Dina, a Dyke ?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

One day, lawyer Stéphanie Cutchais puts an end to her sexual relationship with Frank Poireau. However, she wants him to meet her younger sister Dina who is eager to make Poireau's acquaintance. That is rather odd because Dina Cutchais is a lesbian...

Dina, a Dyke ?


When Frank Poireau had fucked the lawyer Stéphanie Cutchais five times, she suddenly dropped out. This time it had nothing to do with the enormous size of his penis. Stéphanie’s husband Didier had grown suspicious. She wasn't really motivated to have sex with him anymore, and he'd sensed it. Stéphanie may not have had her way with her husband sexually, but she was otherwise quite happy. He owned a fitness center in a suburb of Brussels, she was a lawyer. They were financially well off, and Stéphanie didn't want to jeopardize that security by letting Poireau or other men fuck her. The risk was too important that sooner or later, her husband would discover that his wife was fucking around.

So, she let Frank know that their sexual relationship had come to an end at his secret Gmail address. He fully understood her problem. Besides, that he couldn't have sex with Stéphanie anymore was no problem for him. Without boasting, Poireau could say that after the foundation of the alumni association “Coles Maximus” of the VUB, girls, and women, were standing in line, as it were, to get acquainted with “Coles Maximus Barbaricense”. That was the Latin name of his special cock that was given to it by chairwoman Vero Thonon. She considered Frank’s dick as a kind of scimitar.


Lawyer Stéphanie Cutchais must have thought that Frank Poireau would no longer be able to enjoy his sexuality without her. Was she concerned about him? Possibly, but in any case, she sent him a picture on his phone of a girl with dark blonde hair. She was younger than Stéphanie, and more beautiful. In the picture, she was wearing glasses, and had really nice breasts, quite large, and very nicely shaped.


My sister Dina, a dyke,” Stéphanie wrote. "She would love to meet you."


Stéphanie had also added a mobile phone number. Poireau could tell two things from that: Stéphanie hadn't kept quiet to her sister about their fucking bouts, and "dyke" would surely mean that Dina was a lesbian. Lesbian? It was possible, but was it probable? To Frank's knowledge, lesbians had sex with each other, and no men were involved. On the other hand, he had heard more than once that lesbians were quite promiscuous, even more so than gay men…

Frank was curious. One evening, he called the number that Stéphanie had given him. A woman with a rather raucous voice picked up the phone.


"Yes?" she asked, that's all she said.


Are you Dina, Stéphanie's sister?” asked Frank.


No, I'm Kirsten, Dina's girlfriend,” the woman replied. “I answered her phone. She is asleep now because she has been on duty late at the municipal barbecue and has had to work hard. Can I pass her a message later?”


"If you would be so kind… Tell her that her sister Stéphanie has asked me to contact her."

"About what?" the woman asked, with some suspicion in her voice.


In connection with her work in social services,” Poireau lied. “Stéphanie thinks I can give Dina some advice on staggered budgeting of expenses.”


"Staggered budgeting? Never heard of it! Oh well… All right, I'll tell Dina to call you back."


Dina called Frank back after a few hours. She laughed on the phone, but got straight to the point:


I would like to meet you. You do have something special to offer, according to Stéphanie.”


"What do you mean? Professionally or…?”


Nothing professionally! Getting her pussy fucked by your special dick seems to be a kind of total experience for a woman.”


"That is possible," replied Poireau, "but am I mistaken, or are you not a fan of love between two women?"


"Yeah, I'm a dyke," Dina said. “But what does that have to do with it?”


Frank Poireau didn't quite know what to say to that. Dina didn't ask about it either, and she insisted on making an appointment with him. That's what happened. The next Saturday, she was off work and would come to Brussels in the early afternoon. She would find a plausible explanation for her friend Kirsten. Although they supposedly allowed each other complete freedom in their amorous contacts, Kirsten was very jealous at times. Then, she became vicious and sometimes even violent...


Once Dina was with Frank in his Anderlecht apartment, he asked her:


What’s your intention anyway?”


"I already told you that," Dina answered him. “Meeting your dick. Stéphanie claims it is really special.”


You want to just look at it, and nothing more?” Frank asked her.


No, I would also like you to fuck me with it. Stéphanie told me she's never had better sex than with you, especially when you fucked her while she was lying on top of her desk with her legs apart.”


You said you were a lesbian… And then I should fuck you? Aren't you going to feel guilty, thinking of Kirsten?"


"Not at all. Don't think I never do it with a man. That happens occasionally, but not often. It usually is disappointing for me. But come on, we’ve done enough talking. Let's have some action and show me what you're capable of."

In no time, Dina stripped and stood before Frank, completely naked. She was stunningly beautiful. Frank then undressed. Once he was naked, Dina put on her big glasses, bent over, and examined his cock from close by. She didn't even touch it at first, just looked at it. She breathed on it, and she sniffed it, as it were.


Jesus Christ, you've got a baby elephant’s trunk hanging between your legs! Stéphanie really didn't exaggerate when she described your dick to me. Can I touch it too?”


Poireau had nothing against that. Dina felt his cock with her fingertips while staring intently at it, pulling his foreskin back a few times to expose his glans. After less than a minute of her "examination," Frank's cock became as hard as a rock and straightened up like a flagpole. Dina looked at what was happening between his legs, but apparently, she wasn't really impressed. Her only response was that she said calmly: "Shall we then?"


They lay down on the bed. Frank stroked Dina's beautiful breasts, sucked on her nipples, and massaged her cute ass. Before long, she began to sigh and spread her legs wide apart for him. He lay down on top of her. It was not easy to get his dick inside her cunt. Dina had gotten quite wet, but her fuckhole was still pretty tight. But she was passionate, hot as a wood stove in winter, and she knew exactly what to do. She lay down in the correct position, with her ass up a bit, to make it easier for Frank to penetrate her slit. She opened the labia even wider with her fingers, and grabbed his hard cock by the shaft to gradually squeeze it into her pussy.

It actually went pretty well, because after a while Poireau’s dick was completely inside her pussy, until even his balls pressed against her labia. Gently, Frank began to move back and forth in her cunt. That was a very pleasant experience. Was it because Dina was a lesbian, or because she rarely had sex with a man? Anyway, her pussy was very tight inside, and it stretched wonderfully around Frank's oversized cock, like a glove.

Frank didn't have to put in a lot of effort to make Dina come. He really couldn't say how long it took before she had her orgasm. Not much longer than five minutes, he estimated, not including foreplay. Anyway, when she came, Dina screams were so loud that Poireau was afraid everyone in the apartment block where he lived would have heard. Well, he really shouldn't have worried about that. Next to him lived a couple of Eastern Europeans. Russians, or maybe Bulgarians, he didn't know exactly. Those two had sex about three times a week and it got really loud. They would yell and shout all kinds of things that everyone could hear, but no one understood. Apparently, those Slaves managed to arrange it in such a way that they almost always had their orgasms simultaneously. Then it sounded like wolves howling in the woods for at least a minute…


Dina didn't just scream when she came. She pressed Frank against her with all her might and gripped his balls. He suspected it was an attempt to push his cock even deeper into her cunt. That didn't work anymore because it was already inside her at the maximum but her warm hand around his testicles made Frank come almost immediately. He really enjoyed being able to pump his cum into her wet tight cunt while she was still panting after her own orgasm.

When they were both finished, they lay silently for a moment. Frank wanted to give their fuck an afterplay and he wanted to continue to stroke and kiss Dina. Apparently, she really didn't need that. She pushed him away from her, got up from the bed, and went to the bathroom to wash. It was necessary because she walked with her legs slightly apart, and Poireau saw his sperm drip down the inside of her thighs…

Once washed, Dina no longer stayed with him in Anderlecht. She got dressed and said she wanted to catch the five-thirty train to ride back home. If she stayed away too long, Kirsten might become worried, and certainly suspicious…


When she said goodbye to him so abruptly, Frank Poireau thought that fucking the lesbian Dina Cutchais would remain a one-time event. He was wrong about that…


© Robur Quercus 2022

Submitted: August 30, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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Wow, reputation truly can make a difference huh?

Thu, September 1st, 2022 7:39am


It sure can!

Thu, September 1st, 2022 2:11am

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