Drill Me to Paradise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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A young woman looks forward to some R & R only to discover an awakening to remember.

Drill Me to Paradise


“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” sounded the breathy mewls of a horny female.  The flat-screen TV above the fireplace was off so I could not mistake what I heard for a love scene in a Netflix-exclusive movie my sister Karen loved discovering.

I scowled when kicking shut the front door of our old family vacation house on Virginia Beach.  We inherited it from our parents after they passed away.  The beauty of the Atlantic Ocean was as sorely missed as they were.  To see the surging majesty of my favorite salt waters again was a treat I sought since my sister and I discussed it several months ago once the pandemic restrictions lifted.  As tired as I was after my flight out of St. Louis was canceled twice through American Airlines, I was fortunate to find another through United that would land me back where I was born, only shy a few hours off schedule.

The high-pitched moans broke into my thoughts because they sounded so familiar. “Oh! Yeah! Yeah, baby!  Destroy my tight, little pussy so good! Ooo-ooh, fuck!” 

I dropped my bags at the front door with a sigh and pant.  Did all this commentary come from a bedroom?  My gaze swung toward the back rooms, but I realized that the source of the sounds did not lead my feet there.  Repetitive claps escalated in several beats by the second.  They grew louder with the accentuation of a woman’s pleasure-filled moans, and all of it originated through the living room and toward the deck.  I peeked out of the partially ajar screen door and halted with a gasp, astounded.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” grunted the fit, dark-haired guy.  His six-pack rippled as he held the tiny hips of the tanned blond with a slight baby bump.  He rammed her from behind faster than ever in the bubbling steam of the hot tub overlooking the Atlantic.

Water sloshed out of the tub where my fiancé plowed my married older sister ten years his junior.  Karen held on to the rim of the tub with her long fake nails while her perfect jugs barely moved.  Her immaculate made-up face was flushed.  Bright green eyes began rolling back in her beautiful head.

“Uhh-hhh-hhh!”  Alex tensed with the grit of his teeth.

I recognized that move as my jaw clenched.  My man just nutted inside my slutty sister!  The bastard!

And Karen!  That knocked-up bitch!  She just could not let me have one guy she didn’t fuck.  No, not even my fiancé was safe from her hungry twat!

Alex’s last thrusts pounded into her until he fell out of Karen’s shaking body.  Whatever cum that didn’t make it inside the subway tunnel, my sister called her cooch, floated to the surface of the water.  I turned my nose up in disgust as my eyes narrowed in fury at the aftermath of their lust.

“What the hell?!” Karen yelled as she quickly covered her breast as if I hadn’t seen them before.  She showed them to me after she had them done two years ago.  They were so well-done you could barely see the scars.  Karen only made them two sizes bigger than the A-cup she complained about for years.  I loved my A-cups even if Alex was never too crazy about them.

“My sentiments exactly, you nasty heifer!  I should've known you would never change.”

Karen stood up straight with my boyfriend’s cum sliding down her tanned thigh.  “This is not what you think!  I swear I don’t want to steal him!  I’m doing you a favor!”

“Fuck you.”  I put my palm out not even wanting to hear the bullshit coming out her mouth this time, especially knowing that my guy’s cock had probably been in it before he jammed it up her ass.  “Oh, wait!  Alex has already done that.”

My fiancé climbed out of the hot tub with his hands out in front of him.  “Babe, I thought you wouldn’t be here until tomorrow.  Karen said your flight would be delayed?” 

“Yeah, so?  Things change except you, you pig.  Why did I ever think that you could be faithful?  Stupid me!”

Alex pointed an accusatory finger at Karen.  “Once Nick went for a walk, she came on to me saying you'd never know!”

“And, so you took full advantage of fucking a porn star when her husband’s away, is that the excuse, this time?  You couldn’t resist sticking your dick in my sexy sister?  She shoved your dick in her ass, huh?”  I snorted in revulsion at how they disregarded and disrespected Nick and me.  “You make me sick!  Both of you!”

I dashed out of the house, with tears blurring my vision.  Betrayed by the people I loved most was hard to swallow.  My heart pounded in my chest.  Anger and disappointment swirled inside the storm of emotions brewing through me. 

When I ran upon a bar right on the beach, I slowed down.  After wiping my tears from my cheeks, I decided a drink was exactly what I needed.  The dive was literally a hole in the wall, but even it was crowded with lots of chummy people.  I panted my way up to the bar and flopped down on the first available seat. 

A spiky blue-haired bartender with a gold loop through the center of his nostril, lip, and eyebrow grinned at my no-smiling mouth as he reviewed my petite stature.  Like my sister, I was short at 5-foot tall and could barely see the bar with the boost of heels, but I wore sandals today.

“What can I get you, beautiful?” 

My purse was back at the beach house, but I discovered some cash still in the pocket of my skirt, which I used for snacks at the airport.  I passed over a $20 bill.  “Zombie, please.”

The hot guy reviewed me for a second and then lifted a blue eyebrow.  “You sure?”

“Positive,” I said in a dead voice. 

It was exactly how I wanted to feel.  Like a dead zombie, because once again, I forgave that cheating prick after he cheated on me with his ex and his boss.  The other two times had been because we were on a break, but not a break.  Dammit, things had been good between us!  I thought that we turned a corner.  Then Alex proposed, and I believed all was on its way to being great.  We were getting married in a few months since things were opening up.  My idea was to maybe have a small ceremony on the beach.  Now, that idea was shot just like my trust in him. 

I always comprehended who my fiancé was.  Such charm, combined with his good looks, solidified how he wooed me in the first place.  Alex had the flirt gene, and I accepted that about him.  However, he was also a piece of shit to fuck my pregnant sister in my family’s house.

“Here you go.  Enjoy!”

The drink arrived in a tall glass, a pineapple sliver skewered with a cherry beside a red umbrella and a straw.  I sucked it down, not tasting any of the two types of high-proof rum or citrus flavors.  My cheeks flushed, and my brain turned to mush.  Who the hell cared about any of that as angry as I was. 

I didn’t relish Alex sticking his dick in anyone other than me!  Not once since we’ve been together in the last three years had I cheated on him.  Was I tempted?  Sure, but I loved the selfish bastard and didn’t want to do to him what he had done to me three times.  I would not stoop so low.

“Hey, what’s your name? Or can I call you mine?” the red-haired guy inquired with a confident but easy-going smile.

I stared at him so befuddled in my brooding, not even sure where the stranger came from.  Harmless was the furthest thing he was in comparison to Alex.  This guy could have been a biker with the leather vest of stitched-on decals that said Highway to Hell and Demon Speed.  A steel chain looped to his wallet in the back pocket.  Dust coated his scuffed boots.  With his fashion sense, I gathered a ruggedness about him that played well with his crooked nose, wicked lips, and a silver scar above his chin.

My fiancé was a pretty boy, kept the body he worshiped in shape, but probably had never been in a fight his whole life.  Alex was the kind of guy who could talk his way out of anything.  Most wanted to be his friend or be him.  Girls just wanted to fuck him, and he was decent at it.  Perhaps that was why I found it so easy to forgive him.  I was a sucker for a handsome face and a guy with good cock skills.  Sue me.

“Mine it is then,” the stranger answered for me when I said nothing to his question.

Ed Sheeran was one of my favorite musical artists, and this guy’s hair was a similar carrot color.  That was where the likenesses ended.  The stranger favored neither Ed nor my fiancé.  The broad shoulders and head shaved on the sides but braided in a queue down the middle reminded me of a modern-day Viking.  He wore ripped jeans like he lived in them.  A graphic tee stretched across a muscular physique where intricate knotwork crawled up his neck and both muscled arms in graphite sleeves. 

This guy was intimidating in size compared to me but oddly not threatening.  Maybe it was the booze that mulled my brain or the fact that I didn’t give a shit about anything except that very moment.  Nothing else mattered.  I was so tired of the bullshit I’d dealt with longer than I should, and for once, I wanted something real.

“No.”  He tilted his head at me in curiosity while shaking his index finger at me.  “I think you’re the devil in that blue dress.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because you’re hot as hell, of course, and melt my heart to ash in the palm of your hand.”

I chuckled into his eyes so faded blue they seemed to lack color at all against the freckles across his ruddy nose and cheeks.  The stranger took a liberal sip from a glass of whiskey in his hand.

“Oh, I have one better.”  I licked my lips as I giggled before donning a straight face.  “Could you check if there’s something wrong with my eyes?”

He leaned closer as he gazed into my green orbs.  “Aside from being trapped inside them for all eternity, where I’d rest happy, by the way, they look beautiful just like the rest of you.”

“With a tongue like that, it’s no wonder I just can’t take my eyes off you.”

“Well, green eyes, my tongue is only one of the many great parts I have to offer, but I’d be glad to introduce you to the rest in time.”

I laughed at all the cheesiness, but at the same time, there was something about the easy confidence of him that turned me on.

“I noticed you drinking alone and wondered if you were waiting for me, you know, The One, and if there was something I could do for you besides helping to put that smile back on your gorgeous face where it belongs?” he delivered in a low rubble of a voice that was intimate and sexy. 

Was I getting wet?  I drank the rest of my Zombie, knowing that this was the most fun that I had since my fiancé burst my bubble of a perfect relationship.  “As a matter of fact, you could.”

His red eyebrow rose.  “Oh, yeah?”

“Your hand appears heavy, freckle face.  Can I hold it?”

He settled his glass on the bar and offered the same hand to me.  Although my hand was dwarfed by his, I took it anyway.  The corner of his mouth lifted when mine did.

“What now, green eyes?  You have me, lock, stock, and barrel.”

“I’m new in town.  Could you give me directions to your apartment?”

The redhead grinned bigger if that were possible.  He guided me out of the noisy bar without any protest from me.  I floated in reckless territory but did not care to think in the buzz that fogged my good judgment.  There was nowhere else I needed to be.  The odd comfort with this man could not be explained.

Sure enough, the redhead approached a custom inferno red Harley Davidson motorcycle.  I hopped on behind him, making sure to tuck my blue maxi dress between my legs.  He started the beefy chrome machine as it growled to life.  I purred, trying to settle myself with the strong vibrations going through my body, particularly my thighs.  With my hands looped around his firm waist, he cupped a large hand over mine.  The faster he went, the tighter I hugged his strong back. 

Never in my life had I picked up a stranger at a bar or ridden a motorbike.  The buzz in my body from the inside and outside had me squirming in delight against the cords of muscles in his back.  The biker smelled like forests and musk.  I liked it.  I also liked how he continued to lure me down dangerous paths with the demon speed that had my nipples hard and a steady drip wetting my panties.  Despite barely knowing him, I experienced an odd excitement tingling along every nerve and inch of my flesh.

We stopped along a remote spot of the beach when the redhead cut the engine.  He slipped off and offered me a hand to my feet.  The biker did not release it as I walked at his side, watching the ocean from the moonlight and stars.  He grabbed a rolled-up blanket from the back of the bike, and when we found a spot near the shore, he tossed it out over the sand.  Next to it, the stranger kicked off his boots as I eased off my sandals.

“You have quite the view, freckle face.”  In such a remote spot, we were the only couple for miles.  A few lights of civilization winked at us from a distance, but it was the ocean that drew my eye and held it captive.

“I just arrived today with my brothers.  Every time I visit, I like to come here.”

“With the girl of your choice?”

“Usually alone.”

I held his rough hand with both of mine, appreciating the idea that this place was special to him and maybe I was special to be sharing it with him.  “Walk with me along the shore?”


In silence, we strolled down the beach while looking out to sea.  Our pace was slow, and we soaked in the breaking waves on the shore.  Sprays of cool water tickled our toes as the biker lifted me to the other side of him away from the ocean that had me giggling when it reached my ankles. 

When turning to return the way we came, I gripped his forearm to halt him.  He stared down at me when I reached to touch the red stubble growing on his face.  I pinched the clef in his chin, urging him down to me.  His lips touched mine, still tasting of whiskey and something like loneliness.  It matched mine without having to voice a word.

I did not realize until then how much I needed the kind of connection I felt so easily with a stranger but missing with Alex.  Besides, my fiancé was a terrible kisser.  Very sloppy with his tongue, Alex never mastered French kissing.  I preferred not kissing him at all.  It was better when I learned not to miss kissing so much. 

With this Viking dude, I wanted more of his soft lips and seducing tongue drawing me into his world of living on the edge.  He pulled me into his embrace that lifted me off my tiny feet.  My hands cupped his head as we devoured each other in the sultry breeze of the humid night.  Before I commented, the two of us lay on the wet sand, rolling once and then twice.  We stopped moving with me on top, where I straddled his hips. 

The redhead’s hands caressed my thighs and ended their journey around my bum.  Our hot kiss continued as the ocean flowed around us, soaking us.  Tired of waiting, I unbuckled his jeans and lowered the teeth seeking the growth he tucked away.  I teased it beneath me with the rock of my hips.  The redhead's seal on my lips did not break until I managed to free his cock and work it beyond the gusset of my panties.

“Oh!” I gasped when I slipped his throbber inside the hot cave that awaited him. 

“Oh, you can do better than that, green eyes.” His hands guided my hips down to take more than the head as I lost my breath.

“Ooo, mmm!” 

I obliged before I lowered to kiss him again, urged on by the waves around us, overcome with a need that festered in his, and spilled over.  His hands were in my hair as he rose to me.  We groaned our efforts into each brush of our lips.  I slowed my humping to take a break from the cardio yet ground and circled my bud against him for further sensation. 

The redhead rolled me beneath him when the quakes began, surging with the ocean crashing and rolling with power.  He was so deep I lost my breath again.  A soreness and ache persisted, built with my cry until it broke me.  In the trembling climax he shoved me to, I dug my nails into his back and wrapped my legs just over his humping ass.  Everything blurred except for the feel of the hot cum filling me.

Alex never took me with such wanton need.  Sex became routine but remained good.  Never great or fantastic sessions to rival prior boyfriends but pleasure was found.  The latter seemed fleeting.  I always wanted more but never knew what it was. 

This coupling with the stranger was like the sea around us, unfettered and raw.  The passion left my toes curled.  The redhead rolled us out of the ocean and walked us back to the blanket.  He stripped us naked and proceeded to lick every part of me, worshiping places I had no clue were neglected.  

The stranger acted as if I was the cure for what he needed most.  His cock took me to better heights of pleasure where I knew I was free to be wanted and yearned more than the emptiness Alex offered.  The redhead did not go through the motions but conquered every place that desired tending without hurry.  We had all night, and the stranger took full of advantage to drill me to paradise.

Submitted: August 20, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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And….?!?!? What happened next?! Did she remain in paradise or did she go back to hell?! Why do you always keep me hanging ?!?!? I need closure…. Waiting …. Waiting…. Waiting

Sat, August 20th, 2022 5:26pm


Because I'm a wicked tease? That's embedded in my DNA, my friend. After all these years, I can guarantee that won't change. Age only seems to refine this skill I do so enjoy.

Now, this very familiar refrain from you. Hmmm... Perhaps, we're more alike than I thought? Oh, impatient one, such questions are for you to use that fertile imagination and share with me what you believe plays out next.

Sat, August 20th, 2022 11:36pm


wow, another classic here. Revenge sex can be really hot, right? No matter who might be available.

Obviously we hope she is done with the fiance and now that she has been treated so royally, perhaps she will dispense of Alex and get a new roommate. Chances are her relationship with her sister will not improve, but since they already have a tense and jealous filled past, we wouldn't expect improvement.

But what if another option comes along, like Karen's husband?

Sun, August 21st, 2022 6:26pm


In her case, I suppose it can be. Regardless, she needs to evaluate what she really wants and make a decision on what's best for her. What comes next immediately, who knows? Thanks for weighing in, Will, and for reading. :)

Sun, August 21st, 2022 4:18pm


Loved it. I'm particularly fond of this spot by the ocean and its allure to the 'redhead'. You do like Vikings, don't you...

So hilarious that Karen is a porn star. Alex is a player and a playboy. The speaker is totally bonkers if she thinks the dude has a chance in hell of ever being monogamous. He's already cheated at least 3 times that she knows about. I'm just shaking my head at her as I read along thinking, 'You were seriously going to marry this guy?' But this is your intention, of course. "Sue me," you suggest. Well, no. But maybe direct you to counseling.

Because of the ocean scene, the story actually becomes deeper than expected. I'm a fan of character development, and you hint at something about your Viking that I'd like expounded slightly. He's a lonely guy, for one thing. Sentimental as well. All these are romantic characteristics. His past interests me. His ruggedness is attractive. He's everything Alex isn't, and that's a plus right now.

I love the comparison contrast between the Viking and Alex. I also like the first-person narrative. I have to say that 99% of couples who meet as strangers in a bar and go fuck on the beach will at some point along the way ask each other for names.

While I like using physical characteristics as focal points to address your characters, there's an intimacy you've established between these two that begs for more. It begs for honesty and trust - (something missing with Alex). Handing over your name can be an intimate experience. There's a vulnerability attached. Endearment.

These days, we pull out our phones and exchange information at the drop of a hat. I take it that you want to emphasize a hesitation of the heart in this piece, and I like that approach. By the end of the story, however, I want to see that hesitation melt away.

One fun thing you could do is have both of them give each other fake names, then in the end they level up and tell each other their real ones. What that will do is underscore honesty and trust which is a backdrop theme to your piece.

In short, your speaker needs to grow up, wake up, and smell the coffee. If your piece ends with the suggestion that she's matured in her perspective on the basis of meeting this 'amazing stranger', you've stepped beyond the simplicity of revenge sex.

Beautifully descriptive and enticing piece as always, Amy!

Sun, August 21st, 2022 7:50pm


I do have a special spot for Vikings, it's true. Hee, hee.

As far as the character's choice in men, she makes it clear her weakness. The trust she placed in her fiance has been betrayed. She must deal with the reality of that situation and not whatever she's made up in her head.

So, the question would be is she a reliable narrator? Sounds like from your point of view, perhaps she isn't. Like the other people in this piece, maybe she is flawed as well. The best way, of course, to learn from any mistake is to work your way through it and deal with it the hard way by coming to whatever conclusions she must to gain the happiness she seeks. If not with her fiance Alex, maybe someone new.

In terms of her interaction with the redhead, who is to say what the future holds? What's in a name anyway? Fake or otherwise, they had chosen names for the other not offered but suitable. I have found that sometimes interactions with strangers require no names at all.

Affairs of the heart are fickle matters. If you wished for more, I feel you there, but in some cases a moment is all it ever is. Is there ever any real satisfaction when love turns to hate? I have to wonder...

Sun, August 21st, 2022 4:44pm


Amy, I'm crying/dying over here to be put on hold. I need to know too !! What will happen to our gal. I know at some point she'll have to go back to get her stuff and leave. But damn!! All that crap she went thru with the airlines just to bust her dude and sister going at it?
She meets Red with his cheesy lines but something about him makes her follow him out. Then what happens on that beach? I know she won't stay but jeez, please give me something to go on. Great story, lady!!

Mon, August 22nd, 2022 1:50am


I do not rightly know, my friend. It would seem that she is not in her right mind, for sure. She's got lots of thinking to do, but I'm not sure she's really thinking about any of that. As you said, she was looking forward to getting away only to get a huge disappointment at the start of the trip, which snowballed into an avalanche of heartache, anger, and revenge. It could get worse before it gets better. Such drama is typically very messy, and since this has happened before only makes me think that she may be done forgiving and turning the other cheek. What that shapes up into is interesting to contemplate. Thanks for weighing in with your thoughts, girlie :)

Sat, August 27th, 2022 3:42am


Amazing! That kind of drill sounds like a bit of paradise-produced powerstroking!!! Glad it gave you good vibrations, & memories to be shared!!!

Sat, September 3rd, 2022 10:46am


We would hope I'm not the only one experiencing good vibrations around here. There are plenty to share! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Spy :)

Thu, September 8th, 2022 5:31am


An awesome story here Amy, featuring just the right amount of sex mixed with revenge and lust. Loved reading it!

Tue, September 6th, 2022 12:25pm


Awww, thanks, H! How are you, my friend?! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it :)

Thu, September 8th, 2022 5:48am


Ooh, this was such an enjoyable read! Revenge aside, I think she craved the connection she had with this Viking guy. It sort of happens when you least expect it. I'd like to read more, but I also don't mind the open ending. Great work!

Thu, September 8th, 2022 7:11pm


Thanks, ME! I appreciate the read and feedback as to what you thought of it. I have no idea if there is more here to say, but I never say never. Thanks again! Happy reading and writing :)

Thu, September 8th, 2022 3:42pm

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