and piss stiff one.  Then he stood before me. I was still on the floor, my nuts in extreme pain. He patted the bulge in his jeans.


“Time to unveil the monument, baby.” He said in a soft, sweet, seductive voice.

“Take it out of my jeans.”  I reached up with my fingers to open his pants, and they were slapped away. “Take it out, using only your mouth!”


Did I mention I was extremely exhausted and my mouth and jaw were already really sore? Did you forget what I had had to do earlier in the day? Remember, Jake had ordered me to show up on campus to sign autographed photos of myself for any students who wanted them. I was already becoming the laughing stock of the whole school. Jake forced me to wear the strangest, most obscene costume for the autograph session.  It was like one half of a bikini thong. When I say one half, the waist band only went around one hip and then down into the crack of my ass. I have included a photo for you to see. It was green and barely contained my dick and balls, in fact, when I moved wrong, my balls fell out. In some ways, it was worse than being naked, but since I was at least a bit covered, I was legal. It did not stop me from looking freakishly obscene and foolish.


Over a hundred girls and guys showed up for my autograph and to laugh at me and taunt me. It amazes me how crowds of seemingly decent people can turn into jeering bullies when instigated properly.  Some of the guys began to reach out to tug and twist my nipples, and when I protested, Jake slapped me. He slapped me in the face right in front of all those kids. One dude asked me to open my mouth and make it into an 0 like I was sucking cock. Then he took a photo of me. Lots of students took selfies of themselves next to me. One jock asked Jake if it was ok to spit in my face, and of course Jake granted permission. That started a whole spitting thing. I had to stand there with gob running down my face and dripping from my chin. I swore I would not cry, but I could not help it, and that drew waves of laughter. Many of them had photos of my ass fucking myself with the dildo from the streaming show, and they wanted to see my stretched asshole. So, Jake made me lower the green half-bikini and spread my cheeks to show the huge crowd of students my sore asshole. I felt like I was going to fain and began to crack up.


“Spread your asscheeks wider please, Matthew, so they can all see your asshole clearly.” He was a little like P.T. Barnum showing off one of his freaks.

“Yes, of course you may take pictures. Turn your head around, Matthew so they can catch your face and your asshole in the same picture. And remember to post all of his personal information when you send these pics to your friends. He’s sure to fail out of college after this semester, and we want to make sure no one anywhere will ever hire him for any kind of job. Well, maybe cleaning toilets…with his tongue.” 


The kids all roared with laughter at that. A couple of the jocks even poked at my asshole with their fingers. “That’s a faggot hole, all right, “one of them grunted, like he was an expert.


That was how my day started. But you remember there was a second activity. I was allowed to go to class, wearing a skimpy pair of cut-off jeans with my ass globes hanging out. I could hardly focus in class. Jake was right, at this rate I would never make it more than one semester. Well, that might at least let me escape the torment. Jake was right about everything, so it might be true, also, that the stuff already out on the internet about me might ruin my chances of getting a decent job…or any job. It all depended on if Jake would let me go or not.


After class, I was ushered by Jake and his buddies to the field house. He had made an offer that I would be happy to lick the sweaty balls of any jock! The repugnance of that offer was overwhelming. At first the jocks coming into the locker room were too shy to comply. Some of them ignored us, others waved a hand and laughed us off. But then one huge, muscular black dude stepped up and lifted his amazingly thick fucker to present his low dangling, hair covered scrotum to me. The black jock had a dazzling smile and said he always wanted to see a cracker crawl for him. So, Jake made me crawl across the locker room floor, lift my head and lap at the egg-sized black balls. Because the dude had been working out, his nuts smelled atrocious. I gagged and Jake slapped me for showing disrespect. Of course, this encouraged other jocks and pretty soon, there were twelve guys lined up to get their ballsacks licked and sucked. Some of them stood back with legs spread. Some sat on benched. Some forced my face into their genitals, their cocks rubbing all over my face. Spit covered my face, as my tongue lapped at the male nuts. Jake reminded me to lick down under the ballsacks as well, where lots of the sweat flavor gathers. Fortunately, I did not have to lick sweaty jock ass crack or asshole, as the stink almost made me faint. No, that hideous indignity would happen at a later date, when Jocks were invited to sit on my face for a good hole tonguing. Soon, my teeth were full of ball hairs of all colors. I licked balls for two hours…balls of blacks, white, Asians, Latinos, you  name it. And when the seventy-year-old janitor came by, Jake even had me lick his unwashed, sagging balls. My lips were swollen and I could hardly speak. Jake ordered me to keep the ball hairs stuck in my teeth. I was becoming famous around campus. Strangers started to call me “Asslick” the nickname Jake had come up with for me. Emotionally and mentally I crawled deeper and deeper into myself. For the first time, I began to question whether or not there might actually be something wrong with me. Maybe I was a freak. Maybe I deserved the bullying I was getting. This is just what Jake wanted. I was breaking.


And now, Jake, my bully, my master, was about to shove his thick college boy dick up into my asshole and truly turn it into a faggot cunt!

Submitted: September 11, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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