Vera's broken Oath

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Franky and Annica are going to get married in the course of September. Franky celebrates his birthday in the second half of August. On this occasion, Annica wants to present him with a special gift. She succeeds in convincing her sister Vera to take part in the birthday celebration, but Vera has to swear a special oath first...

Vera’s broken Oath


Everything was arranged. After the summer holidays, in mid-September, Franky and Annica would get married. Annica had been pushing for this for over a year, with good reason. She was a normal young woman, with sexual needs that only grew stronger as she and Franky got to know each other better. But offering her body to her fiancé as a gift was a step too far for Annica. She was raised a strict Catholic. It had been instilled in her, both by her mother and by a host of clergymen, that the virginal state was the highest state for a woman. By entering the monastery and becoming the bride of Christ there, a woman was able to perpetuate that state. But in the other case, a girl had to keep her virginity at all costs until she was forever bound to one and the same man in the Blessed Sacrament of Matrimony…

Franky didn’t laugh at his fiancée because of her views, which he respected, but still found very narrow-minded. He was completely different. Sex was something completely natural to him, something that people needed to stay healthy and function mentally balanced. Even if he wanted to marry Annica, he didn't hesitate to fuck other girls who also wanted sex with him. Franky made no secret of that for Annica. Not that he mentioned to her names of girls he fucked or described his sexual pranks in scents and colors. That was not the case. Still, Annica clearly knew what he did behind her back. If they kissed each other for too long, she could clearly feel Franky pressing his swollen lid against her thigh or her lower abdomen. She felt annoyed with it, but there was little that could be done about it, she realized. "A man is a man," she would say to herself. “He often has unchaste thoughts, and if he gets the chance with a woman, he unashamedly commits the sin of the flesh, without thinking of the consequences for his soul's salvation…”

The month of August, meanwhile, was well advanced. The wedding day was fast approaching. Annica was happy because it wouldn't be long now before she could surrender to Franky and offer him her body in all virtue and honor. That euphoric feeling made her very generous. Franky's birthday was on August 20. Unbeknownst to him, Annica rented a bungalow in the holiday village of Mill Hill located in Woodgate. She planned to organize a special ritual there to celebrate not only her fiancé's birthday but also a kind of special “stag party”, Franky’s farewell to the life of a single man.

It was his turn for a special birthday treat. To make sure everything went as planned, Annica approached her sister Vera. They had both received the same strict Catholic upbringing with rigorous rules when it came to morality, but Vera had distanced herself more from that severe education than Annica had. It took a while before Annica could convince her sister to come with her and Franky to Mill Hill to play her part, but in the end, she succeeded…

Franky was therefore stunned when after they had moved into their bungalow Annica told him to take off his pants and his underpants in Vera’s presence! He didn't know what was going on in Annica’s mind, and he wanted to ask for an explanation but he didn't get that time. Vera unfastened his belt, and Annica pulled his pants and underpants down to his shoes. Then, Vera got down on her knees and put Franky's cock in her mouth without further ado. He got a fantastic erection when he felt Vicky's wet warm tongue spinning around his glans. Annica kept watching intently, even when Vera pushed the cock that was about to burst out of her mouth with her tongue and Franky generously sprayed her face with his sperm… Once Franky had calmed down from his sexual excitement, he asked Annica:

"What's the meaning of this?"

Well, for moral reasons I can’t give you what you would like for the time being. I feel these luscious acts as grave mortal sins. It's different for Vera. Her moral standards have faded, which is why I asked her to give you this birthday present and also as a symbol of farewell to your life as a bachelor. Better this than sticking your penis into some immoral slut…”

Getting Vera on her knees to suck off Franky, Annica succeeded perfectly in that… During that weekend in Mill Hill, the blow job happened several times. It must be said that after it had happened three times on Saturday, Vera no longer managed to give Franky an erection with the swirls of her tongue. But Annica understood why. Like herself, Vera was a beautiful woman, and when it comes to sex, the eye wants something too. That's why Annica ordered her sister to undress before she got on her knees and took Franky’s cock between her lips. Yet she informed her fiancé:

Let her be busy. I grant you that, but keep your hands off her body!”

Seeing that beautiful young woman stark naked made the spirits of life return in Franky's dick in no time. The blowjob went without any problems, but actually, Franky wasn't really enjoying it. He had, so to speak, other aspirations now… He therefore did not give up and took action. In the last week of August, he went to visit Vera in her studio on Curange Road . She wasn't really surprised to see him after the blowjobs she gave him in Woodgate:

"It did you good on your birthday, didn't it?" she asked. “Do you want me to get back on my knees?”

No, not this time,” said Franky. “I had something else in mind.”

"What then?" asked Vera.

Well, I would have loved to have fucked you in your pussy that weekend. You're so damn beautiful, and that last time you sucked me off, I'd rather have had my dick inside your puss."

Too bad, Franky, but that won't work. I swore an oath to Annica, and I want to stick to it.”

What kind of oath was that?”

You have to understand… My sister adores you, and she doesn't want to lose you, not to me nor to any other woman. That oath I swore to her, I want to keep it.”

Then what did you solemnly promise her?”

Several things. To begin with that I would keep my hands off you. Then that I would never allow you to caress me with your hands, not on my bare skin and certainly not on my breasts, my buttocks or in my pubic area. And that I would never kiss you, nor allow you to kiss me. Annica has demanded of me a few other less important things as well. Among other things, that I would never sit alone in a dark cinema with you, nor take money from you to allow you to commit unchaste acts with me.”

Franky was disappointed, but he understood both Annica and Vera.

Too bad then,” he said. “I'm sorry I dared to ask you that. Then it won't happen. I'll just go back home now."

Franky was already at the door of the studio. He expected Vera to open it for him. She didn't. She sat down on the couch. She seemed to think for a moment. Then she said to Franky:

"Wait a second. You know, that oath Annica made me swear, there's a loophole to it."

"How so? Which loophole is that?” asked Franky.

Well, she's talked about hands, breasts, buttocks, stroking, kissing… That I would respect her precepts about that, I swore, and I'll abide by them strictly. But she didn't say anything about pummeling, and I didn't swear about it."

Pummeling? What is that, for heaven’s sake? Beat you up?”

No, surely not! It’s a term that I learned from a former boyfriend who had fear of contamination but nevertheless liked to fuck me. It’s very simple: you stick your dick into my cunt, fuck me, but without kissing, stroking or touching me further. Your cock into my puss, and go ahead, pummel me!”

Are you really serious, Vicky? Fuck you in your dry pussy?”

That's not necessary. I may have some lube around here somewhere, or I can also provide my own foreplay by stimulating my clitoris with my fingers. Well, what do you think, Franky? Is this how we’re going to do it?”

We will, Vera. Shall I “pummel” you like that right now?”

"Why not? You were horny for me when you got here, you said so. Again, don't touch me with your hands, don't try! Keep them on your back if you have to while you're pummeling me. If you do try to caress my breasts or my ass, or clench my hips with your hands, our fuck game will be over in an instant. Then I'll get dressed right away, and I'll chase you out the door. Believe me, I mean it! I take that oath seriously!”

"Are we going to do it here on the couch, Vera?"

Better not, I think. There is a risk that you will still touch me with your hands. That is not possible, because of my oath, under no circumstances.”

How do you want it then?”

I’ll take some cushions from the couch and put them on the kitchen table. I will lie on my belly on them. I’ll spread my legs apart and let them dangle along the table. That way, your dick can get inside my cunt without any problem.”

That's how it happened. Before they started, Vicky massaged her clit. It didn't take very long, because she really wanted to be fucked. Once she was thoroughly wet between her legs, Franky effortlessly slid his stiff cock into her fuck crack and, standing, with his hands behind his back, went back and forth inside Vera's fuckhole. That way of having sex was completely new to Franky, although he already had a lot of experience. As a result, he couldn't keep going back and forth in Vera's cunt for long. After a few minutes, he came, grunting and moaning as he jerked his cum deep into her love tunnel.

When he had ejaculated, his flaccid cock slipped out of Vera's cunt. He quickly took a step back, afraid of going against the rules he'd been told by Vera. She remained on the table with her legs apart while Freek's sperm slowly flowed out from between her labia. Vera looked at him from over her shoulder as he pulled his underpants back up.

"What are you up to?" she asked him. "It didn't really help me that you were fucking me. No orgasm for me."

I admit that I didn’t fuck you well,” said Franky. “For you, laying on your belly on that table is definitely not the most comfortable position when having sex. And then again, I wasn't allowed to get you in the mood by petting, caressing and kissing you. That also is necessary if you really want to come.”

"You're right. I need that to really get in the mood.”

Well, Vera? What do you want? It is not I who have sworn a foolish oath. Well, so be it. I'll just leave then."

Not so fast, Franky! That oath… I swore it, but actually, Annica didn't say how long I should keep it. Maybe it was only meant for that weekend we were in Mill Hill together…”

Why are you suddenly coming up with that now? What are your plans?”

Come upstairs to my bedroom with me. I'm just gonna break that stupid oath I swore to Annica. We're going to bed, and I expect you to kiss and caress me everywhere and make me scalding hot. And above all, that you fuck me like a wild animal and make me cum.”

No sooner said than done. Once in bed, there was no more mention of the oath. Franky stroked, kissed and licked Vicky everywhere he could touch her, and he rammed his cock into her cunt as hard as he could. This happened four times, for hours on end, until Franky no longer had any feeling in his dick and his balls were completely dry. Vera was satisfied, she'd had three or four orgasms in a row, and she hadn't even thought of her oath once.

Will you come and see me again tomorrow?” she asked Franky.

If I have recovered from our crazy fucking, I will.” he replied.

"And once you're married to Annica, are you going to ignore me?"

Not if you don't take an oath again to please her like you did before. Then I'll secretly fuck you behind Annica’s back in your delicious pussy until you hurt between your legs and you call out for help to your mother…”

© Robur Quercus, 2022


Submitted: August 09, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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sweet lemon

I loved this
Sexy....expected outcome

Wed, August 10th, 2022 9:09am


Thank you, Sweet Lemon. You're right: the end isn't surprising.

Wed, August 10th, 2022 7:43am


How clever that she came up with a loophole so they could both enjoy the sex while she kept her oath, at least for a while. Nicely done.

Wed, August 10th, 2022 4:03pm


Willnorman, thank you. The end is rather unsurprising.

Wed, August 10th, 2022 9:24am

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