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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

As teenagers Raelyn and Nathan thought they'd found their other half until bad choices lead them to being pulled apart. Fourteen years later, at his dying father's request, Nate hunts Rae down to beg her to come back and uncover the secrets that changed their entire lives.

Table of Contents

The beginning

“ I forbid you to see him again Raelyn! “ Those words made the blood drain from Raelyn Miller's face. Her stomach dropped as s... Read Chapter

Chapter One

“Mom?” “Hmm?” “ There’s this roller-skating party tonight. It’s for Olivia’s birthday. Can I go?” ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

“ I need to find her Chase, where is she? “ Nate demanded, fiercely standing his ground against the now older and slightly fragile ma... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

The skating rink was packed with kids ranging from kindergartners up to late teens. Rae walked next to Ava towards Olivia’s table, near... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Nate flew into Madison then had to drive the rest of the way. Marilyn had been right about the weather, it was damn cold and the 4 feet o... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Big hands caught Rae before she hit the ground. The brick wall she ran into turned out to be a person. “ Excuse me pretty lady.... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Nate was up and going before the sun had come up, although he wasn’t really sure it even came out here in Nowheresville. He assumed tha... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

The ringing of the phone woke Rae from a restless sleep. She glanced at the clock and groaned. Who the hell was calling at seven in the m... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Wendy knocked on Nate’s hotel room door at exactly noon. He could tell she had expected their meeting to be a little more than informat... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Rae knocked on the Patterson’s door and waited in the bitter cold. Rose greeted her a minute later and ushered her in. “ It’... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Nate decided it might be in his best interest to actually take a nap. Not only did it keep his mind off of the excitement that was bounci... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Rae wasn’t sure what was happening to her. She had felt fine one minute and now she was in this... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Nate was relieved that Rae finally seemed conscious and alert. He kneeled behind her as she heaved and rubbed her back, trying to at leas... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

She needed answers. A LOT of answers. As Rae sat on the edge of the bed, she pulled her legs up and under her pulling the s... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

After dropping Rae off at her car, he could barely wait for the day to pass so he could see her again. The previous night had been long. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Damn, what a day! Poor Rae had picked up Ava, who immediately wanted to know why her mother looked like death warmed over. In men... Read Chapter