The Cursed King Of Nefayre and the Girl Who Became a Goddess

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

King Gaelin has been cursed since he was eleven years old. Inside of him is a beast with an insatiable appetite for cruelty and brutality. After decades of living a life of chaos and blood, he meets someone who gives him peace but good things never last long. Another curse threatens his humanity but what can he do when the person he needs for peace also brings out the very worse in him?

I don't normally do trigger warnings as I am not that kind of person. General bad things happen trigger warning here. Also, I don't do social media. I find it toxic and depressing and it tends to make me anxious so if you want to keep up with my writing news, do fan or bookmark the page. Thank you!

Table of Contents

For the Reader

At the moment, this story is undergoing professional beta reading and right after that it is going to editing then proofreading. Please note this is the final draft so there may be typos here and
there but the storyline will remain unchanged. For those looking for edited work, you will not find them here. My drafts go here on booksiesilk, not my published work. Published work, fully edited
and proofread with a professional book cover, will be available on my author site which will hopefully be ready to debut March 2023! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

As always. I am a story writer, not an editor. I leave that to paid professionals. Thank God for them.
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She stood naked on the balcony whistling at the small gray bird with a cream colored chest sitting in the palm of her hand. She smiled wh... Read Chapter


“God King Gaelin?” A man carrying a bag of exotic pink fruit walked over to the king. “I think we are being watched.” King Ga... Read Chapter

Sixteen Years Ago

The excited father to be, King Astraston sat on the throne holding the hand of his beautiful wife that sat beside him. Their happiness wa... Read Chapter

The God King Returns Again

Queen Maketanoon opened the door at the bottom of the stairs and rushed to her husband’s study. When she reached the door, she barged i... Read Chapter

In the Garden

Side by side, we walked out of the front doors of the palace. The light from the moon reflected off the stream of water flowing from the ... Read Chapter

The Birth of Princess Yunaesa

The young man had ridden all night. Through portals of ally realms and through portals where enemies of his king lived. A strap over his ... Read Chapter


How does one teach a child who is tired from studying most of the day? Disguise the lesson as a game. The princess led me to the edge of ... Read Chapter

A Day With a King

“Where did you go?” The princess folded her arms across her bare chest. Two braids hung from her ears, the end of them wrapped with g... Read Chapter

The Journey Begins

It wasn’t the sun that awakened King Gaelin, but the soft sounds from the naked woman on top of him. After Disir had looked in on the p... Read Chapter

Princess Yunaesa

Princess Yunaesa POV

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS FAR!!! I hope you are enjoying the story. Do remember to bookmark or fan page if you are enjoying the story and for updates!
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The sight of Disir stabbing the small boy in the back and King Gaelin cutting off the head of the sweet girl forced a scream from my mout... Read Chapter

The Festival

Everywhere I looked, I saw shadows but none could compare to King Gaelin’s. His was the darkest of them all. Cold to the touch and not ... Read Chapter

Bonds and Curses

King Gaelin walked up the wooden steps that led to the door where the Guardian Queen was known to spend much time reading and painting wh... Read Chapter


Thank you so much for reading! If you are enjoying the story be sure to bookmark and/or fan for updates! I only update here.
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I took a sip from my cup. The bitter brown liquid was as disgusting as I felt. Sitting here at a small table alone in a small dimly lit t... Read Chapter

The Beast and His Pretty Little Bird

I still don’t remember how I ended up here in this loud and bawdy tavern. Topless women pouring drinks while sitting on the laps of str... Read Chapter

The Bath

Farryn walked past the guards into Disir’s tent and plopped down on the edge of the bed. “Disir.” She grabbed hold of the woman... Read Chapter


Farryn’s horse took Disir through several portals before they arrived in Itira. She consumed a yellow potion once they left Hiltagi. Al... Read Chapter

Memories: The Young Prince

Prince Gaelin cowered in the corner of the dungeon hugging his knees to his chest. His stomach growled, empty from his constant vomiting.... Read Chapter


Disir and Princess Yunaesa returned to Eera on horseback in silence. When they arrived at the palace, Disir took the horses to the stable... Read Chapter

Confessions of a Goddess

After spending two days burying the bodies of her dead lovers, a grieving Goddess Wyn walked into her bed chamber. She froze when she saw... Read Chapter

What It Means to Forget

Several days had passed since I had returned home from Hiltagi and during that time I had not heard from King Gaelin. It was probably for... Read Chapter


When was the last time I had sex for my own pleasure? Never. Sex had never been about my pleasure. It had always been about relea... Read Chapter

To Love. To Conquer. To Possess.

“That is...unsettling…” Hadirsyr and I stood at the bottom of a mountain I destroyed. “Thankfully, this power increase is only te... Read Chapter

The Realm of Mourning Part One

  As King Gaelin filled her with his seed for the third time, the whimpering princess tried to remember how it they ended up in ... Read Chapter

The Realm of Mourning Part Two

King Gaelin walked her over to the port side of the ship where four soldiers stood staring out into the sea. The princess stood behind hi... Read Chapter

The King From the Realm of Oryn

The palace doors opened. A nude Princess Yunaesa walked out, her breasts covered by her long hair. Her mother walked out behind her weari... Read Chapter

In Nefayre

The sun was just beginning to set when I returned to my room. I had spent most of the day speaking with the crew of my ship, preparing to... Read Chapter

The God King of Nefayre

I should have taken her home. I wanted to. I tried to, but every time I went to touch her she moved out of my reach. Not wanting to argue... Read Chapter

Memories: Love and Destruction

Queen Maketanoon sat in her palace garden of red and yellow flowers with her young daughter of only a few months. The giggling infant smi... Read Chapter

Two Kings and a Princess

Farryn screamed in frustration. She was unable to move from the chair she was tied to, nor could she close her legs or stop the man who h... Read Chapter

A Celebration in Blood

Farryn left the temple and hurried to her home where she saw Teharissa sitting on the stairs of her home. Her eyes were red from crying. ... Read Chapter

Memories: When Allies Dine

King Astraston walked through his palace to make sure everything was clean and in place. He had once again invited his closest allies for... Read Chapter

What It Means to Rule

“Look around you.” King Gaelin said to King Talon as he sat in his chair in the throne room. To his left sat King Otto and to his rig... Read Chapter

To Drown in Darkness

“We are not to be disturbed.” King Gaelin said to the guards standing in front of the princess’ door. “If anyone tries to enter, ... Read Chapter


The palace shook violently as Princess Yunaesa continued her attack. King Gaelin looked at his sister. “Are you ready?” He asked.... Read Chapter

Light and Dark

There was a dull pain throbbing in the back of my head. My blurry vision was slowly becoming clear and I found myself being stared at by ... Read Chapter


Umm....So....   THERE'S GOING TO BE A BOOK TWO!!!!!!! I'M SO STOKED!!!    I am currently working on bo... Read Chapter

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