Wails of a Sorrow (working title)

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Let's start with a prologue! With the first book being edited because let's face it, I am a story teller not editor and hey, I'm okay with that, I thought I would start some basic work on book two of The Cursed King and The Girl Who Became a Goddess. Right now I am building up two main worlds that will be in the book and some new characters. I already have the ending of this one in mind and will probably start working on the outline next week because after writing the first book, I need a little break. SLEEP! I NEED SLEEP!!!!
Anyway, here is the prologue for the next book. It was between this one and a much softer one which featured Yuna and her mother and the seal that was put on her. I thought this one was much better. Enjoy. Let me know your thoughts! This is marked as finished because this is the only thing I will be posting from the new book until it is done.

The Breaking of a Prince




“Again!” King Rhothomir yelled the order from his chair in the middle of the cell. Prince Gaelin’s scream echoed throughout the dungeon as the man behind him struck him across his already bleeding back again with a leather whip.

The young prince was chained by his wrists and ankles to the stone floor. Rhothomir had poisoned him and dragged him below the castle into the dungeons three days ago after King Maelstrom left to look for Goddess Fyre once again.

For three days, Rhothomir and several of his men tortured the young prince. They barely fed him nor did they give him much to drink. They continued giving him poison when they saw signs of it wearing off to make it easier to do as they wanted with him.

“I never forgot about that day, little princess.” King Rhothomir stood up from his chair. “When you ran to your father when I was deep inside of your mother’s cunt. You honestly thought you were some kind of hero. You thought you were saving her. Your actions only increased her suffering.” He laughed. “Such lovely screams came from her throat. Yours are almost as arousing.” He closed his eyes. “The other one.” He commanded.

Prince Gaelin howled and fell over onto his side as another man stepped forward to strike him. This one was armed with a whip that had a metal tip. It tore through his skin. His blood splattered on the floor and cell wall. For three days King Rhothomir ordered his men to beat and torture Prince Gaelin. His only rule was that they could not touch his face.

Prince Gaelin shook and gasped as a bucket of salt water was poured over his naked body. He watched as King Rhothomir walked over to him. The king crouched down and pulled the prince up to his knees. “You’ve always had such lovely eyes. They are even more beautiful with tears in them.” The king reached inside of his pant pocket and pulled out a leather cord with a glass vial hanging from it. Prince Gaelin tried to grab it from King Rhothomir but the wicked king held it out of reach. When the prince tried again, King Rhothomir grabbed him by the chin and pulled his face to his. Before he could react, the king pushed his tongue inside the prince’s mouth and kissed him. When Prince Gaelin tried to pull away, the king wrapped the prince’s long hair around his hand and held him still.

“Don’t.” The prince begged. “Don’t break it.”

King Rhothomir rubbed the tip of his nose against the prince’s. “I like the way you look when you beg.” He gave a sick grin. “Every time I tried to touch you, you ran to your mother and father. Your mother is dead. Your father doesn’t care what I do to you. You’re older now. I thought you would stop fighting me. Then when I saw you at the whore house you tried to kill me. I just wanted a taste.”

The prince swallowed hard remembering when he woke up tied to a bed and seeing King Rhothomir between his legs with his prick in his mouth. Scared and in shock, a burst of energy shot of from the prince’s body and sent the king into the wall. Prince Gaelin escaped and found a river to bathe himself in where he scrubbed himself so harshly, he bled.

King Rhothomir stood up. “Your mother was quite the beauty. Your father preferred her docile and obedient. I rather liked it when she screamed and fought back. It just made me want to do more to her.”

“Don’t break it. I beg you, don’t.” The prince pleaded again.

“This?” King Rhothomir held up the necklace with the vial hold the late queen’s ashes. He slipped it into the pocket of his jacket before taking it off and hanging it on the back of the chair he was sitting in earlier. He walked back over to the battered prince with a mischievous smile. “I won’t break it. No. No. No.” He ran his fingers through the prince’s long dark hair then kissed the prince again. “I am going to break you. I am going to show you what I did to make your mother scream the way she did and I, little princess, am going to enjoy every damn moment.”

The men behind the prince laughed as the king stood up and began removing his clothes. “I would say it is a shame to keep you chained but I think I like you better this way.”

The prince couldn’t stop himself from trembling as he glanced around the room. Some of the men were also taking off their clothes while others were already naked and stroking themselves.

“Why?” Tears fell down the prince’s face.

“Because I want to.”




Prince Gaelin woke up on the dungeon floor in a large puddle of cum and piss. His chains had been removed sometime during the night when the men found it too restrictive for the positions they wanted to put him in so he could take on more of them. On the floor a little further away was his necklace with his mother’s ashes. He reached out for them, then screamed. Every part of his body throbbed in severe agony from the brutality of what happened to him.

‘Are you angry yet?’ The beast asked.

The prince tried to fight against the pain to sit up but fell back onto the floor. He could still feel them moving inside of him. King Rhothomir was first. He had forced him down on his hands and knees. He pushed himself into the prince without any preparation, tearing him so badly, blood leaked down his thighs. The king just laughed and wrapped the prince’s hair around his neck and choked him while thrusting in and out of with such viciousness the prince’s legs shook. And when the king came inside of the crying prince, he forced his disgusting member into his mouth and waved another to come over and have a turn.

For two nights and three days, the prince’s body was used by King Rhothomir and his men. He screamed. He begged and pleaded for them to stop. It only seemed to encourage them. The last thing he remembered was being on top of one man with another in his mouth and feeling another pair of hands on his hips as another man tried to push himself into him before he passed out from the pain.

‘Are you angry yet?’ The beast asked again. ‘Are you going to stop fighting me?’

The prince whimpered and moaned from the pain as he crawled on his belly across the floor towards the necklace.

‘Why didn’t you come out?’

‘Your body is too weak.” The beast said angrily. “The transformation would have killed you.’

‘You think I care about dying?’

‘I do. We share this body.’

‘I want to die.’ The prince argued.

‘Well you aren’t human. You won’t die that easily.’

Prince Gaelin grabbed the necklace and held it between his hands. “Mother.”

Gaelin!’ The beast yelled. ‘Is this the life you want to live?’

‘I want to die. Just let me die.’

The beast growled. ‘That man raped your mother. He helped rape and torture your friend and his mother. He and your father then killed them and forced you to eat them. Your mother tried to escape your father by committing suicide only for her body to be violated, hung upside down and burned. You want to die? You want to give up and let them win?’

‘I’m tired. I’m so tired.’

‘Then let me be your strength. Some believe that you are either the predator or the prey, but there is another option. You don’t have to be either. You can be the monster even the predators. I will have them on their knees at your feet. Their blood on your hands. Their screams in your ears. That is what I will do for you, if you let me.’

The prince looked at his mother’s ashes. Her screams and pleads took over the silence in his mind. “Mother..” He cried, remembering her smile. How safe he felt in her arms. The good memories were suddenly replaced again by ones of her bruised face and body. Her cowering under his father. How she would scream for someone to help but all everyone ever did was watch as she suffered. He was just a young boy at the time. He couldn’t protect her. What could he do at fourteen?

‘Avenge her, Gaelin.’ Spoke the beast. Aren’t you tired of this yet?

The prince struggled to sit up. The lower half of his body felt worse than his back. If he did nothing this would continue. There was no where he could go for long where they would not find him. ‘What do I do, beast?’

Submitted: August 10, 2022

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