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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Our poor hero's second streaming show is even more humiliating and disgusting than his first one. The degradation continues.



(All characters are 18 or over. this is a fantasy.  Please support my novels for sale on Amazon under the author name D.H. Gutzman)






They had me crawling around on the floor naked like a dog. I mean, I really had to act like a dog. They had moved my bed to give us more room for the streaming show. There were now thousands of sick people eagerly watching my humiliation.  Thousands of perverts who were getting off, probably masturbating over my bullying and degradation. I had a plug like a dog tail shoved up my ass. Yes, it had been painful to take the plug in my asshole, but after being forced to ass fuck myself with a dildo for that first show, this was a minor discomfort. By this point, I was also being fucked by real live man dick! Yes, they were using me like a cunt.


In fact, the name they had for me switched back and forth between Asslick and Cunt. But then, Jake and his buddies called all girls cunts as well, so it got confusing at times. But I had to crawl around my room, sticking my ass up and wiggling the doggie tail plug in my ass. If I didn’t stick my ass up high enough, Jake would whip it with a thick leather belt. My poor ass had large red welts across the cheeks. I had to bark and pant like a dog, and hang my tongue out of my mouth. How would any of you out there reading this feel if you had to submit to such indignity?  Being a doggie, I had to keep my dick hard too and rub it against the furniture and the legs of the guys in the gang. I had to hump their legs. They had fed me Viagra so my dick would be nice and hard and leaking, proving to the audience that I was a fucking faggot pervert who deserved this treatment. The thousands of comments that came in all said that much worse should be done to me. How can people be like this? Are human beings really such cruel animals?  


Jake, dressed in his filthy jock strap that had not been washed in weeks or maybe months and was stiff with cum and piss and sweat, had a used condom that he tossed, and then I had to fetch it with my mouth. He explained that the condom was weeks old and that after he fucked some girl with it, all of his buddies had added their fuck loads to it. It was yellow and crusty and thick with dried cum. I had to show to the camera that I had it in my mouth each time Jake tossed it and I went after it. my mouth and tongue were now coated with old cum made wet again from my saliva.

Then to add a little spice to the mix, Punk Boy had leaned over the used condom and blown his nose into it without touching it. Now it was also covered in snot. Still they made me fetch it with my mouth. When I gagged, Jake kicked me and said I was a bad dog. Next they dragged over a large cat box filled with cat litter. They told me to crawl over it and lift my leg and piss like a dog pisses. I couldn’t piss with my hard dick, so Nate slapped my balls with a wooden ruler until my erection went down enough for me to piss. So, I had to bark and lift one leg and piss like a dog into the tub of cat litter. I thought we were through with that particular humiliation and would move on, but Jake had another idea.  


“Good Doggie, good doggie to piss. Now do your other duty for us like a good doggie!”  Oh Dear God, no!  He wanted me to shit. He wanted me to take a shit in the litter box in front of thousands of watching strangers. I imagined by now that most of the kids on campus were watching, as signs about the streaming show had been posted everywhere. Every time I walked across campus, I imagined everyone pointing at me and laughing. No one spoke to me.


Of course, the obscene clothing Jake and his buddies make me wear to class didn’t help. For the last two days, I had been forced to go to class wearing a short cheerleader’s skirt with no underwear under it, and a glitter crop top that didn’t even come down to my nipples.  They roughed my nipples and my dickhead and my lips. If I moved or sat wrong, the obscene skirt rose up and my dick and balls showed. I also had to wear high heels, which were a bitch to walk in and I actually twisted an ankle, to Jake’s amusement. Yes, teachers complained and the Dean called me in, but Jake, who wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone, brought along a statement about trans people and freedom to dress as they felt most comfortable. Not wanting an incident, the Dean had been forced to allow me to be dressed in that ridiculous obscene way. As we left the Dean’s office, I burst out in tears, and a laughing Dean said, “Don’t worry, the next skirt we have for you is a lot smaller. The waist band will start at your dick root and the whole skirt is only six inches long.


There is a group of right wing nationalists on campus, who are anti-black and anti-jew and anti-fag. Jake ordered me to hand out fliers to my streaming show to them outside their hang-out on campus. Naturally, this led to them spitting on me. They actually had a spitting contest to see who could spew the largest gob on my face. I couldn’t take it anymore and puked, and as a result, they kicked me until I crumpled in a sobbing heap on the grass. Nobody who passed had any sympathy for me. Finally, after the bullies had left, Jake appeared and had me get up. He walked me over to the part of the sidewalk where I had puked. He said that was really impolite and I had better get down and lick it up. In the large lecture hall classes that I had, Jake and his friends observed me and made me masturbate all during class. Many of the kids took notice and word spread I had to keep it wet and leaking but not cum, or I would be punished.  I was so fucking scared by this time, I pretty much jumped to do whatever they commanded.

After class I had to walk out of the lecture hall with my wet erection pushing up the front of my little girl skirt, and leaking strings of pre-cum. Students began to shout things at me and call me shameful names.


In the student union, Punk Boy and Nate made me go from table to table and lick the garbage other students had left there clean. I had to lick the tables clean, all the while rubbing my dick as if it excited me. Twice security guards threw me out of the union, but Jake kept ordering me back. They bought a hamburger for me for lunch and tossed it in one of the toilets in the men’s room and had me eat it out of the toilet bowl without using my hands. I prayed the toilet had been flushed and cleaned recently.  Jocks and straight male college boys are not very careful when they piss in the bathroom urinals, so Jake decided I should do a service to the school and lick the floor around the urinals clean. Sure enough, it was sticky and smelled and tasted of piss. Stupidly, I tried to imagine good looking dudes pissing there, as I could not handle licking up the piss of ugly slobs. I know that was stupid, but how else to keep my sanity?


What was worse was when Jake and Rafe took me to a local McDonalds where all the local high school kids hung out dressed in that foolish, obscene outfit. If possible, they were even more cruel than the college kids. One cocky looking high school boy with curly brown hair and a jock body sauntered right over to where Jake had seated me and asked me right out if I sucked dick.


Jake who sat at a separate table laughed out loud and said, “Of course she does, just look at her!” The high school jock ordered me into the men’s bathroom and he and six of his buddies followed me in. I had to suck all seven dicks. By now, I was used to cocksucking from Jake’s friends. I still had not gotten Jakes dick down my throat. But there was something especially humiliating about sucking the cocks of high school boys. I remembered the sweaty smell and taste long after I had swallowed my last load of sperm. Fortunately, they were all young and eager and they shot off quickly…just shoving their throbbing cocks into my mouth for a few fast pumps and then spraying the inside of my mouth with boy cum. I squeezed my eyes shut and thought about my former girlfriend and all the girls I

had been sexually excited over in high school. I prayed to God that all of this sick bullying would not destroy my heterosexuality. I was straight. I wanted to be straight. After each high school boy spewed his sperm into my mouth, he would pull out and wipe his wet dick on my face. It smeared the rouge Jake had freshly applied on my lips. I looked like a fucked-out whore. The high school boys then all pissed in one of the toilets, and without flushing it, shoved my face into the toilet.

They dragged my head out of the toilet bowl by my hair. The cute boy who seemed to be the leader, stuck a finger up his nose and fished around.


“Oh Dear God, no…” I thought. He pulled his finger from his nostril and on the tip was a huge, slimy booger.


“No, please…please…” I sobbed. Two of the high school boys held me while the rest crowded around.


“Open!” the cute high school jock ordered. I knew it was useless to resist, so I opened my mouth. “Tongue out…” he snapped at me, a cruel smile on his face.

I stuck out my tongue and he deposited the booger and slime on the tip of my tongue. “Taste¡” he commanded.  I pulled my tongue in and tasted the waste from his nose.


That was all I could handle, so I crawled quickly back into the stall and puked in the piss filled toilet.  I hung limply over the toilet bowl, crying softly. The boys slapped each other on the back and high-fived and exited the bathroom. I could not move. I just hung there draped over a toilet bowl, trembling. A few moments later, Jake came in. He stood looking down at me, surveyed the scene, and then in a calm, quiet voice spoke.


“Clean up your mess with your tongue, Cunt!” When I didn’t move fast enough, he kicked me in the ass. I stuck my head into the toilet bowl and began to lap up my own puke and the piss of the teenage boys. I honestly felt I could go no lower.


Well, here I was, during a live streaming show, being ordered to take a shit in a cat litter box. I was certain I was losing my mind. I could no longer think straight. I squatted over the litter box, and Jake reached down and pulled the tail plug out of my asshole. He shoved the plug into my mouth.


“Be a good doggie, take a nice shit for us!” he said. Crying incoherently, I squeezed and grunted until at last a turd fell from my asshole into the litter.

“Come on, how about another nice doggie turd. You can do it.”  The hand-held camera Rafe was using moved in for a really good close-up for all of our streaming fans.  Rafe moved back and forth catching first my straining face in closeup and then my asshole, trying to shit out a turd. It was totally disgusting. I was disgusting. I told myself. “I am disgusting. I am a disgusting piece of shit!”

A second turd dropped.


Jake tossed me a few squares of toilet paper. “Clean yourself. We’ll get back to your doggie poop later, but we have other games to play.”


“Sniff, Doggie, Sniff,” Jake said, commanding my to sniff his filthy stuffed jock strap pouch. How the audience must be laughing as I put my nose to the prick pouch and sniffed and then panted like a hungry dog. I had to bark with glee as I pressed my nose into the elastic pouch, feeling the straining prick under the cloth, and smelling the crusty filth accumulated on the jock. Jake’s pals roared with laughter. “Taste it, Doggie…lick the nice dick pouch!”  I extended my tongue and lapped at the filth. He must have been leaking pre-fuck into the pouch, for it was wet, and some of the accumulated slime had turned from crust to glue-like sludge. It was a rank mixture of cum and pre-cum and urine and dick and ball sweat. It was man odor and man taste, and since I no longer qualified as a man to them, it was a privilege for me to be able to smell and lick it. My nose was running, and the snot joined in the foul crap that I was licking off the elastic pouch. I was a fucking pathetic mess and felt like one.


Next, I had to go from Nate to Punk Boy to Rafe, all who had dropped their jeans, and I had to sniff and then lick their heavy dangling ball sacks. I had to show the audience that I was a ball licker. A filthy faggot ball licker. I had to turn to the cameras and announce, “I, Matthew Colton am a filthy, faggot ball licker. I love to lick the sweaty balls of boys and men! Please contact me at the numbers on the screen, and I will be happy and honored to lick your sweaty balls for you.” I knew jocks from the university were watching my streaming performance, and I was sure some of them would take advantage of my forced offer. Oh, God, would I actually have to lick the balls of the male students at the university? This could not be happening to me.


Next, I had to lick their sweaty, leaking dicks. I had to show my tongue lick up and down the length of their cocks, lapping at the cockheads and then turning to the camera and smacking my lips at how delicious they were. When I didn’t look and sound enthused enough, Jake kicked me in the nuts. I had to wiggle my tail, which had once again been inserted into my asshole, with delight. Perhaps it was because I was so anxious and feeling so humiliated and stressed, but I cannot explain to you how exhausted I was from this abuse. All I wanted to do was curl up in a little ball and sleep, but the main part of the show was just about to start.


Once again, as in my previous streaming show, I had to fuck myself in the asshole with a dildo. I can hardly even write these words now. I mean, what kind of normal college boy fucks himself in the ass with a dildo?  It didn’t hurt as much going in this time, I have to say that. Jake said that I was starting to love it. But if anything, the humiliation was even greater. I had to lift one leg and then both and show how the dildo was up in my rectum. I had to then fuck it in and out, first slowly and then faster at Jake’s orders. Then I had to fuck myself with it while I masturbated my dick at the same time.


Some of the comments that came in from the thousands of viewers were:




















Jake loved the comments. I knew he was getting ideas from them. It made me sick. He leaned over the bed. “You saw the comment. Fuck yourself harder, or you’ll be punished!”  In extreme pain, I slammed the dildo into my guts. How must I look to the viewers, a nice-looking college freshman, ramming a big rubber dick ruthlessly up into my stretched asshole?


“For those of you who remember last year’s fun with high school boy Alan, here are some photos of Alan stuffing his pussy with a dildo for us. Notice that his little useless faggot dick is caged. Soon we will have to cage Asslick here as well, so he doesn’t get any ideas of being a straight boy and trying to fuck any girls. From now on, girls are strictly off limits to this fucking faggot!”


He showed a picture of poor young Alan plowing his own asshole with a dildo. He looked as miserable as I felt. More and more I wondered what had become of Alan and what would become of me.


“Faggot Asslick Cunt here will be available at the University quad outside the student union, tomorrow morning to sign autographs. He will also be available at the field house gym from noon to three to lick ball sacks.”


While I fucked my ass with the dildo, the climax of the evening show happened when Nate and Punk Boy and Rafe stood around my head and jerked their dicks until they shot their loads of fuck all over my face. 


After they signed off and the streaming show ended, Jake scooped the fuck from my face and made me eat it. Then he leaned down and whispered to me,

“I know, baby, that you are anxious to get my dick. Don’t worry, soon your will have my meaty fucker deep up into your cunt. But first…I am going to fuck your former girlfriend!” 


I think I must have passed out, for when I awoke, they were gone for the evening. My room stank from the mess in the litterbox which I had to clean up, not to mention my puke. I showered. I put on a robe and staggered down to make sure my grandma was sleeping peacefully. Then, trying to fight off another crying jag, I threw myself onto my fuckmess of a bed and sank into a deep sleep.

Submitted: August 10, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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