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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is an erotic poem about a young couple, who met at the mall and decided to hookup at the guy's place on their first date and they ended up fucking and enjoying mutual oral sex all night long.


She walked with assurance - body so lean

All the perfect curves needed to be seen

She had giant tits - she was also very tall 

He saw her & wanted the two of them to ball

Her body was so curvy, yet slender & sleek

He said what an ass I want to lick her cheeks

She worked in a store in the mall

After he saw her, he wanted her all

So, he went next door & asked her out

She said yes & he wanted to shout

He picked her up in his hot sports car

They talked & decided - didn't need to go far

She said why don't we just go to your place

He said you’re on sister - I love your face

He opened the door as they strode inside

She seemed to know - nothing to hide

She walked up to him and kissed him hard

He kissed back with tongue no guard

She reached down & grabbed his heaving crotch

Then she asked - you wanna get naked or have a scotch?

He said - the scotch will be good for later

After he fucked her, tongued her & ate her

She feverishly ripped off all his clothes

His raging big dick was ready to pose

Then he undressed her - she was oh so nude

This girl was definitely sexy and no prude

She dropped to her knees & took him deep

Till he blew and she swallowed - oh so chic

Then he laid her down on his big couch

He licked & slurped on her shaved coochie pouch

They lay on the floor & stroked & fondled for awhile

Until his member arose anew - She sweetly smiled

They fucked slow & low - creating pure steam

She ravaged his phallus again he creamed

His penis fit her pussy to absolute perfection

He screwed her gentle with his rock-hard erection

Mission, doggie, her legs on his shoulders too

They fucked & fucked - everything was new 

Skin to skin fucking & sucking so tender

They were having an insane all-night fucking bender

Then she sucked his desiring flaccid rocket

Her lips, teeth & tongue became an electric socket

He exploded again into her gentle deep throat

He went nuts as his soft penis began to float

Then his schlong got hard again ready to go

They sprawled on the carpet ready for some 69

Fellatio-cunnilingus-perfect by design

She got on top sucking his long blue steel dong

He licked & tongued her pussy erotic & long

Seven times they fucked long and sweet

In between they enjoyed oral pleasure-oh the heat

This six-hour fuckfest almost seemed sacred

With the sun rising - they enjoyed a scotch naked

Sitting nude, they talked & laughed about how fucking was fun

They made another date for her honeypot,his gun

He took her home - the fuckfest completed

This insane night of fucking will be repeated.


Submitted: August 03, 2022

© Copyright 2022 KOOLKARMA. All rights reserved.

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Seven times, huh? Wow.
That was certainly elaborately detailed, Kool K. Very entertaining!

Fri, August 5th, 2022 8:31pm

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