Chapter 4: The reason and the Deal

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter fourA little later that night in Wilson's study.....

Wilson walked into his study. He set his coat on his black leather chair,. He rolled up his sleeves.He turned to the brightly lit red brick fireplace. She laid on his white fake bear rug. She still wore her dress. She laid on her stomach. She sat on her elbows. Her dress was up past her knees, She kicked her legs back and forth. She had one of his books open. It was a birthday gift from his little sister. It was a erotica book Lacianna wrote when she was bored 23 years ago. He wondered how his guest could keep a striaght face. Her long red hair hung over her left shoulder. She had her mask off. It sat by her glass of red wine. It was half full. She looked up at him. She closed the book. In a blur Wilson was on his back. She was straddling him. She had his 8 inch cock in her hands. She began to jack him off. His cock became more hard and thick. She smiled down at him. He gripped her wrists. He stopped her working hands. 

 " We need to talk. I want to know why you were in my wine celler so long ago?" Wilson asked. They both were sitting in black leather chairs. To the left of the desk they sat.  She took a deep breath. 

" I am Alora Rain. Princess of the North Moon and Goddess.  44 years ago I was promised to the prince of the South Moon. His intentions became evil .

" The day of our wedding I disappeared. My mother sent me down here to be safe. I ended up in your wine celle. I quicklyhid in the coffin because his guards were after me. An idea came to mind. We marry and  fuck. Then he will lose interest in me. I'm sorry it took me longer to come back. I had to time jump. Thankfully it brought me back to you. " Alora finished. Wilson stood. He gathered her tightly to him. He gripped her chin. He kissed her with heated passion . She moaned and he groaned. 

" I accept." Wilson said. She matched his hard kiss. She bit his bottom lip. She ripped his shirt in half. She moaned at his hard chest. She leaned forward and sucked on his right nipple. It hardened to her tongue, He moaned because he had to stop her again. He stepped back.

" I can't beieve im doing this. But we have to wait until we get married. Even if its a sham  of a marriage. I am sorry. So I will show you to your room. " He said as he lead her out of the study and into her new room. He opened the door and let her in. He kissed her on the cheek,

" Too bad, I sleep in the nude. Good night. " She taunted as she shut the door .  He stared at the door and felt himself go hard. He hoped he made the right choice to wait. He sighed and went to take a cold shower before he went to work for the night.

Chapter Five on the way.......

Submitted: July 29, 2022

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Oh, does Wilson have a night shift somewhere? How fun is that! So, that vampire movie, The Lost Boys - so good - the head vamp ran a video store at night. Loved it.

Well, you answered my questions from the previous chapter. Alora was hiding from guards when she jumped into the coffin with Wilson? That's pretty crazy.

And Wilson doesn't go for pre-marital sex.... just wow on that. Alora is going to seduce him.

Sat, July 30th, 2022 2:48am


Yes she will.

Fri, July 29th, 2022 8:15pm

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