Sisters In Law

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Raunchy sisters-in-law get their sexually straight in the bedroom hubby brother’s libidos in overdrive in a rest-room foursome.

We hit it off instantly. We hit on each other very soon after. It was mutual. It was skanky, slutty and sleazy, but we were bi girls, and we just knew it. The real buzz was that we were sisters-in-law and legal solicitors working in our husband’s family firm.

By a quirk of fate, we hadn’t attended each other’s weddings; Heather had married Brad while working in England, and I had married the eighteen months younger Leon while he was studying State-side.

Our guys, though, were straight with a wife, too straight at times; they were bedroom husbands, believing their wives didn’t possess anything resembling a slutty arsehole or even a polite anus. We were fartless angels.

Boy, did we two girls make up for the lost time when we finally met in the flesh in Sydney. Skank to skank seeking intuition. Well, at the randy heights of both being only twenty-four, very believable.

Anyway, it was a regular Monday morning in the firm; we had just had a quick feel-up of each other’s pussy and some butt fingering in the lady’s room before our luncheon date with our guys when for some reason, Heather got onto the topic of anal sex with our guys.

“Julia sweetie, I wish Brad would lick my arse even half as good as you do, but he just won’t go there.”

“Oh honey”, I replied to a gloomy-faced Heather, “Leon doesn’t even seem to know I have an accommodating backdoor.”

I added, “Yeah, such a pity for two good-looking brothers that they are so frickin straight in the bedroom, straighter than our lovely brunette hair, eh.”

“Mmm”, she responded, “Straighter than that prude, Judge Mc Coy, though getting off track: Does Leon’s dick curve because Brad’s has a wicked arch.”

I was trying to picture Brad’s unseen dick, clearly not confusing it with Leon’s slightly pointing to the left rigid boner, but nicely speary straight when it was in my pussy.

“We need to get them focussed on our buttholes,” I reminded her.

We were five and six months into married life and wifely anal virgins. Though not bi anal virgins, we made up for cock absence in our arseholes by wickedly overindulging every anal whim and demand of each other. Our butt plugs and dildos were getting longer and fatter way too quickly. We were bumhole addicts. We had to get our guy’s past thinking of us as angels without arseholes. I blamed their dad, who turned out to be a bigoted religious prude. You know the type, only screw their wife under the sheets and ransack arse in the whorehouse.

“Oh god, we’ll be late for lunch; let’s go,” Heather insisted.

Our guys waited politely for us at our reserved harbour side lunch table. They were a tight-knit pair of brothers and saw nothing unusual in our girly closeness. If only they knew.

We were half an hour late, and Brad and Leon wanted to know why the delay.

I thought, oh fuck this, let’s get these guys excited over something other than crayfish and a quality chardonnay.

“Heather and I had it off together,” I offered brazenly, roving my eyes between Leon to Brad.

The pair nearly choked on the oyster entrées they were enjoying.

“Oh, look, enough is enough; we both need some filthy action in our marriages, and we need it right now.”

Heather and I yanked Brad and Leon by their ties, urging them up. This was madness; where could we have a foursome immediately?

 Heather, a true bitch on heat, whispered to me and pointed at the restaurant's accessible restroom.

It wasn’t socially correct to occupy the disability facility, but it was an ample enough space for four. How we didn’t draw attention to ourselves, I suppose everyone was eating their lunch and minding their business stuffing oysters in their mouths.

My panties seeped moisture as I frisked; my oyster and starfish were a metre from a tongue stuffing.

Inside the accessible restroom, I realised how ideal for sex the location was. A large mirror for kinky perving and the handrails a degenerate slut’s godsend. Heather and I had some training to do, and the guys would be converts very quickly.

We sat them on the side bench and instructed them to watch. We know guys like to watch. And what is kinkier than to see your wife and your sister-in-law strip off and fondle each other’s tits? Well, the more nipple-to-nipple rubbing, it is divine.

Then we kissed each other deeply. Then fingered each other. But what got our boys, the brothers rubbing their groins, was when we took turns licking out each other’s arseholes in front of the enormous mirror—lewdly splayed so they could enjoy seeing it as a double image. Their dicks were out of their pants as we took turns gaping each other’s balloon knots and spitting deep into them.

If you’re going to get your man doing the dirty on what he thinks is a pristine angelic wife, it’s best to be absolutely base. Get him to realise he wants and has a whore as a wife. And she has a willing and constantly immediately available arsehole.

Heather made the call. She instructed Leon to lick her arsehole while Brad and I enjoyed it closely. I massaged Brad’s wickedly truly arched cock, our only concession, as we made a hubby watch his wife get her butt crack licked by his brother.

Leon, who hadn’t even rimmed my needy butthole with a finger in marriage, was like a dirty truffle hunting dog as he sniffed, licked and fingered his sister-in-law’s back door. What is it about guys and doing anything with another woman but not their own? We knew the sods rammed the massage parlour girls like their dirty old man.

Leon was nicely randy. We needed Brad on heat too. I gave him my arsehole to lick and tease while Heather watched. Here was her guy licking her sister-in-law’s cute butthole. He was pretty good. Though, to be honest, it doesn’t take much for a butt lover like me to enjoy her arse being pampered once the rimming starts.

The boys were ready. We girls were over-prepared. So, the two of us in the accessible loo were shagged by our boys, brothers, in front of each other. Dogged very nicely. Heather and I were pacing our guys to butt fucking heaven; only they didn’t know that yet.

It was too easy in the girly sex-released musky scented toilet to get the brothers to swap wives and root their sister-in-law. We had them on the floor, our pussies splayed over a new cock, riding reverse cowgirl, so our men and we could watch each other getting fucked.

Brad enjoyed pumping my pussy and glancing as Heather got a pummelling from his brother Leon. I happily watched Leon pound Heather, observe his eyes, and watch my pussy enjoy Brad’s dick. It was like the mating season for a pack of wild animals. Carnal carnivores, we were all so sexually voracious.

Our guys were delirious with pleasure, but the apex of bliss was still coming as we swapped over. Two prone cocks, our husbands now for each of us, were directed by the pair of us to stick their hard members straight into our needy waiting arseholes.

I had heard Heather scream under my anal ministrations, and equally, I had yelped uncontrollably under her dirty, heavyweight back crack play, but to be speared by Leon’s cock finally felt good. It was bloody fantastic. Worth the wait. I could see Heather’s tightness gripping Brad’s cock, and I squeezed Leon’s pecker. We had the constricted compressed cock play to lure our guys repeatedly to stab deep into our cracks and enjoy the knob poise at our tight rims.

The guys were groaning in newfound anal sex delight with their formally thought, pure wives. We both applied maximum constraint to their pricks; they wouldn’t look the same at us again.  Fartless angels consigned to history, she-devils with gawped buttholes their new desire.

We all embraced beautiful sodomy. We crafted delightful buggery. We were entrapped and flesh wrapped in stunning poop shooter filling.  Both our girly arses were ransacked. We were bum buffeted. Our wicked cracks were taunted to the cusp of complete baseness.

Of course, there is always a higher level of mutual defilement. We had let our guys lick their sisters- in- laws arses and enjoy a sweet fuck in their soft flex pussies, but to give your sister- in- laws arse to your husband in front of yourself, well, we just took the step.

Heather urged me, but I was thinking the slutty same.

Leon and Brad couldn’t believe their cocks luck as they got their sister- in- laws arsehole served warm, already nicely gaped by their brother. The boys groaned frickin loud. They had had their wife’s arsehole for the first time and were given another forbidden family arsehole to cream. Of course, they moaned. They were grunting. They were primal males in their anal burrowing. Two wild, near Neanderthal hulks thumping arse.

Brad was hammering my bum something fierce. I could see Heather holding on for dear life to a handrail like myself as her puckered crack was buffeted with fantastic speed.

God, I had waited for cock in my arse for months, and now I had had two peckers in the space of minutes. I was intent on enjoying every tight pushing jab and every held squeeze at my sensitive pucker rim. It was a genuinely great double-arse invasion I had got to enjoy: my husband and his brother.

Heather and I were both butt creamed at nearly the same time. The guys had done an excellent job for themselves and us too. There was a jizz surfeit puddling from both our sated cracks.

It only remained for our guy to lick our arses clean. Complicity is everything once you go beyond the pale. They happily slurped our butts like compliant bondage slaves.

Thank God for the hand driers; otherwise, it would have looked like the guys had sex in a public toilet. Their frickin pants were a mess—dirty guys. I mean, we girls had taken our dresses off.

We were all finally ready to eat when we exited the loo. And did we get a couple of dirty looks from the old pair waiting to assist each other into the facility as four healthy glowing young people in their twenties left the accessible toilet.

Lunch was insanely raunchy and full of sexual innuendo. After it, Heather and I instructed the guys to cancel appointments for the four of us for the afternoon. They were ordered to schedule a meeting with their dad. Yeah, Heather and I and the guys would bring their dad into the twenty-first century- with a Sodom and Gomorrah twist.






Submitted: August 17, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Another stunning good read ... always look forward to your next offering ... and you haven't let us down.

Wed, August 17th, 2022 6:45am


Wow unbelievably raunchy and delicious! How fortunate for two brothers to be hooked up with such sexy babes and finally realize how kinky they were!

Wed, August 17th, 2022 3:57pm

sweet lemon

Teamwork is a powerful thing
I loved this hot and dirty toilet romp.

Thu, August 18th, 2022 12:29am

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