First aid

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

A man goes to a first aid station because when he sat down something stabbed him in the groin.


First Aid

Some years ago, while I was at an amusement park, I sat on something that broke the skin.  I went to the men’s room, entered into a toilet enclosure, pulled down my pants and found something stuck in my groin.  I went to the first aid station.  When I entered into the first aid station, I met a comely, 30ish woman dressed as a nurse, she said, “Can I help you?”

I looked at her sheepishly and answered, “I sat on something, it stabbed me.”

She said, “Do you know what it was?”

I said, “Not really.  I think it was a sharp piece of wood. 

She asked, "Where is it?"

I answered, "It is embedded in my groin.”

She said, “I’ll have to take a look at it.”

I looked around.  It was a small room.  I said, "Do you have an examination room?"

She answered, "Yes, go behind the curtain, strip to your waist and get on the examination table."

I did as ordered.  I went behind the curtain, took off my shoes and socks, then my pants and then my underpants and laid on the examination table.  Shortly the nurse came into the room.  She pulled out stirrups from the bottom of the table and said, "Please put your feet in the stirrups."

The nurse said,   I did as ordered.  I was now naked and spread eagled in front of a strange woman.

The nurse said, "Bend your legs and slide down further so I can see better."

I complied.

The nurse said, "I still don't see the wound."

I moved my testicles out of the way.

She said, “I see it now.  It’ll have to come out.”  She went a got some tweezers and began to remove the object.

Just then I heard the door open.  Two young girls entered.  It was her daughter, Linda and Linda's friend Mary.  Linda said, “Mother, where are you?”

The nurse said, "I am in here dear."

The daughter said, "Are you with a patient?"

The nurse said, "Yes, I am."

The daugher said, "Can I come in?"

The nurse said, "Yes, you can. I want you to see this."

Ohmigod, she is inviting them in here.

The two girls entered behind the curtain and saw me spread eagled in front of them.

The nurse said, "I didn't know Mary was with you."

The daughter asked, "Shall I tell Mary to leave."

The nurse said, "it doesn't matter now.  She might as well stay."

The daughter Linda said, "Mother, what are you doing?"

The nurse answered, “This man has something stuck in his groin.  I am removing it..”

I thought.  What the heck is going on here.  I am spread eagled on a table.  Where is my privacy?  Why doesn’t she tell them to leave?

Linda asked, “Can I see?”

The nurse said, “Sure, come on over here.”

thought, What is this?  Now she is inviting her teen-aged daughter to come in and see my genitals.

The nurse stood aside to let her daughter look.

Linda approached me and looked between my legs and said, “I can’t see a wound. 

The nurse then took her hand and pulled my testicle out of the way.  She said, “Can you see it now?”

Linda said, “Now I can.” 

I had put up with enough.  I was more than miffed.

I said, “Can I have a little privacy?”

The nurse said, “Don’t worry sir, this is my daughter.”

I said, “I know it is your daughter but I would like some privacy.”

The nurse said, “If I give you privacy, how am I going to remove the object?”

I said, “I mean privacy from unnecessary observers.”

The nurse said, “You men are ridiculous.  You would think all we women want to do is see your packages.  We don’t.  What difference does it make it you are exposed in front of one woman or three?”

I said, “It is one thing to be seen by someone who is just doing her job and quite another by some who is just watching?”

The nurse said, “My daughter wants to be a nurse and this will be a wonderful learning experience for her.”

I said, “She is still an unnecessary observer.”

The nurse said, “In medicine we have to use patients to teach.  I am going to have these two girls help me.  They won't be unnecessary observers.”

I was had. Ohmigod, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  The nurse was using me as a teaching tool without my consent.  I thought about getting up and leaving, but health trumps modesty.

Linda’s friends Mary asked, “Can I look?”

The nurse said, “Sure.”

Mary said, “I have never seen a naked man before.”

The nurse said, “Not even a baby.”

Mary said, “Not even a baby.  What is it that I am seeing?”

Ohmigod, I thought.  How far is this thing going to go?

The nurse said, “The long sausage shaped thing is his penis.  Below that is his scrotum.  The scrotum is the skin holding his testicles.  The colloquial name for testicles is balls.”

By this time, I had begun to grow an erection. 

Mary said, “Oh look, his penis is growing.”

The nurse said, “That means he is getting sexually excited.”

Mary said, “Did we cause that?”

The nurse replied, “I am afraid so.”

Linda said, “What should we do about it?”

The nurse replied, “There is nothing we can do about it.  We should try to ignore it.  Men cannot help themselves.”

Mary asked, "You mean that thing grows on its own?"

The nurse replied, "That is exactly what I mean."

Linda said, “I have never seen mature male genitals, mother.  All I have ever seen is a babies.”

The nurse said, “Take a good look.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn.”

Take a good look!  Is this open house?

Mary asked,  “Can I touch it?”

The nurse said, “That would be a bad idea.  You might introduce pathogens near the wound.”

Mary said, "No, I mean his penis."

The nurse said, "Sure, you need to feel what one feels like.:

She reached out and grasped my cock.  It stimulated me.

Mary said, “Look, his penis has grown.  It is lifting away from his body.”

The nurse said, “The penis is now fully erect.  He is fully stimulated.” 

They were right.  I was fully erect.  I was also ambivalent.  I liked having erections but it was also humiliating being examined exposed from the waist down.  It was embarrassing having an erection during a medical examination. 

The nurse resumed her work with her tweezers and succeeded removing a small, shape piece of wood.  When she removed it, she held it up so the girls and I could see it.  Then she disposed of it. 

The nurse said, “Linda, what do you think I should do next?”

Linda said, “I think you should clean the wound and then sterilize it.”

The nurse said, “What about the surrounding area?”

Linda responded, “It is hot day and this is a sweaty area..  Would it be best to wash the entire area?”

I thought, are they going to wash my genitals too?

The nurse said, “Very good.  Is there something we might want to do first?”

Linda said, “I can’t think of anything,”

The nurse said, “Please notice the genital hair..  If we put a band aid on it, will the band aid stick?”

Linda said, “Probably not.  What should we do?

The nurse said, “I am going shave the area around the wound." 

I thought, shaving the area so they can put on a band aid.  That actually makes sense.

The nurse then went and got a safety razor and some shaving cream.  The nurse took her hand to move my testicles aside, sprayed the area with shaving cream and shaved off enough pubic hair for the band aid to stick to my skin.  When she touched my testicles, it stimulated me even further.

The nurse then said, “Now it is time to wash this man’s genitals?”

Linda said, “Oh mother, can I?”

Ohmigod, they are going to wash my genitals!  I am mow overwhelmed with ambivalence.  My first thought is, how humiliating!  She is actually going to let this girl touch me and wash my genitals. Wow, this could be fun!

The nurse went and got a pan of water, wash cloths, towel and antibiotic soap.  She said, “Here wash the area around the wound thoroughly including his penis and testicles.”

Linda then took the soap, sudsed her hands and rubbed the suds over the wound, my penis and testicles and the surrounding area.  The effect on me was electric, I got even harder than before.  When she washed my penis she asked, “His penis is really hard.  Is that normal? 

The nurse said, “Only when he is sexual excited.”

Mary asked, “When his penis gets hard like that, does it hurt him?”

The nurse said, “No, Mary, he finds that intensely pleasureful.  Be grateful, the day will come when you too will appreciate a hard penis.”

When Linda was done her mother said, “Would you like to wash him too,  Mary.” 

Mary said, "Yes, I would."

By this time I was really enjoying their attention.  When she said that, I thought, I will never be able to hold out.

Mary then sudsed her hands and washed the entire area including my penis and testicles.  She was even more thorough than Linda.  It was obvious that Mary was thoroughly enjoying this duty.  Finally, while she was simultaneously washing my both cock and balls, stroking my cock and massaging my balls, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I began spurting.  Mary stepped back alarmed.  She said, “What just happened?  Did I hurt him?”

The nurse did not answer.  She stepped in front of Mary, cupped my balls and stroked my cock.  She kept it up until she had drained me of cum.

The nurse finally said, it would be cruel to the patient to stop an orgasm once it has started.  He hasn’t been harmed.  We stimulated him too much. I hope you girls to learned from this experience.  Men have a lot of trouble controlling themselves.  If you are smart you will use this to your advantage.”

Then she said to Mary, “Take this wash cloth and clean up his semen.”  She did. 

The nurse said, ”Take this other wash cloth and rinse of the suds."  She did.

The nurse said, “Take the towel and dry him off. Let the area around the wound dry by itself.”

The nurse said, “Now, I want you to spray the wound with alcohol as an antiseptic.”  The nurse handed the spray bottle to Linda who sprayed the wound. 

The nurse said, “The alcohol should evaporate quickly.  When it does, place the band aid on the wound.  The three women waited about a minute and then Linda placed the band aid on the wound.

Now the nurse addressed me directly.  She said to me, “Thank you for letting me use you to teach these girls.  Now you can get dressed and leave.”

I thought the statement ridiculous.  I didn’t let those girls do anything.  What they did, they did without my consent!  They did it to me, not with me!  I did get dressed and leave.  Before I left, I thought about thanking for nurse for taking care of me.  At first, I didn't want to, but then I remembered that the nurse had finished off the best hand job I had ever received.

I said, “Thank you for taking such good care of me.  It was my pleasure to have contributed to the education of your daughter and her friend.

The nurse said, “When it heals, come back in and we will check it.”

I thought a moment and said to myself, Yea, I can do that.


Two weeks later the wound was healed and I called to make an appointment.  I was ambivalent again, a mixture of humiliation and lust.  Lust won!  When I arrived, the nurse was there with, Linda, Mary another adult woman and a whole class of girls.  The nurse said, “This is Linda’s sex education teacher, Miss Wright. The girls are from her sex education class.  All of the girls here have permission slips from their parents.  Since you were so kind to let Linda and Mary examine you, I thought you wouldn’t mind in their girls in their sex education class had the same experience.”

I thought, what presumptuousness.  This time I knew I didn’t have to let them have their way with me.  I could just leave and there was nothing they could do about it.  That would show them! 

But then the ambivalence hit me.  There was nothing I liked better than female attention.  I had a whole class of girls wanting to see my genitals.  Do I really want to disappoint them. No, I definitely wanted to educate them!  I stripped off everything below the waist, got on the examining table, spread my legs and let them look.

It is humiliating and embarrassing to have an erection during a medical examination.  This time it wasn't a medical examination.  It was part of a sex education class.  I knew they wanted me to sport an erection and I certainly wasn’t doing to disappoint them.

As soon as I spread my legs, I had an outrageous erection.  They got in a line and took turns visually examining me.  After the first couple of girls, one of them reached out and felt my cock.  The one behind her cupped my balls.  Ever successive girl after did both.  After the girls successively felt both my cock and balls. I knew i couldn't last. I looked at Miss Wright.  She was calmly watching.  After two more girls,I began to erupt.  The girls stopped to watch.  Miss Wright then said, "Don't stop now, keep going.  The girls obeyed her and the girl who was feeling my cock at the time continued until I was done.

The one female who seemed to enjoy herself the most, was Miss Wright.  I knew by her title she wasn’t married. I don’t think she had ever seen adult male genitals either.  When I grew the erection she couldn’t keep her eyes off my cock.  She even talked about it with students.  When I grew an erection she said, "I am glad he has an erection.  I wanted you girls to see an erection for yourself.  When a man gets sexually excited, his penis grows just like that, making him ready for sexual intercourse.” 

After I orgasmed she said, "What you have witnessed is called an orgasm.  Women have them too but do not spurt.  It is the final act of sexual excitement.  If that had happened during sexual intercourse, the semen would have been inserted into the woman's body possibly making her pregnant."

After I orgasmed Miss Wright said to the nurse, "Thank you for inviting my class.  That was the best possible demonstration these girls could have."

The nurse responded, "I agree."

Miss Wright then turned to me and said, "Thank you for letting us use you as a teaching tool.  You were a perfect sex education model."

I responded, "You're welcome."  What else could I say?

The next year I received a call directly from Miss Wright.  She wanted to use me for another class..  I asked her, “Can’t you use some of your male students."

She said, “One does not use one’s own students as models in sex education.  If I did that I would be accused of sexual harassment of minors.  I would be fired immediately.”

I then said, "How about your male colleagues?

She said, "They can't possible expose themselves that way in front of some of their own students.  It would destroy their reputations and they would be discharged.  We can only use designated patient substitutes."

I understood.  Did I agree to it?  Of course, I did.  I do it now every year and every year I look forward to it.  I am always willing to sacrifice myself to benefit the education of a whole class of young girls!  Every year I spread eagle myself in front of a whole class of girls.  Every year they can't keep their hands off my genitals and every year I have an outstanding orgasm in front of them.  Oh,the things I do to benefit education!

Submitted: September 02, 2022

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