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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Our hero is forced to do his webcam streaming show. The entire college is alerted. First, he is thoroughly cleaned.


This is a work of fantasy fiction. All characters are 18  or older.


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Jake’s buddies all stood in various corners of the room, out of sight of the cameras, with their dicks out of their jeans. The cocks were hard, and I could see that some of them were wet. Jake himself had stripped down to only a bulging jock strap, which looked like he must have worn it for six months without washing. I stood in front of the cameras naked, licking a bit rubber dildo. What a total pathetic fool I was making of myself. I was scared shitless. I knew that thousands of people may have been watching my live streaming show.


With great glee, Jake had informed me that they had posted notices of the streaming show all over the college campus.  On the bulletin boards in the student union, on the notice board in the drama and dance department, and even on the callboard inside the student religious center.  They had put it up on the student chat sites and on the student internet website. “Free Faggot Show!” Jake had told me the right-wing nationalist student group had been particularly interested in seeing a “fucking faggot in action.” My life was ruined. I saw no way out of the hole they had forced me into. My only hope was Jake would grow tired of me and move on to some other poor victim.


Jake had created a kind of introduction to my “show.” In a voice over he said:


“Many of you enjoyed our fun and games with poor young high school student Alan last semester.” While he said this, the screen was filled with abuse shots of Alan, suffering terribly. You could see how the humiliation had destroyed the nice looking teenage boy. There were photos of him licking public toilets, dressed in his girl’s bikini and covered in cum and spit and snot and puke. I closed my eyes and prayed that would not be my fate, but something in gut said it would be. I wondered what had happened to poor Alan. “Well, we pretty much wore Alan out,” Jake’s voice went on, sounding warm and friendly, “and we reached the point when there wasn’t much more we could do to him. “I mean, for fuck’s sake,

We pretty much forced him to do every fucking perverted thing we could think of, including his charming sister, which we all kindly helped out with. And so, we thought with the start of the new semester, we would look for someone fresh and innocent to play with. And we found young, fresh, Faggot Matthew.


“Now Matthew is one of those fucking faggots who swears he is not a faggot He brags that he is a big girl fucker, but we will prove him a fucking filthy liar.”  Jake sounded like he had been drinking or was on some drug or other, you know how jocks and thugs get when they get high…all aggressive and kind of loud.

“We are going to show you just what a fucking perverted ass-licking faggot he really is. And no, that is not the camera shaking, that is the ass-licker trembling.”


Needless to say, I was almost out of my mind with fear by this point. There I stood, totally bare-assed, licking and sucking on a dildo.


“Take your toy out of your mouth, and tell everyone watching your full name!”


Once I said it, it could never be unsaid again.  “My name is Matthew, James, Colton.”


“Just listen to that faggoty, wimpy voice.  Any of your girls out there want to date that fairy? Andy of you dudes out there want to skull fuck the shit out of  him, to teach him a lesson he will never forget?”


I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. My knees felt like liquid, and I could hardly stay on my feet.


“Show some respect, Faggot, get your clitty faggot dick hard for us!” I knew that the thousands of people watching could see my dick and balls. The numbers of viewers kept climbing. Kids must be texting their friends to watch. I reached down one hand and began to finger my dick. Did I mention that Jake had fed me three Viagra before the show, so the whole room was green and I could feel my blood pounding through my body. “Come on, Asslick, get that useless pecker hard. Show that it’s good for something, as it is never going to father any children, and is useless for fucking anything except maybe dog ass!” Oh, God, they would never make me do that, would they?  “Play with your balls or finger your tits or pussy, whatever it takes, but get that fucking dicklet hard!” He raised his voice, and I was so scared of him, that I began to yank on my prick.  I was yanking on my prick on a streaming webcam show. I closed my eyes and concentrated on making my dick hard. I thought of my girlfriend, by now perhaps my ex-girlfriend, I thought about sexy pop stars, and slowly my dick began to thicken and grow longer.

“Lookee here, Faggot,” Rafe whispered to me, fingering his huge black fuckmeat. “Look at this meat and that will make you hard. You want this meat in your mouth again?”It was so big. So ugly in an almost beautiful way. All covered in veins beneath that chocolate brown dick skin. With those humongous balls hanging below and dancing as he gently fingered his fucker, easing back the foreskin. I wondered how many girls had felt that fucker? Hundreds I was willing to bet. I had heard Jake and Raffe joking with each other about how many cunts they had gotten pregnant. They were both really happy at the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. They had joked about how this would be the summer of “making high school girls pregnant.” I had never heard such filthy, nasty talk. These guys were sick monsters, and I was in their clutches.


“Did I tell you folks watching that Asslick here has become our gang’s official faggot cocksucker? So you chicks out there better watch out and improve your cocksucking skills, or we will just dump you for Asslick here!”  I looked from Punk Boy to Nate to Raffe. I had sucked all of their dicks and swallowed all of their cum. I still had not been given the sick privilege of going down on Jake.  He said I had to earn that right! I wondered with trepidation if they were going to make me suck their cocks every day from now on, or God forbid, if they were going to invite other friends for me to suck. I’d heard about fraternities making pledges suck every dude in the frat. Why did straight guys enjoy these kinds of sick games?

Sometimes, on a weekend night, when I’d wander into a hot night spot and see all the guy chatting up chicks, trying to get into their panties, I would be aware of all of the obscene bulges in the guys’ jeans. There they were, nice clean-cut college dudes, and their dicks were pushing out their pants and leaking, right in front of all those other drunken kids. They needed sex so badly, they could not stand it.  

Was I like that? Had I been that way over girls? After all of this awful bullying, would I ever be able to be that way again?


I saw a long string of pre-fuck hanging from Nate’s dick. I noticed that my own cock was now hard, so I felt some relief. I stood there with my hard penis showing on camera.


“Good job, Faggot, now pick up your driver’s license and hold it up for the cameras to see, so everybody out there knows everything about you.”


I started to cry as I held up my driver’s license, and I heard the guys in the room laughing. Punk boy was controlling the broadcast on his phone, and he now zoomed in for a close-up of my tears.


“Good girl, Faggot! Now hold up the card we prepared with your telephone number, and facebook and instigram and kik and all that shit on it, so anybody out there can reach you any time they want. And if any of you dudes out there ever feel horny and need to unload your nut juice, just contact Asslick here. He will never refuse you! AND I MEAN HE WILL NEVER TURN ANY REQUEST DOWN! He can probably handle thirty or forty blow jobs a day, maybe more. If you see him on campus, just drag him into a toilet and face fuck his brains out. It won’t take much.  You can’t ass fuck him just yet. We haven’t gotten that that part of his training yet, but we are getting a start on it tonight. AM I RIGHT, ASSLICK?”


“YES, SIR…” I snapped back, I am not even sure why.


“Shove that dildo in your mouth, Faggot!” I opened my mouth and put the rubber cock into it. Can you imagine how stupid and pathetic and disgusting I felt?

My cock hard and bobbing and me sucking on a big rubber prick!


“You are going to ass fuck yourself with that dildo to entertain us, right, Faggot?”


I mumbled something. I was in shock. I had never had anything up my ass, except for the fingers of these thugs and the toilet plunger in the bathroom.




“YETHHH THIR!” I gagged around the dildo. I was supposed to fuck myself in my asshole in front of all those people watching. It was bad enough my body had been shaved and I looked like I was fifteen, now I had to turn myself into a cunt!


“Don’t worry, Faggot, you are going to enjoy being a dirty, filthy little cunt. Just wait and see. You will get lots of big fat juicy dicks shoved up your boypussy every day! Now lay back on the bed, and show us your asscunt!” 


He had such fucking control over me. It was like I was just some rag doll for him to play with and toss away. No, not even a rag doll… a jerk off rag. A jerk off rag he shot his spunk into and then tossed aside. Jake was grooming me to be his jerk off rag. BUT I AM A HUMAN BEING. NOT A JERK OFF RAG. PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP ME! 


I lay back on the bed, raised a leg and showed the camera my asshole.


“Hey, that’s a damn fine little pussy!” Jake said, rubbing the pulsing lump inside his jock strap. The dirty elastic pouch was soaking wet with fuckleak. Strings of it clung to his fingers as they kneaded the prick bulge. “Rub that little boypussy hole for us. Rub it real good.”  Mindlessly, I fingered my asshole for the cameras. I just needed the whole thing to be over. The sooner the better.


“Stick a finger in your pussy for us. Make sure we can see everything. Lift that leg higher, move your hand to one side, so we can see the finger fucking in and out of your pussyhole!” Like a dirty whore, I fingered my asshole and shoved a finger in and out. For some sick reason, my dick stayed hard, and even became harder. I began to moan.


“That’s a good twat. Now two fingers. Give us a real good show!” I could hear the guys in the room beating their meat. Fuck they were getting off on my humiliation, my degradation. “Such a pretty little faggot girly you are. You really are. And when we give you Botox shots, you are going to have such succulent cocksucker lips! Get three fingers up your hole. It will make it easier when we move on to the dildo! FUCK THOSE FINGERS IN AND OUT OF YOUR PUSSY!”


“I’M A BOY! I’M A BOY. I’M NOT A FAGGOT. I’M NOT A GIRL! I’M A BOY!” I kept yelling inside my head, as I rammed my fingers up inside my asshole! I knew I was clean, because before the streaming show started, Jake had given me an enema!


And don’t think that wasn’t embarrassing. All the guys watched as Jake filled the large enema bag with soapy water and then stuck the hose deep up my ass.

So, I guess that was another thing that had been up my ass, in my anxious state, I had blocked it out. I had been forced to lie on a towel on the bathroom floor like a baby with my legs up and spread. They took pictures of course. Then they had switched my position to hands and knees for more pictures as my stomach filled and bloated. I told them several times that I could not hold any more water, but Jake said he knew best. When the bag was empty and my tummy was hard and swollen, I begged him to stop, but he filled the bag again and continued with the torture. Soon, I was sobbing and crying and screaming that my gut would explode.

The pain was mind-numbing.


Finally, they stopped. And Jake informed me that I had to hold the enema water inside of me for forty-five minutes. He said if even one drop leaked out, he would fill me with another bag.


The minutes crawled by, as the stomach cramps grew greater and greater. ‘I can’t hold it! I CAN’T!” I would scream, clutching my gut. I looked like I was fucking nine months pregnant. Have you ever seen an eighteen-year-old boy in such a wretched condition? Other dudes my age were flirting with girls, fucking maybe, hanging with buddies, playing video games, and I was rolling on a bathroom floor, my stomach grotesquely swollen, begging four thugs to allow me to shit!


Of course, they filmed it all. When the forty-five minutes was up, Jake said I could shit out the enema water. I began to crawl painfully toward the toilet, but he told me to stop. He came in carrying my grandma’s large Christmas clear glass punchbowl. “We can capture it better on film this way. Squat over the punch bowl and shit out the enema water that way.”  It was so fucking obscene. The cramps, the sounds I made, the squirting and torrent, the smell, the dripping. The times I was sure I was finished, only for another wave to hit me! But I was clean.


And now, as I lay on my bed, finger-fucking my asshole for my fans, Jake announced that after the dildo fucking show, they would play the clip of me getting my enema. I think my mind went numb, for I don’t recall the next few minutes. I heard the rhythmic thumping of the guys beating their meat, and the squishing of me ramming my fingers in and out of my asshole, but I was too ashamed to contemplate anyone watching me shit out enema water. I had been reduced to a state lower than an animal.




I placed the head of the rubber dildo at my twitching asshole. I h ad become nothing human. Nothing at all.


But believe me, it was nothing compared to what they did to me in the days that followed.

Submitted: August 04, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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