When Wants Collide

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When Wants Collide

It was very early Saturday morning. I had gotten up around five o’clock to take a shower and get ready for our trip to Florida. My husband Harold had taken his shower the night before. We had already packed our suit cases. We were headed down to see a NASCAR race. I moved slowly with a slight limp. My upper thigh on my left side, as well as my hip, were quite sore from a marathon gardening session I had done on Friday.

As Harold watched me limp around he said, “Beth, I think we should stay home.”

I said, “No, you’ve been planning this trip far too long not to go.”

He said, “Look, you aren’t in any shape to go walking around down there, it will only make it worse. Plus, sitting in the stands on those hard benches even with cushion isn’t going to help.”

“Harold, at least you go. I’ll be fine around here. You can enjoy the race without worrying about me.”

“Are you sure Beth?”

I said, “Yes. I can watch it on T. V.”

“Okay, but only because Johnny is here to take care of you if you need anything.”

I said, “I’ll feel better knowing you won’t miss the race.”

“Thanks, Beth.”

He then quietly crept through the house with his suitcase so as not to wake Johnny. I wasn’t dressed so I stayed upstairs instead of going down with him. The fewer times I had to walk up and down stairs the better. I sat down at my dresser to brush my hair. I am in my mid-forties and had let myself go a little. Having a husband who drove a trunk around town, then sitting at home when he wasn’t working, watching T. V., hadn’t given me much of a chance to get out to walk or bike. So, I had become a little plump, especially my thighs. I guess I inherited that from my mom. I still thought I looked pretty, but Harold no longer noticed. I thought this is what middle age was about. I had some letters to write, so I started my correspondence. I knew Johnny would probably sleep till noon. He usually did on Saturday.

Johnny is my adult son. He’s twenty-two and about six-six. I don’t know where he got his height from. I’m only five-three and his father is five-ten. He’s a large boy: played football in high school. He opted for working after he graduated rather than going on to college. I wasn’t disappointed but I thought he might better his career if he did. Still, he really wasn’t all that academically minded. He got a good job with the city and seemed happy enough. He liked weight lifting and working out. He is certainly a pleasure to look at. But all mothers think that of their sons.

After sitting and writing for a while I heard the shower in the hall bathroom go on. I glanced at the clock to see it was seven o’clock. I thought, ‘he’s up early’. Shortly after that I heard him go back down the hall to his room. I didn’t say anything because I thought he might not be dressed, thinking he was home alone. I went back to writing. Next I heard him go down stairs. I decided I should go down stairs to cook breakfast. That would certainly be better for him than cold cereal. I took off my night gown. I hadn’t yet put on my bra or panties. I was sore and didn’t really want to do that much fighting with my underclothes. I had enough trouble getting undressed the night before and didn’t want to go through that again. My arm was sore too. I put on a housedress that looked big enough to hide the fact I was bra-less. I knew Johnny wouldn’t notice or care. In that respect he was like his father, but on his side was the fact, I was his mother so he shouldn’t notice.

I got up and slowly went down stairs. Because of my sore hip I had to go pretty slow. As I walked into the living room, Johnny was stretched out on one end of the couch with his feet on the ottoman. He was wearing a pair of boxers but his robe was hanging over the couch. It was summer and pretty hot. I didn’t blame him. The T. V. was on and he was watching cartoons. There was still some kid in him. He didn’t date much so it wasn’t surprising he was home.

I said, “Good morning Johnny.” It looked like he may have fallen asleep on the couch.

He looked up at me and said, “Morning mom.”

I limped around the edge of the couch and sat down.

He said, “I thought you and dad were going to the races today?”
“I couldn’t go. My hip and thigh on my left side are pretty sore. I was going to go anyway but your dad said no, that would only make it worse. I told him to go without me and not worry, I would be fine. He said okay, but only because you were here to help me if I needed anything.”

He said, “You should have that looked at. Oh, sorry I” m not dressed.”

He didn’t move to get dressed so I assumed he was comfortable being that way around me. I liked seeing him without his shirt on. He just always looked so nice. I know it shouldn’t, but it always made me feel tingly. I then thought that maybe if he could massage my thigh muscles and hip, I might feel better. I liked being around him, he made me feel good and I needed that occasionally.

I asked, “Johnny, you have strong hands, can you rub the muscles on my thigh and hip?”
He said absentmindedly, “Sure, mom, no problem.”

He started to get up and I told him to stay where he was at the end of the couch and I’d lie on my right side with my head in his lap and he could just reach over me. As tall as he was, and as short as I was that would work well. My legs would be pointing away from him so he wouldn’t see I wasn’t wearing any panties. I laid down placing my head in his lap above his boxers. I bent my knees so I could fit the on the couch between him and the arm rest. This was comfortable for me. His abs were warm and hard. He smelled wonderful. I liked the body spray he used. It was almost intoxicating. I was feeling quite at ease. I lie there watching cartoons. It was almost comical. He leaned over a little to his left to be able to reach the muscles above my knee. His chest pushed against my back and made me slide a little further down in his lap. He started on the outside of my leg and worked his way up toward my hip. He was watching cartoons as he worked on me. He kept chuckling at Bugs Bunny’s antics. My body tingled from his touch. His hands were strong and warm, yet tender. The muscles on the outside of my thighs began to loosen up. I had some relief from the pain. I also noticed I had nipple erections. Since I wasn’t lying flat on him I knew he couldn’t tell.

I said, “Thank you.”

I felt him starting to sit back up. I wasn’t ready to get up yet. I had my nipples to contend with. I didn’t want him to see how he had affected me.

I asked, “Would you do the inside muscles dear. They’re really tight and need to be loosened up. Maybe use two hands around my legs.”

He said, “Okay, mom.”

This would buy me some time to relax. He moved a little further down and turned just enough to push me more forward. I had been watching T. V. while he was working on my leg. I suddenly noticed his fly had opened up a little. I could see flesh. Not much but enough to keep my nipples hard. My heartbeat jumped. I felt more tingling. I dismissed this as silliness. I’ve seen skin before, I’m married for gosh sake’s. I forced myself to focus on the T. V. But something in my mind wanted to see more of him. I couldn’t think straight.

He said, “Mom, can you lift your leg up so your knee is pointing up. That will give me more room to work the muscles.”

I said, “Sure.” I knew my thighs would block his view of my privates.

He was now rubbing and softly twisting my inner thighs midway between my hip and my knees. The pain was lessening, but in its place was the pleasure of the feel of his hands on my inner thighs. I didn’t want it to stop. It had been a long time since I was touch there.

I said, “Johnny, can you move up a little higher on my thigh muscles toward my hips?”

He again, nonchalantly said, “Sure mom.”

I felt his elbows slide up my side as his arms moved closer to him so he could massage my upper thighs. I felt my dress move and wondered what he could see. I didn’t want to shock him, but I didn’t want him to stop either. I thought I would just tell him my hip was too sore to wear panties if he noticed. I was satisfied with that. As he rubbed my upper thigh next to my hip, I suddenly felt his little finger pop down and touch my pussy.

He said, “Sorry mom, I’m trying to keep it out of the way.”

It was just innocent touching. He was very polite in his apology and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, plus, I enjoyed the shock of pleasure that ran up my body to my brain.

I said, “It’s okay dear. The rubbing feels so good. Can you go any higher? It’s really stiff and needs to be massaged.”

He said, “I think so, but I can’t see where I’m at unless I move a little further downward on the couch.”

I said, “That’s okay sweetie, I’ll be fine.” My head was getting a tad foggy and the moral person in me went into hiding.

I was no longer concerned with what he could see; I was focused on what I could see. His boxers had opened more and I could now see the head of his cock. That vision only proceeded to make me wet. His last movement to get a better view of my thigh muscles had pushed me onto his lap. His cock was just inches from my face. I knew he couldn’t see my face or the front of his boxers because my head was in the way. As far as his seeing anything of me, judging by the erection he was now getting, I had nothing left to hide: and neither did he.

He said, “Mom, I don’t think I can go any higher?”

Determined to believe I was keeping this innocent, I said, “That’s okay Johnny, just work on what you can see. I’m sure it will be helpful.”

I felt he was being as careful as he could, but every time his finger popped my pussy, I would moan.

He kept saying, “Sorry, mom.” But it didn’t stop. And I didn’t want it too.

I also didn’t want him to feel bad, so I would say, “That’s okay baby.”

Then, my years of not having sex caught up with me. I lost the ability to think. I could see his huge erection and a little bit of cum seeping out. I couldn’t stop myself. I reached over with my left hand and pulled his cock to my lips. I stuck my tongue out and licked the tip, getting all the cum that was there and then swallowed it. Gosh it was good. I kept licking his cock.

He said, without acknowledging what I was doing, “Mom, are you okay?”

I said, “Yes baby. Don’t stop rubbing.”

I wanted more. I moved my head over his cock and kept licking. I no longer cared what he could see. He was going to have to forcibly remove me to make me stop.

He said, “Mom.” But still didn’t move to stop me.

I said, “It’s okay baby, please don’t stop rubbing.”

I slowly slipped my lips around the head of his cock. It was large and a mouth full for me. He was the biggest man I had ever seen. I sucked slow and hard. I felt his hand go over my pussy. Soon a finger slipped in. There hadn’t been anything in there for a long time and he had big fingers. I moaned from deep within my body. This caused his cock to jerk. I continued to suck on the head of his cock. His finger in my pussy gave me all the confirmation I needed. He wanted me. I was now free of worry. I felt a second finger go in. My gosh, I wasn’t sure I could stretch to take them. My pussy was on fire. Then a third finger found the top of my pussy, rubbing and searching for just the right spot. Every time he hit it, I moaned, louder and louder even with his cock in my mouth. I now had his cock completely out of his boxers and his balls in my left hand. I couldn’t see them, but they felt huge,

He yelled, “Mom!”

I lifted my head off his cock and said, “It’s okay Johnny, it’s okay.”

I then sucked his cock into my mouth, but this time I went about half way down. I pulled my mouth all the way up to his cock head and then went down on him harder taking a little more in.

In a strained voiced he cried, “Mom!”

I knew he was close. I pulled my mouth back but left his cock head in. I then grasped the middle of his cock with my right hand and started pumping. I wanted him to cum, and now. I wanted his cum. I kept pumping faster and faster. I could suddenly feel the head of his cock swell and out came torrents of cum. I could feel it passing my hand. I let it pass my tongue and shoot right down my throat. It took a while for him to stop spurting. But I wasn’t done. I wanted more and I knew he had it. I continued to lick and suck his cock. Just as I thought, it didn’t go limp but stayed hard.

He said, “Mom, stop. I can’t take it. It’s too sensitive.”

I stopped licking with my tongue but didn’t remove my mouth. I kept it on the head of his cock. I slowly sucked on him until his sensitiveness started to recede. It took a few more minutes but I was rewarded with a second load. Not as much, but I took it all.

He then laid down on the couch working his legs off the ottoman and under me. I rolled over on my back and found myself actually lying on his chest with his head down by my pussy and my head on his stomach just above his cock.

He asked, “Mom, are you okay?”

I panted, ‘Yes, baby.”

He then pulled my left leg over to the right side of his head. He scooted down until his head was on the arm of the couch. He grabbed my legs and pulled me down until my pussy was in his face. He had been sweating so I slipped down pretty easily. I suddenly felt his whole mouth cover my pussy. His tongue, as big as any cock I had ever had, slipped in between my pussy lips. I couldn’t believe I was being tongue fucked, and by my son. I started moaning and couldn’t stop. This had never happened to me before.

I finally got out, “Oh Johnny, I’ve already cum.”

He didn’t say a word. I felt his huge hands on my rear. Then one of his fingers found my asshole. I thought, no way it’s too big. But my ass had been lubed from the juices flowing out of my pussy. He got it in up to his first knuckle. With the wetness of his finger it slid in further. I don’t know how far, but deep. I involuntarily pushed my hips away from his finger. But that only pushed his tongue deeper into my pussy. As I pulled back from the intensity of his tongue, his finger went deeper. I couldn’t take much more. I was shaking and moaning.

I kept saying, “Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, how can you do that? Oh Johnny.”

I drew in a deep breath, held it then exhale while having a massive orgasm. It was incredible. I didn’t think I would stop. He must have been covered in my cum. Again I lay back and relaxed. I could see, just behind my head, he was hard again. It looked like it wanted to burst out of its skin. I felt him grab my hips and in one fluid motion, crawled out from under me while flipping me over on my stomach. I was immune from any pain in my hip now with pleasure having completely had taken over my body. He now knelt behind me. He again grabbed my hips to pull me up on my knees. I held my breath again. The head of his massive cock slipped in between my pussy lips.

I said, “Oh my gosh Johnny, it won’t fit!”

He said nothing. He slowly, at first, pushed the cock head deeper. Than little by little he kept pushing into me. My pussy wanted it. It stretched around it, but only because I couldn’t stop flowing. I was having an orgasm every time he pushed deeper. I had to bury my head in the arm of the couch and scream. Not from pain, although this kind of pleasure was certainly close. I could finally feel his balls slapping against the top of my pussy. I was in ecstasy.

He said, “Mom, I’m about to cum again.”

“That’s okay baby.” I said in a strained voice.

I felt his whole cock swell inside me. He pushed in all the way he could and came. That was all it took for me. I exploded in my own massive orgasm with enough force to match his. He pulled out and I leaned forward. I was lying on my couch with my knees under me while my son started at my ass and pussy. It was wonderful.

He said, “Wow, dad‘s a lucky man.”

After lying for a few minutes, I rolled over pulling and my housedress down. I sat up and slowly fingered his cock.

I said, “We haven’t had sex in the past six or seven years. Your dad isn’t half your size. Hell, I haven’t even seen him naked in the last five years. He has a body image problem and won’t do anything about it. Come, let me show you something.”

He pulled up his boxers and followed me upstairs to my bedroom. We then went into the bathroom. I showed him the master bath. It was a large shower with two detachable heads.

I said, “He said it was stupid and a waste of money. I didn’t even try to explain. But I want to get at least one use out of it.”

I then pulled my house dress over my head and stood while my son removed his boxers. He turned on the shower and when the water was warm, he stepped in and I followed. We began to bathe each other. I loved touching my son. He fondled my breast and sucked on my nipples. The feeling was exquisite. He certainly enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed his attention on them. After letting him play with my nipples, I sat down on one of the shower benches. I held out my hands and he took them in his. I pulled him over to me.

I said, “Thank you.”

I let go of his hands and while staring up into his eyes and took his half erect cock and put it in my mouth. I could get much more in now that he was only partially erect. As I slowly sucked on his cock, it began to grow. It started pushing against my mouth making me move back further from his stomach. He placed a hand on the back of my head and held me as it got larger. My eyes got wider, the deeper it went. He finally let go so I could back off and not choke. My eyes were still locked on his. I sucked and licked up and down his cock until I could feel it start to swell in my mouth. I took one hand and grab his shaft and started pumping. He was almost there. I took a soapy finger and then reached under behind him between his legs and slipped it in his asshole. That was what did it. He exploded so fast I couldn’t begin to swallow it all. Cum was dripping out my lips and down my chin. As he stopped spurting into my mouth, I swallowed the last drops and slipped his cock out of my mouth. He reached down and picked me up, setting me on the bench. He wanted to kiss me.

I said, “Baby, I’ve got cum in my mouth.”

He kissed me anyway: long and hard. Then he licked his own cum off my face. We then took another shower before drying off and each getting dressed. He had chores to do and I had house work. I walked around the rest of the day feeling nothing but love for him. We had lunch and later dinner. We sat and watched a movie together. We both decided it didn’t feel right to sleep in the same bed.

Sunday morning I was cooking breakfast while he sat at the table. I could feel he wanted to talk, but I didn’t want this to ruin our relationship.

He said, “Mom, about yesterday.”

I said, “Wait.” I came over and sat next to him.

I asked, “Baby, have you ever told me or your father about your girlfriends or what you did?’

He answered, “No mom.”

I asked, “Have you told your friends or our neighbors?”

He said, “No mom.”

I said, “Then you don’t need to tell anyone about this lover. Nothing else changes. I’m your mom, you’re my son. Secretly and what will always remain personal between us is the sex. You will still love me and your dad. I will still love your dad. Now, we have one more day alone together and we can do anything we want. Let’s just enjoy it.”

And, we did.

Me and my husband remain a happy couple: boring, but happy. Me, and my son remain close and happy with the occasional trip into ecstasy together.”

Submitted: August 30, 2022

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