Chapter 6: A race for love

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Lloyd Spenser sat in his office, watching the clock. The room was quiet and the atmosphere tense. Lloyd, Jack, and Valerie had all received texts from Karen that morning.

"Meet me in Lloyd's office at 5 p.m. and everything will be taken care of." 

At five after five, Karen came into the office, tipsy. She has obviously been drinking quite a bit.

"Okay, people, here's how we're going to make all the bad stuff go away," she said. "First of all, Lloyd, you need some fucking help There's nothing wrong with a little kinky sex but you need to draw the line before you go to far on the dark side."

"I've already set up sessions with a therapist," said Lloyd. "And I've decided to postpone my political aspirations for a couple years."

"Good! That's good," said Karen, and then she turned to Valerie.

"Val, you're so hot any man or woman would love to fuck you, but I know you're straight. I know because I would give anything to taste you but you've turned me down enough to know that you like dick."

"But, you need to give up the club life and learn to live within your means. Your addiction to gambling is as bad as your Dad's addiction to eatng pussy. He's pretty good with his tongue, by the way." 

"You have a great oppourtunity with Jack. He's decent, good looking and I think he really cares for you. Think about that, Val."

Then Karen turned to Jack.

"And you, Jack, need to get your head out of your ass and see Val for the sweet girl she really is. The sex at the club is all fake. Yeah, we kiss a lot but everything else is pretend; there's no real tongue and pussy contact. Trust me, if there was, I would have eaten Val every night."

"Now, here's where I help everybody," she said.

I was married in Albuquerque so I have my ex's name, Caine. But my maiden name was Wolford. My brother came here with me because he was involved in a hit and run accident. He hit a kid on a bike. The kid is fine but there is a warrant out for my brother for leaving the accident."

"My brother is Steve Wolford, who now goes by the name of Steve Wolfe. So you can tell him that you know about his past and he will never talk about Lloyd's nasty habit. Or you can have him arrested and put in jail and hope he doesn't spill the beans for spite. It's your call."

Lloyd turned to his asssitant. "Bonita, call the police and have them come after Steve right away." Then he turned to Karen.

"And what about you, Karen?"

"I'm going back to Albuquerque and start over. Maybe I'll get a job at a strip club there, maybe not. But you won't hear anything from me in the future. I love Val too much to cause trouble for her or her family.

Later, as everyone had emptied the room, Jack and Valerie stood holding hands.

"Wall, this is awkward," he said, squeezing her hands.

"Yeah," she whispered. "Would you like to come over to my place? I really need to have my tag tucked?"

They giggled as they headed to her place.

Submitted: August 14, 2022

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.


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Begrudgingly I'll let Karen off the shit list, still mad at her though.
Go Val, go get your tag tucked, girl : )

Sun, August 14th, 2022 7:48pm


lol, thanks again for reading, Nite. You're the best.

Sun, August 14th, 2022 6:05pm


It was a great story, I enjoyed it : )

Mon, August 15th, 2022 1:37am


Thanks - I decided to try something with sex but not focused on the sex, just to see how it would turn out.

Are you going to write the story you mentioned, or adjust the theme or something? I'd love to read your version.

Loved your poems and thanks for sharing.

Mon, August 15th, 2022 7:28am

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