Sports Physical

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: CFNM

A young man decides to try out for the State University football team. First, he has to take a physical. When he does he finds out that when he takes his physical he does so with copious females watching and helping. If the reader thinks I am exaggerating go on the internet and read "Sports Physicals Often Include No Provision for Privacy" in Kevin MD and "Undressing for Group Sports Physical" in All Nurses

Joel Sherman, MD said in Kevin MD, "These exams can be intensely embarrassing for adolescent boys. This is widely recognized. There’s even a small percentage of boys who refuse to participate in sports because of these exams. I have seen women physicians blogging about how embarrassed the boys get during these exams. Yet this problem is rarely addressed."

Modern medicine doesn't give the same respect to male modesty as it does to women.

Query: What is the real motive of women physicians when they blog about how embarrassed the adolescent males get? Are the blogging to change the system or trying to relive the experience?

In All Nurses the Author said, "The way the doctors I work with conduct the physicals, is to have the athlete to completely undress in the locker room then come to the gym where the physical exam setup is. The reason for this we're told is that it would be unsanitary to have the guys remove their underwear/boxers and lay them on the ground or on something. Us 7 nurses have to then take all the vitals info with about 150 athletes nude."

Query: What is the real motive of male doctors who expose other males naked to women? Is there some vicarious sexual gratification by conducting sports physical in this manner? Why do nurses see the embarrassment caused but not the doctors?



Sports Physical at State University

I decided to try out for the football team as a “walk on” at State University.  That meant that I had to take a sports physical.  I was given a date to appear at one of the locker rooms of the university.  When I got there I was surprised at the number of  men present.

We were met in the men's locker room by two young women, probably students, who first gave us forms to fill out.  Among the forms was a consent to be examined.  When we had filled out the forms the women handed us a large plastic bag and a sharpy.  We were told to write our names on the bags.  I did. 

Finally, when everyone was finished one of them said, “Please take off all your clothes and put your clothes in the bags.  We will keep them for you and return them to you when your physicals are over.”

“Wait a minute, I said. "Do you want us naked?"

She answered, "Yes, that is how it is done?"

I asked, "Why can't we wear our underwear?”

The girl answered, “This is a physical, we have to look at your bodies.”

I said, “I mean, why can't we do this individually?  What do we have to do it as a group?”

She answered, “Experience has shown that this is the fastest way to administer physicals.”

I said, "When are you going to leave?"

She answered, "I am not.  I am supposed to watch."

I asked, "Why?:

She answered, "I have to, it's my job."

I asked, "Why can't you come back later?"

She said, "What difference does it make?I will have to see you naked anyway.  Besides, we need to know when you all are ready."

I said, “What if we don’t want to be naked in public.”

She answered, "You are not naked in public.  This is not a public place."

I said, "It is public enough if we are naked in mixed company."

She said, "There is no mixed company."

I asked, "You mean everyone examining us will be female."

She said, "Yes, it was done that way deliberately to prevent you from being naked in mixed company."

I asked, "Why can't we have just males examining us?"

She said, "We can't find enough male nurses and secretaries."

I asked, "There will be secretaries too?"

She said, "Of course, someone needs to record the information."

I said, "You mean we will be paraded in front of an all female staff?"

She said, "Don't,worry, they are all experienced."

I said, "Experienced at what?"

She said, "I mean they have all observed male physicals before."

I asked, "What to you mean 'most of them'."

She answered, "The nurses and clerical personnel are all experienced.  Only the aides are new."

I asked, "What are you?"

She answered, "I am an aide."

I said, "So you have never done this before?"

She said, "No, this is my first time."

I said, "Have you even seen a naked man before?"

She said, "No, I only have sisters."

I asked, "What qualifies you to do this?

She said, "I won the lottery!"

I said, "There was a lottery?"

She answered, "There were so many volunteers, it was the only way to select."

I asked, "Are you even being paid for this?"

She said, "No, I am a volunteer."

I asked, "You have been looking forward to this, haven't you?"

She answered, "Of course I have.  Why wouldn't I?"

I asked, "What about our feelings of humiliation and embarrassment.

She said, "There is no reason for you to be humiliated or embarrassed.  You don;'t have anything we haven't seen beofre."

I asked, "What about our modesty?"

She said, "What do you have to be modest about?

I said, "Because we are going to be naked in front of a whole room of women."

She said, "To these women, your genitals are just another body part."

I said, "Why are female feelings about male humiliation and embarrassment even relevant?"

he said, "Stop acting like a little girl."

I said, "What do you mean, acting like a girl?"

She said, "You need to take this like a man."

I said, "So now you are telling me how to be a man."

She said, "It has been done this way for years.  What makes you different?"

I said, "It is a matter of showing me respect instead of humiliation."

She answered, “You can have your physical done by a private physician if you wish.”

I said, “Do I have to pay for it?”

She answered, “Yes, you will.”

I said, “I can’t afford it.”

She said, “Then you will either have to have your physical done here or you will have to forget about participating in sports.”

I said, "So you get to see me naked after all."

She said, "And I get to look all I want."

I and the other prospective athletes began to undress while the girls watched us.  It was most disconcerting.  When we were naked we put our clothes in the bags, sealed them and handed them to the girls.  The girls took the bags and put them in alphabetized racks.

I looked around the gym and noticed that there were stations with on females, sitting near them in a ¾ circle.  Most of the women were not nurses but clerical help.  Groups of us were then directed alphabetically to the various stations.  There was a station for each function: weight, height, temperature, blood pressure, taking blood, turning your head and coughing etc.  We started at different stations and continued until we had completed the circle.

Also present and just standing around were the girls who had watched us undress.  Every now and then one of them would be called over to a table and given an order.  Then they would leave the gym and shortly return.  I concluded that these girls were gofers. 

In addition, various Women would enter the gym and stand around and watch.  When they did they looked around freely taking their time.  Yea, the gym was closed to the public, sure it was!  Nothing like showing patients "dignity and respect".  This would never would happen to girls!  They get individual exams.





Submitted: August 10, 2022

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