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Damn, what a day!

Poor Rae had picked up Ava, who immediately wanted to know why her mother looked like death warmed over. In men’s clothing and high heels to boot. They had gone home only to realize their house had been ransacked in the middle of the night, followed by an onslaught of questions from Ava where her mother had been all night.
Rae called the police and after the house was deemed safe to enter, she was questioned by none other than her own deputy dawg, George.

“ You sure someone didn’t just come by looking for you? “ he asked lazily.

“ Yeah George, I’m pretty sure. People don’t just randomly come by and look in my panty drawer for me. Everything has been pawed through George, get a grip! “

He took her report, but since she couldn’t say for sure that anything had been taken, he advised her to double lock the door and call them if there was anymore trouble.

“ Mom, are you okay? “ Ava asked.

Rae forced a smile.

“ I’m fine baby. Don’t you worry bout me, I’m an old war horse. “

After they cleaned up the house, Rae went through bleaching things and washing all of the clean clothing the intruder had contact with. Suddenly her safe domain had felt very dirty and unsafe. Secretly she was glad that Nate was coming over later, his presence would at least put her mind to rest for awhile. While Rae prepared dinner, Joel knocked on the door.

“ Rae , I’m so glad you’re okay! “ he exclaimed, pulling her into his arms and hugging her tightly.

His face was worse for wear, she noticed. The left side was swollen to three times it’s size and purplish-black. She winced and felt horrible that it had all come to that.

“ Oh baby. “ he whispered, brushing a stray hair off of her forehead softly. “ I’m so sorry. “

He was the one with the messed up face and he was telling her he was sorry?

“ No Joel, I’m the one who’s sorry. I wish that my….um… friend had not jumped to conclusions. “

He gave her a searching look.

“ Who was that guy? He came out of nowhere and scared the shit out of all of us last night. We didn’t know who he was, or where he took you. If it wasn’t for my sister knowing he was staying at the Best Western, we would have had no clue where to start. “

Rae smiled sheepishly.

“ He’s an old friend. A guy I grew up with. “

And the father of my child.

“ I’m just glad you’re alright Rae . “ he murmured, then leaned down and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead.

One kiss turned into another as he kissed her nose, then moved down and placed another on her lips.
As much as she wanted to deny it, the kiss made her heart beat rapidly. She was so confused, one minute feeling all of the love she used to have for Nate, and the next enjoying another mans lips.

‘ I’m not anything to Nate anymore ‘ she reminded herself. No reason to feel guilty.

No reason at all.

Rae tentatively opened her mouth and kissed Joel back. He smiled against her mouth and moved a little closer, kissed her a little deeper. He felt good, she had to admit as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The bonus- he was a damn good kisser. His lips were soft and full, skillful and seeking.

“ I’ve imagined this for so long. “ he whispered moving down her neck.

She was getting turned on and had to regretfully push him away.

“ I’m sorry. “ she said breathlessly “ Ava's home and I have some things to do. “

Guilt gnawed at her insides as Nate's sexy face flashed I her mind.

“ I understand. “ Joel smiled, his face flushed and filled with desire for her. “ I’ll leave you be. Call me tomorrow? “

Rae nodded and before she could turn away Joel had her in his arms again and was kissing her senseless.

“ Ahem. “

Startled, Rae pulled away and straightened herself, embarrassed that her daughter would catch her in this position.

“ See you later. “ Joel said and left.

“ And the reason you were kissing Uncle Joel is...“ Ava said with a smirk.

Rae was mortified.

“ Hey kiddo, it’s none of your beeswax. “ she laughed, hoping Ava would leave it alone.

She did.

They had Broiled Salmon with lemon butter, new potatoes with parsley and steamed broccoli for dinner, and Ava caught Rae up on what was going on with her as they ate the delicious food. After the dishes were done and everything was put away, Ava went to finish her homework while Rae soaked in a long hot bath.
The steamy water felt fantastic against her skin, and the cherry blossom oil she had dumped in smelled light and beautiful. She had no ambition to read so she had the radio on low, and just lay back and relaxed against the back of the tub.
Her mind wandered first to Joel, then to Nate.
Both men were sinfully sexy, each in his own way. They both got an A for making her want them too.

She shook her head.

Who said Nate still wanted her anyway?
Just because he had come to find her didn’t mean that he wanted her. Hell, he had thrown her and his daughter to the curb, how did he think it was fair to come waltzing back in their lives now?

Rae pouted for a minute, then decided it wasn’t important. She would talk to him tonight and let him knows that she and Ava were just fine without him thank you very much. ‘As a matter of fact, ‘ she thought, ‘I’ll show him what he’s missed then send him on his way, then I can get on with my life.’

Submitted: August 03, 2022

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