The Maid

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Never underestimate a maid. They DO see and hear it all. Especially if they've been around long enough.

We might've been born with a pair of eyes, but she seems to have more than two, what with them beeing everywhere around the house she works in.

Alicia has been working as a maid for the wealthy Peterson family for almost a decade. She has every nook and cranny of the big, old Victorian house, memorised. Nothing can go past her, she's so in tune with it.

Alicia's employer, Mr. Peterson, is a very busy man throughout the day, meaning there's always someone there in his office, working on documents and such. That's why Alicia needs to know the inner workings of the house, because those bussiness partners usually tend to stay the night. 

She makes sure the guestrooms are available, ready to be used. Sheets and pillows, along with blankets, need to be washed and ironed long before it's decided that the room's going to be used. Alicia can't afford to slack off, she's a perfectionist at heart.

Meals are on time, not a minute late. A glass of red wine poured for her master and Mrs. Isabel, glass of juice waiting for little John. If they need anything, the butler is there to assist.

This system works perfectly, everyone is happy. The other employees are treated well, they have their own rooms, warm food, days off, etc.

It's all thanks to Alicia, whose duties are done without a hitch. She organised work, giving her fellow maids their own tasks for the day. No one dares to complain (there's really no reason to), Alicia has a fiery personality under that collected persona image.

Alicia knows what's going on around the house at any time of day. And night, as well.

Oh, the nights are her favorite time.

Once midnight comes, everything is quiet. Everyone is sleeping soundly.

Well, almost.

As Alicia prepares for bed, she hears a thud above her room. The sound must be coming from her master's room, which is directly above hers. 

'Mhhm, ahhh, ahh, yes, oh God!' Loud moans could be heard, along with a bed moving. It appears that her master and mistress are...having fun. How no one else hears them is a mystery.

'I wonder which position is this time. Isabel sounds like she's in heaven. I mean, who wouldn't be, Mr. Peterson's a handsome man, even in his forties. I'd like to have him inside of me.'

Alicia's dirty little secret is that she often likes to touch herself to the thoughts of her master pounding into her, making her see stars, her whole body singing in esctasy.

She even likes to sneak a peek sometimes, when she's out of ideas to get herself off to. Now's that time, her pussy tingling and throbbing.

Only in her silky nightgown, Alicia moves around the house silently, making sure to keep her steps light. As she nears the master bedroom, she sees that the door isn't shut completely. She'd be able to see what's going on inside.

'I should be thankful that they get so caught up in each other, that they never shut the door all the way.' Alicia thinks as she positiones herself outside the room, but keeps herself hidden as not to be seen by Mr. and Mrs. Peterson.

Alicia gazes at the couple inside, as they satisfy their carnal needs. Mr. Peterson is leaning against the headboard, with Mrs. Peterson riding him happily, her head thrown back in pleasure. Her supple skin on display, her breasts bouncing up and down.

Alicia feels herself getting wetter by the minute. Luckily, she left her panties in her room, so she pushed her nightgown up slightly, enough for her hand to reach her pussy. She plays with her clit, pinching and tweaking it between her fingers.

She watches as Mrs. Peterson leans down to kiss her husband, all while her pace stays unchanged, which doesn't seem to bother Mr. Peterson that much. He reaches up to play with her nipples, making his wife moan into their kiss.

Speaking of moaning, Alicia needs to be quiet, so she puts her other hand over her mouth, keeping her breathing slow and even. Alicia inserts a finger inside her pussy, gently moving it in and out, there's no need to rush yet. 

"Oh, David, you feel amazing, filling me up so well! I can feel you in my stomach like this! Ahhh!" Mrs. Peterson moans loudly, her hips gyrating sensually, skin slapping against skin. Her body glistens with sweat, like she's covered in diamonds. She looks ethereal, enjoying the way David's cock hits her pleasure spot. 

David's watching her, love and lust mixing together in his eyes.

"You feel great too, Isabel, tightening around my cock like you want to milk me dry. That's what you want, isn't it, darling? For me to come so hard inside you, to paint your insides white. Don't try to deny it!" David said as he thrusts up, making Isabel lose her rhythm.

Meanwhile, Alicia added another finger, her pussy gripping her fingers. She moves them faster, drinking in the sight before her. Who knew her master knew how to dirty talk? Well, Isabel did, but still...

Alicia sighed in pleasure softly, picking up the pace, her juices dripping down her leg. She'd need to clean it up before she returns to her room. 

Alicia added a third finger, feeling full, but not enough. She needs something thicker, fingers will have to do for now.

"David, p-please, I-I need..." Isabel couldn't finish the sentence, her orgasm slowly approaching. She moves her hips faster, riding David harder than before.

David grips Isabel's hips, there would be bruises tomorrow. Not that they care, they're only focused on each other and the blinding pleasure they feel. 

"Yes, come for me, Isa! Come for me, now! Let me see your pretty face as you come!" David said as he started pounding Isabel for real, chasing his own orgasm.

Alicia was nearly there, she knows what'll get her off. It's something that always makes her explode. Almost there...

"I'm coming, I'm-ahhhhh!" Isabel said as she squirted all over David's cock and thighs, David right behind. He gave a few weak pumps, making sure his wife feels it.

Alicia watched David's face as she came, her juices dripping on the floor. She barely managed not to make a sound that'll give her away, her whole body trembling in the aftermath.

Alicia saw Isabel moving off of David, before deciding it's time she retreat to her room for a well desered rest.

She fell asleep the instant she crawled into her bed.

Before sleep consumed her, her last thought was:

'Maybe I could suggest a threesome next time...'



Submitted: September 07, 2022

© Copyright 2023 midnight.eve. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Hot story! You can imagine with servants being not seen or heard how much they are privvy to, but I can imagine that the master and mistress of the house don't much care about being watched since they don't bother to have the door secured. Maybe a threesome is in their future for one naughty maid. ;)

Thu, September 8th, 2022 12:45pm


You're probably right, they were so caught up in the pleasure that they didn't think too much about privacy. As for the threesome, who knows...Glad you enjoyed reading it, though. :D

Thu, September 8th, 2022 4:01pm


Really nice and very erotic piece, Midnight. A lot of people get upset to hear someone having sex in a hotel room next to them, but I find it exciting as long as it's not too loud. It puts me in the mood to return the favor.

Love your story..

Sat, September 10th, 2022 3:28pm


Yes, it can be really annoying to listen someone next door go at it, but as you said, if it's not too loud, it's okay. Glad you loved my story!

Sat, September 10th, 2022 10:47am


If you hear someone having sex in a nearby hotel/motel room, you simply MUST arrange to see them as they leave their room. It finishes the fantasy, the image of two people making love. And the surprising thing is that some people look so innocent, and pretend to be when in fact their lust and passion escapes when they are in a private setting.

Fri, September 16th, 2022 8:45pm


Yes, it's always the quiet ones, as they say...or the most innocent looking ones, in some cases. ;)

Fri, September 16th, 2022 4:12pm


i like this - you have a way with your writing thank you

Fri, September 30th, 2022 10:28am


Thanks! :D

Fri, September 30th, 2022 10:06am

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