Karma's a Bitch!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

After a fraternity places cameras in a sorority's shower, the sorority gets even by duping the members of the fraternity to apply to donate to a sperm bank where they are photographed naked and masturbating.

Karma's a Bitch

Delta was the pretty girls sorority at State University.  Gamma was the animal house fraternity.  A member of Gamma, during the summer, was part of a construction crew to work on Delta’s shower room.  During the construction this Gamma member hid 3 tiny cameras with transmitters in the shower room.  Every time a Delta girl took a shower, the cameras transmitted her nude video to receivers at Gamma where the videos were recorded.

The boys at Gamma thought this was wonderful and the member who had put them there was a hero.  For 6 months the boys at Gamma thoroughly enjoyed seeing the naked Delta girls.  If Gamma had been satisfied with just that, the Delta girls would never have found out.  As long as Gamma could find a way to replace batteries, the Gamma boys would have enjoyed their gambit indefinitely.  However, one of the Gamma boys passed a video of one of the Delta girls to a friend to see.  The nude picture of this Delta girl got back to her.  When it did, the search of the bathroom began and the 3 cameras and their transmitters were found. 

It wasn’t hard for the Delta girls to figure out who did this.  The promptly held a meeting to decide what to do about it.  The first suggestion was strip the Gamma boys and take their pictures at the point of a gun.  Someone quickly pointed out that this would get them arrested. 

Then the girls thinking went to doing something less direct, more sophisticated, more feminine.  Finally, someone came up with the idea to pretend to be a sperm bank.  Then, the Gamma members could be stripped naked for a physical, filmed during the physical and while they masturbated to produce sperm.  That idea was ideal but the problem was how to finance it.  It so happened that one of the Delta girls had a mother, also a Delta, who was a billionaire businesswoman.  The girl said she would put the idea to her mother.  When the idea was presented to Mrs. Tipton, she agreed. 

Mrs. Tipton then delegated her personal aide to see to the details.  The first step was finding people to staff the sperm bank.  The aide, Judy Delgado, was quickly able to find ex-Deltas, who were actually doctors and nurses.  Then an office and the cafeteria in a medical office building were rented.  The corporation of Karma Medical, Inc. was formed for the stated purpose in its charter of revenge upon Gamma.  Notices were sent out to all of the fraternities that the sperm bank of Karma Medical, Inc. was looking for sperm donors and that they would pay $125.00 per donation twice a week.  In addition, all prospective sperm donors would be paid $100.00 for applying and taking the physical.

When the boys at Gamma received their notice they were ecstatic.  They could make $1,000.00 per month for just masturbating.  The entire fraternity volunteered en mass,  Other fraternities also volunteered but the Gammas were scheduled first, at least that is what they were told.

A friday was picked for the Gammas to have their physicals.  A weekday was deliberately picked because there would be patients of other medical practices coming and going in the building.  They were told to arrive at 8:00 AM and they did.  At first, they were given long medical forms to fill out.  The forms not only wanted to find out the health of the volunteers but their family history as well. Then the Gammas had to take an intelligence test. Once that was completed, the Gammas had to sign forms agreeing to a thorough medical examination.  As part thereof that they agreed to be examined in the nude and have their pictures of their bodies taken.  They also waived their right of privacy over the medical records, held harmless Karma Medical Inc. and agreed to provide a sperm sample.

As the Gammas finished reading and signing all the forms, a young girl came and brought them into the office building's hall. There she them told to remove all their clothes, to put all their clothes in bag provided and write their names on the bag, last name first. A couple of Gammas asked why they had to be completely naked now.  She answered that the first thing to be done was to take pictures of the entire body.

Then one of the Gammas said. "Why do we have to undress in the hall. 

The girl said, "Because there isn't a locker room."

The Gamma then asked, "What if we refuse to undress in public?

The girls responded, "You are free to leave at any time."

When she waited and watched while they undressed, one of the Gammas asked her to leave.  She said, "We need to know when you are ready."  When the Gammas were naked, she told them to take a number and wait until an escort came.  Meanwhile, patients of medical offices other than the sperm bank came and went while the Gammas stood nude in the hall.

One of the Gammas asked, "What do you mean escort?"

The girl said, "We have people here to escort you through the process/"

The Gamma asked, "Why do you need escorts?"

The girl said, "The use of escorts will make the process go smoother and faster."

The Gamma asked, "Are we going to be naked the whole time."

The girl answered, "Of course"

The Gamma asked, "What if I refuse to be escorted."

The girl answered, "You are free to leave at any time."

Then the first escort arrived and called the name of a Gamma.

He looked at her and said, "Wait a minute, you are a girl."

She said, "I already know that."

Another Gamma asked, "All all the escorts girls."

She said, "All the escorts are girls."

The same Gamma asked, "Why are all the escorts girls."

The girl said, "They were the ones who volunteered."

The Gamma replied again, "You are going to let volunteers see us naked?"

The girl said, "Of course."

The gamma said, "We weren't told of this."

The girl said, "You agreed to a thorough medical examination where you would be photographed naked and have to produce a sperm sample.  Did you think you could do that with your clothes on?

The Gamma said, "But I expected to be examined in private.  I didn't expect to escorted naked down a hall in public by a girl?"

The girl said, "These girls are here to assist you, what's the problem?"

The Gamma asked, "The problem is that I am naked and they are girls?"

The girl said, "In medicine that is called gender neutrality."

The Gamma asked, "What is gender neutrality?"

The girls said, "It is the belief that it is unnecessary to match the gender of the caregiver to the patient."

The Gamma asked, "Are these girls really nurses?"

The girl answered. "They aren't nurses. 

The Gamma asked,  "If they aren't nurses what are they?"

The girl answered.  "We are high school girls."

The Gamma exclaimed, "You are letting high school girls see us nakedl?"

The girl answered, "Sure, why not?"

The Gamma exclaimed, "Some of these girls probably have never even seen a naked man before."

The girl answered, "YOung girls need to know what males look like."

The Gamma said, "Why do we have to be the guinea pigs for their education?

The girl answered, "You don't, you can leave at any time."

The gamma asked, "How do you know they aren't going to molest us?"

The girl answered, "Because they aren't men."

Then one by one, a female escort came in and got a Gamma.  The escorts were high school students. younger sisters or cousins of Deltas. The escorts then escorted the Gammas through all the stations of the medical exam. 

While the physicals were being conducted anyone working in the building or having a medical appointment that day saw the boys naked in the halllway getting examined.  This included the female cooks in the cafeteria preparing lunch. The cooks, aware of what was happening, were more than amused.  Furthermore, other people came to the cafeteria to buy coffee and sweets while the examination was proceeding.  Nearly all the females stayed to watch, at least for a while.  Moreover, the Gammas were not allowed to cover themselves with their hands.  When they did the escorts slapped their hands away.

The first time a Gamma's hands were slapped away, the Gamma asked, "What did you do that for?"

The escort said, "That is what we were taught to do."

The Gamma asked, "Why?"

The escort said, "We were told that testicles need to keep cool to produce viable sperm.  It might affect your sperm test."

The ordeal was humiliating and embarrassing to the Gamma volunteers.  That was the point! 

Each Gamma first had his entire body photographed by a female photographer including close ups of his genitals. Next, he was measured and weighed.  Then women dressed as nurses and doctors took blood pressure, urine and blood samples.  His eyes were tested.  His hearing was tested.  His heart and lungs were listened to.  His flexibility and reflexes were tested.  He was given a prostate exam.  Finally, he was given an examination for an inguinal hernia.

The last thing was to provide a sperm sample.  Chairs, lube and pornography was provided for the Gammas in the cafeteria.  One of the Gammas said, "You mean we have to masturbate in public."

The girl in charge said, "Sure, why not?"

The Gamma said, "Because it is embarrassing!"

The girl in charge said, "Then why did you agree to it?"

The Gamma asked, "Can we do this in private?"

The escort said, "We don't have enough rooms."

The Gamma said, "Are you going to watch>"

His escort respoonded, "I have to, it is part of my job."

The Gamma asked, "Why?"

The escort said, "I have to collect this vial when filled, put your name on it and deliver it."

The Gamma asked, "What if I can't do it?"

The escort said, "You will.  If you can't I will help you."

The Gamma asked, "How will you help me?"

The escort said, "If you want I will masturbate you!"

After a few strokes the Gamma said, "Can you help me?"  One escort stroked his cock while another escort fondled his balls. He quickly grew an erection and spurted into a vial. The same was true of all the Gammas.  What the Gammas didn't know is that every escort had a pocket protector and in that pocket protector was a camera disguised as a pen.  Furthermore, there were more cameras in plain view throughout the cafeteria.  After the Gammas filled their vials, their escorts took the vials and turned them in. 

The escorts then took the Gammas to the office to be paid.  The office was at the end of the hall and the Gammas had to walk nude down the hall to the office amidst the visiting patients of other medical practices.There the Gammas were paid in cash, given back their clothes, dressed and went home.

The next Monday, the members of Gamma discovered that videos of them undressing, being examined in the nude and masturbating while their testicles were being fondled, were circulating around the campus.  Not only did Delta have photos and video of every Gamma, they had a full film of the entire event. There had been cameras in the halls and in the cafeteria.  After editing, Delta made copies of the video and sold them.  The video told the entire story and everyone who saw the video thought it was hilarious. Eventually the video was put on the internet and went viral.

The fraternity went to a lawyer to find out if they had a case against Delta.  The attorney said that they had voluntarily waived all of their rights.  One of the boys argued that these agreements had been obtained by fraud.  The attorney responded that they had all been paid and accepted $100.00 for their services and that the stated purpose of the corporate charter of Karma Medical Corp. was to gain revenge upon Gamma.  Moreover, after what they had done to Delta, he was sure that no jury would award them anything. 


Submitted: September 10, 2022

© Copyright 2023 pringle. All rights reserved.

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