Chapter 2: NOELLE

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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C H A P T E R  •  T W O


I have been on this planet for the last twenty-eight years, and in those twenty-eight years, there have been a handful of small moments where I have been nervous to the point of feeling nausea for no real reason. Sure, there were solid reasons for feeling nervous, but by the end of it, there had really been no point for them.

There was the first day of entering high school when I was thirteen; that really just was a given because a lot of kids felt the same way I did, and by the end of the day when everything worked out fine, there was no point for being nervous. I never did admit it to my mother, but she was right when she told me I was going to be fine. Then there was the day I had to come clean to my father about reversing my very first car into the mailbox; Dad had taken that confession fairly well and my mother took it as the chance to get a new mailbox since we did really need a new one. And of course, there was the day of my parents’ funerals and having to speak in front of an ocean of people dressed in black and tear-stained faces. Thomas had stood beside me; his arm wrapped around my shoulders and helped me get through the speech I had written out. I’ll forever be grateful for Thomas for getting me through that speech and day.

And then add in about half an hour ago when I finally left the safe haven of my bedroom. I had been nervous to see Waide for no damn reason. The conversation had started out awkwardly, my eyes had refused to look anywhere near Waide. But the conversation didn’t take long to drift into a more comfortable feeling, all thanks to Thomas for turning that around. I feel stupid for even feeling nervous about it all, but I’d keep that problem to myself because it really is my own personal issue with my own stupid body. I’m now stuck listening to the three of them ramble on about the welcome home party tonight. The party that I’m still not sure I am attending, and though I’m not sure about, I know I will end up going. I wouldn’t doubt that Thomas would show up, find me, and drag me back to the clubhouse, kicking and screaming about it like a child.

Inwardly, I sigh. I know I need to go as I am still making it up to all the men in the Devils Sixteen Motorcycle Club. My brother has always been about having a family front, whether we want to go to an event or not. Thomas had proven his point almost seven and a half years ago when I graduated from beauty school. He had shown up with Waide and a handful of his club brothers when I had truly thought no one was coming to support me, and I started to become jealous of my classmates having family there. I hadn’t known they were there until my name was called and two rows of the manliest men dress in leather and denim stood up with claps, whistles, and cheers. It was truly one of my best memories, and I’ll never be able to get rid of my brother’s proud face in my head, even if I really wanted too.

As I sit listening to the three of them near me from the couch, I bring the glass of mango and orange juice to my lips and take a large mouthful of it. I had moved to the couch after I had gotten myself the glass of drink and the three of them had moved to the dining room table. From where I sit on the couch, I can see Thomas, Sharna and Waide clearly. I’ve sort of lost track of what they have been talking about and I know that they aren’t talking about the party anymore. Waide’s laughing at whatever Thomas has just said, and Sharna is shaking her head with an amused smile on her lips. I can’t help but allow my eyes to turn to Waide who is still laughing; the laughter is reaching his gorgeous slate grey eyes.

With the smile on his face, I take notice of the dimples that sit slightly deep in his cheeks and cause the black inked dagger down the right side of his face warp in shape. The tattoo has faded over time and not as black as it used to be, it sort of has a blue tinge to it. The smile alone is what had me swooning and crushing after him; the way it meets his eyes and makes them seem a shade lighter. My eyes have truly and utterly zeroed in on him and I drink in the sight of the man that is threatening to tear everything apart in less than twenty-four hours.

His dark brown hair, that looks almost black, is short and growing out; I sort of miss the fohawk fade he used to have before he went away and the prison shaved it off. His body seems broader and muscular than it once was. The black t-shirt he wears seems to sit a little tightly around his arms, but a tad bit looser around his torso. From where I’m seated, I can see the tattoos peaking out from the top of his collar and I know that the tops of those tattoos lead down his chest. I also know that ninety percent of that man is covered in tattoos; from his face to his arms to his chest, stomach and top of his pubic line, and right down to his fucking ankles. Besides his smile, the tattoos are what had me dripping once upon a time. I take note that the piercing he once had through his right nostril with a silver ring is no longer there; it makes me wonder if he will ever pierce it again. That piercing really made him stand out from everyone, well in my eyes it did.

Before my mind can start opening up pandora’s box and I start drooling, I tear my eyes away from Waide and look at my brother. His gingerbread brown eyes are already looking at me, a ghost of a knowing smile on his lips that makes me feel like he is piecing together the puzzle and he is close to finishing it. Everything in me wants to ask Thomas if he does know something but asking him that would mean I put myself in very hot water and most probably would have to come clean. It’s something I am not willing to do just yet, but I know that sooner or later, one of the three of us that know is going to come clean. Five and a bit years is a very long time to keep hold of a secret, and I am so sure that I am not the only one feeling the guilt about lying straight to Thomas.

I turn away from my brother as I start to feel the guilt I have felt a thousand times over. My eyes watch the TV that I had turned on when I sat on the couch as a way to distract myself. It didn’t work and it’s not working now, even though my eyes are mindlessly watching it.

“You know,” Sharna’s soft, low voice is suddenly next to me. I jump slightly, almost spilling the juice as I glare at her over my shoulder. All she does is smile an apologetic smile. “Staring at Lux like he is going to be your next snack is not going to help your case at all,”

“Uhm, what case?” I frown in question. I know what she is on about but I choose to act dumb to it. “I don’t have any case,”

“Never mind,” Sharna shakes her head with a gentle laugh. “Thomas and I are going to the clubhouse and I’m highly suggesting that in the time we are gone, you and Waide get your stories straight before Thomas starts playing detective,”

“He won’t be able to work it out,” I state, turning my head back to the TV.

For the last three years that Sharna has known about me and Waide, I’ve always thought she has loved the idea of me and Waide actually being together. She hasn’t ever hidden her dislike towards Zeke, but she has made sure he has felt welcomed and respected. I know she is just doing it for me, to keep me happy because I at least have one person standing beside me. But if push came to shove, she would definitely shove me into Waide’s arms and push Zeke completely out of the picture. I think Sharna would just really love for me to be with someone who understands and respects the club, and she knows just how deep my feelings ran for Waide. And at the end of the day, Waide could possibly be the perfect man for me, I’m just not willing to admit that out loud.

Sharna hums and I look at her again. She gives me a knowing smirk of a smile. “You may think that, but he is the one who just caught you eyeing off his best friend before you got caught,”

“You know what,” I say in a very hushed tone. My eyes drill in hers and keep her still for a minute. “Prison may have made that man ever more drool worthy than he once was, but nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will ever happen between me and Waide again. I am not going to put myself through that again, and plus, I have Zeke now.”

“Yep,” She laughs lowly. “You have Zeke, for now.”

“I’m so close to punching you right now,” I threaten.

“You won’t punch me, you just don’t like me pointing out things that you know deep down are true,” She grins and I glare. “Soon enough, Waide will be warming your bed at night, or you warming his, whichever you both feel,”

“You seem to forget that Bethany might keep him too occupied for me,” I state with a shrug and turn back to the TV.

“Oh yeah, cause Waide totally has the tolerance for her,” Sharna says sarcastically. “I’d think about it, Elly, long and hard,”

I can hear the taunting and amusement in her voice as the back of the couches dips from her pushing off it. I listen to Sharna tell Thomas that they need to go get things ready at the clubhouse and then tells Waide that they will be back for him in a few hours. She also tells him to get settled in his room and ready for tonight. I look over the back of the couch, knowing full well on what she is doing. Sharna catches my eyes and winks at me like she is the smartest person alive leaving Waide and I alone. I think she has some sort of hope that leaving us alone with spark some old flames and we’d fall back into a bed again.

It definitely isn’t going to happen.

I would be truly lying if I sat and told someone that I’m not still attracted to Waide, because I very much am. But I have to keep reminding myself that falling back into old habits and feelings isn’t going to do me any good at all. It would be a big mistake to play that game again, seeing as it truly didn’t end all too well last time. Reigniting anything with Waide would just be a bad move on my behalf, I couldn’t keep another secret from Thomas. And I’m not technically single, I have Zeke. We may not be exclusive, but I’m loyal and not willing to feel like I am cheating.

There has always been a part of me that has wondered what would have happened if Waide had never been sent to prison. Would I have still ended what we had because I got deep feelings for the man or would we have kept going until we either got caught by Thomas, or one of us came clean to Thomas about it all. And then that makes me wonder if Thomas would have taken it badly or would he have shocked us all and been okay with it. And if Waide and I had come clean about it all, would we still be in a relationship where we’re happy or would we have had a really messy break up that caused Thomas to pick a side. I have so many questions full of ifs and buts about the situation we once had, but I know those questions will forever stay unanswered because there is no answers to those questions. I’m only left with imagining just how it would have played out.

But I know that things play out in ways we never would expect them too.


It has been almost two hours since Thomas and Sharna had left the house, leaving me and Waide alone. We haven’t really said a word to each other, I’m sure neither of us know what to say or how to even start a conversation. Waide had disappeared down the hallway to the room he will be living in, I’m assuming. I’ve stayed planted on the couch with an empty glass cradled in my hands. Though, the television is playing that stupid fucking show about those attention seeking five sisters and their crazy mother, my hearing is in overdrive and trying to hear everything in the house. My heart has jumped a few times in my chest every time I heard a noise.

I want to get up and go speak to him, but at the same time I want to sit and ignore him like he isn’t here. And just as I think about moving, my body takes charge and I’m getting off the couch, heading to the hallway. I leave the empty glass on the dining room table as I walk pass. I walk down the hallway slowly, hearing Waide open and close something. It’s going to be a hard ride from here on out seeing as Waide’s room is across from mine. I don’t think I’d be able to handle hearing a woman in his room. I honestly say that I will probably get jealous over it even though I would have no true reason too. I have to keep reminding myself of the strange relationship I have going with Zeke.

I get to Waide’s door that is wide open and I stop just at the start of the entry. My knuckles tap against the wooden door and I find myself resting my shoulder against the door frame. Waide stops what he is doing and turns to face me. I watch as his eyes look me up and down, momentarily stopping at my legs and then at my chest. I raise an eyebrow at him when he finally reaches my eyes and only get answered with a lopsided smile form him.

“Something you want, kitten?” Waide asks, breaking the silence. His voice is still deep and slightly husky, a perfect mix. I ignore the way the old nickname that he has only called me fires through my body and makes my stomach flip like I’m on a carnival ride. “I thought you were ignoring me,”

“Oh, well no, not exactly,” I manage to answer him. “I wasn’t ignoring you, no more than I was trying to avoid this conversation in the last couple hours,”

Waide gives me a laugh as he sits down on the queen size bed sat against the wall in the centre. The spruce blue bedding on the bed shifts a little as he sits on it and wrinkles a little as well. My eyes focus on the wrinkles of the brand-new bedding. Sharna had gone out three days ago to buy new bedding and pillows for the bed. Waide’s mother, Cherry had bought the bed, a set of draws and bedside tables, plus two lamps almost two weeks ago. And a week ago, she had come back with plastic bags filled with brand new clothes for Waide. In her words, she wanted to make sure her baby had everything he needed for when he came home.

“So, what’s up, Elle?” Waide asks me and my eyes move from the bed to his. “Does it have something to do with the dirty little secret we share?”

“Sort of,” I say with a small, forced smile.

“You know you can trust me not to say anything, Noelle,” Waide states. I watch his large, muscular arms cross across his chest as he stares at me. “I have a question for you, though,”

“What question?” I ask.

“Does your brother happen to know anything about it?” Waide asks as his eyes search mine for a truthful answer.

I instantly shake my head. “The only person who knows anything about us is Sharna. She only knows because I had one too many drinks and my drunken self thought that she was the best person to tell about us fucking behind my brother’s and everyone’s back,”

“Oh, that was a good choice,” Waide deadpans. I only manage to give him some sort of sorry shrug. “Thommy has been acting all sorts of weird for a while now, especially when it comes to you. And since I haven’t seen you in five years, I didn’t really have the choice to ask you. Are you sure you didn’t get too drunk again and forget that you told him as well and he is trying to get me to tell him?”

I give a deep annoyed frown at his accusation. “No, I didn’t tell him because I got too drunk again. How do I know you aren’t the one who told him and trying to push me to come clean as well? Because when it comes to any sort of conversation involving the topic of you, Thomas gets all weird about it and says stupid shit, like telling me about your visits with Bethany and her stupid little love letters,”

Waide raises an eyebrow at me, his stare feels like he is challenging me and all I can give in return is my own sort of challenging stare. I can’t but feel like he is trying to search for answer within my eyes, trying to work out if I have actually said something to Thomas. But, unfortunately for him, he isn’t going to find any sort of answer because I’ve kept my word to him. Maybe it is Sharna who has something to Thomas, it is something that would be hard to keep her mouth shut about and plus, my brother isn’t that smart to work the secret out. Or maybe, Waide has said something but is trying to push me to tell Thomas as well, and it has given Thomas some sort of false hope on wanting something that is never going to happen.

My hand comes up to my mouth, my fingertips rubbing my bottom lip as I think over it and try to piece everything together. I only come up empty because I really cannot piece it together.

“Oh, I see that some things have not changed since I went on my government funded holiday,” Waide chuckles. “Bethany visited a couple times, she wrote me a handful of times too, but nothing came out of her attempts, kitten. I’m not really ready for someone to be clinging to me for the next few weeks before she finds her next victim,”

I snort a laugh. “Man, you really are a bit dumb sometimes, Waide. The girl has wanted you ever since the day Sharna introduced you two. But at the end of the day, if you truly are desperate for a fuck, Bethany will always be up for it,”

“Get fucked, Noelle,” Waide shakes his head with an amused smile as he stands up from the bed. I watch his every move as he makes his way towards me and stops a very, very short distance from me. His cologne is all around me and his large size still makes me feel small. “Isn’t it a pity that you’re seeing someone, hey?”

I find myself staring up at him, my eyes looking momentarily at his lips before I focus on his eyes. I focus myself to laugh a weird type of laugh that doesn’t even sound real to me. “Yeah, because you really think I’m going to fall into bed with you again?”

Waide’s hand presses against the door frame, a little higher to where my shoulder is pressed to. It feels like he has me trapped in my spot but I know he doesn’t as there is plenty of room for me to escape if I really want to. But I don’t, I stand there, staring at the man who used to do wonders to me and waiting for his next move. My mind starts playing out flashbacks of nights he had me in ways no other man has had me since. Memories of the best orgasms, sweat and kisses so deep that I thought I would swallow his tongue, or he mine. As the memories play, I can still feel his touch on my body, touching me in ways to the point hairs on my body stand to attention.

I blink, trying to chase the memories away but they still play in my head and I somehow find myself getting lost in Waide’s eyes when I shouldn’t be. I’ve been there plenty of times and that only led to bad things.

“You know about Zeke?” I manage to question him. My breathes hitch in my chest and I know I need to move away from him.

“Of course, I do, your brother has told me all about him,” Waide grins as his hand falls from the door frame and rest on the side of my throat. His hand is warm, comforting, and familiar. “I just hope this Zeke bloke isn’t quite the asshole that your brother tells me he is,”

I find myself frozen in spot, unable to move or even speak words to defend Zeke.

With Waide’s hand on me, all my thoughts have really just fallen out of my ass and all I can focus on is his hand touching my skin. I want to lean into his hand, but I know I shouldn’t. I know that I need to step away from Waide, put so much distance between us like we are on the opposite sides of the ocean, the world even. However, I just can’t seem to get my body to listen to my demands. The attraction is still highly there, and if I really think about it, so are the sparks between us that are ready to reignite the fire. With the way the man in front of me seems to be staring at me, it feels like he wants to kiss, or he wants to do more than that but I’m not going to let that happen.

“Waide,” I managed to find my voice. “You really need to keep your hands to yourself,”

Waide’s lips turn up into a soft and taunting smile, it’s like the devil is tempting me to do something I shouldn’t be. His grey eyes are a shade darker than they were and filled with lust and desire. “Not even to push you out of danger?”

My eyes roll at his comment as I find the courage to grab his wrist and finally move his hand away from my throat. I feel the need to keep hold of him, but I do know that keeping a hold of him would only lead to more secrets and I really don’t want any more damn fucking secrets. I step back from him as I let his wrist go and put a safe distance between us. I can honestly see this man driving me crazy and I can see myself most probably giving into the temptation of Waide. It could be so easy to spark the fire and walk through those flames again and burn everything I have to the ground. But I won’t because getting over Waide was a hard thing for me to do.

Just to get over Waide, I dated a lot of guys I thought would come close to him but that only led me to being let down time and time again. When I finally gave up on the idiot thought of getting someone like Waide, I found Zeke. A man able to give me that taste of the world outside of the club, a taste of a different world that I never knew I had been missing out on. I am not about to give that up for a Devils Sixteen club member.

“I need to go start getting ready for tonight,” I lie through my teeth as I make my escape.

I try not to rush into my room but I fail, and as soon as the door is closed behind me, I press my back to it. I can’t help but feel like I’m stuck in some sort of romance novel where the old flame comes back. Those novels about the girl who thinks she is over the man, but when he comes back into her life, he has fuelled something inside of her that she hasn’t felt in so long. And by the end of those novels, she’s happy, satisfied and the hole that was inside her heart and soul is filled with the man she had been missing in her life. As much as I love those novels, I don’t need it to be my life and I will fight it.

But if I can’t, I will go down swinging.

Part of me thinks that maybe I should just end it with Zeke before it’s too late. But there’s a bigger part of me that knows I won’t be able to handle being another secret of Waide’s and hiding things from my brother again. I can’t see Thomas taking it well when he does eventually find out about Waide and I, and if we add another one to it, I might as well start writing my funeral plans, and maybe a speech for Waide’s as well.

That one-way ticket to hell is almost hot in my hands.

Hell might be a better place to be, though.

Chapter Status: EDITED


Author's Note

I just want to let it be known that I really don't write short chapters, seeing as it is my goal to be published one day. However, I also want it to be known that I'm not sure that this novel will be a slow burning one as I don't think it will fit Noelle and Waide's story. But don't stress, I still have a few things up my sleeve to make this interesting. It is a Bikie Novel plot after all.

Bronty xo



Submitted: September 20, 2022

© Copyright 2022 xbrontide. All rights reserved.


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Hey, just to let you know, I’m really enjoying this story. I’m definitely engaged with the characters and find myself wanting to know more, but now have to wait. Really well done. Thanks for sharing this work.

Fri, September 23rd, 2022 2:06am


No, no, thank you for reading and leaving such kind comments.
I'll have the next chapter up soon and will let you know when it is posted :)

Thu, September 22nd, 2022 8:52pm

Amy F. Turner

Girl, I have so many questions which I hope may be answered soon. Why were they sneaking around about being involved? Is it against the rules or something? Why are they fighting what they feel? Does he not love her the way she loves him? And who is this Zeke guy? Where did she meet him and how is he different from all the other guys who have disappointed her? Does she love him because she didn't say she does? He sounds like a placeholder in this chapter and seriously don't have any warm or fuzzy for him. I do for yummy Waide though and would love to know what his real feelings are. Is he if she's contemplating breaking up with him? Why does the bro not like Zeke? Why does sexy Waide wanna give him a sound beating? What are the club rules because I know that clubs have all sorts of rules. Is she part of the club? Ok, ok, questions are good, because they keep me invested as this whole thing unravels. Great writing as always, girlie. Onward to the next chapter. :)

Sat, September 24th, 2022 8:24pm


Sooo many excellent questions that will definitely have their answers answered as the novel goes on. I have all the answers for them, however I don't want to spill too much to you so soon, even though I would looooove to do that. I will however say this: Noelle and Waide will fight their feelings because 1. They haven't come clean to Thomas yet & they need to do that first; and 2. They sneak around about it because of their loyalty to Thomas keeps them at bay. Bro code and all of that type of thing, haha :D
All your questions make me excited to unravel the answers to you through the chapters, and hopefully I can do that without dragging it out and making a confusing mess :')

Sat, September 24th, 2022 5:05pm


I’m with Amy on all the questions. You have a lot to unravel, especially the mystery of Zach, if he isn’t in the same circle as Thomas and Waide then a lot could happen. Also, is he really an asshole or does Thomas just feel that way because he wants his best friend and sister to be a thing. Did Thomas ever tell Waide his sister was off limits or do the two ex-lovers just naturally assume because maybe Thomas said something when they were young and dumb. I’ll be curious to see how Thomas really feels now that he’s older.
You have a great story so far.

Sun, September 25th, 2022 2:02pm


As much as I would love to answer the questions that have been asked, can't do that, haha. But I will say, the way I'm writing Thomas and the way Thomas is in my head, he isn't the typical older brother you see in other novels. I think it's over rated & he is sort of based on my own 3 brothers :D But that's all I'm saying because I say more, I give everything away HAHA!
Thank you for taking the time to read my work, like all readers I get, I'm so very, very grateful for it :')

Sun, September 25th, 2022 6:30pm

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