Chapter 2: The Payoff

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Jack waited eagerly the next afternoon, but was not hopeful that Valerie would call. However his cell phone rang about 3:15 pm with an unknown number. "Gotcha!" he said out loud.

"Hello, this is Jack Baker, of Tag Tuckers International; we tuck your tag ahywhere you want."

Valerie's laugh into the phone was music to Jack's ears. "Hello, to you, Jack. My, you seem to be obsessed with tags," she said.

"It's my job to check them, inspect them, tuck them or remove them, however needed by a beautful woman."

"You're something. So, where and when shall I meet you for dinner?"

"Five o'clock at J. Alexander's on Trevor Blvd. Have you been there before?"

"Yes, I know where it is and I like their menu."

"Valerie, you realize that I have your number in my phone now, right? Does that mean I can call you?:

"No, you have my friend, Karen's number in your phone, and she won't want you calling her either."

"Well, I just can't win. No worries. What are you up to dotay?"

"I'm sorry, Jack but I have an errand to run before dinner so I'll go now and meet you at the restaurant."

"I'll be waiting in the lobby for you."

********************************************************* **********************

When Jack arrived thirty minutes early, he parked in the back row. He waited in the lobby and soon a car drove up with two women in the front seat. When Valerie got out, Jack saw another pretty girl behind the wheel. 

As the car drove away, Jack turned to Valerie. "I've never seen a female Uber driver before."

"That's not a Uber, it's my friend, Karen and she will come pick me up later."

Once they were seated and had ordered, Jack gazed across the table at Valerie. The ponytail was gone and her long dreadlocks cascaded over her shoulders. Today she wore a knee length dark blue dress with no belt, but it hugged her in all the right places. She wore heels that showed shapely calves.

"So, what can we tell each other to get acquainted?" he asked.

"What do you need to know; can't we just enjoy each other's company?"

"Tell me why you like me, so I can build on that and get closer to you."

"I think you're a good looking young man, successful, confident and you dress well, you know, nice crease in your pants, shined shoes, that sort of thing."

"That's interesting, and so simple and honest; thank you."

"You're welcome, and what do you like about me, besides my having a tag that needs tucked now and then?"

Jack thought carefully but not long enough before he answered. "I've never dated a black girl and you're prettier than any white girl I've ever known. You've got a dynamite body. I'd like to kiss you until you run out of breath, to see how big your nipples are, to have my head between your gorgeous legs for a long time, and to feel your legs around me when I sink inside you and give you the best orgasm of your life."

He felt stupid but had blurted it out before he could stop himself. Valerie stared at him showing no reaction, good or bad.

Their food was delivered and conversation suddently changed, dwindling to comments about the weather and traffic. Jack had eaten barely half of his steak when Valerie sat up straight and said, "I think I'd like to go now, Jack; would you mind?"

"Of course not!" he answered. But inside he was devastated, thinking that he had definitely offended her. She sat quietly as he paid for the meal and they walked together to the lobby.

"Where's your car? I'd like to see what you drive." she asked.

"At the end of the row, I'll show you."

Jack was driving a new pickup truck with an extended cab. Valerie seemed impressed with it. Jack unlocked the driver door and when he turned, Valerie stepped close and slid her arms around his neck. "I've been waiting to do this since I got here." She kissed him softly on the lips and he kissed back. His hands found her hips, pulling her body firmly against him. They seemed oblivious of the fact that they were in view of anyone coming into the packing lot.

Their kisses were becoming more and more heated and Valerie was squirming in his arms. Suddenly she stepped back and opened the passenger door. She looked around them at the empty parking lot, then reached up under her dress. She pulled her panties down her legs, kicked off her shoes and tossed the panties and shoes into the back seat of the truck.

She kissed Jack quickly on the lips. "I have a secret; I love sex in publix places. Come on, get in." 

Valerie climbed up into the back seat of the truck. "Shut the door and get on the floor," she said.

Jack was on his knees and Valerie was sprawled out on her back on the seat, her dress up around her waist. She put her legs togehter in the air. "I seem to recall something you said about where you'd put your head," she said teasingly.

Jack took her knees in his hands and opened her legs into a vee. He kissed his way down the insides of her legs until his mouth kissed her smooth sex. Val slipped her legs over his shoulders, crossing her ankles. Jack filled his hands with her firm buttocks and slid his tongue inside her. The warmth of her thighs on his face aroused him. The sweet wetness coating his tongue drove him crazy. But he restrained himself, and worked her slowly into a sexual frenzy, using his tongue and fingers to stimulate and satisfy her.

Her orgasm thrilled Jack like never before. She arched her body up off the seat, squeezed his head, fisted his hair and moaned his name on her lips. When her body became limp, he removed his hands from underneath her. She sat on the seat on her knees and patted the seat next to her. "Sit up here," she said.

As Jack wrestled with his belt, Valeria slipped her dress up over her head. Between the two of them, they worked Jack's pants and underwear down to his ankles. "There's some protection in the glove box," Jack said, hurriedly.

"Don't sorry about it," she answered as she quickly straddled his body on the seat. She reached back and unhooked her bra and dropped it to the seat. Her hands slipped under her breasts and she offered them to Jack, one at a time. He licked and then sucked each nipple and his erection twitched and slapped her thigh.

The touch of Valerie's hand made him gasp as she guided it into her. She locked her arms around his neck again and her mouth locked onto his. She was licking his lips, kissing and tonguing his mouth with abandon as she slowly rose and fell on him. Jack reached under and grabbed her buttocks again and he used her, lifting and then letting her weight settle down until juices coated his ball sac.

Their kisses became more passionate and neither cared if anyone saw them. They enjoyed their union for a long time until Jack, losing control, moaned into her mouth. Valerie broke their kiss, bouncing on him of her own accord. "Yes, Jack, yes; fill me up, I love to feel it!"

When he was limp and spent, Jack kissed her again. "That was amazing. You're amazing."

As she was putting her bra and dress back on, Valerie answered. "So are you. You're a great kisser. And who taught you how to use your tongue like that?"

Jack just smiled. "I read a lot of porn." And they both laughed.

"Clean up and meet me in the lobby. I'm going to the restroom and freshen up," said Valerie. She got out and slipped into her shoes but carried her panties with her as she walked back into the restaurant.

Jack used a bandana from the console to wipe himself off and after checking outside, he stepped out and pulled his clothes back on. When he go to the lobby, Valerie was waiting.

"Let's have some coffee and dessert!" she said, smiling and grabbing his hand.

Once they were seated, Jack said. "I apologize for being so crude earlier."

"You're forgiven; after all, it worked, didn't it?" she said with a wide smile.

"Yeah, but I'd like to see more of you, Valerie."

She laughed out loud. "You mean, you want to go back out to your truck for round two?"

"No, no, no. I mean that I want to see you on a regular basis."

"We'll, see, Jack, let's just take one date at a time for now."

They were sharing a piece of chocolate cake. "Valerie, why don't you come over to my place for dinner sometime? You can bring your friend, Karen for security. I'll fix a nice dinner, we can all have a drink and chat and she can take you home. How about it?"

"I'll think about it, Jack, and maybe I wouldn't bring Karen, but let me think about it, okay?"

"Fair enough! Hey, by the way, Tuesday I am having lunch with Lloyd Spenser and his assistant. Would you like to join us and meet him? I'm sure he wouldn't mind?"

The mention of her father's name worried Valerie. She had not seen him face to face in a long time. If Jack was going to be with her father in the future, she would have to control her relationship very carefully with Jack.

"No, thanks, Jack, I'm busy Tuesday but thanks for asking."

Val called and she and Jack waited for Karen to arrive. Jack opened the door for Valerie and looked over at the driver. "Hi, I' Jack Baker."

"Hi, Jack, I'm Karen Caine. Nice to meet you."

Jack kissed Val and watched as the car drove away.

In the car, Karen asked, "How did it go?"

"As good as I expected, but there's a complication."

"What's the problem?"

"Jack is working for and getting very familiar with my father."

Karen looked straight ahead. "Yeah, I could see how that would be problem." And to herself, Karen thought, "It could be a problem for both of us."

Submitted: August 03, 2022

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