Chapter 1: The Bet

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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She stood impatiently in line. This was her last chance to win before her money ran out. Valerie Spenser, thirty years old and single, was spending the last of her own cash at the race track. Her father, a successful attorney, was too busy for her but sent her a generous stipend each month to cover the cost of her apartment, her car and standard living expenses. His goal was to be the first African American governor of the state. Valerie's goal was to have fun, and she was addicted to gambling, especially on horse racing.

Jack Baker, single and twenty four years old, loved horse racing but preferred the sulky races. Thoroughbreds were fast and it was all over with too soon. Watching the sulky drivers in their little buggies behind the horse, using their whip and yanking the reins changed the rules. He had already been there an hour when he stepped in line to make a bet. 

He stared at the back of the girl in front of him. Almost his height, dreads pulled back into a ponytail. Straight shoulders just wide enough to hold the dark orange silk top. Expensive purple slacks covered and yet advertised her legs and buttocks. Jack released a soft sigh, obviously louder than he had intended.

She turned so quickly that Jack's downward gaze now centered on the front of her blouse where her cleavage was snugly contained.

"Is there a problem?" Val asked.

Her eyes were big and brown with lashes just long enough to announce them to the world. Hair pulled back painfully on her forehead, high cheekbones, a Janet Jackson nose, square jaw tapering to a soft chin, glossy lips slightly darker than her skin, delicate gold hoops dangling from her ear lobes. She was drop dead gorgeous.

Jack spoke quickly to recover. "No, ma'am, no problem, but there is something you should know."

Val crossed her arms over her chest, expecting him to say something crude. "And what would that be?"

"I know this is something that bothers most women, so I wanted to tell you that the tag on your blouse is sticking out in back."

Surprised with his answer, Val reached back with one hand, and confirmed what he said. Tucking it under, she smiled and said "Thank you. It's unusual for a man to recognize something like that."

"Well, for some men, but I happen to pay attention to such things; I thrive on being charming."

"And is this what you usually do to pick up women, Mr. Charming?" Her smile was almost more than he could handle.

"Actually, it's my hobby, helping beautiful women get their tag tucked properly."

Valeria laughed out loud, putting a palm over her mouth.

Jack put his legs together, clicked his heels twice, bowed slightly and said, "Jack Baker, at your service, Milady."

He offered his hand and she shook it gently with hers. "I'm Valerie, and you can call me Val." She had long fingers, perfectly polished nails. Jack also detected the slightest hint of perfume, shampoo, or something light and alluring.

The line moved slowly toward the ticket counter. 

"You're much too elegant for "Val" - how's your luck going, Valerie?"

"Not well. This will be my last bet unless I win something. What about you?"

"I've just been watching, to get the feel of the track, so to speak. I have a suggestion, if I may?"

Val was becoming more and more interested in this young man. So far he wasn't pushy but she was hoping he would flirt with her; he was handsome and had an air of confidence about him. 

"Okay, tell me, Jack the Charming; what have you in mind?"

"Suppose I give you a winning bet - will you give me your phone number?"

"No. First of all, I don't give out my phone number, my address or where I work to people I do not know. And secondly, I am going to place a show bet on the favorite, number one."

"Oh, Valerie, no, no, no, that's not how you win money. Don't bet on the odds, bet on the driver or the horse."

"That doesn't make sense, to risk money on other than the favorite," she countered, "and I don't know anythng about the drivers or horses; I don't understand all that information on the program."

"That's okay, but let me explain something. The driver for number one has already won two out of the first four races. Drivers don't win more than three races a night so he won't win again until later in the program."

"How do you know that, Jack?"

"I don't KNOW it, that's just the way it works."

"So how do I bet then?"

"Number eight has a new driver, who has never driven that horse before. He will go all out to win to impress the horse's owner for future races. If he gets a good start, he could have a chance to win."

"Okay, Mr. Charming, I will take a chance on your obvious expertise."

"And when you win, will you take MY phone number? Maybe someday you will see it and wonder why I have not called and you might actually call ME."

"We'll see," she said, just as she reached the ticket counter. After she and Jack purchased their tickets, they watched the race from the clubhouse window, overlooking the track.

As it turned out, horse number eight did win and Valerie won $18. And she also put Jack's phone number in her cell phone. 

Neither of them won anything in the next race, and Valerie decided to leave.

"I have to go home to change and get to work," she said sadly. "But you made this much more fun, Jack."

"Why not stay one more race, and I will give you another guaranteed bet? But when you win this time, you have to have dinner with me."

"i'm not sure about that, but I will stay for just one more race."

"Great!" Jack was beaming. "I know you won't tell me where you work, but what kind of work do you do? I know you could be a model or a dancer."

Her father or friends did not know, but Valerie made her track betting money as "Velvet", one of the star performers at "The Excalibur", a night club that boasted of live girl on girl sex on stage. The sex was fake but the pay and tips were worth the sex once a month with the owner. Many times, members of the audience, men and women, approached Valerie for a date and she refused.

"Your presumption is pretty close, so let's leave it at that," she answered. "And you haven't told me what you do for a living?"

"I recently started working on a campaign for Lloyd Spenser. I've been watching his career since he started in politics and I applied for the job. After meeting him a few times, I'm certain he's not only going to be our next Governor, he's going to be one of the best."

Valerie was quiet for a moment before she responded. If Jack knew her father, her father would tell Jack that she is a bartender at "Nightwatch". The owner of that bar also owns The Excalibur and he verified her employment as a bartender when her father had inquired. But if anyone went to the bar looking for her, it would always be her night off. Val decided to change the subject.

"Tell me about your guaranteed bet."

"Go up and put an Exacta bet on numbers 5 and 6 and box it. It will cost $4 but you'll win much more."

"But those horses are in the middle and the odds..."

Jack interrupted her. "Odds don't matter here. The driver on number 5 has a history of winning thirty percent of his races and the horse has a great starting time. The times for number 6 look slow but his previous race was on a longer track. He has a great finishing time and the regular driver, so both of these horses look good for a win."

Somewhat reluctantly, Valerie made the suggested bet, as did Jack. Valerie wanted to watch the race down at the track, close to the horses. When the horses neared the finish line, Valerie was jumping up and down, waving her ticket. Jack never saw the finish - he watched and was mesmerized by the swells in Val's blouse moving up and down....

Number 6 won and number 5 was second. For her $4 bet, Valerie won $88. Jack bet much bigger and took away $880. Valerie hugged his neck and thanked him.

"So, how about a dinner date, then?" he asked. "Anytime, anywhere, and you can call me. Or not. Your choice."

Valerie really wanted to have dinner and to get to know Jack more. "Tomorrow is Sunday so I don't work, and I will have dinner with you. You make reservations for anywhere you like. I will call you early in the afternoon and then I will meet you at the restaurant. Fair enough?"

"Awesome, Milady and I am humbled to accept your acceptance of my request." 

Valeriie laughed and hugged Jack again. She smelled so good, and he wished he could learn from where that alluring scent was coming.

"May I walk you to your car?" he asked.

"No, sorry. Same rule applies; I don't let people know what car I drive either. But I promise I will call you, Jack." She kissed him on the cheek and Jack watched her walk away. The view of her walking away stirred something in him that he hoped she would understand...






Submitted: July 31, 2022

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Ah, the age old issue of the boyfriend working for daddy, though neither the boyfriend or daddy are aware as yet. You’ve set up your first complication.

Val’s occupation is the second complication. That’s an explosion waiting to go off, though I doubt Jack will be overly concerned. Daddy, on the other hand, will not like it. And we all know how politicians like to frequent alluring establishments. Disaster is looming.

Val is extremely cautious as one would expect, given her profession. Jack probably sees it as over the top, but he accommodates it well.

I like how you’ve established this relationship. Jack is meticulously observant and calculating whereas Val has more of an addictive personality which may turn out to be a problem. She sounds a little spoiled and entitled, perhaps lacking in relationship skills. Jack could be in for a rough ride.

Sun, July 31st, 2022 11:57pm


Thanks for your observations. I tried to leave possibilities on the table here for the next chapter and maybe even get three chapters from it. We shall see. Thanks for reading and the comments, sweet lady.

Sun, July 31st, 2022 8:17pm

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