Unfolding Events

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Every decision I have made has been the wrong decision. And if I hadn't made all those wrong decisions then I wouldn't be where I am now. For better. For worse.

Table of Contents

“I’m very sorry to tell you this, Matt, but your mother has died..."

On the morning, just after eleven o’clock, of Tuesday 22nd November 1988, I had driven an Iveco Minibus, a Service 4, slowly into Ryde ... Read Chapter

Leanne Refuses to Play Ball

The night of the day Mum had died I had slept fitfully, unsurprisingly, and had dreamed of her. In one dream she had reassured me that Bu... Read Chapter

The Day of the Funeral

To my shame, I cannot remember the exact date (probably the first week of December 1988 – I will have to look it up somewhere) of Mum... Read Chapter

Leanne Leaves Me

Shortly after the funeral I had again tried to discuss with Leanne what we were going to have to do with the property I had inherited fro... Read Chapter

To Be Alive is to be Alone

After Leanne had left me in what I felt, and many others too, was such a callous way, and was ‘surviving’ I had begun to believe that... Read Chapter

The Phoney Peace

I cannot recall the exact details of how we got back together but it was at her parents’ house that Leanne had apologised and admitted ... Read Chapter

Killing the Cat

Once I had resumed my relationship with Leanne, though she didn’t move back in with me, I had felt kind of relieved because I didn’t ... Read Chapter

Dog Gone

After I’d had to put Bertie to sleep there was another difficult and emotional problem to deal with: Mum’s dog, Dinah. You see, all t... Read Chapter

Caned Hard by Leanne

During the period of the ‘Phoney Peace’, early 1989, Leanne and myself put the maisonette up for sale and started attempting to sort ... Read Chapter

Leanne Fucks Another Guy

After Leanne caned me, our relationship was all downhill. It was the beginning of the end if truth be known, though it would stumble alon... Read Chapter

Kinky Fantasies About Sharon

It was the beginning of summer, May, or early June, in 1990 that I first met Sharon (it would be a while before I knew her name); or rath... Read Chapter

Shagging a Slut

The final nail in the coffin, I think, for my relationship with Leanne was when I shagged Chrissie on a hot Saturday evening in July 1990... Read Chapter

Dumped by Leanne

I had just washed up after cooking myself dinner. It had been a hot and busy day on the buses (the Sunday of the August Bank Holiday 1990... Read Chapter

Crying and Coping

I’ll be honest, the split from Leanne hit me hard, very hard. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I missed her even though I knew she... Read Chapter

I Attempt to Kill Myself

I’d been out boozing with Jeremy and others (it would have been either the last weekend of September 1990 or the first one of October 1... Read Chapter

A Little Light at the End of the Tunnel

A few days after my bungled suicide attempt, I was pleasantly surprised to have the lady who I had fantasised about during the summer boa... Read Chapter

The Giant Ginger Grasshopper

I’d been on a night out with some work colleagues and ‘Deadwood Dick’ had brought along his wife’s cousin, ‘Ginger’ Jane. Unb... Read Chapter

Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady

With regards to asking Sharon out, time was rapidly running out since I would soon be returning to the main rota which meant I wouldn’t... Read Chapter

First Date with Sharon

Early evening on Sunday 21st April 1991 (I found the date in one of my old diaries) I had driven over in my old white Metro to Vectis Roa... Read Chapter

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