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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor Cari's second show to prove her love for her boyfriend is even more degrading than her first. What will she do to show Danny she loves him?


As always, this story is a fantasy and all characters are 18 or older.


Please purchase and review my novels on Amazon.comwritten under the name D.H.Gutzman.  You support there allows me to continue writing here.




Cari sat hunched over in the car, crying her poor little heart out. For some reason, Danny loved to hear cunts cry. It made him feel powerful, especially if he was the reason they cried. He recalled this sweet young thing in high school, clinging to him and sobbing that she was pregnant, and that her strict Christian parents would never allow an abortion, and telling Danny that they would have to get married. Danny peeled her off of him, told her that he was dumping her, mostly because she had been a lousy fuck, and tossing her out of his car. She sank onto the pavement, crying hysterically, and the whole thing gave Danny a raging hard on.


Same with Cari here. The more she cried the harder his big dick got. She sat hunched over, her face buried in her hands, humiliated beyond belief. Danny put a hand gently on the back of her neck.


“You should be proud, Cari, baby. I’m real proud of you. You did a really good job. All the guys were impressed. They are so fucking jealous that you are my girlfriend. You should be happy for me.”


“Oh, Danny, it was so degrading. The things you made me do.” Her pretty little body trembled.


“Come on, Babe, it wasn’t that bad. The guys didn’t do nothing to you, and you proved you loved me. All you did was show them your pretty body, that’s all. I wanted them to see that you were still a one hundred percent virgin.”


“But Danny,” Cari swung her face toward his as they sat in his car. “They all looked right into my pussy, and some of them touched my breasts.


“Look, Babe, they didn’t see very far up your cunt cause of your cherry, they barely saw into your cunt lips, and only a couple of them brushed your nipples to see how perky they are. I am proud of you as my girlfriend and want to show you off a little bit. And look, Cari, I have been dating you for a month now, and I still have not fucked you. That’s some kind of record for me. Usually, I fuck a girl on the second or third date. But because I love you, I honored your virginity. We are going to have to fuck soon. A dude can’t live on blow jobs and hand jobs forever. I mean, all my buddies are slamming their pricks into cunt almost every night. How do you think I feel? But because I love you, I held off. Putting on a little show, is the least you can do for me, right?”


Poor Cari was extremely beautiful but not too bright, and she knew almost nothing about sex, thanks to her Catholic girls’ school education and her strict, religious parents. Now she sniffed back her tears. “I… I guess so, Danny. I love you so much.” He was so darned handsome, she found it impossible to resist him.


“Yeah, Babe. I haven’t busted your cunt yet, so putting on a little show to prove you love me, is the least you can do, right?”  Fuck, he loved her innocence and naivety. The photos of her naked show were probably all over the internet by now. After making him promise he would not tell her parents, Danny had even sent a set of really obscene pictures to her own little brother. Pictures of her pulling on her nipples and showing her cunt. Spreading her cunt lips wide apart. Danny could just picture the innocent boy sitting on his bed, jerking his young dick as he looked at the filthy pictures of his sister. Pete was brought up as religious and naïve as his sister, but he’d be thinking about fucking her from now on.


Danny loved the fact that Cari was so beautiful but just a bit dumb…a bimbo you might call her.  Perhaps just too sheltered and innocent, but perfect for fucking around with and sexually ruining.


“In fact, Baby, you did such a good job tonight impressing all my buddies, that I have a treat for you.” He reached down and unzipped his jeans. “I know how much you love it, so go ahead, sweetie, you earned it!”With one hand, he guided her head down to his lap while he drove with the other. She was so fucking submissive; it was fucking hilarious. She brought her hands to his crotch to spread his jeans open.


‘No, no, Babe, no hands. Just use your mouth.”  She dove her beautiful teenage face into his crotch, trying to release his fat pulsing, wet, dick with just using her lips.


“Such a good girl. God, Cari, how I love you.” Using her tongue and lips she forced the thick throbbing dick out of his jeans and began to kiss and lick it. “that a girl. That’s what you like, isn’t it? You can’t get enough of the taste of your boyfriend’s fuckmeat.”


She didn’t really like the sweaty taste of cock, but Danny assured her she would learn to love the flavor and smell. He pointed out to her that the natural smell and taste of dick was what attracted the female of the species to the male.

The next step of course was to get her to eat his ass. He honestly loved nothing more than an innocent young chick eating his sweaty ass. But he had to move slowly with Cari, she was so fragile and innocent and shy.  He already had her lapping his nutsack on a regular basis, so that was a step in the right direction.

He would love to meet her after he played a long hot game of basketball, when his big balls were really dripping with stinking sweat, and then tell her that if she loved him… if she really loved him, she would lick his nutsack clean. He patiently taught her to gently suck on each nut and to also suck the wrinkled ball skin and the hairs that grew from it. Each nut hair must be sucked individually to make sure the groin area is really clean. He also taught her to suck out his sweat pubic hair over his dick to get all the sweat out of there. He lectured her that this was a girlfriend’s job, and if she loved her boyfriend, she would willingly do it. To see her sweet face down there lapping his fuckmeat like an animal really thrilled him.


Danny had a theory that that is where a girl’s face belonged down between her boyfriend or husband’s legs…it should be down there ninety percent of the time, either tending to his dick and balls or his asshole.


Danny knew some tough dudes who had personal faggots. These were straight guys who just loved to torment and abuse faggots. Some of them with personal faggots never allowed the faggots to look anywhere but their master’s dicks, balls or ass. The faggot could never lift his head to look any male in the face. They were only allowed to stare at crotches and asses. Danny felt that girls should be that way too… totally devoted to cock, balls and ass. To someone like Danny, that was all a cunt was really good for.


As she had been taught, Cari tool long swipes with her tongue up and down the huge cock. Then, when given permission, she began to suck on the dickhead. What a wonderful treat for her. How lucky she was to have a boyfriend like Danny, who really loved her. In her mind, she imagined marrying Danny and having a family. How wonderful life would be.


While she sucked his pulsing prick, Danny took out his phone and looked at pictures of some of the other girls he was currently fucking or planning on fucking. Too bad Cari didn’t have a younger sister. Danny loved to fuck several  cunts in the same family. It was such kinky fun.  A few months back, he had been fucking two sisters and their mom. They were so crazy over his dick that they would fight over it. He would humiliate them by making them watch while he fucked one or the other. He would make the mom clean his dick with her mouth after he pulled out from one of her daughters. Yes, Danny was one of those studs that girls, and plenty of faggots too, just could not resist or get enough of.  He was so fucking hot!


Now he flipped through pictures of potential fucks while Cari slurped on his dick. He had taught her to make lots of sloppy noises when she sucked dick, like a dirty little pig. It didn’t take him long to cum, after all, he had been watching her finger herself along with his buddies for a couple of hours. He arched up in the car seat and blasted a huge load of fuck into his girlfriend’s mouth.  One, two, three, four gigantic spurts of cum filled the poor innocent girl’s mouth. She choked a bit and her cheeks bloated out, filled with sperm, but she did not swallow. She was not allowed to swallow yet. Pressing her lips together, she slid her mouth from his still swollen, pulsing dick. Then she lifted her face up, so that Danny could see that her mouth was filled with a lake of sperm. She opened her mouth wide, so Danny could see the fuck in her mouth. It was terribly humiliating, but it was what girls did for their boyfriends, she had been taught.


He smiled, looking down at her. “Gargle,” he said and watched as she gargled the fuck slop. It was such thick slime that it was disgusting, which made Danny love it all the more. “Such a good girl. Such a good girlfriend. Okay, now swallow baby…make sure you taste it and then swallow like a good girl.” Another thing he loved to do was shoot his load all over her face. Why was it so thrilling to splatter the face of a cute girl with fuck? Something about how demeaning and degrading it was for the poor cunt. For the same reason, he loved to piss on a girl. He could not wait to get to that stage with Cari. To piss on all of that slowly corrupted innocence. To know that she would be a degraded, ruined, slut and could never go back to being a sweet innocent angel again. Before he finished with her, Danny would make sure Cari had fifteen to twenty cocks in her holes a day! He would arrange for her to be used by white, black, Latino, Asian and filthy homeless gangs. He would make sure she was fucked non-stop for days and days at a time. As her stomach bloated out with her pregnant baby, she would be ruthlessly gang fucked over and over. “Come on, Cari, you can take more cock…” he would whisper in her ear, as guys lined up to shove their bloated dicks into her cunt, ass and mouth.


But that was all in the future. First Cari had to be exposed to unbelievable humiliation and degradation. Her self-esteem had to be totally destroyed, and she had to wallow in shame. And that was why, for the next week, Danny treated her like a little princess. By the time Friday came around, she had almost forgotten, not only that she had had to do a shameful show for Danny’s friends, but that he had promised another show this week. It was only when he reminded her on Friday afternoon that she remembered and froze in horror.


“Oh God, Danny, no! No, please! Not again? I can’t!”  Danny had pouted and acted really hurt. He had moped for a few hours.  The he gently brought up the subject of perhaps breaking up, as she didn’t love him enough.


“Danny, you know I love you more than anything on earth!”


“Then, if you love me, you can do this little thing for me.  It’s totally safe. There will be a dozen guys there tonight, and I want to show them how proud I am of my girlfriend and see how jealous they will be. Is it so bad that I want to show  you off?” 


“But I will have to be naked in front of them again! It’s awful.”


“Cari, you have such awful sexual hang-ups from your church and your family. They really fucked you up. Instead of being proud of your beautiful body, you are ashamed. I have not even fucked you. What kind of adult relationship is this? I  have respected you. It’s the least you can do for me, if you love me!”


“But Danny, I suck your dick for you ever day, sometimes two or three times a day.”


“Yeah, Cari, and that is what kids do. Middle school kids do that kind of stuff. Adults make love. They fuck! And I have held off to respect you out of love. The least you can do for me in return are these innocent little shows. If I can’t fuck m y girlfriend, maybe I can at least show her off a little and be proud of her!”


At last, of course, Cari agreed and Danny sent her home with instructions to wash every part of her body inside and out thoroughly. Cari told her parents she was staying over at a friend’s house. And it was soon “Showtime!”


Once again they stood in the little room adjacent to the area where she would “prove her love for Danny.”  The dozen boys in the other room were making quite a ruckus, half drunk, high on pot and horny as hell. 


One last time, sweet, innocent little Cari turned toward her stud of a boyfriend. “Do I have to do this Danny?” 


“Do you love me?” he asked, one sexy eyebrow cocked. He knew he had her under his control. What fun submissive cunts were.


She looked deep into his beautiful eyes and nodded her head.  And totally naked she began to walk toward the door to the other room. She would be naked in front of her boyfriend’s buddies to show her love.


“Wait up, baby, this will be much cooler!”  he put a black leather collar attached to a leash around her neck. Then he gently pushed her down to the cold cement floor. “It will be so hot, if you crawl in.” She looked up at him with tears in her sorrowful eyes. He nudged her gently with the toe of his athletic shoe. “Come on, baby, it will be so fucking awesome.” As he held the leash, she crawled like a pet dog. But he still was not satisfied with her humiliation.


“Can you spread your legs more while you crawl, so your cunt and asshole show? Stick your ass up high. Now make sure to swing your tits back and forth when you crawl. Oh, God, Cari I love you so much. You are such a good girl!”


The guys went nuts, hooting and hollering when she crawled in. That was exactly how most of these boys wanted their girls! Fucking submissive and willing to do the most depraved and filthy acts to please them. Danny led his girlfriend around the room on her hands and knees. “Let your tongue hang out of your mouth like a dog, Cari!” Danny ordered. She had decided to make her mind a blank and just do as he asked. That way, he would know for sure that she truly loved him and wanted to marry him some day.


Then something truly awful happened. He led her over to an area where there was a cat litter box and a kind of stake or pole sticking up. She stared at it, not daring to let herself believe what he might want of her next.


“Such a good dog. Such a good girlfriend bitch dog. Now give us a nice show. Lift one leg for us and do your piss like a good doggie!”


The room grew very quiet, except for the thumping of some of the dozen boys whacking their swollen dicks. She could not believe what he was asking her to do. She looked up at him with tear filled pleading eyes. Her beautiful, full young lips quivered.


“Please, Danny. Please, no!” she whispered to him.


“DO YOU LOVE ME?” he asked with a low, steady voice. Cari had had no previous experience with boys. She did not know what all was expected of girlfriends. He often reminded her since he had not yet fucked her, she did owe him something special. She did owe him obedience. Many of the horny dudes in the room couldn’t believe how Danny had lucked out. How fucking dumb could this cunt be?


With a huge sigh and then a sob, sweet young Cari lifted one leg and squeezed and began to piss into the litter box.


“Oh fuck, yeah,” Danny sighed, “Lift your leg higher Cari, show all the guys how a good doggie bitch pisses.”


She was crying pretty hard, so her tits wobbled, making it even more exciting for the boys. The piss shot out of her cuntal region, splattering the cat litter. The room erupted and the guys applauded and cheered. The guys saw her pretty pink puckered asshole winking at them, and their dicks spurted pre-fuck. Danny’s huge cock snaked down one leg of his jeans, and a small wet spot formed on the material of his pants. She was such a fucking bitch of a pushover. Holy Christ, the fucking dirty things he could do to her…and would to. He would make her do the most fucking foul and obscene things in rooms filled with men. And then he would let all the men fuck her tiny brains out. They would fuck all her holes, sometimes double penetration, until she would be nothing but a mindless stretched out fuck hole. And then, it would get much worse for her But not yet. SLOWLY, SLOWLY the humiliation and degradation must go. After all, he had not even shoved his big fat throbbing dick in her cunt and ass yet! He would make sure she would be totally humiliated and disgusted by that experience. He would also make sure she got to know every one of his buddies’ cocks, balls and asses intimately. She would learn to identify them blindfolded by smell and taste.


“Okay, good doggie needs a drink of water, right?  Good girl bitch doggie. Crawl over to the nice doggie bowl, Cari and lap up your water!”  She did, but to her horror it was not water!  The twelve dudes in the room, the previous day, had all jerked off into the doggie bowl, so it was filled with male cum, sperm, jizz, fuckslop! “Doesn’t that look good, Cari, baby? Just for you. Now lap it all up like a good girl!” Once again the room grew silent as the guys held their breath. Would she commit such a disgusting act? It was one thing to swallow a dude’s jizz when a bitch sucked him off, sure, that was expected, but to lap up all that disgusting fuck slop slime out of a doggie bowl? One some kind of depraved creature would do that! The thumping increased as more male hands beat their pecker meat.


“Do you love me, Cari?  Prove it. Lap it up like a good girl. Show my buddies just how much you love me.” His voice was like velvet and he pouted those sexy lips of his. He nudged her gently in the cunt with the toe of his shoe.


She stared down in the slime which resembled wallpaper paste with grease floating in it. different thicknesses of cum, slightly different colors, some more white, some yellow all in a glutinous mess. She gagged. She honestly did not think she could do it. She gagged again.


“Good girls don’t gag on cum, Cari. Good girls love the taste of cum. Show me what a good girl you are, Cari. Lap up the cum!” She put her face down to the bowl. It smelled like strong bleach. She wrinkled her cute little nose. A camera,  with a close-up, caught every moment and projected it on a large screen behind the girl. Of course, it would also be sent out over the internet. And Danny would also send it to Cari’s little brother and lots of boys at her school. When it was posted on a large social media website, her name, phone number and personal information would also be included. The title of the video would be “CUM LICKING BITCH!”  Cari was about to become humongously popular…but for all the wrong reasons.


“Open your mouth, Cari…show my buddies your mouth filled with their sperm. She did and cum dribbled from her chin. “Swallow and keep lapping it up!”


The taste was awful. Salty and bitter, and the cum was a day old besides.


“Cari’s going to get nice meals of cum every day from now on, isn’t she guys?” Danny asked, and the room was filled with cheers. One fucked up horny dude who could not contain himself rushed up to where Cari was kneeling and lapping, stuck his big brown dick over the bowl and blew his load of fresh fuck into the bowl. Cari looked at it in horror as rope after rope of fuck slop was added to the mess in the doggie dish. The guy grunt and groaned and called Cari a fucking whore. At last he moved away.


Danny smiled down at the fresh slime atop the lake of rancid sperm in the bowl. “Oh, look, Cari, a special treat!  Keep lapping it up. Lap it all up, baby!”

Submitted: August 30, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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