A Practical Joke

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Forced stripping and exposure

 Six o’clock in the morning and I’m dashing for my meeting.  I run along the corridor to the lift and press the button impatiently, tapping my heel while it seems to grind its way slowly to my floor.  At last.  The doors clank open and in I get.  

Press the button for the ground floor and it sets off down until… wheeze, clank, stop… it’s stuck between floors.  Oh heck!  Everyone’s worst nightmare.  Perhaps not everyone’s but mine.  I hate being in lifts.  The thought of all that empty space beneath me, the feeling of being shut in, I can’t wait for the ride to be over and here I am stuck.

I look round in a panic.  Thank goodness there’s an emergency button and an intercoms speaker in the wall.  I press the button and shout into the intercom.

‘The lift’s stuck…’ I shout.

‘I know…’ it’s a rather disembodied female voice, confident, dominant, the sort that expects obedience..  A bit scary…

‘Well…’ I hesitate, ‘can you get me out of here…’ I shout.

‘That depends…’ the voice replies.

‘What do you mean “That depends”?’

‘Exactly what I say… you see I’m not the lift engineer…’

‘What… who are you then?’

‘I’m well… how shall I put it nicely… a joker…. That’s it - I enjoy playing practical jokes on people and now I’m playing one on you.’

‘But I just want to get out the lift…’

‘And you will do just as long as you do exactly what I say…’

‘How… why…’

‘How is simple.  I’ve hacked into the computer  system that controls the lift.  And why?  Well I suppose I get enjoyment from making people do things.’

‘What… what do you mean… making people do things?’

‘I mean I’m going to make you do things before I let you out.’

‘What… what things… you can’t make me do things…’

‘Look up at the ceiling… what do you see?’

‘There’s a little semicircular globe… it looks like a security camera.’

‘It is indeed a security camera.  And I can see everything going on in the lift.  Hold up a number of fingers’


‘Hold up one, two three… whatever you like…’

I held up three fingers.

‘That’s three.  Just to show you I can see everything so don’t think you can just pretend you are doing what I say.  So you see I can make you do things can’t I?’

‘I suppose I mean…  I wouldn’t  pretend.’

‘Good.  Now take off all your clothes.’


‘I thought I had made myself clear.  Take all your clothes off.  I want to see you in the nude.’


‘Do you want to get out?’

‘Yes…’ I was getting more and more panicky.

‘Then you know what you have to do.’

‘Yes… yes’

I had to get out.  It was the only way.  She was making me do it but I didn’t have a choice.

I took off my shoes and socks, always aware of the camera staring down at me, then my shirt and my pants and…

‘Please… no more…’ my cock had gone erect and I was mortified with shame.

‘All your clothes I said’

‘Yes.. of course..’

I pulled my underpants off and stood naked, my hands clamped tightly over my private parts.

‘Hands on head…’


‘You know what you have to do’

‘Yes Miss.’ I panic easily.

I stood there naked, my rigid cock exposed.

‘That’s nice,’ said the voice…


It had been easy, for someone of my skill set that is.  I mean hacking into the hotel computer system was the easy part.  Selecting the right victim was more difficult.  But there he was.  The perfect victim.  You see controlling people is what I do,  Forcing people into situations where they have to obey then making them strip naked for me. Making them obedient.  And he was perfectly obedient.  I’m couldn’t wait to see how big his cock was and I couldn’t wait to put him on show.

I’d chosen well.  He had  a big one.


My face was burning, my knees were trembling, ‘Please Miss,’ I mumbled ‘will you let me out now please.’

‘Oh I don’t know.  Perhaps if you did a little dance for me.’

‘A dance.  I can’t dance Miss.  Please Miss.’

‘Oh I think you can.  If you want me to let you out that is.’

So I started to dance.  Naked in the elevator.  I had to.  I had to do as I was told.  It was the only way.  With goodness knows who watching.



My mouth opened wide as I stared up at the screen.  The large screen in the hotel lobby which usually showed a load of drivel advertising the various delights of the multinational hotel chain was showing something entirely different.  It was showing the inside of one of the elevators streamed from the hotel CCTV system and in the elevator we could see a naked man, and he was prancing around in what looked like some sort of mad dance.  Oh heck! I picked up the phone to call security.


Well, they’d called security.  I knew they would in the end so it was time for the denouement.  Quite a crowd had gathered in the lobby.  They were in for a treat.


‘Well done’

The disembodied voice seemed pleased with my efforts at dancing.

‘Thank you Miss.  will you let me out now please Miss.’

‘Of course…  oh…  and don’t put your clothes back on,  if you even start I’ll stop the lift and leave you there.’

‘No Miss.  I won’t Miss.’

‘Once the doors open you must get out immediately or I’ll close the doors again and leave you there.  And when you’re out you must shout “I’ve got a big cock.  I’ve got a big cock.  I’ve got a big cock.  That’s three times.  You must do that.  Do you understand?’

‘Yes Miss.  Of course Miss’

I had to do as I was told.  I had to.

The elevator started clunking down,  at last I would be free.  The doors opened and I had to do as I was told. I rushed out…


I switched to the CCTV for the lobby.  A good crowd had gathered.


I looked around the lobby at all the people watching.  They must have got the lift working again because it was on its way down.  Everyone was hushed wondering what would happen when the doors opened. And what did happen was something nobody expected.

He ran out the lift and just stood there naked, face bright red, legs trembling then…


I rushed out of the elevator.  People were staring.  Dozens of them.  Staring and laughing.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was nude, completely nude, and people were staring and laughing.

Then I remembered.  I had to do a I was told.

‘I’ve got a big cock…’ I shouted, ‘I’ve got a big cock… I’ve got a big cock…’


I looked as his cock.  Everyone looked at his cock… And he was right.

Submitted: August 19, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Another gem! You always make me laugh.

Fri, August 19th, 2022 11:08pm

Annabelle B

Great concept and idea! Poor Joe! He was totally trapped! It was a lose lose situation. Very hot in the blackmail!

Sun, September 18th, 2022 12:16am

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