The Free Clinic

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: CFNM

A man goes to a free clinic but has to undergo being used as a teaching tool.

The Free Clinic

I had just mustered out of the Marine Corps and couldn’t find a job.  I was staying in a rundown motel with my savings almost gone.  One day while taking a shower, I noticed while washing my testicles that my right testicle was lower than my left testicle.  My left testicle had always been lower than my right. I explored further and realized that there was a large soft spot on the underside of the right.  What the hell was this?

I had no medical insurance and no money to pay a doctor so I couldn’t go to one or even go to an emergency clinic.  I knew of a free clinic that was run by state university hospital.  I decided to go there.

When I arrived, I had to fill out a lot of papers like health questionaries, included was an agreement that they had a right to use me for teaching purposes.  I thought, so what, and quickly signed the form. 

Finally, after filling out all their forms and waiting a bit, I was led into an examining room where I waited even longer.  Finally, a lady entered the room followed by two younger women.  “Hello, Mr. Adams, I am Dr. Dobbs and these are medical students, Miss Young and Miss Hart.  What seems to be the trouble?”

I thought, Oh shit, a lady doctor and I have to have trouble with my testicle.  I realized that in a free clinic I wasn’t really going to have a choice on the gender of the doctor.

I answered, “Ah-h-h, I have a soft spot on my right testicle?”

She said, “OK, Mr. Adams, let’s take a look at it.”

I gestured to the female students and said, “Do they have to be here?”

Dr. Dobbs answered, “Well, no, they don’t have to be here but  this is a teaching hospital and you did sign an agreement to the presence of medical students.”

Oh, that’s right, I thought and began unbuttoning my pants.  I then stood in front of the stool she was sitting on and dropped my pants.  She immediately looked at my testicles and reached out and felt that right one.  She said, “Oh, yes, I can feel the softness.  Tell me are you right handed or left handed.”

I answered, “I am right handed.”

She said, “Then before now was your left testicle lower than the right one?”

I said, “Yes, it was.  How did you know that?”

“Right handed men normally have the left testicle lower and left handed men normally have the right testicle lower,” she said.  Then she turned to her student and said to MissYoung, “I want you to feel his testicles.  Feel the right one first and then the left one.”

Miss Young reached out and felt both testicles and said, “Yes, there seems to be a cell at the bottom of the right testicle.”

Dr, Dobbs then asked, “Do you feel a cell at the bottom of the left testicle?”

Miss Young paused again while she felt the left testicle again and said, “No, I don’t feel anything at the bottom of the left testicle.”

Dr. Dobbs then turned to Miss Hart and said, :Feel both testicles and see if you notice a difference."

Miss Hart felt both testicles and said, "I feel a soft spot at the bottom of his right testicle."

Dr. Dobbs said, "So, ladies, what have your learned?"

Miss Young said, "Now I how how a normal testicle feels and how it feels when it has a hydrocele."

Dr. Dobbs then said, “This patient has agreed to examination by medical students.  Why don’t you practice doing a check for an inguinal hernia.  Do you know how it is done?’

Miss Young then said, “Yes, I doctor.  She then took her middle finger a stuck it up the side of my scrotum feeling for the inguinal ring.  When she found it she said, “”Turn your head and cough.”  Then she did the other side.  When she finished there she felt both testicles and said, “Turn you head and cough.”

She announced, “He feels perfectly normal.”

Dr. Dobbs then said, “Why don’t we also check his prostate?”  She turned to me and said, “Grab the end of the table and bend over.  I did.  Miss Young put on latex gloves and inserted her middle finger up my rectum and felt for my prostate.  When she found it she said, “It feels smooth.”

Then the same procedure were performed by Miss Hart. By this time I had had an erection for some time and my cock was drippling with pre-cum.  Miss Hart turned to Dr. Dobbs and said, “Is it common for male patients to have erections during their examinations?”

Dr. Dobbs answered, “Yes, it is, particularly in young men.  They cannot help themselves.  You should ignore the erection and continue your examination.”

Miss Hart asked, "I have heard that male patients sometime have orgasms during examinations?"

Dr. Dobbs said, "Yes, that happens sometimes.  We clean up the mess and continue the examination.  We don't have the time to wait for the erection to go down."

Miss Hart asked again, "I have heard of a practice called knocking it down.  Could we do that?"

Dr. Dobbs answered, "That is when you snap your finger on the head the penis.  Miss Hart, do not ever assault a patient."

Dr. Dobbs then turned to me and said, “I am pretty sure you have a hydrocele but I will have to have it confirmed by an ultrasound.  I will make an appointment here for one tomorrow.  Can you come tomorrow?”

“What is a hydrocele?” I asked.

“Water on the testicle,” she answered.  I pulled up my pants while she ordered the ultrasound for the next morning. 


The next morning I reported at 9:00 AM for the ultrasound at the university hospital.  Shortly a young lady entered the waiting room and called my name.  When I answered she said, “Follow me please.”

I followed her into another room where there was a medical table and a machine.  What I did not expect was that the room would be filled with young girls.  “What are they doing here?” I asked. 

“They are sonographer students,” was the answer.

“Do I have to have them here?” I asked.

“This is a teaching hospital,” was the answer.  “You agreed to the presence of students when you entered the hospital.  Now please lower your pants to your knees and climb on the table.”

I looked at all the fresh faced girls who were eagerly watching me.  I started to respond to their gaze even before I lowered my pants.  I lowered my pants and underpants to my knees and climbed on the ultrasound table.  I now had at least 29 young girls standing at my feet staring at my testicles. 

The lady who brought me into the room then took a towel wrapped it around my testicles so that only the top of my scrotum was showing.  Then she took the transducer, spread some ointment on it and then used it to spread the ointment all over the top of both testicles.  By this time I was erect and hard as a rock.

A student, Miss Anderson, asked, "Is it common for men to have erections during ultrasounds?"

The teacher answered, "When they are naked in front of a whole class of young girls, yes."

Miss Anderson asked, “Are all erections that big?.”

The teacher said, “This one is about average."

Miss Anderson asked again, "How do you know that?"

The teacher said, "I have been a sonographer for 20 years.  I have seen at least a hundred thousand penises."

I interrupted, "A hundred thousand penises?"

Sh responded, "At least.  On average, I see more than 20 per day,  20 times 250 times 20 equals one hundred thousand.

Then another student, Miss Wilson, asked, “Why did you wrap his testicles in a towel?”

“It protects the patient’s modesty,” said the teacher.

“But I can still see his scrotum,” said Miss Wilson.

“We have to leave part of his scrotum free because the transducer must make direct contact,” said the teacher.

“But you were the one who covered him in a towel.  You were protecting his modesty from yourself,” said Miss Wilson.

“I suppose that is true,” said the teacher, “but that is accepted practice.  It seems to satisfy the patients' sense of modesty.”

Miss Wilson continued, " Shouldn't we treat the patient with professional indifference?  By draping them aren't we we just emphasizing their nudity. "

"Miss Wilson, I know it makes no logical sense but it makes psychological sense to the patient," said the teacher.

Th teacher said to her students, “You will notice this patient has an erection.  This is perfectly normal and should be expected.  When it happens, ignore it and go on with your job.”

“Do sonographers do ultrasounds on testicles often?” asked Miss Wilson.

“Fairly often,” answered the teacher.  “If you work in a urology clinic it will be practically all you do.  You may want to apply for work there.”

"I may do that," said Miss Wilson, "and if I do I will treat them with respect.  I won't emphasize to the patient that he is nude."

I couldn’t see the ultrasound screen behind me but the teacher pointed out the difference between the two testicles to all the girls and then said to them, “See the cell of water on the bottom of the right testicle.  This confirms the presence of a hydrocele.  You will notice the absence of the water on the left testicle.”

I interrupted, “What does that mean?

She answered, “I am afraid you will have to have an operation.”

“What if I don’t?” I said.

“She answered, “If you don’t, the hydrocele will continue to grow.”

“How big could it grow?” I asked.

She answered, “As big as it wants.  I have seen them bigger than a football.”

“Bigger than a football,” I exclaimed,  “How did he walk?”

“Very slowly and painfully,” she answered.  She then continued.  “I will send your pictures to our urologist to confirm the existence of a hydrocele.  An appointment has been made for you with the urologist at 10:00 AM tomorrow. 


When I arrived at the hospital I meet a nurse who took me to a dressing room and told me to take off all of my clothes, put them into a bag with my valuables and put on a hospital gown.  Then I was taken on a gurney to a large empty classroom.  For safety sake, when I was taken through the halls I was strapped to the gurney so I couldn't fall off.  I couldn’t move at all.  There they positioned me just below a TV camera and lifted up the gown to check the proper position for the camera so that my genitals could be seen by everyone on the TV screen.  As they did so the students started to file into the room.  When they did, they could see my genitals both exposed to them live and on the large TV screen.  Finally, the set up was ready, all of the students were in the classroom and the doctor had arrived. 

The lady in charge identified herself to me, “I am Dr. Smothers.  I am a Urologist.  I am teaching this class and I will be doing your operation."

While I laid exposed to the students, the TV screen showed the pictures of my ultrasound and Dr. Smothers explained that the cell at the bottom of the right testicle was a hydrocele.  Then she showed my testicles on the screen live and explained how she would do the operation. 

Then she said to me, “I am going to have my students feel your testicles.  They need to feel what a hydrocele feels like and compare it to your normal testicle.  This is especially important for my female students.  They need to become familiar with testicles.”

“Omigod,” I said.  “Am I going to have 200 medical students feeling my testicles?”

“I am afraid so,” she answered, “Your cooperation means your operation is free.”

The students got in line.  One by one they all took their turns feeling both testicles.  Fortunately, there were an equal number of both genders.  As it was I still grew an erection.  If it had been all girls, I would have orgasmed. 

Finally, it was over.  Dr. Smothers told me that the operation was scheduled for next week.  I was then taken out into the hall to wait for an aide to pick me up.  The hospital gown was replaced over my genitals but a passerby could still look between my legs and see my genitals. I knew that was happening but since I was strapped in, there was nothing I could do about it and no one to complain to.  Passersby kept stopping and looking.  The hospital personnel took only a brief glance but the visitors stopped and took a good look.  I grew another erection and tented the hospital gown.  That just made it worse. 

A mother towing a 5 year old girl came down the hall.  The little girl noticed me and looked between my legs.  Then she said, "Moomy, what is that?"

The mother said, "What is what dear?"

The girl said, "What is that between his legs?"

The mother who had not paid attention to me, stopped and looked between my legs.  She said, "That is a penis and testicles."

The girl asked, "What is a penis and testicles?

The mother suddenly realized the time had come to tell her daughter the facts of life said, "That is what men have between their legs."

The girl asked, "Why don't I have that?"

The mother said, "You are a girl like me, he is a man.  That is what men have?"

The little girl showing her precociousness asked, "What is a penis and testicles for?"

The mother explained, "Daddies have penises and testicles to make mommies pregnant."

The little girl asked, "Why do mommies get pregnant?"

The mother answered, "Babies come out of mommies when they get pregnant.  It happen when daddies seed makes mommies pregnant.  Penises and testicles are what daddies used to make mommies pregnant."

The little girl said, "I can't see his penis and testicles very well.  Can I see them better."

The mother looked at me with imploring eyes and said, "I am very sorry but do you mind?"

I hesitated a bit and finally decided the little girl deserved to know the facts of life.  I said, "Okay."

The mother lifted my gown so the little girl could look.  Menwhile everyone passing by stopped to watch the little girl learn the facts of life.  The little girl said, "Do all men have a penis and testicles?"

The mother answered. "Yes, all males have a penis and testicles."

The little girl asked, "I don't have a penis and testicles,  What do I have"?

The mother answered, "You have a vagina.  All females have a vagina."

The litle girl asked, "When I grow up will I have to get pregnant to have a baby?"

The mother answered, "Yes, dear, if you get married and want to have a baby, you will have to get pregnant just like I did with you."

The little girl said, "Oh."

The mother pushed down my gown and she and her child went on their way. The small crowd that had gathered went on their way.

Finally, an aide arrived and took me back to the dressing room.  However, as I was pushed through the hospital anyone I passed on the way could see up the gown.  I finally got dressed and left. 


I reported to the hospital the next week.  I was stopped at the entrance of the hospital where I meet another nurse who asked me questions about my health and signed some other forms including another student waiver.  By this time I was tired of students seeing me exposed.  I said, "What happens if I don't sign the waiver?"

The nurse answered, "It is because this is a teaching hospital that your operation is free!"

I thought, What a Hobson's choice.  If i don't sign the waiver, I can't have the operation and my testicle will blow up like a football."

I went to a waiting room where I waited for a short time and was taken to a prep room where other patients were waiting for their operation.  The nurse took me to a draped off alcove where she told me to undress and put my clothing and valuables in a bag and then put on a hospital gown.  I did what she told me to do and then I climbed up on the gurney that was already in the draped off area.  The nurse came back and told me that the doctor was performing an operation ahead of me.  Then she took an electric razor and shaved the hair off my right testicle. 

After about a half an hour another doctor entered and identified herself as an anesthesiologist, Dr. Wells.  She looked at my chart, asked me if there were any problems and then she and a circulating nurse pushed me on the gurney into the operating room.  The operating room didn’t look like the operating rooms I had seen on TV, it looked like an amphitheatre.  The bleachers were full of medical students.  There was another camera there and a large TV on the wall.  The first thing they did was lift my gown and position me correctly so that my testicles could be seen on the TV screen.

That was the last thing I remember before I woke up.  When  I checked my testicles, I found that the incision had been superglued.  I recovered from the anesthesia and left the hospital under my own power.  I didn’t have to be taken out in a wheelchair nor did I have to be catheterized.  I also was able to eat as soon as I got home unlike my other operations where if I consumed anything I immediately barfed.  God bless Propofol.

The whole experience was acutely embarrassing.  If I had had the money I would have gladly paid it!  I suppose it was better than having your testicles fill up like a football.


While the story above is fictional something like it did happen to me.  I was taken to Xray by an orderly wearing only a hospital gown.  However, the hospital gown was so short it only came to the top of my pubic hair.  While I was pushed down the halls I was completely exposed.  I pointed this out to the orderly who placed and towel over my genitals.  It covered my while I was in the wheelchair but not in front of the lady operating the Xray machine. 


Medical personnel can be very careless when dealing with the modesty of patients.  When I had my knee operation I was grateful to my surgeon because he allowed me to wear underpants during the operation.  I didn’t care about what happened while I was unconscious but I knew that after the operation I would be asked to get up and walk down the hall. Thus, when I was asked to get up and walk I had something other than the medical gown open in the back to cover me.  I am not really modest but I still didn’t want my backside showing when nurses escort me down the hall.  If they don’t want to see it, I know I don’t want to show it to them.

In my first knee operation, I wore only the hospital gown into the operating room.  In the operating room they removed the hospital gown from my shoulders before they knocked me out.  Like I didn’t know that the hospital gown would be removed as soon as I was unconscious. There clearly is no reason to be naked on an operating table during a knee operation.  There are stories on Medical Patient Modesty about patients wearing underwear during knee operations and having their underwear handed back to them after the operation is over.  


Another medical nudity story.  This one is true.  I know because it happened to a neighbor of mine.  I also confirmed it because there was a story with pictures in Life magazine.

A neighbor, a few years younger than I, got drafted and sent to Vietnam.  There he lost his leg.  He was hospitalized at a VA Hospital in Colorado.  His mother went to see him.  When she arrived she could not believe what she saw.  The halls were literally littered with naked quadriplegics lying on gurneys. 

After the article in Life, presumably the situation was fixed.  I always felt that this was a deliberate policy by the hospital in order to force the government to fund the hospital properly.  I do not blame the hospital.  By doing this they presumably got the funding the needed to give the soldiers proper medical treatment.  However, as a Vietnam Veteran myself, I always will be deeply offended by the treatment of my fellow veterans.  There but for the grace of God, went I.










Submitted: August 21, 2022

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sweet lemon

Interesting and to the point.

Tue, August 23rd, 2022 4:19am


Great read. Thank you. I’ve had my testicles examined naked by a lady doctor as well. It’s quite an experience - you have to concentrate hard to avoid getting an erection!

Mon, August 29th, 2022 6:47am


I can tolerate the lady doctor easily. She is just doing her job. What is she thinking about? I actually think it is like being examined your mother. Try not to get an erection if they bring in two female observers without consent and they sit at your feet looking up between your legs.

Mon, August 29th, 2022 8:05am


Wonderful read! I have had my testicles ultra sounded by a female technician. That was an experience. I also had my testicles examined for a spermatocele by a male doctor and his quite young female observer, as detailed in my own story on this site. At the time I thought she was a trainee of some sort but it has been suggested to me by a nurse that very likely this was a high school student known socially by the doctor who wanted to 'shadow' the doctor to learn more about the profession.

Wed, August 31st, 2022 5:19am


What is the name of "my own story on this site?"

Did the doctor ask for consent before letter a high school student witness your modestly sensitive examination?

Wed, August 31st, 2022 11:04am

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