Clara's Sudden Visit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

After they have studied together at the VUB Brussels university, Frank Poireau and Clara Poupard lose contact with each other. Six years after their graduation, Clara contacts Frank again. She wants to come to Brussels to visit him, and have a serious talk with him. Frank Poireau agrees...

Clara’s Sudden Visit


After the inaugural meeting of “Coles Maximus”, the very special association for former VUB students, the floodgates were opened, so to speak. At that first meeting, there were few attendants, only six women and two men, Dirk Peetersen and Frank Poireau. The reason for this association was the veneration, if you can call it that, of the exceptional sizes of penises Dirk and Frank had.


After that first meeting, there had been a lot of word of mouth about their dicks, Frank Poireau suspected. Anyway, on his phone he got one selfie after another of naked or scantily clad girls and women. They all wanted to get to know his exceptionally large cock up close. It was a surprising affair. Sometimes, Poireau got between three and five of those selfies a day. There were even more on the weekend. What those women were suggesting to him… Frank really couldn't go into their proposals. He didn’t refuse them all, however. Finally, he was highly committed by going to that foundation meeting of “Coles Maximus” in Auderghem. So, he thought carefully about the situation. He came to the conclusion that he couldn't disappoint every woman. He had to make a selection with whom he wanted to hook up, and possibly have sex if a girl insisted and he felt like screwing her.


One of the most impressive and provocative photos he got was one of Clara Poupard. That wasn't a selfie. Someone other than Clara herself had taken that daring snapshot. And it was really challenging, that was the least one could say. On her bed (Frank thought), he saw Clara lying with her arms apart and her hands tied to the bedposts. She had her legs spread wide apart, and she wasn't wearing any panties. That was actually nothing new. That's how Poireau had known Clara in the past when they were both still studying at the VUB. Even then, underwear was not really important for Clara Poupard. She rarely or never wore a bra in those days. She claimed that the habit was bad for a woman, and that putting their tits in a bra would make them more likely to get breast cancer than if you gave your boobs enough breathing space. Now, in this picture, she also showed her bare breasts. Frank had the impression that they were smaller than when Clara was still studying in Brussels. Maybe she had done something to her figure? Or did she exercise, or go to the gym?

Those bare breasts didn’t really impress Frank Poireau. In that photo, he also had a panoramic view of her cunt. He had seen it before, but in those days, there was quite a lot of dense blond pubic hair around her puss. Not anymore: Clara had mostly shaved it off. The hair she had left above her cunt was more or less the shape of a butterfly, or was it a heart? Frank couldn't care less. Shaving her cunt, Clara wasn't alone with that practice. A lot of women apparently did. Poireau thought he could deduce that from the selfies he got. What he'd never realized before was that Clara actually had a pretty big pussy slit. He had never noticed that before because there was all that pubic hair around and on her cunt.


When they were still together at the VUB, Clara was studying mathematics. She was incredibly good at that. When studying actuarial science, Frank Poireau also had to take a course in mathematics. There were parts in it where he couldn't make head or tail. Clara then helped him. She was able to explain a mathematical difficulty in a crystal clear way to him. It might be an exaggeration to say she bailed Frank out of having to repeat a year, but still… Without her "private" math classes, that might have happened.


So, they were together a lot, Clara and Frank. She regularly invited him to come and have dinner in her room. In return for math lessons and what she gave him to eat, Frank had to be nice to Clara. Thus, it inevitably came to undressing, stroking and kissing and… Clara wanted Frank to have sex with her, but that limites itself to just caressing her beautiful breasts and her bottom, hot kisses, and then a number of fruitless attempts to get his dick inside her fuckhole. Her pussy was really too tight, and Frank's cock was too big…

It was frustrating for both of them at first that they couldn't have regular sex. Even when her cunt was soaking wet, Frank's cock didn't even get a little inside Clara’s puss. But they found a solution: they masturbated each other. Clara jerked Frank's cock off with her warm hand, or she sucked it and gave him a blow job. Frank fingered her, or he worked her clitoris with his tongue until she came, screaming on top of her lungs.


When they had both graduated, Frank Poireau stayed in Brussels, and Clara Poupard became a mathematics teacher in a secondary school in Antwerp. Needless to say, they lost touch after a very short time…

Frank got that picture of her anyway. He called Clara and asked how she was doing.


Better,” she said. “I have nothing to complain about at the moment.”


Frank thought that was a strange answer. He wanted to go into it, but Clara didn't give him that chance:


Would you mind if I came to visit you in Schaerbeek this weekend?” she asked. “Then, we can catch up a bit.”


Frank had absolutely nothing against that. In fact, he was happy to see his ex-girlfriend Clara again after more than six years, and he told her so. She seemed to cry a little on the phone after he said that to her, but Frank thought he might be wrong.


The reunion in Brussels was a bit difficult. Frank had known Clara as a cheerful girl, straight forward, who didn't mince words and enjoyed life as much as possible. Now she looked different, somewhat emaciated, and she didn't seem really happy. He didn't want to ask her why.

He didn't have to wait long before she started her own story. She hadn't known much happiness in life after graduating from the VUB. She had easily landed a job as a mathematics teacher in Antwerp. Only, the school where she was teaching was a man's world. The female teachers were looked down upon by their male colleagues. A lot of students were of immigrant origin and had no respect for her and her female colleagues. They were often reviled, had the most vulgar remarks thrown at them, and had little authority in their classes.


Then Clara, in her own words, had committed the utter stupidity of marrying too soon a good-for-nothing named Patrick, whom everyone called “Patty.” He was a man of twelve tricks and thirteen accidents, although he also had a master's degree in religious studies. Patty had gotten her pregnant very quickly. Now she had a very sweet son, almost five, and she loved that child. Patty hadn't stayed with her. He had returned to his former circle of friends. This way, he had reconnected with one of his first sweethearts and had left his wife and child.

Clara had committed a new folly when, after Patty had left, she had become the mistress of Jacob, a colleague of hers at school who taught music. She had hoped to be able to build a new life with that man, but it turned out to be an illusion and another disappointment. He cheated on her behind her back with every woman who said "yes" to him and opened her legs for him.

After her time with Jacob, she had become unhinged, as it were. Babysitters took care of her son, while she threw herself into the Antwerp nightlife. Invariably the night ended in a fuck, sometimes with more than one guy in the same night…

That had lasted until she had contracted an STD from someone. Then, she'd made the decision that her sexual antics had to stop.

Now she was alone, and lonely in a big city like Antwerp.


Whether it was all true? Not that Frank doubted what Clara said, but then, who had taken that photo showing her shaved cunt in all its glory? Not her son? He was only five!


Perhaps Clara saw on Frank's face that he had his doubts about what she was telling him? Anyway, she admitted that she had a new boyfriend in the meantime. His name was Halil Alci and he was a barber of Turkish descent. In Antwerp he had a successful barbershop behind the cathedral.

Clara regularly went to eat something with him in one of the Turkish restaurants in Antwerp, and then she went to bed with him in her apartment. That's where Halil had taken that photo of her.


And to take that picture of you, he tied you to the bed?” asked Frank.


Yes, but he didn't do that of his own initiative. I asked him that myself. I wanted to say something to you with that photo…”


Before Frank had a chance to ask what she wanted to tell him, Clara continued her life story. Her sex life with Halil wasn’t really satisfactory. He was too tense for that. His parents were strongly against his dealings with a Western woman. They had already selected a bride for him from their native region, in a village near the Turkish city of Emirdag. No matter how much respect he had for his parents, that fifteen-year-old girl they had "arranged" for him with her parents, he didn't want her. But Clara, he did want her. He would like to marry her as soon as possible, and since she already had a child, he was willing to take that into the bargain.


Clara hesitated. She just didn't want to say “yes” to Halil. But her times of "sex for the sake of sex", of all kinds of pranks and adventures without feeling or commitment, they were over. And whether Halil, who came from a completely different culture, a macho culture, would be the ideal partner, that also remained to be seen...


Clara stayed the night with Frank. She wanted him to make love to her. It was, she told him, to say goodbye to the kind of life she had led. And that she had shown herself tied to the bedposts was her message to Frank: he could now do with her what he wanted.

They tried to see if, unlike before, Frank would manage to squeeze his cock into Clara's cunt. She was quite wet between her legs after their foreplay, but it didn't work at first. No matter how much he kissed Clara, no matter how much he played with her breasts or tried to stimulate her clitoris with his fingers, her wet pussy barely opened. After a while, Frank tried to get inside her with his swollen glans. Clara helped him. With her fingers she opened her labia and the entrance to her vagina for him, but at first it was useless. Like when they were both college students, Clara's pussy was too tight, and Frank's cock was too big. The fact that Clara in the meantime had a child had apparently not really made her love tunnel wider…

They didn't insist anymore. In fact, they didn't even masturbate each other like they did when they were students. They wished each other good night and then fell asleep in each other's arms.


In the morning, after breakfast, Frank Poireau took his former girlfriend Clara Poupard to the station and put her on the train to Antwerp. They did kiss each other as good friends before parting.

Frank hasn't heard from Clara since. He sincerely hoped that she had found her happiness with Halil Alci. Or maybe with someone else with a more or less normal cock who had no trouble fucking her pussy properly…


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Submitted: July 26, 2022

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