Dirk gets more humiliated

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A follow-up to "Dirk the Cute Straight Drinking Buddy."

Dirk, a gorgeous 27 year old man, is in a real pickle. He has agreed to allow his gay friend to play with his body (Dirk says he is straight). The gay friend, Doug, has done just that for the last three hours.

However, Doug is not satiated. He has extreme humiliation tendencies, and he has his beautiful friend Dirk NAKED in his apartment. Doug is not ready to call it a night. But he IS ready to make a few phone calls......

Doug called his very gay male friend Taylor, clandestinely. "Get over here, and bring anyone we both know. I'm gonna tie him up."

Taylor laughed. "On it.OH WOW. I'll bring beer."

Dirk was the object of lust for many, male and female, at the bar called The Banana, where Doug, Taylor, Dirk and others regularly hung out. No one in the bar had ever seen Dirk naked.

Until now.

Doug said to the nude, exhausted Dirk: "OK, man, time to go to the bedroom."

Dirk gasped. "You cannot be serious, Doug."

Doug was stern. "You agreed to be tied up. Let's go."

Dirk was naked. He was embarrassed. He said, "No."

Doug said nothing. He merely gathered Dirk's clothing (including his keys and cell phone and ID) and whisked it away to a back room closet. Dirk protested. "Dougie, please don't do this."

Doug returned, triumphant. "Get up, get to the bedroom. You stripped there this morning. I've already prepared the bed."

Dirk meekly stood up, naked. His penis and balls were drained, but they hung down pretty low. Doug ogled.

Dirk's big, footballer ass jiggled as he moved. His big tits stood out firmly. Dirk had a well-trimmed beard, porcelain skin with no body art, bushy armpits, nice pubes, and long flowing black hair almost to his shoulders. He looked like one of those cover models on airport paperbacks with his shirt removed. Except now, EVERYTHING WAS REMOVED.

Dirk had a huge penis and balls. He was circumsised.

Dirk had already cum all over himself in the last three hours, and this had humiliated him greatly. Dirk claimed to be straight, but he had succumbed to his friend Doug's attention to his naked body almost instantly, and continually.

Doug had enjoyed his control of this hunk but he was not done. His humiliation fetish was now at full throttle. He was going to humiliate the naked Dirk now in front of others.

"Go on," barrked Doug. "To the bedroom."

Dirk covered his massive junk with his hands. "Dougie-----"

"Don't Dougie me, Dreamy Dirk," laughed Doug. "To the BEDROOM. Lemme see that big ass flex."

Dirk almost sobbed. He was so naked. His friend had basically ate his body all night, and now he wanted more! And what was that phone call about?

Dirk felt very humiliated. Amd Doug had hidden his clothes!

Dirk wandered into Doug's bedroom, naked. He saw that four neckties had been tied to the four poster bed.

Dirk gulped. Then Doug smacked his ass, hard.

"Get on the bed," Doug commanded. "On your stomach."

Dirk reluctantly plopped on the bed. He thought, at least I can cover my penis.

Dirk was alarmed to see that neckties had been tied to all corners of the four poster bed.

He became more alarmed when Doug used these ties to tie Dirk's wrists and ankled to the bed.

I am naked, thought Dirk. I have been naked all night. And now I am naked and helpless.

Oh, shit, thought Dirk.

Then, Doug began to fondle Dirk's ass. Then he began to spank it. Lightly, at first, then hard.

Dirk's fulsome butt was quite spankable. It became pink, then as Doug treated it as bongo drums, it became quite red.

THWACK THWACK THWACK. Doug began to fret about the neighbors, then he just didn't care.

THWACK, THWACK, THWACk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dirk's footballer ass wobbled sexily. THWACK!!!!!!!!!!  Doug fingered Dirk's hole. Dirk moaned. "Oh, no," he groaned.

Doug again found Dirk's precious prostate gland. He touched it gently. "Dougieeeeeeeeeee," said Dirk.

Doug smiled, marvelling at just how hard he could get over and over in one day.

It was Dirk's naked body. It was such a great, grreat, naked male body. Doug noticed that Dirk's ears and neck were red.

This pleased Doug.

Doug's buzzer rang. "Company!" Doug sang out.

"Noooooooooooo," yelled Dirk.


The buzzer rang again. "My, they're impatient to see a naked man, aren't they?" Doug chuckled. Dirk squirmed and mightily tried to free himself, to no avail.

Doug left the bedroom, closed the door,and then he buzzed in his guests.

The new (eager) arrivals:

Taylor, a gay 25 year old man, dressed in a Hedwig T-shirt and jeans.

Tad, a straight 30 year old man, dressed in his work clothes: shirt and tie, black pants. Tad is a bartender.

Gina, a 25 year old likable lush party girl, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans.

Page, a 35 year old lesbian wearing a tank top and shorts.

Taylor has brought beer. Doug thanks him and puts the suds in the fridge, after everyone helps themselves to one.

"Where is he?" Taylor asks, rather breathlessly.

"In the bedroom, tied up," Doug replied. "Ive been spanking him, so you'll notice his ass is red. Wait ttl you see Dirk's ass. It is incredibly sexy. And it's bigger than you might think. Those baggy pants and sweats he wears don't even give a hint."

Gina giggled. "Is Dirk REALLY naked?"

Doug laughed. "He sure is really naked. He's on his stomach now. We'll play with him that way and then roll him over."

Page snorted. "What an idiot."

Tad drank and drawled: "This is kind of wild. What is his state of mind?"

Doug mused. "I'd say, FRANTIC. Also humiliated and nervous and embarrassed and quite nude."

Everyone laughed. Page yelled out, "HI DIRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

They all heard a rather strangled moan. They laughed again.

"Well, let's go in," suggestted Doug.

"This is hilarious," commented Tad.

"I am going to see Dreamy Dirk naked," Gina said, airily.

"Calm down, girl," giggled Page, although she too was looking forward to pulling Dirk down a notch. She thought him kind of conceited, even with his awshucks clothing and self-deprecating manner. If anything, she'd have a fun story to tell her friends.

Inside the bedroom, Dirk heard them approach. He had recognized a few of the voices. Dirk was horrified to realize, in particular, that Page was going to see him naked. Ditto Taylor.

Dirk thought, this can't be happening to me. Maybe Tad will help me. He's straight. Dirk's ass glowed and he felt it. Dirk writhed and squirmed. Doug had tied him up tight. There was no way to escape.

Dirk heard the doorknob being turned. His heart sank. He was so embarrassed, naked and humiliated, and it was now about to get worse.

The door opened and the gang entered. There were immediate gasps from all of them except Doug, who, after all, had seen Dirk naked and cumming for the last three hours or so.

This did not mean Doug was bored. Quite the contrary. His humiliation fantasy was now Oscar-winning.

The first thing said was by Page: "Oh, look, the brunette Fabio is buck naked and SPANKED." She took out her phone.

They ALL took out their phones.

Doug allowed it.

It was futile to deny this in 2022.

Gina all but screamed: "Holy shit, he has a build! Look at his back! Wow!"

Taylor just stared, taking all this in. He could not believe what he was seeing. Dirk Davis had the body of death. And he was completely naked and tied to a bed on his stomach. Dirk's ass was large, ghost white except for obvious spanking redness courtesy of Doug, and meltingly masculine. It had a deep crevice and appeared to be completely hairless. Taylor wanted to eat it right then and there, companions be damned.

Dirk squirmed but tried to retain some small measure of dignity, realizing the more he squirmed, the more they'd get views of his scrotum and, horrifyingly, possibly his anus.

"Releae me now," Dirk conjured up strongly.

He was instantly greeted with derisive laughter.

"Should I RELEASE him?" asked Doug, in a taunting manner.

"You cannot be serious," responded Taylor, who was taking pics a mile a minute.

"Nah," said Tad. "Leave him  be. His ass is really red." Tad laughed. "Let his ass cool off."

Dirk was chagrined and he decided to beg. "Tad, man," Dirk said, rather tortuously, "help me out here. I mean, you're straight. This could be you."

Tad laughed. "Not a chance, man. I'd never put myself in this position. Besides, from what I've heard, you've been here since nine o'clock. I was working my ass off and here YOU are showing off your damn NAKED self. Doug, you got anything stronger than beer? I had a long shift."

Doug immediately responded. "Follow me, Tad. Guys, we'll be right back. Don't untie him. The night is still young."

Gina giggled. "We will NOT be untying him."

Taylor sternly intoned: "Absolutely. But we WILL be turning him over."

'NOT UNTIL WE GET BACK," Doug instructed. "It will take ALL OF US to turn him over."

Dirk yelled, "UNTIE ME NOW!!!"

Doug and Tad strolled to Doug's hidden stash of booze.

Tad commented,  "I think Dirk is upset."

Doug replied, "Well, maybe. He has ejaculated at least four times while you were working."

Tad chuckled.

"Wonder if we can make it five?" he said.

Doug opened a cabinet. Tad whistled. "Wow," he said.

"Anything you want, man," said Doug, looking the blonde, wiry Tad over. Doug wondered why more guys didn't lust after Tad. Tad was rather hot, very funny, and a great drinking companion.

"Uh, can I have a shot of Johnny Walker Blue?" Tad meekly asked. "I've never tasted it."

"Sure," said Doug, retrieving the bottle and handing both it and a clean glass to Tad.

Tad gingerly poured a bit of the ultra-expensive scotch. "Tad," chided Doug. "Pour yourself A SHOT."

Tad giggled, an appealing sound, and poured a little more. He placed the bottle on the counter. "Thanks."

"Anytime," said Doug, pouring himself a hefty dollop of Johnny Walker Blue. He put the bottle back in the cabinet. "Now let's take our drinks and have some fun with Dreamy Dirk."

Tad chuckled. "Yeahhhh. Let's do it to him. I think I'll spank him myself a bit, if you don't mind."

Doug laughed. "Not at all."

The young men walked back to the bedroom, drinks in hand. Not only one of them was turned on.

Dioug and Tad re-entered, to the sight of Gina caressing the obviously mortified naked Dirk's glorious ass.

"It's so smoooth, soft but firm, white, male, and big," Gina shared. "The crack is real deep. And the redness is fading."

"Not for long," belllowed Tad. Page laughed. "Spank him, Tad."

Dirk yelled, "You guys, enough! Haven't you embarrassed me enough?"


Dirk was flabbergasted. His drinking buddies were seeing him naked and humiliating him. Dirk shook his pretty head back and forth, his luxurious locks flowing about, his body quivering as Gina fondled his buttocks.

"Gina, girl, allow me," Dirk heard Tad say. "It is time to open up the big valley."

Gina giggled and Dirk felt very apprehensive as her gentle hands left his exposed, masculine, vulnerable ass.

Tad slurped his drink, put it down on a table, and then merely YANKED OPEN Dirk's ass globes, exposing Dirk's extensively manly asshole. Tad had big hands; this took seconds to accomplish. Tad pulled Dirk's ass cheeks open and kept them open in the brightly lit room for all to see, ogle, and mock.

"There ya go, guys," laughed Tad. "Take a look at THIS."

"Oh my God," said both Taylor and Page. Taylor blurted, "I am looking at Dirk Davis' BUTTHOLE."

Page jeered, "You'd think the brunette Fabio would have hair there. I don't see no hair in his crack."

Gina laughed. "Oh, Page." 

"Maybe he shaves it," chuckled Tad, spreading the nude man's cheeks even wider, to the point where Dirk's big rosebud began to stretch itself even more obscenely open, exposing a bit of pink. And the naked Dirk felt every bit of new exposure of his anus; he was shocked at what Tad was doing to him and how much of him was being exhibited this way in front of his drinking pals  How would he ever be able to stroll into the Banana as if none of this had ever happened? They all knew what he looked like naked..

Doug said nothing. He glanced aat Dirk's face, what he could see of it. Dirk buried his gorgeous, bearded face into the pillow. His long hair concealed a lot of his reddened complexion, but not all of it. It was clear Dirk was blushing like a fire engine. Doug got an erection and pulled his sweater down more to conceal it, even though he had pants on, unlike the unfortunate, very naked Dirk.

Dirk screamed. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO." He whimpered in shame.

Gina yelled, "You're showing his asshole!"

Tad laughed lasciviously, "Yeah. Quite a mancave, isn't it?

Doug responded. "It is. I spelunked it previously."

Tad did not miss a beat. "Did you leave any tools in there?"

Doug laughed. "I don't think so. Why don't you find out?"

Tad chuckled. "I think I will."

Page snorted. "I hope the cave is clean."

Dirk groaned with horror and severe humiliation, and then he felt a finger go into his hole. And it was unmistakably a man's finger, while girls were observing Dirk's anus being shown and examined.

"There's a LOT of room here," said Tad. "My girlfriend's is nothing like this. She's a bungalow. THIS is a condominium."

Doug laughed. "Well, the condo has been visited several times."


Dirk tried to will himself out of existence. Then Tad not only fingered him, he began to spank him as well.

Tad said to Doug, "Hey, man, come here and keep these babies spread wide while I spank him. I only have two hands and one of them is in his hole."

"Sure thing," laughed Doug.

Dirk protested, with real anguish. "TAD. COME ON, MAN. DOUGGGGGGGGGGGIEEEEEEEEE."

Doug took over with the assignment of spreading Dirk's naked ass. He pulled it open as far as possible. Both hands now free, Tad spanked harder and stuck another finger inside Dirk. Doug was a little taken aback at how much Tad was clearly enjoying playing with the naked Dirk's ass. Tad had a huge grin on his cute face. Doug imagined what the 6 foot tall, very blonde Tad looked like without his clothes. Another project!




The drinking budddies smoked the joint, except for the naked Dirrk, who was tied up on the bed.

"I still can't get over how BUILT he is," remarked Gina. "Why on earth does he cover this up with those baggy outfits?"

"He's, uh, bashful," teased Doug. "Can't you tell?"

Dirk was NAKED.

Gina giggled. 

Tad continued to spank Dirk's voluptuous ass, but he found a minute to take a big hit from the joint.

Then he thwacked Dirk again, hard.

"OWWWWW, FUCKKKKKK," yelled Dirk. He was really getting perturbed.

Everyone drank and smoked. It was now approaching 2 in the morning.

Tad dug his fingers into Dirk's asshole. Page asked, sincerely, "Lord, Tad, you sure you're heterosexual?"

Tad laughed. "I am. I just love a good prank."

Page rolled her eyes. "You sure do. So do I. Let me have a feel."

Doug was amazed. Lesbians and straight guys probing Dreamy Dirk's butthole! This was humiliation at its zenith.

Dirk did not think so. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," he moaned.

Page put a finger into Dirk's asshole. Along with Tad, they wriggled their digits around in the fleshiness of the unhappily naked man. They enjoyed watching Dirk's gyrations, especially the added scrotum exposure,  and noticed he was beginning to perspire. Little beads of sweat on his back, and under his arms. Deliciious.

Doug told Taylor to take over the task of holding open Dirk's buttcheeks. "I have to make a pit stop," he explained. Taylor almost knocked Doug over in his replacement duties. Doug chuckled. Taylor pulled Dirk's juicy mancheeks apart even wider. More pink was exposed, even with the fingers being inserted. Dirk's enormous scrotum was flopping about rather obscenely. Taylor wanted to suck it.

Dirk's penis came into view as well, but not as much as his asshole and scrotum, given the position he was in. The penis remained mostly hidden underneath at this point. Everyone knew this would soon change, so they were not in a hurry. They were focused on Dirk's magnificent, sculptured ass, and his intimate hole. And his humiliation.

Doug went to the cupboard, believing Dirk was in good hands back in the bedroom. He took out two bottles: Smirnoff Vodka and Wild Turkey. He strolled back into his bedroom, grabbing a package of party cups on the way. If anyone wanted ice, they knew where to find it.


He re-entered his bedroom, which was now odiferous with weed.

Dirk was in the same position: NAKED, tied up, spread eagle, Taylor holding Dirk's ass cheeks very wide open, Tad and Page fingering Dirk's asshole. Gina taking pics with herr phone and smoking the joint, sharing the joint with Tad between Tad's spanks.

Dirk was perspirring, but not profusely. It was embarrassment sweat, and it was enticing to see. Dirk's ass was getting red again, and his neck and face were as well. He was moaning incoherently, and writhing, naked.

After settting down the bounty of booze, Doug took a few more pics himself. No one seemed to mind. Well, maybe Dirk would have, if he could have seen. But Dirk's glorious head was buried in the pillow out of his shame. His beautiful Lord Byron hair spread lushly on the pillow and shook with Dirk's quivering.


Dirk began to think: I have to geet out of this. I have never been so exposed. They are taking pictures of me naked. I have to get out of this

Then Doug announced: "OK, gang.It's time to turn him over."

Dirk yelled in protest at the top of his lungs:


In Dirk's mind were these thoughts on a loop: They can't turn me over. They can't turn me over. Please no, don't turn me over. They will see my penis. They will see my balls. They will make fun of my large nipples. They can't turrn me over. They just can't. I'm naked, naked, naked. THey've all seen me naked and taken pics. THey'll show these pics. Everytime I walk into the Banana, everyone will know what I look like naked. The customers, the owners, the staff, everyone. I will be on the internet naked. Everyone I know  is going to know what I look like NAKED. Children will know what I look like NAKED. It's not fair. They can't turn me over.


Doug came in his pants. He'd have to do laundry tomorrow.

"OK, gang," said Doug. "It will take all of us to untie him and turn him over, and then tie him up again."

Tad chimed in: "Untie his wrists first. Then everybody grab him. We'll take it from there."

Dirk yelled. "FUCK YOU, TAD."

Everyone was determined to make this successful. First, Dirk's wrists were untied. Dirk tried mightily to regain control of his situation, but he was completely stymied.

The gang flipped the naked Dirk over. His legs were untied and then just as quickly retied, rendering Dirk spread-eagle, this time on his back.

Initial comments:

Gina: "My God. His dick. Dirk has a huge dick."

Tad: "Dude got abs."

Page: "Those are the largest nipples I have ever seen on a man."

Doug: "You can still see his asshole."

Taylor: "He is stunning. That scrotum is scrumptious. And look at those armpits. Yum."

Dirk screamed: "SHUT UP!!!!!"

Many pics were taken. And Dirk could see them being taken. "PLEASE STOP TAKING PICS," he begged. More pics were taken. The gang knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Many of them also realized they'd be self-pleasuring to these photos.

Tad then began to tickle Dirk's feet.

"Ahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa," exclaimed the naked Dirk.

More pics. Dirk's asshole became more exposed as he wriggled naked on the bed, his legs already spread, and now splayed more open with his tickling spasms.

The girls grinned at each other. Page said, "I'll take the right."

Gina laughed. "I'll take the leftt."

The girls attacked Dirk's spread open armpits, vulnerable, masculine, lightly moist with his humiliation sweat.

They tickled him fiercely.


It was 3 a.m.

Doug decided to put on music to cover up Dirk's hysterical noises. He selected a jazz radio station, but kept it fairly low. He knew a neighbor played this station late at night, so Doug thought this a safe choice.

Then Doug went to town on Dirk's naked chest, specifically, his ribs.

"Haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, nooooooooooooooo."

Taylor wasn't going to be left out. He began to caress Dirk's flawless abs and tug on Dirk's huge erect nipples. He also treated himself to another exploration of Dirk's butthole.


No one touched Dirk's huge cock and balls. They merely watched as the penis became enormously, angrily erect, and the scrotum changed shape before their bulging eyes.


The drinking buddies laughed. They smoked weed and drank in between gropes.

THIS was a party.

"I'm going to peeeeeeeeeeeeee," said the naked Dirk, shrilly.

"Taylor, you know where the towels are," said Doug. "Do you mind?"

"On it," said Taylor, taking his fingers out of the nude Dirk's rectum.

Tad felt that Dirk's asshole should not be left private, so he stopped tiickling Dirk's right foot and put his fingers into Dirk's warm, clean, private rosebud, and wriggled his fingers around.

Dirk shrieked with indignation. Doug turned up the music a notch.


Taylor returned with four clean, fluffy towels, and a washcloth wet with soap. Taylor was FAST.

Taylor put the towels on a chair and then resumed playing with Dirk's naked body. This time, he went for the penis. He wanted to see it pee.

So Dirk, NAKED, was being tickled by:

Gina and Page on his armpits.

Doug on his ribs and engorged nipples.

Taylor on his penis and balls.

Tad on his feet and asshole.


It was too much for Dirk. He began to pee on himself. It was not a huge blast of urine, but a consistentt, embarrassing trickle. It landed on Dirk's magnificent torso, mostly, but a few drops hit the ticklers. Pics were taken, of course.

"UNTIE ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!" screeched the naked Dirk, as he urinated on himself in public.

The drinking buddies laughed.

When Dirk had finished pissing himself, Doug calmly said, "Clean up n aisle one."

Dirk was mopped clean and scrubbed of his pee, but he remained tied up naked to the bed. Dirk was furious. He was crimson from his forehead down to his gargantuan nipples, which were viivid with arousal.

Dirk's penis remained rigid and his balls were tightened.

Everyone knew what was to come next. They continued to tickle the naked Dirk, but the tickling now became slower,  in a deliberate, erotic, teasingly intimate manner.

Dirk's eyes blinked with humiliation and shame. He moaned. He knew the buddies wanted him to ejaculate for them. "I cannot do this, they will take pics," Dirk kept thinking. "Pics of me cumming, NAKED."

Tad again located Dirk's prostate gland. Doug, realizing this by the grimace on Dirk's beautiful bearded face, thought, I really do not think Tad is a straight man.

Tad winked at Doug. Tad knew Doug wanted to see him naked one day. Tad liked Doug's style. He'd consider an offer if Doug approached him.

Dirk writhed, naked, exposed, absolutely humiliated. Five people playing with his nude body, teasing it, enjoying its exposure, was agonizingly embarrassing. Dirk had lost control of himself, and this was not cool to him. It did not fit his personality, he thought. He was always in charge of things, usually.

Taylor began to twist the big fleshy knob that was Dirk's spectacular cockhead. It was all Taylor could do to restrain himself from sucking it. But Taylor would not do that in front of his friends. A bit much. But he sure wanted to.

Dirk groaned. He could not withstand this onslaught. The girls teased his armpits, grinnning. Dirk could see their grins. Their grins were evil to Dirk. Dirk writhed, and moaned. Taylor abusing his urethra was excruciating as well.

Doug tickled Dirk's ribs. Dirk vowed that he would never speak to Doug again but he didn't really believe that, especially after Doug made his way upt to Dirk's right nipple and said the word "cherry."

Tad, a straight guy (!) fingered Dirk's ass. And he did it skillfully.

Tad noticed that Dirk did indeed possessed two little black ass hairs. One was larger than the other. Tad pulled on it and yanked it out of Dirk's exposed rectum. No one really obsevedd this "exchange" except Tad, and Dirk, who yelled in protest: "FUCK!!!!"

Doug did wonder, "what is going on with Tad and Dirk's asshole" but he merely drank more. Everyone was having fun (except Dirk). 

Dirk felt he was going to ejaculate. He was going to cum!!!!!

And so, he did. Dirk ejaculated. It was not spectacular (how much could possibly be left?), but it was, unmistakably, semen. The bulk splashed onto Taylor's hand, but Taylor wanted to humiliate Dirk, so he took his hand away to allow more sperm to splurt onto Dirk's flawless chest. Dirk's milky white cum splashed on his belly and his large penis extended above his navel.

Dirk, obscenely naked and exposed, shot his wad in front of his drinking buddies, and they took a lot of nude photos as their jaws dropped in pleasure.

"Dreamy Dirk is Creamy Dirk," someone said. A response was: "It is major jizz. I have a pic of it now in case no one believes I saw this."

"His nipples are womanly," said Tad. "My girlfriend's ttitties are not as big as Dirk's. Wow. Dirk's titties are comical."

"He pees, he cums," said Page. "What a talent. Can't wait to share this with the bar."

Gina mused: "But he does have beautiful abs." She bent down to suck on Dirk's left nipple. Taylor, not to be outdone, went to suck on Dirk's right nipple. He had wanted to suck Dirk's nipples for the last hour, and finallly, he was doing it. He was annoyed that Gina had gone there first, but better late than never. Taylor outsucked Gina easily, even using his teeth. Dirk grunted and muttered, "teeth. No teeth." Taylor bit a little move. He was amazed at the breadth of Dirk's areole. It was enormous, and the nipple tip was literally pulsating in Taylor's mouth. Taylor caressed Dirk's entire pectoral muscles.

"Taylor's chowin' down," remarked Tad.

Dirk groaned with humiliation. Please let me get dressed, he thought. But he knew he'd be kept naked until dawn. He stopped writhing. This was difficult, since his titties were being devoured. But Dirk felt the gang enjoyed his wriggling around, and he'd given them enough of a show. If If just lay flat and not move, maybe they'll leave me be.

Page deccided to fondle Dirk's balls. It was something she'd never done, so what the hell. Dirk groaned. A lesbian was playing with his scrotum; she was not gentle.

"GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD." muttered Dirk. Page laughed. Dirk's balls reminded her of  a CVS bag.

Taylor drooled over the milky creaminess of the naked Dirk's flesh. How can a man wich uch a tull head of long hair and a luxuriant beard have NO OTHER BODY HAIR except for his delicious armpits and silky pubes? Taylor was fascinated with Dirk's magnificent nudity, and Taylor was seriously erect. He had pants on, so he did not care.

Everytime Dirk squirmed enough to expose wetness in his graphically exhibited armpits, Taylor swooned inwardly. It was so erotic to see a hunk rendered so nakedly helpless and humiliated so extremely. Tad apparently was having similar thoughts, beecause he whispered into Taylor's ear, "You like what you're seeing, don't you? I can tell. I'm enjoying the show too. You just know he will NEVER live this down."

Taylor rubbed Tad's arm, he had no idea how to respond otherwise.

Gina and Taylor sucked on Dirk's nipples, giggling. Taylor smeared the naked Dirk's cum all over Dirk's bare, hard, muscled chest. Dirk hated this. It humiliated him further. Dirk decided he would not work out as much if this was the type of "adulation" he would receive. Dirk was utterely humiliated and naked, and photographed for all to see for as long as they wished in future. Dirk was seriously upset. and naked. Someone fondled his asshole again!

"Really, people," Dirk pleaded, and everyone laughed except the naked DIrk.

Tad again tormented the naked Dirk's anus. He really enjoyed doing this because of the funny grimaces on Dirk's "handsome" face when Tad played with the rather large male orifice of the naked man tied up on the bed.

As Taylor sucked Dirk's nipple, he glanced at Dirk's beautiful beard and his gorgeous blue eyes, and Dirk's anguished humiliation. Taylor sucked harder. Taylor knew he'd never eat on a better-looking hunk, so he indulged. Taylor was enthralled when Dirk actually muttered, "Taylor, man, c'mon." Taylor sucked Dirk's huge nipple but more gently, and Dirk moaned.

Taylor tugged on Dirk's lovely pubes and noticed that Dirk's cock twitched in response. Everyone giggled at this.

Tad fondled DIrk's toes, which everyone found odd. Dirk felt like he was being assaulted by an army of hands. He was so naked. Pics were taken. Dirk felt like weeping. He had never been so embarrassed.

Doug caressed the naked Dirk from head to toe. "He sure is beautiful without clothes," he said. Dirk blinked furiously. Page said, "He is impressive, I have to agree." Page fondled Dirk's erect penis. Dirk whimpered in humiliation.

The beautiful, nude Dirk struggled. But a nude man, tied up on a bed, can't do much to save his plight, especially when his friends are tourching hm alll over and sucking on him. And if his naked body is not exactly ignoring any of that. Dirk's penis, amazingly, was stil so erect that its tip extended well above his navel and rested sensually upon Dirk's rock-hard abs. It was even wet again! The cockhead was purple, the veins of the shaft bulging. Dirk's urethra was again GAPING.

Gina was drunk. She said "I think Dirk is gay. All these men touching him and he is hard as a rock. And peeing and cumming in front of us and all that. He's gay."

Dirk said nothing, he just withered in debasement. Fingers explored his asshole, yet again. He did not wish to know whose.

No one responded to Gina's remark. They just kept touching the nude Dirk in places that certain other men would prefer to be only explored by females.

Doug knew a Chinese restaurant that was open all night. He placed an order for lomein and egg rolls, nothing too extravagant. He was beginning to want to again be alone with his Dirk, his naked prize, his bared, toppled humiliation trophy.

Tomorrow, or rather today, was Saturday. He'd untie Dirk then, when he was alone with Dirk, and after another private exploration of his cute straight drinking buddy's sublime, naked body. Doug would make the rawly nude Dirk cum for him one last time. And in privacy, Doug would tongue all the fresh sperm off the manly, beautiful Dirk's gloriously exposed and perfect skin. Dirk Davis: STRIPPED, NAKED, EMBARRASSED, AND HUMILIATED. AND PHOTOGRAPHED!!!





Submitted: August 13, 2022

© Copyright 2023 davey. All rights reserved.

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