Curious about prostate

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

James has always been curious about the prostate massage

James decides to book himself in for a lingham and prostate massage as he's been curious about it for years, when he gets there he's greeted by a petite female with brunette hair wearing a black silk gown,

"Come in take your clothes off and get on the bed please, I won't be long" she orders

James strips down, he's now totally naked laying on the massage bed with his head in the hole,

Jess returns and starts to massage him, his shoulders, his back then misses his pert cheeks and to the tops of his legs, she gently brushes by his cock as he lifts up to give her access to his now throbbing and waiting cock 

She's teasing him her finger lightly touches his hole 

"Mmmm" he thinks "that's different but nice" as he tries to push on to it,

Jess goes back to massaging him to let him settle down after about 5 minutes she's goes back to his curious arse 

Light touches on the opening of his hole gets him writhing with excitement and curiosity

"Mmmmm" he moans as she penetrates him with a finger 

"Oh f.fuck" he moans again as she starts to stroke the wet and swollen gland at the tip of his cock,

He's in nothing but total pleasure Jess surly knows what she's doing as another finger slips to the side of her other one 

James's precum engolfs his entire shaft 

"Turn over" she orders again

"Lift up your legs" she whispers as she pulls out a quite large vibrator lubing it up with the same oil as she used to massage him.

"Ready?" She asks.

"Definitely" he replies as he opens up to give her full access to his virgin hole,

"Ok" she starts to penetrate him with a condom over the shiny black vibrating piece of plastic

"Fuck, Ffuck that's good" he tells her 

She smiles as she turns it up to max at this point his fingers clutch the side of the bed his hips raise more than they ever have before to keep her stroking his cock, his precum soaking her petite hand , she stops a few times just to tease and edge him, "are you ready? here goes" she whispered 

Her hand frantically consentrating on the pulsing gland at the tip of his member as the intense vibrations run through his body, all these feelings at once are new to him 

His upper body raises from the bed his knees go up to his chest as the pure pleasure races through him,

"Fffuck" he moans as the cum shoots from his wet and throbbing cock 

"Mmmm ffuck" as more teamed from him 

He lays there a few minutes to recover 

"Wow Jess are you available tomorrow too?" He asked 

"Yes I am, if you book in I've got something special tomorrow!"

He books in there and then wondering what tomorrow will bring









Submitted: September 11, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Stephen. All rights reserved.

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