The Ice Bucket Experience

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

The central part of this story is based on a smoking hot video I saw online (vid 13 at - download at your own risk) but the story told here is very different to what must have happened at that event.

Remember the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' from a few years ago? Well, according to Wikipedia, that challenge was a derivative of a 'Cold Water Challenge' popular in Norway from the early 1990s (can't find any stories to link to) in which the person challenged is expected to jump in a freezing lake or make a charitable donation. That is what Gloria is talking about as she anticipates the IBC with her own 'Experience' for a young volunteer.


Sam Turner looked forward to the evening to come with a feeling that it hopefully wouldn't be as bad as he feared, that he couldn't really get out of it so he might as well make the best of it, and mainly that he couldn't wait for it to be over.

The last Friday each month was “Team Night” at the small provincial office where he worked as a loss adjuster for a large insurance company. Everyone went to some local establishment after work and spent the evening drinking and bonding. It wasn't technically compulsory but was 'strongly encouraged.'

Sam had developed a knack of arranging late Friday afternoon meetings as far away as possible and making it seem that the client had insisted on them so he would, sadly, not get back in time. But this time he couldn't find a plausible reason to meet with any distant client and currently he deemed it prudent to keep his boss happy.

There was a promotion going for a senior adjuster, and it was thought to be a two horse race between him and Kyle Robertson. These two couldn't be more different and didn't particularly like each other. Both in their late twenties they had joined the company six years ago in 1993. But Sam was short, dark, slim, quiet, and conscientious and had been described at school as easily led, which often meant lacking in confidence and easy to intimidate. Kyle, on the other hand was taller, stockier, blond, brash and extrovert. He was perhaps not as technically skilled and dedicated as Sam but made up for it with superior social skills.

Sam had overheard Kyle telling the office's two young interns doing the work experience part of their 'sandwich' course before the third year at university, that tonight was going to be “epic” which sounded ominous. For some reason they shut up and acted secretive as soon as they saw him but the Team Night was hardly a secret. He suspected it meant they would be going somewhere unpleasantly noisy and crowded. In the event it turned out that space had been reserved in a quite pleasant cafe bar fairly near the office where they were due to meet at around 6 pm. The office manager, Roger Lloyd, would get there about 6:45 and then they could order food and socialise until closing time.

When they got to the venue they found the area that had been reserved for them in one corner at the back of the room. There were tables of four with comfortable upholstered bench seats instead of chairs on either side of a gangway. There were four rows in all, so thirty two seats, more than enough for their party of twenty five. There were twenty eight people at the office but Roger would arrive later, Clive was off sick and Derek, the IT man, knew the systems so well he was indispensable and knew it and flatly refused to ever join them. Sam made a beeline for a table right at the back where he could sit with his back to the wall and was joined by his friends Michael and Sophie.

About ten past six there was a bit of a commotion as two young women in bikinis emerged from the 'ladies' and walked across the room. As they approached the bar Sam thought they looked familiar, then he realised he'd seen them, fully clothed, talking to Kyle just before six. They collected what looked like an ice bucket for champagne from the bar and headed towards the reserved area. To Sam's consternation they asked Pete the intern, who was sitting at a table at the front, a question, Pete pointed and they walked straight up to him.

Samuel Turner?” asked one of them. “I'm Gloria and this is my assistant Sharon. You've been nominated for the Ice Bucket Experience. It's a new thing here but it's adapted from something they've been doing in Norway for years. We don't have a freezing lake for you to jump into so instead we're going to dump the ice in this bucket on you, dressed in beach wear. If you agree the person who nominated you has agreed to donate £100 to Children In Need [an annual BBC charity event in the UK since 1980 that does just what it says]. You can refuse, but then everyone will know the kiddies missed out because you were scared of a bit of ice, unless you make up the money yourself.”

Who nominated me?” asked Sam. As if he needed to be told. Obviously this was another of Kyle's little 'jokes' at his expense.

Sorry, I can't tell you that” replied the girl, who like her friend seemed to be barely over eighteen. She put the ice bucket down on the table and he could see it was nearly full of ice cubes. “I just need to know if you're going to do it or not. We need to get on with it before the ice melts.”

Neat, reflected Sam. Kyle (it had to be) had put him in a really awkward position while keeping himself out of the picture. He could stand there and let these teenage girls dump a bucket of ice on his head, which would be unpleasant and make him look a fool. Or he could lose £100 and look cowardly. Or do neither and look both cowardly and mean and uncaring. Whichever way to look bad he chose it was a safe bet people would still be talking about it when Roger arrived and he would hear them.

It's make your mind up time” Gloria interrupted his thoughts. “We haven't got all night, you know. What's it going to be?”

Of the three options looking like a slightly foolish good sport was easily the least bad. He'd just have to live with the discomfort. “Okay, I'll do it then” he said, trying to radiate more confidence than he actually felt. He hated being centre of attention, and wasn't that keen on being cold and wet either.

Great! Stand up and take your jacket off then.” He did so and she took hold of his tie and pulled on it gently. “Come with me.” She led him towards the front until he was standing between the first two tables. One of these was occupied by Pete and Alan, the two young interns, and Janice and Carla, two filing clerks they were hoping to get to know better. The other had Roger's secretary Susan, Monica and Cindy, who operated the switchboard or helped out where needed if free, and an empty seat for Roger when he arrived.

Two girls in bikinis bossing an obviously shy and nervous young man around piqued people's curiosity and they wanted to see what would happen next so a group of onlookers was starting to grow, standing around outside the reserved area looking in. He was turned around to face inwards towards his colleagues which turned his back on some of the onlookers but others could still be seen idly watching from the tables in the next row to theirs, or standing around beyond them.

Ladies and gentlemen” Gloria announced in a loud voice, to be heard over the background music. “This brave man here has accepted a challenge to endure The Ice Bucket Experience. It will be cold, wet and embarrassing for him but it's for a good cause so he's doing it anyway. Sam stood there smiling self-consciously and trying to look like a good sport as everyone wondered what the heck The Ice Bucket Experience was.

Gloria untied his tie and pulled it off. Then she started unbuttoning his shirt. “Hey, what are you doing?” he asked.

We said in beach wear, remember? We can't ruin your clothes by soaking them. That suit's dry clean only.”

But I'm not wearing beach wear and I didn't bring any.”

The girl took his right hand in her left while her friend stood next to him and took his left hand in her right. “Underwear's just as good, and you wouldn't go commando in a suit now would you? You're not going to chicken out on us are you?” asked Sharon.

If he did that he'd look not only mean and cowardly but also a spoil-sport and ashamed of his own body. Mentally cursing Kyle for putting him in this position he reluctantly allowed Gloria to continue. When she reached his belt instead of pulling the shirt out she unfastened the belt, unzipped the trousers and unclipped the fastener. The trousers dropped to his ankles. “Too late now” she commented as she undid the last couple of buttons and both girls let go of his hands so she could remove the shirt. At least he was wearing unrevealing boxer shorts, so really no worse than beach wear, he tried to believe.

Lie down please.” He was guided to lie down on the floor between the tables and Gloria removed his shoes, socks and trousers. While she was doing this Sharon stood with her feet either side of his head and gyrated her hips in time to the music that was playing, giving him an interesting view to look at. While he was distracted by the thoughts this engendered she reached down, pulled his arms outwards and away from his body and knelt down, some of her weight on his chest, her legs pinning his arms.

After Gloria got his trousers off he expected her to stand him up and apply the ice but to his shock he felt her reach up and grab the sides of his boxers. He tried to react but Sharon's weight pinned him down and he couldn't move. All he could do was shout uselessly as he felt the boxers yanked down his legs and off. His rival had got him stripped stark naked in front of almost the entire office and they seemed to like it if the peals of laughter were anything to go by.

Worse still, that very afternoon he'd had to reprimand the two interns for messing around and talking about football when they were supposed to be working on one of his cases for him. Now Pete was leaning over the high side of the bench openly, shamelessly studying his genitals from a range of about three feet. He turned round and high fived Alan, both of them laughing hard. “Epic!” said Alan delightedly, if Sam lip-read correctly, as Pete turned back to enjoy watching Sam's predicament. Sam realised that these two knew he was naked in front of them, and everyone else, because Kyle had arranged it.

The women at the tables closest to Sam all had broad smiles; they were enjoying the view. He couldn't see much beyond that, Sharon was in the way, but he could hear the buzz of laughter and conversation. No-one sounded upset or angry and no-one was trying to intervene to save him. Perhaps they believed he really had volunteered for this.

Gloria moved around picking up his clothing. “Nudist beach wear for you, since you didn't bring any” she taunted. She sauntered off with the clothes, put them on the seat he'd vacated, picked up the ice bucket and sauntered back to Sam. “Ready for the Experience?” she asked.

Without waiting for an answer she knelt down and rapidly inverted the ice bucket over his pubic area, slapping the bottom a couple of times before removing it. His private parts were once again private, buried under a pile of ice cubes. He gasped from the shock of the sudden cold in this sensitive area and felt the near freezing water trickling down his sides and between his legs. There were fresh howls of laughter all around.

After what felt like a long time but was probably no more than about thirty seconds Gloria swept the ice cubes off him with her hand, throwing them under the table where no doubt they'd melt, soak into the carpet, and eventually evaporate without trace. The laughter got louder now he was exposed again.

Sharon got off him and the two girls grabbed his arms and pulled him to his feet. As he got up he happened to glance down at himself and was shocked anew. No wonder everyone was laughing so hysterically. As a reaction to the cold his scrotum had tightened up and his penis shrunk to about half its normal size. He looked to have the 'package' of a young boy.

Once again one of the girls held each of his hands and they vigorously spanked his backside with their free hands as they very slowly turned him around through 360 degrees giving a good long view of his naked body and shrivelled manhood to everyone in the relatively large crowd that had by now gathered to watch. Then they walked him back between the tables, past everyone in the office. Kyle stared straight at Sam's groin as he went past his table, then made eye contact, grinned and held out his finger and thumb a half inch apart. “See you around, ice man” said Gloria as they finally reached Sam's table and she and Sharon turned and walked away.

Sophie was doing her best to be sympathetic but couldn't help smiling as Sam stood there, hands clasping his crotch. Michael tried to keep a straight face but failed and couldn't help laughing. “I'm sorry, Sam,” he said, “but that was funny. Why on earth did you volunteer for something like that?”

I didn't know what they were going to do until it was too late. I thought they were going to dump it on my head and I'd look bad if I cost a charity money so I went along with it. By the time I found out it was too late, Sharon was sat on me and I couldn't move. I'll glass that bastard Kyle when I catch up with him!”

Sam sat down and awkwardly started pulling his clothes on under the table. It was better than doing it in full view. Michael thought for a moment. “How do you know Kyle had anything to do with it?” he asked.

It had to be him” said Sam angrily. “Somebody set this up, those girls didn't do it off their own back, and he's the one with a motive to make me look bad. And I saw him talking to them earlier.”

Yeah, but you don't know it was him. It could have been anybody for all you know. And even if it was him you don't want to go to jail do you? There's a better way.” Sam started to calm down as Michael outlined his plan.

Later in the evening Kyle got up from the table and headed for the toilets. A woman named Dawn caught up with him half way there and stopped him for a fairly pointless chat about an unimportant work issue, but he didn't mind because Dawn was pretty easy on the eye. If Kyle had been a bit more observant he might have realised that Dawn was a good friend of Sophie's and had been sat at the next table to Sophie in the seat backing onto hers.

By the time Kyle reached the 'gents' [men's room] he opened the door and came face to face with Sam, who was just leaving. Sam smiled at him ruefully. “That was a bloody good trick you pulled back there. You got me good but I'll get you back someday, see if I don't. I haven't seen pranks like that since I left uni.”

Kyle looked around suspiciously but there was no-one else from the firm anywhere in sight. And he was a bit drunk, triumphant, talkative and itching to boast about his coup. “You're not upset then?” he asked.

Well I was, at first” admitted Sam. “But then I thought, what the hell, no-one got really hurt and life's too short for grudges. It's better to laugh it off and look for revenge later. It was a bit mean to do it while that promotion's going but I suppose you thought this was your only chance.”

Yeah, maybe, but I really want that job so when I thought of this idea, well, I can't lose can I? You either look like a gutless wimp who gyps [cheats] little kids 'cos he's afraid of a few ice cubes or you look like a gutless wimp who lets himself get stripped in public 'cos he's too stupid to see it coming. No offence, mate, I did say look like. Now let the best man win.”

None taken” said Sam cheerfully. “It's kind of you to donate £100, though.”

What would I do that for?” sneered Kyle. “No-one will know if I did or not, will they? I spent enough paying those girls to enjoy themselves.”

Well, unless Roger works it out. He's not stupid you know.”

That's a matter of opinion! I could assess a £10,000 value on my brother's broken TV set and as long as I give him the paperwork after lunch time that dozy old bastard would sign it off without spotting the surname. He'll never twig this.”

Sam reached into his inside jacket pocket and pulled out his new Motorola pay-as-you-go phone. He suspected it had just paid for itself. “Did you get all that sir?” he asked, holding it to his face. “Oh, good..... Yes, of course I will.” He passed the phone to Kyle. “It's for you” he said.

Kyle took the phone. “Hello?” he said nervously.

He heard a familiar voice in his ear. “This is the dozy old bastard, but I'm awake now. Michael told me to answer my phone when it rang but not speak just listen. Now I know why. Come and see me Monday morning for a chat about your future. I'm sure you can guess what it won't include.”

The phone went dead and Kyle saw Sam standing there holding his hand out for his phone, smiling complacently.

The End

Submitted: August 12, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Britguy. All rights reserved.

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Another good story with a twist.

Sat, August 13th, 2022 7:39pm


Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

Tue, August 16th, 2022 12:10pm

Callum white

Every story you right Is a winner

Mon, August 15th, 2022 10:22pm


Thanks for the compliment.

Tue, August 16th, 2022 12:09pm


Great story as ever. Thanks for posting.

Fri, August 19th, 2022 5:36am


Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Fri, August 19th, 2022 4:02pm


Great story, loved the idea of the Ice Bucket Experience prank. Always love it when the guy experiences shrinkage in an ENM/CFNM story. I just wished the part of the story after the ice was removed and he was exposed naked and with shrinkage was longer.

Fri, September 2nd, 2022 8:43pm


I'm glad you enjoyed it. Not sure I could have added much to that part beyond being seen by all his colleagues and dozens of strangers. Still they do say "always leave 'em wanting more." Thanks for the compliments.

Fri, September 2nd, 2022 3:47pm

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