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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

All humans, male & female, have fantasies. Some have fantasies about the man or woman they love. This erotic poem is about a husband's fantasy. He writes a love poem to his young wife about the joys and sensual, erotic pleasures they will have loving, shagging, enjoying mutual oral sex, and eating sexy and crazy completely naked from morning into the dark of night.


I'll arise first while you rest your pretty head

Presenting you my love - breakfast in bed

Let’s stay naked from dawn thru the night

Seeing you bare enlightens my sight

After breakfast let's get up and dance

Dancing raw warms your box & my lance

To start the day let's enjoy a shower

Using our lips let's enjoy the power

I'll lick & tongue your pussy true

And swirl & pleasure your clitoris too

Lick, suck & nibble my stiffening schlong

Not to cum yet the day will be strong

We’ll dry each off slow, sensuous & sweet

Drench each with creams – oh such a treat

Skin to skin let's touch & linger

Softly massage with gentle fingers

Then on the couch let's do some 69

Sucking to climax will be oh so fine

After that let’s just lie naked

Holding each tight – oh this is wicked!

Just after noon let's have a little lunch

Giving strength for our afternoon pump

Going nude all day is sensual & heated

It allows passion to grow just as we need it

I'll wash your toes, your feet & your legs

Warm water heightens what comes next

I'll massage your feet and suck your toes

They say toe sucking tingles you below 

Then I'll lick your legs up to your thighs

Lingering slow - your temperature will rise

Up to your vulva & clit I’ll tongue strong

You’ll drain on my face – a melodic song

Please lick my dick & hum slow my balls

Tongue my boys – you are my sexy doll

I’ll cum ‘till empty – my knob will be lean

Hopefully, you'll lick my flaccid dick clean

Still joyously stripped we’ll rest for awhile

Fucking & sucking all day – oh the smiles

Then let's do a body-to-body thing

Nuru with jojaba – our genitalia yearning

Then we’ll undertake some sexy proforma

I’ll shave your gams up to your joy box

All you have to do is lie back with no sox

I’ll shave your mons pubis & labia majora

Carefully & sweet Ill shave you for pleasure

Then I would love if you would shave my balls

And around my dick – I’ll be smoothly enthralled

In the shower, I’ll wash your smooth bajingo

You can wash my dong - our pleasure will echo

I’ll lick and tongue your clean perfect muff

Licking your pussy – I never get enough

I’ll tongue until you shoot your juicy load

Then you can suck me joystick until I explode

A soak in the hot tub we’ll wash each clean

Seeing you wet & naked - you are my queen

Then we'll dry & stroke each with cream

As we relax naked the doorbell will ring

I’ll answer the door – oh what a thing

Glorious vittles for you & for me

We’ll enjoy our dinner clean, nude & free

Early Dinner is on for this perfect scene

Eating with romance – a perfect scheme

Let’s sit and relax - enjoy pleasant food 

Amorous & perfect - dining in the nude

Then for dessert let’s lie on the floor

I’ll cover you with fruit & eat you galore

After dessert let’s take another shower

Oral sex so nice to again feel our power

Let’s get dry & watch the sun set

Darkness comes with a moon at sunset

Let’s go outside this perfect spring

And lie on a blanket as the late birds sing

Massaging gently will heighten our senses

Sucking each soft - there are no fences

I'll enter you strong and stroke you slow 

Shagging soft we’ll enjoy the moonglow

Lying together to finger and lick

Bodies skin to skin - your beaver my prick

Then take me in again - ride me and sway 

Slow & hard 'till we blast no delay

Lying there with you makes me feel love

Balling with you is paradise from above 

Then we're off for a nice night’s sleep

Tomorrow morning - your body I'll seek

We’ll laugh as we talk about our Bucket List

Fucking & sucking morning to night – let’s never quit

Your lips on my dong it never gets old

When you lick, suck, and nibble my desiring pole

Tonguing your clit and labia day & night

Pleasure for you from dawn ‘till the next light

I love you my babe your body complete

Touching my soul with erotic love so sweet

Submitted: August 04, 2022

© Copyright 2022 KOOLKARMA. All rights reserved.

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