Chapter 75: Corrupted

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Reads: 39

The palace shook violently as Princess Yunaesa continued her attack. King Gaelin looked at his sister.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

She nodded.

They walked outside to see a large sphere of fire being hurled towards the palace doors. King Gaelin raised his hand and put up a shield, not only blocking the impact but absorbing the flames as well. The princess screamed in frustration.

“That’s enough, Yuna!” The king yelled.

“Enough?” She cocked her head to the side. “I should have been enough for you!”

Lightening struck the ground between them. King Gaelin and his sister charged the enraged princess who flung her wings forward. Feather as sharp as blades flew at them. Blood dripped down the wounds of the king and his sister from the feathers cutting them across their face and arms. Farryn pulled a short knife from her waist belt. Her brother reached out to grab Yuna who retracted her wings and moved back out of his reach. Lightening shot down from the sky and went through his body, causing him to convulse.

Farryn lunged forward and sliced Princess Yunaesa’s cheek with the blade of her knife. The princess shrieked and touched her face. The king suddenly appeared behind the princess and tried once again to grab hold of her only to be stopped by tree roots coming up from the ground twisting themselves around his ankles. Farryn swiped her foot, trying to take Yuna off her feet while her brother struggled to free himself from the tree roots under the princess’s control that were now dragging him into the forest. The ground trembled and the dirt under Farryn crumbled, forcing her to lose her balance.

The vicious princess snickered as she lifted her foot and began kicking and stomping on Farryn’s ribs and chest. Farryn fought to get to her feet only to be kicked back down by the princess. She coughed. Her blood splattered on the ground. Farryn wanted to call on Saelethil but knew doing so could result in more trouble for her brother. With her options limited, Farryn continued fending off the princess’ attacks, holding herself back from doing what it was she wanted to do.

Kill her.

Creating fire in his hands, King Gaelin set the roots that held hold of him on ablaze. He ran towards the princess with his shoulder dropped and slammed her. The force of his hit sent her crashing into the fountain, breaking it. Pieces of the statue fell on top of her.

“When did she get so strong?” Farryn asked as her brother helped her to her feet. She held her ribs and winced. “I think she broke one of my ribs.” She turned her head and spit blood. “What’s happening with her?”

“I don’t know.” He said watching the princess snarling as she rose to her feet. Blood trickled down her arms and legs and mixed with the puddle of water at her feet. She lifted her hands up slowly. The water from the fountain floated into the air in the shape of thick lines that soon froze into solid spears of ice.

“We can’t keep holding back. She’s gone berserk.” Farryn said brusquely.

“We just need to get her to Hadirsyr.” King Gaelin told his sister. “Stop this, Yuna!” He yelled.

“No.” Her response sharp and full of anger. She threw her hands forward. The spears of ice flew towards King Gaelin and his sister. Farryn ran towards the woods to avoid being hit only to have a spear shoot through her thigh. The king ran to help his screaming sister. The princess opened her arms wide, then suddenly clapped her hands together causing the ground to rise up around him and trap him within a sphere of dirt.

“You never liked me.” Princess Yunaesa stomped over to Farryn who was trying to break the ice spear and push it from her leg. “Never wanted us together.”

“This doesn’t changes my mind.” Farryn gritted her teeth in pain.

The princess sneered and raised a hand. A ball of light formed in the palm of it. The sound of ground breaking drew her attention away from Farryn. She turned and saw King Gaelin free himself from his dirt prison. Angry, threw the light sphere at him. He disappeared from her sight and reappeared behind her.

“Dammit, Yuna!” He wrapped his arms around her. The Realm of Eera blurred but soon cleared when they arrived in the snowy Realm of Elphine. The princess screamed. Energy shot out from her body, the force of it sent the king flying backwards into a tree. That cracked and fell upon impact.

She stretched her wings and flung them forward, sending sharp feathers flying in his direction again. Two cut into his arm. Three more pierced his chest.

“You want to kill me, Yuna?” He ripped the feathers from his body. “You want me dead?”

“I want you to hurt! Hurt like I hurt!” She rose her arms to strike again but he disappeared from her sight. She growled then yelped at the sudden pain in her wings. King Gaelin pulled back on her wings and swung her around before throwing her through the woods. The side of her body slammed hard into a tree which splintered before tipping over. She howled in pain as she tried to straighten out her broken left wing.

The ground quaked under King Gaelin’s power. Trees ripped up from the ground and flew through the air towards the princess, staking one on top of another, boxing her in. “I never wanted to hurt you! You can be angry with me but I will not let you kill anyone.”

“I will destroy everything. You do not control me anymore! She shrieked. The trees were soon engulfed in flames and fell into piles of ash on the snow. “I will not be caged!”

“What are you doing to my realm?” Hadirsyr was floating in the air. She looked at Princess Yunaesa, then at King Gaelin. “Little goddess? Is that you?” She landed beside the king. “You brought a corrupted goddess to my realm?”

“I could use your help.” He told her.

Princess Yunaesa clasped her hands together then pulled them apart to reveal a bow and arrow made of ice and aimed it at them. Hadirsyr put up a shield of thick ice to block the barrage of ice arrows being shot at them.

“What happened?” Hadirsyr asked him, keeping her eyes on the unhinged princess. Repairing her shield as quickly as it took damage.

“She came back from Oryn like this. She was emotional. I tried to calm her.”

Hadirsyr glared at him. “Did you push your darkness on her?” She yelled.

“Usually it makes it easier to…”

“To what?” Hadirsyr snapped. “What have you been doing to her?”

King Gaelin turned his attention to the irate princess who was now hurling ice spears at Hadirsyr’s shield.

“Your silence tells me everything. This is what happens when you abuse your power.” She returned her attention to the princess. “I need her still long enough to pull the darkness out of her. Then you will tell me everything.” Hadirsyr dropped her shield, pursed her lips together and blew. The falling snow suddenly changed direction and moved rapidly around the princess, trapping her in a sphere of ice.

“Did you take her to Olgwenth?” Hadirsyr asked, walking towards the confined princess.

“I haven’t had a chance.” He said, walking beside her.

Hadirsyr groaned. “This doesn’t happen to our kind, Gaelin. We do not transform into whatever this is. Not even when we are tainted.” She paused at the sound of ice fracturing. The ice that confined the princess shattered and shot out towards Hadirsyr and King Gaelin. Before, Hadirsyr could react, the princess rushed over to King Gaelin and snatched him up into her arms. The king shouted Yuna’s name to no avail as she dragged him on his back through the snow until they crashed into the nearby frozen river.

“Gaelin!” Hadirsyr screamed. Her wings tore through her back. She flew up into the air. Using her power, the ice on the river broke into large pieces and lifted up into the air. The goddess was looking frantically for the king and the princess when she heard a loud screech. A massive dragon, larger than a castle turret with iridescent gold and black scales and large wings flew towards her. Its tail was long; thick at the base and tapered at the end. The top and side of it lined with sharp spikes, perfect for stabbing and impaling its enemies. Hadirsyr looked at the dragon with one brown eye and one green eye, then up at the woman armed with a bow and a full quiver of thin metal arrows.

“Faelar. Farryn.”

“Where are they?” Farryn asked.

“Under the water.” She could not hide the fear revealing itself in her voice.

Farryn’s eyes widened with concern. “He can’t breathe under water!”

“I know that!” Hadirsyr yelled. “I am trying to find them! Help me!”

King Faelar snorted. They flew along the length of the river, searching for any sign of them when suddenly the head of the princess broke through the surface. Her arms reached up towards the sky. Panic was clear on her face. A clawed hand slipped around her neck and pulled her back under.

Farryn plucked an arrow from her quiver.

“Wait!” Hadirsyr floated down close to the river.

Princess Yunaesa surfaced again, shrieking. Her feet barely cleared the water when the clawed hand grabbed her by the ankle. She let out an agonizing cry as she tried to get away.

Antlers peeked up from the water.

“Oh no!” Hadirsyr watched as the beast rose up from the water. Her brows furrowed at the change in his transformation. “Farryn, is that...?”

“It’s what happens when he absorbs her light. His appearance changes and he’s stronger. Much stronger.”

“Absorbing her light makes him stronger?” Hadirsyr said to herself in a low voice. She looked at the princess fighting against the beast. “It is the darkness making her like this. His darkness.”

The beast dragged the struggling princess out from the river and threw her through the woods. The tree she collided with splintered and fell backwards to the ground. Hadirsyr floated down to the snow covered ground with Farryn and Faelar. The large chunks of ice fell back into the river with noisy splashes as her feet touched the ground.

“Oh, little bird.” The beast stalked towards her. “I like this side of you. Feral. Deadly. But when a pet turns against its master, it will be punished.”

“Wait!” Hadirsyr shouted. The beast growled in response.

“What do you want, goddess?” He bared his teeth.

“You can not kill her.”

His lips curled up into a wicked smile. “Kill her? No. I would never kill her. I am reminding her of her place.” He continued towards the princess who was struggling to her feet.

“Gaelin brought the little goddess here so I could help her.” Hadirsyr ran over to him. “Let me help her.”

“Help her how?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“I think she is consumed with darkness. I can free her from it.”

“She is a beauty in my darkness. Perfection with one exception. She needs to learn to control it.” The beast snarled. “I will not let you purify my little bird.”

“I won’t. I swear it.”

The beast lowered his face to hers and looked into her eyes. Hadirsyr stood her ground.

“If we do nothing, she will continue this rampage.” Farryn hurried over. “You want to keep your little bird? Let Hadirsyr help.”

A growl vibrated up through the beast’s throat. He looked over at the princess who was now standing firmly on her feet. Her hands raised above her head. A large sphere of fire growing in her hands.

“What do you need from me?” He asked.

“Hold her still until I can rid of the darkness. Just enough to bring her back to herself.”

The beast tilted his head and thought over Hadirsyr’s offer. “If you do anymore than that, goddess, I will kill you both.” He took a step towards the princess.

The princess screamed and threw the fire sphere at the beast. He chuckled and summoned the water up from the river and extinguished the fire. Distracted by her anger, the princess did not realize the beast had moved behind her until she felt hands yank on her wings. She thrashed around, trying to free herself.

The beast laughed and pulled harder, tearing out her feathers. “Be still, little bird or I will rid you of your wings completely.”

Hadirsyr hurried over and stretched her hands out towards the princess.


Bright is the light

Overcome the dark

Break the chains that bind us

To the cold abyss”


The princess’s screams were cut off by gurgling as thick black liquid poured from her mouth onto the snow. Princess Yunaesa coughed and grabbed at her neck. More of the putrid filth spewed from her lips. The beast released his grip on her wings and let her drop to her knees. She vomited once more, then collapsed into the snow.

“Bring Gaelin back.” Hadirsyr pleaded.

The beast lifted his top lip in a sneer. “Not now.” He watched as the wings of the unconscious princess receded into her back then picked her up in his arms and held her against his chest. “She needs to be taken some place warm, goddess.”

Hadirsyr gestured towards King Faelar still in his dragon form. “We can take her.”

“You don’t trust me?” The beast raised an eyebrow. Hadirsyr didn’t answer. “Then I will take her with me.”

“Do I need to fight with you as well?” Hadirsyr took a threatening step forward.

“My little bird is cold. I will not leave her side until she is warm and safe.”

“What is she to you?” Hadirsyr asked noticing his gentle expression towards the princess.

“She is exactly what you think and everything Wyn said.” He paused and looked at the princess with a soft expression. “And she is mine. This devastating creature belongs to me.”

“Of course. She is destructive and demented.” Farryn chimed in. “She tried to kill her own parents. She almost killed Gaelin.”

“The balance needs to be restored. Then all will be well.” The beast explained

“You can’t take her. Gaelin doesn’t want her to know about you.” Farryn walked over and stood by Hadirsyr’s side.

“A warm place for her.” He said again. “I will bring Gaelin back then.” He sighed. “I will not fight you.” He added, noticing Hadirsyr’s hesitation.

Another moment passed with Hadirsyr and the beast staring at one another. “Alright. Follow us.” Hadirsyr took to the air and Farryn jumped on King Faelar’s back. Slowly, carefully, the beast floated up into the air, holding the shivering princess against him and flew behind Hadirsyr towards the conservatory.

King Faelar changed back into his human form and together they went inside the warm plant filled glass building. Hadirsyr pointed to a chaise where the beast laid Princess Yunaesa.

“How were you able to stay underwater for so long?” Farryn asked the beast as she stood in front of the fireplace to warm up.

“Power exchange.” Hadirsyr said looking at the beast who sat on the chaise beside the princess, rubbing her cheek, being careful not to scratch her with his claws.

“Yes.” The beast agreed.

King Faelar sat in the chair across from the chaise. “Beast.”

“Dragon King.” The beast replied with slight annoyance.

“You know something.” King Faelar leaned forward in his chair.

“I know many things.” The beast smiled down at the princess. “Oh little bird, if only you knew.” He shuddered. His haired turned black and his antlers sunk back into his skull. When his fangs shrunk and his claws changed back into nails, King Gaelin drew in a sharp breath and exhaled slowly. He looked around the room.

Farryn ran over and threw her arms around him.

“Your leg?” He asked.

Farryn shrugged. “It was just easier to bleed out and die.”

Gaelin shook his head and thanked his sister for her help.

“You brought a corrupted goddess into my realm.” Hadirsyr walked over and stood behind the chair where her husband sat. “What happened since the last time I saw you?”

Gaelin nodded, then reached over and placed a hand on the princess’ head. His voice barely audible over the crackling of the wood in the fireplace as he whispered the spell that would wipe the beast from the her memory. He looked down at his sister, then at King Faelar and Hadirsyr. “Disir should be here as well.”

Farryn volunteered to return to Eera and bring Disir to Elphine. When they arrived, she looked even more angry. Hadirsyr tried to hug her, but she kept her arms folded across her chest.

Disir looked over at the sleeping princess. “Well?”

King Gaelin sighed heavily.




“Will you say something?” King Gaelin moved from the chaise where the princess slept and knelt at Disir’s feet.

“This is you fault.” Tears streamed down her face. “You did this. The darkness, the manipulation…you did this to her.” She wiped her face with her hands.

“I never lied. Never told her I loved her. No matter how much she pushed, I told her the truth.” King Gaelin tried to argue.

“You took a young woman’s love for you and used it against her.” Spoke King Faelar. “You could have told her, you hated her and she would not have believed you because your actions showed otherwise.”

Farryn stormed towards the door.

“Where are you going?” King Gaelin rose to his feet.

“Home.” She swung open the door and slammed it shut behind her.

“If you would have done as I suggested. Stop feeding her your darkness. Taken her to Olgwenth, then we might have prevented her becoming like this.” Hadirsyr ran a hand back through her hair.

“I did what was necessary to keep her. Syul and Wyn said the same thing. If I want to hold on to my humanity, I need Yuna.”

“That poor creature has no idea what is happening to her and she is suffering greatly for it.” King Faelar stood up from his chair and walked over to the fireplace.

“If it is this bad when one of you becomes unstable and the balance shifts, I do not want to imagine both of you losing it, especially the beast.” Hadirsyr rubbed the side of her temple.

“What are you going to do, old friend?” King Faelar asked.

King Gaelin looked at Disir. She sat there with her hands in her lap. Her tears continued to fall. “Take her back to King Otto. If I go mad, you will just have to kill me.” He went down to his knees in front of Disir and took her hands in his. “You are the last person I wanted to hurt.”

“You took advantage of her. She gave you her heart, her love and you turned it into...” Disir frowned. “Into whatever this twisted abomination of codependency is.”

The sound of a yawn caught everyone’s attention. “Where am I?” Asked the princess as she sat up.

Submitted: August 06, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Bunni Writes Smut. All rights reserved.


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