My Ex-girlfriends Mother

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: CFNM

When a young boy and his girlfriend break up the boy continues a relationship with her mother who ends up bathing and fellating him.


My Ex-girlfriends Mother

When I was in high school, I had a girlfriend named Judy.  She was cute with small breasts but a curvilinear figure and a really nice ski sloped butt.  Judy was an only child of an unmarried woman named Madge.  Madge was almost a twin of her daughter.  She was cute and had the same adorable figure as her daughter.  As is the custom, every time I came on a date to pick up Judy, her mother was present.  Madge always wanted to know where we were going and what we were doing. 

After about a year of going together our make out sessions got heavier and heavier.  One day when I came to pick up Judy for a date, Madge was waiting and asked me to come in and sit down.  She said, “There is something I want to talk to you about.”

I knew something was up and feared the result.  I said, “What is that?”

She said, “Judy tells me that your necking sessions are getting really heavy.”

I responded, “I suppose that is true.”

Madge said, “Well, you know that Judy is a love child.”

I said, “I never thought of it like that but, yes.”

Madge said, “I don’t want what happened to me to happen to Judy.”

I said, “Of course.”

Made said, “I want you to help.”

I said, “What can I do?”

Made said, “I want to teach Judy how to masturbate you.  I like you and I don’t want to come between you and Judy, so I want you to have sexually gratification without getting my daughter pregnant.”

I said, “OK.”

She said, “Take your pants down.”

Madge’s statement surprised me.  I look in her face and saw that she was serious.  I was being offered sexually gratification just short of copulation.  I lowered my pants.  Madge said, “Take off your shorts.”  I did.

I was now exposed to Madge and Judy.  Madge said, “Come over here and sit next to me.  Judy, sit on the other side of Frank.” 

Made reached over and cupped my balls.  She said to Judy, “Start out with massaging his balls like this.  Then she said to Judy, “Now you do it.”  Judy obeyed and began massaging my balls and I began to grow an erection.

When I was erect, Madge took some baby oil and gave it to Judy.  She said to Judy, “Now rub it all over his balls and cock.”  Judy did as ordered.

Made the said, “Now stroke his cock while massaging his balls.”  Judy did as commanded and my cock grew even harder. 

Madge said, “Pay attention to how is body reacts.  He will give indication of when he is ready to orgasm.  He will relax letting you control him and just before he cums, his cock will grow even harder.  When he cums match your strokes of his cock to the spurts of his cum and continue until he stops.

Meanwhile I was in heaven.  I was enjoying Judy ministrations on my genitals and the attention of both of them.  Sure enough I relaxed, giving my body to Judy until my cock started spurting for her.  True to her instructions, Judy timed he stroke to my spurts until it ended.

Madge spoke to Judy, “Now at the end of your make out sessions, I want you to give Frank a hand job.”

Judy said, “OK, mother.”

Then Madge spoke to me, “Is that all right with you Frank.”

I said, “It is fine with me, Miss Russell.”

After that, every time I took out Judy, our make out sessions ended with an excellent hand job from Judy.  I tried to reciprocate many times but she would never let me.

One Saturday, I came over to Mrs. Russell’s house to do some garden work for her.  It was hot that day so when I finished I had sweat through my clothes.  Judy wasn’t home; she had a weekend job.  When Madge paid me for my work, she looked at me and said, “You look thirsty.  Let me give you some lemon aid.”

I said, “Thank you, that would hit the spot.”

After I had drank the lemon aid, Made said to me, “You have sweat through your clothes.  You are overheated.  You need to cool off.  Why don't you take a shower.  While you are showering, I will wash your clothes.  You'll feel better after you shower.  ”

I said, “OK,” and we adjourned to the bathroom.  I expected her to leave but she didn’t. I said, “I don't want to offend you.”

She said, “You won't offend me and besides I have already seen you naked.”

I said, “Oh, that’s right.  I forgot about that.  Well, if you won't be offended, please stay.”

She said, “Why should I be offended by seeing you naked?”

I said, “I don’t know, I can’t predict how women will react.  Some women would be offended if I undressed in front of them.”

She said, “Don’t be silly, you have a young, attractive body.  Any woman should want to see you naked.”

I said, "Would you like to see me naked?"

She said, "Of course, I want to see you naked."

I took off my clothes.  As I did I could see her watching me intently as I did.  When I was naked, she looked at me from top to bottom and picked up my clothes. 

I asked the obvious question, "Do I win your approval?"

She answered, "You certainly do."

I asked, "Where do I win approval."

She said, "You win approval everywhere but most of all with your genitals."

I asked, "Really, why?

She said, Your genitals are adorable."

I said, "Really, how is that?"

She said, "It is about size and proportions.  They are big enough but not too big and in nice proportions.  My daughter is a lucky girl."

Then she disappeared.  I jumped into the shower.

A few minutes later she reappeared.  She said, “I can wash your better than you can wash yourself.”

I said, “Be my guest.”

She took a bar of soap, sudsed her hands and began washing me from top to bottom.  She didn’t miss a spot.  When it came to my anus she had me bend over.  Then she squatted down so she could see what she was doing.  When she got to my genitals she again squatted and  carefully and thoroughly washed both my cock and my balls.  Before she was through, I had grown an erection.  She looked at my cock and said, “What a beautiful erection.  You flatter me with such a nice erection.  I don’t have a husband so the job of washing you for me is sheer joy.”

I said, “Thank you for cleaning me so thoroughly.  I enjoyed it as much as you did.  The only problem is that you now have got me stimulated.”

She said, “Oh, I am sorry.  Would you like me to release you?”

I said, “Would you like to release me?

She said, “I would be overjoyed to release you.”

I said, “Please be my guest.”

She sudsed her hand, reached out with one hand and cupped my balls.  Shortly thereafter she reached out with her other hand and began stroking my cock.  I responded by moving my body in time with her strokes.  Then she surprised me, she stopped stroking me, put her face above my cock, opened her mouth and started sucking and licking my cock.  I came quickly after that and when I did, she greedily licked up my cum.

After it was over she stood up, looked at me and said, “Thank you again.  It has been a long time since I was able to do that.”



Eventually, her daughter and I broke up.  Judy found another guy she liked better.  When we broke up, I decided to go over to Madge’s house and tell her.  When I did, she said, “Oh, that is too bad.  I am really sorry to hear that.  Then she paused, she was clearly thinking about something and said, “Can I give you a bath?”

This time I paused, thinking before answering. I was pretty sure how it would end so I said, "Yes, that would be delightful”

We adjourned to her bathroom where she helped me off with my clothes.  Thereafter, she gave me the most thorough cleaning possible followed by a handjob and a blow job.

Thereafter, once a week, on Saturday when Judy was working I would come over and Madge would bathe me, give me a hand job and end up sucking me off. I tried many times to reciprocate to her but she never would let me.

One day when I came over for my bath.  Judy was still there.  She asked, “What are you doing here?”  I looked at Madge for some indication of what to tell her. 

Madge said, “He came over for his weekly bath.  Would you like to help?”

Judy said, "You are giving him a weekly bath?"

Madge said, "I have been giving him a weekly bath since you broke up."

This time Judy paused, thinking before finally answering, She said, "Yes, I would.”

We adjourned to the bath where they both undressed me.  After I was thoroughly clean, they took turns fondling my balls and stroking my cock.  After a time, Judy bent over and went down on me, sucking and licking my cock until I came.  She did not, however, lick up my cum.

Madge then told me to come next Saturday evening.  When I did she brought me into her house and said, “My girlfriends are coming over to play cards.  Would you mind being our butler?”

I was indebted to Madge for giving me all those baths and blow jobs.  I knew I had to do it so I said, “I will be happy to do it for you, Madge.”

So it was.  When the women came over, I was their servant.  I served the snacks, made the drinks and served the women in the nude.  About an hour into the night one of the women said, “Your waiter is really cute.  I What want to see him with an erection.  The three other guests agreed.

I looked at Madge.  She nodded her head and smiled.

I resumed serving them but each time I did I was fondled in lieu of a tip.  They fondled me for at least a minute.  After helping only a few of them, I had a full blown erection.  The woman who had said she wanted me in the nude said, “Yes, he really is cute.  What a nice, fat, perfectly shaped cock and with balls to match. Suddenly one of the women said, "I want to suck his cock."  She then grabbed my cock, bent over and started sucking on it.  It din't take long before I exploded in her mouth.  She swallowed my cum and just kept on sucking until I stopped spurting.

The she said, "Do you think he gives head?”  She reached under her dress and pulled off her panties.  Then she laid on the couch and pulled her dress above her waist exposing a hairless pussy. I knew what was expected of me.  I went down on her, licking her pussy, paying most attention to her clit.  When while I was licking her clit, I reached in her cunt massaging her g spot, she came in waves, thrusting her pussy against my face.  I continued licking her until she finished. 

Then I did the other 3 guests the same way.  When I was done my cock was dripping in pre-cum.  Madge grabbed me and put me on the floor.  My cock was sticking up in the air.  Madge took off her skirt and then her panties.  I had never even seen her pussy before.  It was hairless with a cute dimple on top and no part of her inner lips protruding.  It was a pretty pussy. 

Madge positioned herself above my cock and sat down.  My cock slipped into her as easily as a credit card into a wallet.  Madge then vigorously raised and lowered her body, working her pussy while the other women encouraged her, shouting, “Fuck him Madge.  Fuck that boy.  Make him cum.”

Suddenly, I could feel Madge’s pussy pulsate against my cock and I knew she was cumming.  Then I came, shooting semen deep into her cunt.  Then it was over and Madge got off of me.

Eventually I found another girl, got married and had to stop having a weekly handjob.  Occasionally, she needs some work done on her property.  When she does she calls me up and I get a bath and a handjob.  Occasionally her daughter is there and still helps.







Submitted: August 24, 2022

© Copyright 2023 pringle. All rights reserved.

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sweet lemon

Layback and sexy and "tounge in cheek" believable.

Thu, August 25th, 2022 1:04am


Tongue and cheek believable. Good phrase, exactly what I want. The stories are difficult to write because in order to be erotic they have to be believable and over the top simultaneously. I am delighted that you understand my stories so well.

Wed, August 24th, 2022 10:30pm

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