Chapter 4: Getting Deeper

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Sitting in a booth in a back corner with Karen, Valerie pounded the table. 

"Jack ceme to SEE you at the club?"

"He came to see Kandy Kane but I turned him away. I told him I was there to see Ronnie about lunch and he bought it. I didn't let him know it was me."

"What did he want with you?"

"I don't know but I heard that a stripper from somewhere is sleeping with someone important. I think maybe Jack thought I would know who it might be."

"Do you know who that person is, or might be?"

"No, just that he didn't want it known that he was fucking a stripper."

"How did Jack get your name, or the idea that you would know?"

"I think a sleezeball I know named Steve might have told him. I balled Steve once when he told me that he was an influential politician, but it turns out he's just a nobody and a loser."

Valerie frowned and sipped her drink slowly. "I've got to find a way to restablish a relationshilp with my father and to save what I might have with Jack."

"Are you going to quit working at the club?" Karen asked.

"Hell no!", exclaimed Val. "The money is too good. I'll work out something; I just have to think about it."

"Well, let me know if I can help, Val. We've been friends a long time and I'm there for you."

"Thanks, Karen; I appreciate that."


****************************************************   ********************


Late that same afternoon, Karen lay on the hotel bed, sore and sweaty. Her thighs were chafed from his stubble. Her nipples were sore from his chewing. Her belly was still covered with his sweat, and spots of his semen covered her tits. She listened to him gargling in the bathroom. Asshole didn't even close the door. 

With his money and the money from the club, Karen was packing away for a nice and possibly early retirement. It was so easy pleasing this poor, lonely horny man. She teased him but always made him wait for just one more kinky adventure. Something new and naughty each time, she promised. He drooled and grabbed himself every time she promised something "next time."

When he returned, he flopped on the bed. Before he could grab her, she rolled off the bed. 

"Kandy? Where are you going, baby?" I'm rdeady to make you happy again."

"I need a shower, Spense. Just relax; i won't be long."

"Can I get in the shower with you? Another car payment if you'll piss on me?"

"I told you when we got here, Spense, today you can eat all you want but only one fuck. Pissing is for another time, all day if you want."

"Oh, my God, you know how to make me hard for days at a time," he said, lying back on the bed.

In the shower, Karen pondered on what to do. She was laying the goose with the golden eggs but she was afreaid that it would all blow up if Valerie reunited with her father and confessed to Jack. 

When she toweled off after the shower, she heard him snoring lightly. It didn't matter. She knew she could give him a few minutes rest and then tease him for next time. He loved the last visit. She had teased him with her mouth and sucked him off three times; a record by his own recollection.

She fumbled through her purse, checked her email on her cell phone and decided to wake him up and get it over with so she could get to the club for her shift. She climbed up on the bed and straddled his head with her knees. She lowered herself and as soon as her pubic hair touched his nose, he awoke instantly.

"Oh, my sweet Kandy, I love how you feed me like this!"

Karen sighed silently to herself and let him gorge on her flesh. When she feigned an orgasm, wiggling on his face and moaning his name, his eyes beamed with pride.

Later, Karen waited by the door as he got dressed. He never paid her directly but somehow this month's car payment at the bank would be mysteriously covered. 

"Listen, Kandy, I want to ask you for a big favor. My birthday is coming up soon and I'd like to do something special."

"Like what?" she asked. She didn't care what; she knew she would do it and there would be more than ample compensation.

"I've never had a threesome, you know with two girls? I'd like to have a black girl join us sometime. I'd pay you both. Can you work that out for me, baby?"

Karen smiled. How she wish she could do something diabolical. Maybe some day as a big finale and a huge donation towards her retirement..... 



Submitted: August 03, 2022

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