Is Feminism Deeply Flawed?

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Is female romantic submissiveness based in biology and does it mean that feminism is deeply flawed.

Is Feminism Deeply Flawed

I believe that equality benefits both genders.  If feminism is the belief that men and women should treated equally, I am in favor of feminism?  It would make me equal.  I grew up in a world where women were placed on a pedestal.  I didn’t make that up, that is the way it was expressed.  I am not arguing that women haven’t been discriminated against.  I am arguing that there has been discrimination against both genders and the most severe were against men.  I served in Vietnam.  I know a lot of dead men.  They died young and they died violently. 

I was not back from Vietnam for 3 days when I heard on the radio that secretaries in Chicago were burning their bras in protest of discrimination against women.  You can imagine what I thought of that.  My friends were dead while the protesters were immune.  Death is the ultimate discrimination!

When I turned 18 I had to register for the draft.  My sister didn’t.  I had to go to Vietnam; my sister didn’t.  Before I went into the Marine Corps I thought about refusing the draft on the grounds of violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.  Is there any doubt that military service discriminated against men?  Is there any doubt that females are and have always been capable of military service?  Did Annie Oakley know how to shoot? My father once asked, how did women get so competent all of a sudden.  The answer is, they didn’t!  There hasn’t been any reason why women cannot serve in the military since the invention of the musket.  The entire history of the country. 

I decided not to raise the equal protection issue, if I had I would have been laughed out of court.  It amuses me now to realize that females can now serve in any military occupational specialty, even infantry.  However, they are still immune from draft registration.  Husbands still have the duty to support the necessities of their wives but not vice versa.  The law has always favored women.  It reflects the history of paternalism of men towards women.  See Muller v. Oregon.

The most egregious example of gender favoritism occurred during the Kennedy administration.  He ordered the Selective Service not to draft married men.  Thus, not only were women immune but they also had to power through marriage to immunize their husbands.  In other words, my life was forfeitable simply because I was not attractive to women!  Had that policy persisted I would have gone to court, been laughed at and served time in federal prison for refusing the draft. 

The manpower needs of the Vietnam War changed that policy.  As it was my BFF never was drafted, he got his girlfriend pregnant and became a father.  The new policy was that you had to have a fertile girl ready to avoid the draft.  I disagreed with that policy also, but it made more sense than its predecessor.  The thing that immunized my BFF was not his wife, but his daughter.  My reasoning was that he should have gone because if he was killed, he had had his chance to procreate while I didn’t.

I remember what it was like for my mother.  She was a housewife.  She had 4 kids.  She had a lot to do.  She had the latest in modern appliances.  She had a mangle and a ringer washer.  When the cycle was done she had to ring out all of the clothes.  Then the clothes had to be rinsed and rung out again.  Then the clothes had to be hung up to dry.  She spent one whole day doing the wash and another whole day ironing.  It was pure drudgery.  That all changed with automatic washers, driers and permanent press clothing.

Throughout the existence of mankind men and women were thought to be qualitatively different.  Hence, the notion of equality between them was foreign.  The attitude of men for this entire time towards women was paternalistic.  Men thought it was their duty to defend and protect women.  They still do! This is why men have been going off to war and dying for centuries while women stayed home.  This paternalism has a reverse side.  The attitude that women need to be protected also means that they are not fit for difficult or dangerous employment.  It is an attitude that feminism needs to fight.  If women accept the paternalism of men, equality will be denied them. 

When you have an economy that is built on the strength of one’s body, women are inferior.  When you have an economy that is built on the subtleties of the mind and personality, it is not.  I have no doubt that women are as smart as men and can compete with them intellectually.  Moreover, since women seem to be able to buckle down and endure boredom better, my suspicion is that they are better suited for the modern economy.  The fact that 70% of valedictorians in high school are now female, suggests that this is true.

When I was in high school, I wondered why there were no extramural female athletic teams.  There were when my father was in high school.  They were dropped for lack of interest!  When I went to college only one third of undergraduates were female.  Now they number 60%.  Moreover, 51% of medical students are now female.  Women can pursue careers now because they are not overly burdened by the weight of housework. These changes haven’t resulted from anything the law has done.  The changes are in women themselves!  The irony is that all of the changes that have resulted in male equality have resulted from the actions of women!

The most important relationship between men and women is romantic.  When I was single, males were required to pursue females.  They still are! This is not a rule imposed by men upon women. This is a rule imposed by women upon men.  They will literally take spinsterhood before pursuing men.  They like being the alluring sex.  Women not only want the submissive role in romance, they insist upon it.  If you want equality with men, why wouldn’t you give up the initiative in most important male-female relationship? 

For most of human existence men have been hunters and women gatherers.  Women brought home most of the food but men brought home the high quality food.  To be blunt, if women want to be treated as equals, don’t act like prey!  There never has been a reason why women cannot take the initiative in romance!  How many men would not welcome sexually aggressive women?  If women really want equality, the first thing they would change is the completely one-sided dating custom.  A custom so one-sided that it actually operates to their disadvantage.  When you give the initiative to the other gender, you make that gender dominant while you become submissive.

Conclusion:  Feminism is deeply flawed. Women will never achieve equality with men until they stop being submissive.  Will that happen? I think probably not.  It seems like it is built into biology.  I do not know of a single species in the animal kingdom where the female pursues the male.  I hope I am wrong!


p.s.  I have a prejudice in gender relations.  I am a married man.  I will always support motherhood.  I will freely support laws that favor mothers.  This is not gender favoritism, men don’t get pregnant.  One of my grievances against feminism is that all the feminists seem to want to complain about is the number of female CEO’s,Why don’t they complain that motherhood is suffering.  They complain about the inequality of wages.  Women don’t do the same jobs!  It is already the law that you can’t pay men and women differently when they do the same work.  Meanwhile, the average woman only has 1 3/4 children in her life.  The US was 400,000 babies short of the 4 million last year needed to sustain the population of 320 million with a life expectancy of 80 years. I don’t care about how many female CEO’s there are.  I do care about helping motherhood.

I read an article last year written by a Scotsman arguing that it was a better investment  for the UK’s national health service to give preference to males because they work harder.  This is actually true.  Men can work harder because they don’t get pregnant and they have wives to take care of their children.  Do I agree with this article – hell no!


Submitted: September 10, 2022

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Matt Triewly

Definitely food for thought. As for equality I don't find it a very useful term because I feel we are all individuals, and every interaction is unique. But I do try to treat people fairly and with respect. With regards to conscription, I've always wondered how one can reconcile being forced to fight for freedom.

Wed, September 14th, 2022 5:56pm


Your concept of being forced to fight for freedom intrigued me. I believe it only seems like a contradiction. Freedom isn't free. The price of liberty is duty. My objection to the draft is the unfairness in which it was executed.

Wed, September 14th, 2022 1:57pm

Matt Triewly

To be honest I'm not actually sure I believe in the concept of freedom as we are slaves to our desires and values which are largely innate or unconscious.

Politics is about power and propaganda with 'duty' just being another word that people can be controlled with.

Thu, September 15th, 2022 5:33am


Interesting. I don't really agree with your conclusion today until woman stop being romantically submissive. I don't see the connection. Women, like men, should be free to pursue their God given talents. Motherhood does not need to exclude other interests and a career.

Thu, September 15th, 2022 11:46am


Women, like men, should be free to pursue their God given talents. Motherhood does not need to exclude other interests and a career.

Well, we agree on one thing.

Thu, September 15th, 2022 8:29am

harriet-jacqui x

Typical Scot!

Sat, November 5th, 2022 6:02am


If you read between the lines you will find a deep seated desire that men and women should treat each other as equals. BTW, congratulations on knowing the national origin of the name Pringle.

Sat, November 5th, 2022 11:46am

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