Harry takes it in the rrrrrrrsssss

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I was so impressed to read damp kitten say she was a fan of character Developement.
This is probably the worse.attempt at CD in the chequered history of " silk" haha!!

Poor Harry. His newfound love interest is BI.Oh fuck what a revelation.

Harry was bent over their new vac changing the cloth collection bag.

They had been shacking up for about a year now and the sex had become ordinary to say the least.In fact they both now preferred to masterbate.They both preferred to do it unbeknowns to each other as well.

"Pray to the lord my sweet Harry" was the voice of his once hot partner and lover.

Harry,s loose and baggy housepants were already down below his gaping brown rrrsshole.

Eight inches of strap-on plastic cock penetrated Harry,s man tunnel.

It happened not long after this wicked home fucking experience that Harry and his once addored lover split.Not exactly the best of friends.......enter Mandy...

Harry,s cell phone rings.He answers it..

"Oh fuck Mandy,when I saw your name come up I jumped for joy hot sexy sweet woman of mine"

Mandy had a terse tone in her usually happy voice.She spoke slowly and carefully.

" My sweet Harry.When I sent you out to sell those vacs again and you picked up with that bi sexual whore I went out and got myself pregnant.

I have a baby boy and you guessed it.Tbe father is BI too.I found out that his best mate was fucking him ,while he was knocking me up.

Harry if I promise to suck your fat tasty cock everyday again ,and rim your browneye,will you get the next  bus home"

Silence for a few seconds.....

"Wow!! I will Come on the next bus right now  Mandy.see ya soon"







































Submitted: August 22, 2022

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