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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Danny makes his girlfriend Cari prove that she loves him in the most humiliating and disgusting ways.

DO YOU LOVE ME?By dale10






Danny and his buddies liked their cunts young and beautiful and innocent. It  made it all more fun. Danny liked his cunts more if they were also dumb. Smart girls perhaps intimidated him, but a dumb twat, hungry to be loved and adored, was such fucking fun to destroy that it really turned him on.


“Do you really love me?” Danny pouted, in his sassy cute way. “I sometimes wonder. I have been betrayed by girlfriends before, you know.” It was all bullshit of course, just a way to get the cunt to eat out of his hand, or perhaps his ass.


“Of course I love you, Danny. More than anything in the world. You know that. I’d do anything for you Danny!”  Fuck she was beautiful and naïve and fucking dumb. Big innocent eyes, nice full cocksucker lips. He hadn’t even fucked her yet. He was going slow with this one, slowly humiliating and degrading her, without  her even  realizing it.


“Would you really, Cari, would you really do anything for me?  I need to know I can really trust you.” 


“Haven’t I done everything you asked? There’s stuff I was really afraid to do, but I do it for you to prove my love. Like when you said I shouldn’t wear a bra and panties anymore under my skirts and tops. That really freaked me out at first…”


“But you did it for me, I know, and you look so much hotter that way. I was right, wasn’t I?” 


“You’re always right, Danny. I was so innocent and shy when I met You. I came from that darn Catholic girls’ school, and my parents are so strict. You have taught me so much. I didn’t know anything about how a girl should treat her boyfriend.”

Her eyes glowed as she stared at her very first boyfriend, the boy she loved.


“And you look so much better with your skirts shorter like that. There is no need for your skirt to hang down more than two inches below your pussy. That way your beautiful legs show. And knowing your pussy is bare under there, makes me love you even more. You are so fucking pretty, Cari. I love you so much. And the same is true with that bra shit. It is gorgeous how your nipples show through your tee shirts. All of my buddies think you are so hot. I have the sexiest girlfriend in town!” He leaned in to kiss her and shoved his tongue into her mouth, sloshing his spit into it.  Yes, indeed. The bitch was coming along nicely.


He had not fucked her virgin cunt yet, no, not yet. When he did, it would be a prelude to a big fucking gangbang. She would never walk straight again, and she would probably end of pregnant. But that was still a long way off. There were other games to play with the innocent little cunt first.  He had just recently taught her how to suck his dick. Oh, she was scared to do it, scared and so shy. She had never even seen a dick before he had unzipped for her!  Her parents monitored everything she looked at on the internet. She could not believe how strange and mysterious his big fucking cock was. He had her handle it. Squeeze it and stroke it, and his big pendulous balls as well.


It was like the little bitch was hypnotized by his prick and nuts. Well, she was hypnotized by all of him, he was so tough and studly and cute.  He slowly taught her how to masturbate his dick and then how to kiss and lick it. And then how to lick his big ball sack. She held back at first. She didn’t like the sweaty smell of his dick and nuts, but he explained to her that girls learn to love the smell and want it all the time. At first he let her just kiss and lick the big mushroom head of his cock, and then slowly he would insert more and more of it in her mouth. He told her that good girls, who loved their boyfriends did that for them whenever they wanted it. Wide eyes, she told him she wanted to be a good girl for him. He took pictures of her with his cock in her mouth, and of course he shared them with all of his buddies. They all agreed, she was fucking hot, especially because she was so innocent and so fucking dumb.


She knew he took pictures of her with his dick in her mouth, and she complained that it was embarrassing and humiliating. He told her that they were just for him and a few close friends, so show how beautiful she was, and that she looked especially beautiful with his big juicy fuckmeat in her mouth. He liked to use really dirty language around her, because he could see how uncomfortable it made her. When she was sucking on his balls, he would ask her questions and make her try to answer with her pretty mouth full of nuts. He couldn’t wait to get her to eat his ass, but he had not gotten that far yet. One thing at a time. He could just imagine how degrading it would be for her to have to shove her tongue into his sweaty asshole and up into his rectum. He loved to have girls suck and eat his ass. He told his tough buddies that the rightful place for every cunt was with her face in a dude’s dick, nuts and asshole.


He was trying to get Cari to sleep over at the apartment he and four of his  buddies shared, but her parents were really watchful pricks. He was trying to get her to lie and say she was staying over at a girlfriend’s house. When he had her to himself for a whole night, she would sleep all night with her tongue up his shithole. If her tongue slipped out, she would be punished. Oh yes, he punished her if she was a “bad girl.” For example, when he shot his load in her mouth. She was not to swallow until he told her to. He liked to have her open her mouth and show him the lake of scummy sperm on her tongue and teeth. “Good girl,” he would say. Sometimes he made her gargle it before she was allowed to swallow. She didn’t like the taste, but he said good girls learned to love the taste more than any other flavor in the world. One time, when she was blowing him in the bedroom, while his buddies were watching tv in the living room, he had her go out and show all of them the cum floating in her mouth before swallowing. She cried and said she was so humiliated, but he said she was a real good girl and he was proud of her. All of his buddies said she was a real good girl too, so she guessed that Danny was right and it was a good thing to do. He explained to her that her own Mom probably swallowed her dad’s fuck sauce every night. She screwed up her pretty face and made a icky mouth…saying the thought of her parents doing that was gross and sick.  So, he laughed and explained in detail how her father probably shoved his big, wet dick in her mom’s mouth and skull fucked her. Cari didn’t know what skull fucking was, so Danny, being an excellent and loving boyfriend showed her, holding her by the ears while he fucked her face nice and hard.


But a cocksucker girlfriend was not enough for Danny. He would soon have to move on to cunt fucking and then asshole fucking. He could not wait. His goal was to totally fucking sexually ruin the dumb fucking bitch. He’d done it before, with other girls. He was really happy with the new abortion rules in various states, he just loved to get girls pregnant and then dump them. He had gotten over thirteen different girls pregnant. He and his buddies had contests to see who could get the youngest, prettiest and most innocent girls pregnant. Often of course, they shared a cunt. After the boy who was the girl’s current boyfriend got sick of her, he passed her on to his buddies. This would eventually happen to Cari… perhaps sooner than she realized. However, they would make sure that it all happened with plenty of humiliation and degradation both public and private. Getting a girl to get rid of her bra and panties was a big first step. The shy little bitch knew that when she sat down, if she spread her legs even a little, her pussy showed.


It had taken some effort, but Cari now loved it when Danny played with her pussy. She went nuts when he stuck a finger slightly in it, and when he rubbed her clit. He loved to make her orgasm that way, like a fucking slut in heat. She would soon become a slut in heat, he would see to that. No one had ever touched her like that before…not even a doctor. Danny did insist that she shave off the little hair she had on her cunt. He said he liked his girls to look young with bald pussies. She was really shy about that. She had even cried and protested that she didn’t’ want to shave off her few curly cunt hairs. Danny had helped out. He has shaved her pussy himself, taking great care to get her totally aroused while he did it. He saved her cunt hairs to show his buddies. She was mortified when for a few days, all of his friends called her “baldy.”


Then he told her he had to check to see if she had any hair around her asshole. She refused until he asked, “Don’t you love me?  Good girls do that for their boyfriends if they love them.” So, she had to kneel with her ass up and spread her cheeks for him. He only found two or three little hairs right around the asshole ring, but he plucked them out. He took some pictures of her that way to share with his buddies too…and with a few strangers on the internet as well. “My Girlfriend’s cunt and asshole,” he labelled the pictures.


But now, it was time to step up the game. To take things to the next level. She would now perform for eight of his buddies. At first she would refuse and make a fuss and cry. He might even have to threaten to break-up with her, calling her uncaring and not really in love with him. He might go for a day or two without answering her calls, but two days would be all she could stand, and she would come begging him to take her back.


“ONLY IF YOU ABSOLUTELY PROVE YOU REALLY LOVE ME!” he would pout, tears in his eyes, mumbling how much he loved her and needed her.


She hung her head, her beautiful hair cascading over her face. “I’ll do anything you want Danny, you know that.”


And what Danny wanted was pretty fucking perverse and disgusting and degenerate.


It would be private little show Cari would put on for Danny’s eight best friends. He told Cari that many of them didn’t currently have girlfriends and were really lonely.  There would be an armchair for her to sit in, and the guys would sit in eight hard backed chairs in a half-circle around her. She sat in the next room. dressed in only a white terry-cloth robe, naked beneath.  She could not control her trembling. She had asked him several times if she had to go through with this horrible thing.


“Do you love me? Do you want to be a good girl and prove it?” he responded. She was crying pretty hard now. It somehow made her even more desirable.


“You know I love you. But what you want me to do is so dirty! It’s sinful.”


“Why because I want to share your wonderful innocent beauty with my friends? I am proud of how beautiful you are. There is nothing dirty or wrong with that. But maybe you don’t trust me, and perhaps you are not mature enough for a relationship with me.”


She became desperate. “No, please, I love you, Danny. I trust you. I’ll do whatever you want.”


He held her soft, small face in his hands and looked into her eyes. “I’ll talk you through the whole thing. Just listen to my voice and ignore everything else. If you love me, just listen to my voice and follow my instructions.” 


He gently pushed poor, dumb, innocent, beautiful Cari through the door into the next room. The air was thick with the smell of pot. The room was dark except for a large spotlight focused on the armchair. A terrified Cari stood there in the terry-cloth robe.


“Gentlemen, may I present my girlfriend Cari!” Danny announced. She stood trembling in the spot light. The eight guys in the room whistled and applauded.

“Cari, take off your robe for us!” Danny said in a low, purring voice.


For the poor Catholic girls’ school student, it was a life changing moment. Nobody understood her like Danny did. Nobody loved her like Danny did. She wanted to be a good girl. She slowly undid the sash belt and opened the robe. The boys in the room gasped at her beautiful nudity. Their eyes went right down to her hairless cunt, and then to her still budding tits. What a fucking piece of work. There was not a flaccid cock in the room.


“Take off the robe, Cari,” Danny repeated, and she slid it from her shoulders and dropped it on the floor, now standing totally naked. She felt so vulnerable. So humiliated, but she was doing it for love. For Danny. “Good girl,” he said. Now slowly turn around so my buddies can see your wonderful ass.”  Oh God, did other girls have to do this for their boyfriends? Danny said they did. She felt weak and dizzy, as she turned around. The guys hooted and whistled, but they were drunk and high.


“Good girl. Now sit in the chair, Cari. Sit nice and straight.  Now push your tits out as far as you can. Give us a good look at your titties.” She was showing her breasts to eight boys. Before this only Danny had ever seen them.  It felt horrible. “Now, come on, my girl, you can push your tits out farther than that. Really get those udders out there.”  He had called her breasts udders! How degrading.  But Danny had warned her that many guys like to use vulgar language with their girlfriends. He even made her call her vagina her cunt for him. He often told her what a pretty cunt she had. “Good girl, Cari, now shake those milk jugs for us. Give those tits a nice shake! Don’t be shy. Let’s see those fuckers wobble!”


She moved her shoulders so her breasts wobbled a bit. “You can do better than that. Shake those titties, honey, prove how much you love me.” She shook her tits for eight animalistic horny boys. She felt like such a slut. She had heard about girls who dance in bars and shake themselves. Was she a slut for doing this for her boyfriend? But she loved him so much.


“All right, my sweet love. My one and only girlfriend.  You are doing so well. Isn’t she doing a great job, guys?” The horny boys cheered. Most of the boys in the dark were rubbing their swollen dicks. A few had actually already taken their  zippers down. The boyish fuck-need was building.


“Now, baby, let concentrate for a minute on your beautiful nipples. Your tits are not the best yet, probably ‘cause they are still budding, but your nipples are first class all the way. “Sweet Jesus, Danny was talking about her nipples in front of his eight buddies.  “My buddies have all seen your nips through your tee shirts and halter tops, but now they get to see them in the flesh. The lush rosy brown tint of your perfect puffy nipples.” Cari closed her eyes, but the tears rolled down her cheeks. She didn’t know how much more of this she could stand.


“Okay sweetheart. I want you to take a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and I want you to pull your nipples as far out from your chest as you can. Really pull them out, until your tits are stretched. “


“I…I don’t think I can, Danny. I’m sorry but I just don’t think…” 




Almost sobbing, she pulled her rubbery brown nipples out painfully, which made them grow hard. “Look at those puckered titty-tips, boys. Look at her nipple nubs!” Danny fairly shouted. Poor Cari prayed that it would soon be over. She  pinched and  pulled at the tips of her tits for Danny, for her boyfriend.


“That’s my girl. That’s my beautiful girlfriend. I love you Cari. “


“I love you too,” she cried, her tits standing out perky and erect. A dull thumping could be heard in the room as some of the boys began to beat their meat. The sound of ball sacks slapping the seats could also be heard. Jeans were now around ankles.


All right, Cari, now I want you to slowly spread your legs for us. Nice and slow, like you are a famous pop star.


“But, but Danny, they’ll all see my you know what. That is private just for you.” She was shaking badly now, her tits dancing all by themselves.


“Yes, that is private just for me, but I share everything with my best friends. I trust them, and I want you to trust them too. Spread your legs, Cari. Don’t make me lose my patience.”


With a hug sob, that made the whole thing more exciting, little Cari spread her legs, giving the eight horny hunks a look at her virgin pussy.


“Gentlemen, may I proudly present Cari’s Cunt!  Cari’s virginal cunt!”


“Please, don’t do this to me. Please, please don’t do this to me…” but it was already too late. They were masturbating and staring at Cari’s hairless cunt, which was still mostly an untapped slit with two puffy lips.


“Good girl, Cari, such a good girl.  Now, sweetheart, I want you to hook one leg over each arm of the armchair!” Danny knew what he was doing. He was an expert at this. With her legs over the arms…not only would her cunt be visible, but her cunt would be open as well. Those tight little lips would part, showing all the boys her most intimate place. Slowly, one leg at a time, she complied, and the flower of her youthful beauty opened. Surely this proved her love for Danny.


“Good girl. Now Scoot down just a bit, keeping your legs over the arms…just scoot down. There, now we can see both your beautiful hot little cunt and your asshole! Look at Cari’s asshole, boys! Isn’t she a fucking slut? A dumb, fucking slut!”


Cari knew that Danny didn’t really mean those nasty words. He was just using them to appeal to his buddies. He had warned her about that. “Look at those fucking unused cockholes, boys! This bitch was made to take dick!”


Of course, sadistic Danny knew that within a month or two, Cari would be pregnant, not knowing which of dozens of boys who would have fucked her by then was the father. Oh yes, he was going to make sure she was well fucked.

Well fucked in all three cockholes, and totally degraded and humiliated so she would be terrified to ever go out in public again.

Now, some of the boys began to take photos with their cameras. They needn’t have, because Danny was video-taping the whole show. It would go out on the internet with Cari’s full name and information. He would make damned sure her parents would throw her out of their home, partly by sending the video to her younger brother. But not right away. There was too much other fun, still to be had.


Flashes on phone went off. “Oh God, no, they are taking pictures…” Cari  screamed and started to close her legs.


‘KEEP THOSE FUCKING LEGS SPREAD!” Danny snapped, sounding harsher than she ever remembered him being. She spread her legs wider to please him, and her cunt opened even more. But he was not satisfied.


“We can’t see just how beautiful you are, honey. Tell you what. Reach down and with the fingers of each hand, just spread your cunt lips for us, okay?”


“I…I can’t, Danny. I love you, honest to God I do, but I can’t do this…”


“Sure you can, Baby. Just remember, someday soon, when we are married and I am your husband, I’ll be spreading your cunt lips, and I’ll be fucking you down there with my huge dick. So just pretend it’s me doing it…. come on now, spread your cunt lips.”  It was like he totally owned her…totally controlled her. With her dainty little fingers, she peeled back her cunt lips and spread them, showing the pink inner cunt.


“JESUS, FUCK!” one guy in the audience said and shot his fuck slop all over the place.


“Wider, honey…a little wider for us. Show us pink!  That a girl. Next week, we are going to have to use a speculum, so we can really get it open.”



Submitted: August 15, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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EXCELLENT story beginning! These kinds of stories are always some of your best. I hope it continues.

Mon, August 15th, 2022 1:09pm


Great one ????

Mon, August 15th, 2022 8:45pm

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